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Sir Chips refuses to be drawn on Arsene Wenger’s future

Sky Sports News tried to get some kind of insight into the future of Arsene Wenger by ‘doorstepping’ Sir Chips Keswick outside a London hotel earlier today.

Unfortunately for them the Arsenal chairman was in no mood for small-talk, and batted away every question like a grizzled old pro.

Football London have a full transcript*, but here are some highlights:

SSN: What’s the latest on Arsene?

Sir Chips: Nothing

SSN: Do you think he will stay at the club for the next two years?

Sir Chips: I never make press statements. You know that, I’m not about to start now.

SSN: Do you still think he is the right man for the job?

Sir Chips: I’m not answering that.

*- by full transcript we mean another two questions that he didn’t really answer either. Marvellous insight from the Chairman though, wish we had more of him.

For more on Wenger and his future, we have a full transcript of what he said at his press conference this morning right here.

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Jon Booth

And where is Gazidas while this charade continues??


Under the boardroom desk doing what he does best.

George Graham.

The usual leave the fans in the dark.

uncle D

grizzled old pro! Hahahahaha that made my day

Uhtred of bergkampburg

For once he didn’t say anything stupid ?


Rather, for someone stupid, he didn’t say anything.


Some one should track Invisible Ivan down he has been way too quiet in amongst all the chaos.


Why are comments requesting Gazidis to make a statement getting thumbs down?

Isn’t it logical that the CEO of the club addresses literally the ONE element of his description all CEOs have to do – answer for the management of the entire club: including why AW has been offered a new contract.

canon 10000

Ivan is sadly not answerable to you. Besides, most of us know there are possibly two reasons why Wenger has a contract on offer:
1. The board wants a fall guy, or,
2. The board really believes AW can turn things around.


Or 3. The Board doesn’t have a clue what to do so better the devil you know.


There may be an element of number 1 in their thinking but quite possible that they’re burying their heads in the sand, ignoring the issues and hoping it will all get better safe in the knowledge that if it does all go tits up Arsene will take the heat and there are limited options to hold them to account… their only held to account by the accounts witch are pretty healthy.


Thanks, Chippy. You could have sold our club to someone with the finances to make us one of the greatest clubs in the world, but you chose a tight Yank with no interest in football.

Gus Caesar

Am I the only one who’s reading between the lines here and concluding that the Board are far from unanimous in the decision on Wenger? I think this is the first time that no-one has heard from Gazidis, he never speaks a lot but he does usually speak up at times like this. It suggests to me that it’s far more likely that we’ll be appointing a new Chief Executive in the summer than a new manager.


That was pretty funny to be honest. But also, now I am seriously wondering about why the hell Ivan Gazidis has been so silent.

Toure motors

Say what you see Mr chips

Loo Roll Messi

Can we just go back to supporting Arsenal – rain or shine….


Such an insightful interview. Almost as lucid as Arsene’s matchday tactics.


The less transparent the company is, the more corrupt it becomes. Shame


2003-2004 Invincibles
2016-2017 Invisibles


I like the way we now have a real chairman that serves fuck all purpose to the club whatsoever, AND a pretend chairman that serves fuck all purpose to the club. Great job Arsenal! And great job The Custodians that got us here, well played everyone!!

Dan Hunter

I’m starting a just giving page to get Kroenke to sell his shares… a billion quid should do it right?


I wish more of our players answered questions that way!



I have no issue with him effectively telling Sky to F off.

Yorkshire Gunner

Goodbye Mr Chips.




Sir John Chippendale “Chips” Lindley Keswick


Gazidis is useless


So Obvious that he needs to go now… Even the AFCTV single says so… 🙂

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