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Stephy Mavididi loan spell ends after brutal hamstring injury

Stephy Mavididi’s season is over after the 18 year old suffered a horrendous hamstring injury during his spell at Charlton.

The Arsenal youngster had been impressing on loan, but picked up the injury at the weekend in a game against Shrewsbury.

It’s far from the normal hamstring strain either, as Addicks boss Karl Robinson revealed he’d have to undergo surgery to fix it.

“It’s going to be 14-16 weeks,” he said.

“Hopefully he’ll have an operation by the end of the week, it’s come away from the bone we think. The kid was in tears this morning on the phone to me. The overriding emotion from that was sickening. The kid’s been tremendous for us.

“We wish Stephy the quickest recovery possible. He’s a credit to his family, a credit to Arsenal FC. I’d hope to have him back next year but that’s in the hands of Arsenal.

“We’ll do everything possible we can emotionally to support him and get him back on his feet. He’s a tremendous kid and a tremendous talent, it’s a real sickener to all of us.”

And Robinson put the blame for the injury squarely upon himself.

“I’ve got to take responsibility,” he said. “I apologise to Stephy, I let the emotion of the result get in the way of the development of a player.

“It’s my fault he got injured. I’m sick as well, because I know working with young players that once you have an increase in loading period then two-and-a-half games is probably the maximum amount of loading you can do when you’ve not played first-team football before.

“Because he has been so good we have become reliant on him and I’ve got carried away with how well he’s been doing, rather than how much I need to protect him.”

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Fair play to Robinson for coming out about it, but we know too well how bad this can be for youngsters’ careers. Bit annoying.


I like the honesty. Gutted for the boy though because I’ve heard good things about him


Damn this is sad.. he was making massive strides. I honestly this doesn’t affect him when he returns. Wish him all the best. Hate hearing of young players getting this sort of injury.


Sadly, it will affect him 🙁


“he was making massive strides” ?


Presumably that was how he snapped his hamstring

Someone's something

Absolutely appalled!

Anyone experienced this before or know someone who’ve experienced it? It sounds really bad.

Lets hope it isn’t as bad as the manager thinks and for a speedy recovery.


Coincidentally a couple of days ago a mate showed me a video of this kid murdering 4/5 players but messing up the finish.

Kid was Mavididi.

Shame because hamstring tears like that so often take the edge off a players pace.


I feel so sorry for the guy. I know how hard it is to deal with serious injures at an amateur level and its never the same afterwards. No wonder the kid cried.
It doesn’t really matter if he was going to turn out to be a great player or not, this is just gutting on a human level. Good luck for your recovery Stephy.


Sad news but fortunately he’s got youth on his side. I just hope he still gets to have the opportunity of a top class career, even if it’s not at The Arsenal.


He’s the one young striker who I think is good enough to make it at Arsenal, so this is really upsetting. I hope he comes back strong, but it does raise issues about the management of our loan players. We had the debacle with Serge Gnabry last season, a mess with Jon Toral this season where both managers that loaned him have been fired, and now this is mis-management pure and simple.


Bloody hell, that sounds nasty, and hugely detrimental to his future confidence.


Very sad. been following his progress. Hope he makes a full recovery and this does not affect his whole career


The number of matches played by young lads like this out on loan should be strictly monitored by Arsenal in my opinion.
Both clubs at fault in my opinion.


Dont forget Wenger, Ramsey and Ozil. They played a part in this as well – for sure.

#YOLO Toure

Definitely Ozil’s fault. If he’d have signed a new contract and won us the league, champions league and single-handedly relegated Chelsea by now, Stephy would have never got injured. It’s fact.

Lord Bendtner

I hope he comes back stronger. Even if he loses some pace, I hope he gains is something else and paves himself an amazing career in the Red and White (*Arsenal, not Charlton)

Cliff Bastin

Is there a gif of what happened?


“Because he has been so good we have become reliant on him and I’ve got carried away with how well he’s been doing, rather than how much I need to protect him.”

This is more or less exactly how I felt when Wenger was playing Wilshire more or less EVERY match in his breakthrough season when he was 17/18.

Jack was more or less undroppable that season but you always had that nagging feeling that it was too much for the kid’s body.


Fair play to their manager for admitting the fact that they overplayed him.Takes a lot of courage to do so.

Get well soon Stephy and hopefully you’ll be back to your best!!!Hopefully this injury doesn’t stall his long term development.Hopefully, the club starts monitoring the other players out on loan and ensures this remains a one-off


Made for the Arsenal.


He got injured against Bury at the weekend. Charlton played Shrewsbury on Tuesday night.

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