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Wenger: Many candidates to head up Academy

Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Arsenal are weighing up a number of candidates to take over from Andries Jonker as head of the Arsenal Academy.

The Dutchman, who joined the club in 2014, left his role last week to take up the head coach position at Bundesliga side Wolfsburg.

Confirming that the search for a replacement is underway, the boss underlined the importance of finding someone who shares the club’s values.

“We have many candidates and we have a lot of time now to choose the best one,” he said on Thursday morning.

“That’s a process we have started and ideally you want people with the Arsenal spirit.

“We have special values here. If it could be a person who reflects our values, then of course that would be even better.”

Does that mean a former player? Possibly someone already working inside the club? Only time will tell.

The likes of Mark Warburton, most recently manager at Rangers, Pep Segura, who has experience running academies from Liverpool to Barcelona, and Dennis Bergkamp have all been touted as possible candidates.

Imagine if Dennis came home. That would be lush.

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Possibly on the controversial side, but I wonder if this would be a good next role for Arsene. He’s Arsenal through and through, shares the values, is all about youth development, and would still be around to help with transitions elsewhere within the club.

Just a thought.


It wouldn’t pay enough for him. He’d get a lot more managing elsewhere.


I think Arsene would make a good director of football. For me he has all the qualities needed humility, easy to work with and an eye for talent.


Arsene loves being a football manager, out on the training pitch, living from game to game. I can’t se him having any interest in another role. The notion some have of ‘pushing him upstairs’ seems equally unlikely.


I think its definitely an interesting idea for sure, but I don’t think Arsene would want to do it. I think I am correct in saying that once Arsene leaves the club, he him self said that he didn’t want to be involved in the club in any other capacity? I guess it is also kind of like a bit of an insult too – like oh, you aren’t good enough to manage the senior team anymore, but you are good enough to manage the youth team? So I donno. I personally am not keen on Arsene being involved in… Read more »


I think our youth academy would go through the roof if Dennis came on board. Imagine being a young player and having God educate you.

Xhaka's Red Card

I’m so angry right now. who down-voted this??


People who think differently. *gasp*



High gooner

does anyone know if he’s flying nowadays haha

Should be working

Good point actually, do you reckon that would hinder any possible management role? It must do surely.

haron ramzey

it would be nice if wenger become next arsenal academy manager

Lord Nicki B

Amidst the current clusterfuck, it’d be extremely happy to have God amongst us again.


Bring Bergkamp home!

Few years at Academy level, to then fill the boots of Arsene when he retires.

That’s how I’d love the Wenger years to end, please don’t let it be like this under the current toxic environment.


Any ideas why I’m being moderated? Keeps on happening. Cheers!

Heavenly Chapecoense

We need someone who had been a world-class football player. You were world-class, you see it in other people. Henry even though, he hadn’t been in Arsenal academy, was inspired by Ian Wright. He became even better than Wright.


It has never been more obvious than these days that a great player doesn’t necessarily make a great coach. Especially not at youth level.


How about Mikel Arteta at the end of the season?

Heavenly Chapecoense

Nope, he went to City, he should remain there.


Wenger may take the France job post 2018 summer.

I’m not sure anyone who comes in to take over the reigns at Arsenal will want Wenger directly over them as Football director, casting a shadow.

It would not be healthy.

I think should he attain minimum finish, it could be that Wenger can be in place for one more season to ensure a steady transition and put certain things into place.

We have too much clamour and baying for his blood which is not based on logic at the moment.;)


Cech- bellerin holding kos gibbs- xhaka ramsey ox- sanchez walcott lucas…..a big win needed to get our confidence back…5-0…lucas with a hat trick…theo on the double…sanchez zero goal and we all laugh at him???

Macho Nonreal

ah, but what if he gets 5 assists?

Ian Ure

I think Wright was a better finisher than Henry. Cue the thumbs down. Best finisher I’ve seen anyway.


Was about to give you a thumbs down, but since you basically asked for it, we can’t give you that pleasure now, can we?

Thumbs up it is!

Crash Fistfight

He was much better at two-footing racist goalkeepers, that’s for sure 🙂


Chuckle brothers


Wenger always talks about having the clubs best interest at heart.
I don’t doubt that his intentions are good but giving us two options of, either him staying on as manager or managing elsewhere, lsn’t really in our collective interest.
Putting the club before his desires to continue managing by taking a behind the scenes job would be the best outcome. If he was truly virtuous I don’t see how coordinating the youth setup and coordinating transfers wouldn’t appeal to him.
He could even coach youth players if managing was still itching at him.

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