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Wenger: We don’t have an attitude problem

Arsene Wenger says that Saturday’s 3-1 defeat to West Brom was not down to the Arsenal players having a bad attitude.

Despite some of them clearly not doing their jobs, especially from set-pieces, the manager insists they were just naive rather than anything else.

Craig Dawson scored twice for the Baggies after dismal defending, or no defending at all, allowed him to head home good corner deliveries, but the Frenchman insisted it wasn’t down to any lack of effort.

“I think you don’t see any obvious signs of lack of attitude,” he said. “That’s what people always criticise when you lose a game. I think we took the responsibility to take the game to them, and it didn’t work today.

“We are certainly a bit short of confidence as well, but I don’t think it’s an attitude problem.

“Our record on defending set-pieces is quite good since the start of the season, but I must say their delivery is absolutely great and we were a bit naive on their movement.

“I think on the first goal they blocked the keeper as well, and the third. It’s not easy for the keeper to intervene in that kind of situation.”

Well, there you go. We were just naive. We can take some naivete supplements and be all set for our next game.

Read today’s Arseblog: When the players can’t be bothered, you’ve got big problems

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Southland Gunner

Now he just sounds silly.


Just now?


This genuinely might be the year when Arsene is unable to rescue the post Christmas collapse. We are in freefall at the moment, and the worst part is, there seems to be no clear way to stop the bleeding. Every single time Arsene tries something new, it doesnt work; he tries to do something he’s done before and again it doesnt work. We are in real trouble here. We need someone in a position of power at the club to pull in the reins. Somone needs to come out and steady the ship. One of those gutless cunts that sit… Read more »

Dan Hunter

Big rumours coming out that there have been big arguments behind the scenes involving players and coaching staff.

Dan Hunter

Seems obvious based on the way we have been playing. Players not fighting for each other on the pitch. Defensively not just naive but nobody to tell players off for poor defence especially yesterday. I see it spiraling out of control. The players aren’t working hard for their manager. I can see us not getting top 4, maybe even top 6. Very worrying state of affairs


With the Man Utd result today, we are currently sitting in 6th, only ahead of Everton on goal difference. Unfortunately 7th place is a real possibility.
That would be genuinely sad ending for the manager but he’s got nobody else to blame but himself.


Same old story with this team. Can get up for a half against Bayern at home. Can’t be bothered for West Brom away.
Why is Mustafi, Ramsey, etc not dropped. If the players aren’t gonna play for the badge drop every single one of them. Our bench is itching to play. Stubborn old manager too close to the fire too blind to notice

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Ending? He will in all likelihood be getting a shiny new contract any second now.

Also I agree with him, the team doesn’t have an attitude problem. The team has an inept manager problem.


Oh I don’t know about that. I’m sure he could apportion a bit of blame at the weirdly negative media/punditry that hounds him (even the bbc have been talking about him getting the sack for the better part of about 8 years), and he could lay a bit of blame at the vocal minority that started their quest to hound him out in about 2008, and he could also quite fairly point his finger at the consistently shocking decisions made against us by referees over recent seasons. It’s coming to an end now I seriously hope he leaves asap. He’s… Read more »

Kwame Ampadu Down

100% agree with your last paragraph Danny. Unfortunately all that came before that was utter nonsense.


Maybe. Ive questioned it myself, wondered if I’m just being paranoid, and that all football fans feel like their clubs are treated in the same way.
But no, I think we are treated differently, like we’re fair game and different rules apply To us than others.
But anyway, sod it, wenger needs to get out while he can so we can chamge the mood. I’d take the Monaco boss in a heartbeat, they’re fecking awesome.


“inept manager” Too Drunk??
There is just no need to be disrespectful to Arsene Wenger.
No need at all so please just stop it.


He could probably blame the players but he has too much class for that.

Kwame Ampadu Down

It’s a shame these rows are only happening now. When Arsene talks about character he means nice lads who turn up every say to training, don’t get into trouble & say the right things to….and it’s taken far too long for people on here to realise it. Arteta being hailed as a great captain, Ospina being lauded as world class purely based on not being Chesney (how dare you smoke, get out of our club !), Gibbs being lauded as a great pro rather than a man grossly overpaid for years of coasting through his career & showing no… Read more »


Have a bit of perspective though eh? We’ve won 2 out of the last three fa cups and finished 4th, 3rd and 2nd in the last 3 years. We’ve also generally got as far as the other English clubs in the champions league, and gone out to European juggernauts. It’s not been nearly as bad as gets reported.
It’s ending badly now, but it was always going to with such a negative, shit flinging fan base spreading their disruptive message.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Your fanbase comment shows you’ve lost perspective yourself to be fair. It’s hard at this stage for those of us who are moderates not to be dragged down by the extremists….as I’ve said many times there as many at the positive end of the spectrum as at the negative though, it’s so annoying that because says something ‘positive’ they assume they’re being reasonable no matter how unreasonable their argument is. Arsene has done more in the last three years to make his successors job harder than he has to make it easier. I can’t see how anyone can argue with… Read more »


Well said Danny, the only time our young/newer fans will understand perspective will be 5 years after Arsene leaves us.


He is right. It cannot be the attitude because his tactics were spot on.

Bob Davis

Ffs drop Ramsey and bring in Elneny for letting the fella a free run on those two goals.
Drop Mustafi and bring in Mertesacker.
Sad days with this club. Can’t believe it’s come to this.

David C

or give Rob Holding a game. His only so-so game was when he played against Liverpool with Calum Chambers (first game of the year).

I don’t think the team has an attitude problem, but there is definitely an application problem. Zonal defending against a team of Orcs was never going to do it.

How about we start with a back 5 to offer more stability.

Szcz better be our keeper next year too! Cech has done nothing special this year and he’s getting older. Ospina makes me wish we still had Fabianski.


I agree – drop the so called big-guns and give them a bloody wake-up call. No-one is bigger than the tea.

Stringer Bell

Think Ramsey has not scored premier league goal this season and has one assist. It looks like the myth is finally being shattered. To think that some investors here were saying he is a number 10 ??????


Rambo scored last week.

cazorla's smile

I love tea too.. Nobody can beat tea.. no sireee


Mate, just forget it! The normal rule do not apply anymore. The only thing Wenger should be dropping is his resignation and it really really hurts for me to say that. He’s lost the fans and now it looks like he’s lost the players, this is mental


If only it was as easy as dropping one or two players.


It would be a start if he did something with the team – make a point that players are not untouchable and if they make mistakes they will be dropped.

And not just dropping the players who publicly complain through their agents (Ozil/Lucas) or privately complain in the dressing room (Alexis).

Liam Bradys left peg

Well done arsene. Thats “N” sorted in your A-Z big book of excuses.


H&M are the most widely used in that tiring book.
And I didn’t mean that cheap clothes brand.

I obviously meant the Handbrake and Mental Strength!


These post game comments are beyond tedious now. Just shut up. Everything that’s been said by player’s and manager we’ve heard many times before and its by and large bollocks at this point. The only thing I want to here from Wenger now is that he’s announcing his resignation. Then results might pick up this season, because nothing else can be said now to hide the fact this situation is disastrous.


If you look at the last couple of games pretty much every single player is playing a team 50% of their ability or below. If that’s not attitude then what is?


I think he’s lost the dressing room tbh, they don’t believe in him and they’re not fighting for him anymore, it’s disgraceful


Maybe they’ve stopped playing for the fans?


Maybe they aren’t doing that either and tbh would that really surprise you given some of our more, ahem, “notable” supporters? However I think what’s happening on the training ground is more significant than what’s happening in the stands regarding our players’ form


i have a serious doubt now if our falling legend is having some mental health issue which are very common amongst senior citizens…he sounds so naive.
if he is not suffering from any than please wenger just shut the hell up with ur silly reasons…


I’m Wenger Out just like you.

But you do him, yourself, and people with mental illness a disservice talking like that. Keep yourself together, it’s just football.


Correct TIm. Wenger In

cazorla's smile

goongot.. that’s way too much angst man.. I want Arsene gone too… but stop with the personal shit


I’m fairly certain that his mind is a bit sharper than yours…


Arsene…please just stop. It’s gone beyond pathetic now. I can’t listen to him anymore.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Tough tough to be a manager. Denying the obvious. There is no consequence with Wenger. Ramsey will start the next game.


I concur mate.. Ramsey will start the next game.

Lord Nicki B

Oh ffs. We know how Arsene has always shielded his players, but this is too much.

Our bad performances recently have been massively down to shite on pitch mentality and commitment apart from repeated use of the same tactics.

Stop babying them Arsene, it takes the pressures off of their shoulders and makes you look daft.

If he’s babying them behind the scenes as well, then, it’s no wonder we have repeatedly been done in by the “soft center”


I respect him for being true to his believes. He doesn´t criticise his players and is not going to start doing that now. Always classy right till the end. Riding into the sunset oozing pure class is just what this man does.

He´s an old school hero and I´m not worthy to utter one negative word about him. Farewell you great man.


Put the tramadol away

Faisal Narrage

People like you are so weird.
Wenger could literally walk into your house, eat your breakfast, sleep with your spouse, and you’d still be in awe of him (and probably blame the fans for making him do that to you).

Heavenly Chapecoense

Noted the passes when we were 3-1 down? Isn’t that giving up?


Enough is enough. What god damn circus this has become.


At least Bowie seems to be enjoying himself in the crowd. That’s something


I think he’s lost the dressing room. Players used to try their hardest for him but now they just pity him. Time for a change- we can’t delude ourselves anymore. We implode every year and have done for the best part of ten years. Now, we don’t even look like we’re going to finish in the top five. No doubt this comment will probably get loads of dislikes – it’s because the truth hurts. Wenger is a great man – we all know that. But it’s not just Arsenal FC that’s needs a change, I think Wenger does too. Nothing… Read more »


And why should you get the dislikes? You have quoted the bare reality that’s there for everyone to see.


Check the comments section after the 5-0 win over Lincoln City. The Wenger Out comments were receiving a pasting.

The forum has mostly shifted from Wenger in to Wenger out based on the previous result.. that was until recently where I can feel the tide has shifted. More fans what him out than in, for what feels like the first time ever.

cazorla's smile

The thing is people love Wenger including me and probably you. It took me till last season to change my mind about him staying. This season has just proved me right. People who still support him are missing the point. They don’t seem to understand that Wenger has forgotten how to win, its been so long. He can’t win against the modern managers. His record against any good manager is there for everyone to see. Now, as the elite managers have made their way into the EPL. Klopp, Poch, Guradiola, Koeman, he is struggling. He can’t win against these guys… Read more »


Well folks were enjoying an all too rare win as of late, so of course. If someone shows up whining with the same exact complaint as in EVERY OTHER THREAD, of course they’re likely to get a pasting.

Just like anyone on this thread saying they want Wenger to sign on another two years will.


Are you some kind of quantitative research expert? No thought not. The loyal, respectful fans with perspective probably choose to stay away from the inevitable mindless insults on this thread that follow defeat.


Remember the days when you used to look forward to Wenger facing the media and putting an intelligent and eloquent view of the game? Now every time I receive an Arseblog message/update, I just hope he’s announced that he’s leaving. Just a constant feeling of despondency around our club.


Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

Godfrey Twatschloch

Hitler said it.


Actually it WAS Albert Einstein.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Balderdash! After Hitler it was lovingly adopted by Jimmy Savile.

cazorla's smile

Actually it WAS a hamster running on a wheel

Godfrey Twatschloch

Hitler’s hamster. On a wheel.


The problem with this quote is that the person using it seems to think we haven’t heard it so many, many, many, many, times before.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Roses are read,
violets are blue,
there’s that dog eared quote again,
this time from you.


One wonders what Arsene thinks the fans are. He should be able to know by now that all these excuse and players protectionist attitude is no longer working, even at this time of complete mayhem in the club. He needs to bring calm to the club by making quick decision about his future.


I want Arsene to tell the board we need a clearout of these average players and spend some real money on world class players if we’re going to challenge for premier league/champions league but this defence of players who are clearly not good enough to win anything makes me think he honestly believes these players are good enough & don’t need replacing.

If this is what he believes then he’s sadly no longer the man to lead our club.


Welcome to Arsenal when the manager and players believe they are on the same level as Barca or Bayern.


I’ll give the man his due respect but the last thing he should be alluding to is defensive naivety. It calls to mind all those pictures post of players doing passing drills, laughing and joking. Not once seen a photo with Steve Bould addressing all the players, full team marking during corners or even players cooped up in a room watching video of other teams. Yesterday’s third goal was simply not naivety, you had 3 West Brom players entirely unmarked, so it was a failure zonally and even on some level if that had broken down, man to man… Read more »


Best comment lve seen and the truest.Wenger has been a great manager for us but all good things come to an end.


An NBCSports pundit, in noting the passivity of Steve Bould, suggested that Wenger tolerates no dissent at the club–i.e., he is allowed no input on the defensive training of the squad or otherwise any real input on the team. I get the impression that Wenger is that micromanager who does not gladly delegate any responsibilities.


does anybody actually listen to anything he says anymore. embarrassing!!

Angriest Man On Twitter

Everything is shiiiiiiiiittttttttt


Yeah we were naive – the same way that bears naive in the woods…


I can’t even comment on this anymore. What’s the point. What can I say that hasn’t been said before. It’s always the same. I swear I have been sent to purgatory and this is part of my punishment. Enough of this now.

Mesut O'Neill

This is all down to the manager or at least the players attitude towards him. Last year Chelsea were crap & finished 7th, this year new manager & 1 new player & they are romping away with the league. If Wenger loves the club like he claims to then he should step down as love is doing what’s right for the other half even if it means not doing what you want. Right now the legacy he built up over the first 10 years of being at the club is being decimated by current standings. Thank you for what you… Read more »


I mentioned a few days before the game that we should start with Per & Giroud and I was thumbed down. Why?? He would have taken the lead at those setpieces and sort out Dawson for sure. I also mentioned that Ozil should start…Im not sure why he is not even in the bench…but his creativity woud have helped break WB defence. Xhaka pass to Sanchez for that first goal is an Ozil pass. But we got only one of those pass coz Xhaka is not Ozil. And so is Ramsey who was playing the hole. He was poor. Ozil… Read more »


Ozil is injured so couldn’t play. Agree with bfg & giroud starting (if both were fit)


Oh no, not me
We never lost control
You’re face to face
With the man who sold the world


“Ch ch ch changes”… 😉


If Arsene can’t see the lack of effort by the players, he should go to Specsavers.


Am I seeing shit or is that David Bowie’s face photoshopped to Arsène right ?


Wenger always says naive, as if that is any more excussable


im no tactition but when u play the best team in the league at corners and set pieces and leave the tallest players like elneny and Giroud on the bench and even the bfg you think WTF when you get hit by the sucker punches, and letting Sanchez carry on even tho he was obviously injured at half time and further aggrevating the injury, grow some wenger you rule the team not the players which appearrs the problem, it was obvious they play to there strengths and we let them

Bob Davis

True, We needed some height in there and Giroud and BFG would have been perfect. Sanchez staying on shows player power in the squad and that’s part of our problems.

Dishonest Federation

This is going to take a lot of lasagne to fix this


Southland Gunner

There was a rumour that Arsenal hired a sport psychologist to assist the players. If they did then that is an impressive failure. If they didn’t then that is an impressive failure.


I just don’t know what’s worse. The results, the attitudes of the players and Club, or the fans.

It’s Chernobyl all over again. Utter. Fucking. Catastrophe.


In England before you can get the ball down & play football you have to win the physical battle. Arsene has built a team unable to win this physical battle & teams know they can out muscle us to disrupt our rhythm.

He’s essentially built a team fit for the Spanish league but unfit for our league.


That was ok until we completely forgot how to pass the ball!
When I watch us now, it’s pass pass pass pass pass… followed eventually by, give the ball away, followed by defend badly!
So much work needs to be done imo.


Will be interesting to see if pep can overcome this problem with seemingly unlimited funds or if he’ll need a team able to out muscle opponents before they can play football.


I don’t think we have an attitude problem or that he has lost the dressing room. These are imaginary problems invented by people like Kroenke is the problem or the Board are the problem. The bottom line is Arsene has hit the wall. His team has bottomed out (again). The midfield is part of the problem. He added a good (if volatile like Viera) player in Granit who is bedding in. BUT he has not found good settled combination with Coquelin (who functions best with Santi), We are of course missing Santi which could have been better forseen given past… Read more »

the stoat

What an absolute load of bollocks

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Any chance the club would sack Wenger and hire Pedro Losa!


Wow! Well done Arsenal Ladies!
COAL?? 🙂


Arsene actually reminds me of an overprotective parent defending his children. Little Johnny comes running home covered in red paint but when police arrive at his house parent says “no officer, my son would never mess about with red paint”.


Is messing about with red paint against the law now? 🙂


We were naive. How was we to know when west Brom crossed the ball into the box there’d be other blokes trying to head it in??


The board have allowed the club to be in a position where the manager tells the club if he is to stay or not.
Wrong ! Wrong ! Wrong!
They are scared sh**less about life without Wenger and so would rather have him at the club.
He is a manager who has gone off and is not being challenged within the club.
We are walking slo mo off a cliff.


No, it’s worse than that. The Board aren’t scared shitless, they just don’t give a shit. As long as the money rolls in, they’re happy. Nobody there knows anything about football and they don’t care. They never tell Arsene to shape up, they don’t tell him that players are unproductive, it’s just a mess from the top down.

And we all blame Wenger. They must be laughing all the way to the bank.



This team had show physical weaknesses all this season. It’s not a desire problem but bad trainning


Naive? FFS, these are adult players, most with considerable experience, and they are not “naive”. Maybe they are suffering from poor morale, maybe they’re just laying down on Wenger, but they are not naive. If Wenger cannot see the real problem, he is the blind one.


It’s hard to feel attached to this team anymore. I’m quite young compared to loads of people on this blog so all I’ve known is the Wenger era but I’ve had enough of this. The manager is taking a lot of criticism and I feel that is justified, what he’s done for the club is exceptional but at this point he has to realize he’s slowly killing the club. The same naive tactics every match, the same weaknesses exposed, the lack of cutting edge and aggression (I understand this is mostly down to the players, but Wenger has some influence… Read more »


“all I’ve known is the Wenger era but I’ve had enough of this” Yeah right, how about taking the 20 years before Arsene arrived then: 1986/1987 4th 1985/1986 7th 1984/1985 7th 1983/1984 6th 1982/1983 10th 1981/1982 5th 1980/1981 3rd 1979/1980 4th 1978/1979 7th 1977/1978 5th 1976/1977 8th 1975/1976 17th 1974/1975 16th 1973/1974 10th 1972/1973 2nd 1971/1972 5th 1970/1971 1st 1969/1970 12th 1968/1969 4th 1967/1968 9th Had it existed, we would have played in the Champion’s League 6 times, and the Europa League 3 times. Won the league once. Nearly been relegated twice. Things can get a LOT worse and I… Read more »

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