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Ian Wright: Stan Kroenke has got to go

Former Gunner Ian Wright has launched a passionate broadside at the club’s majority shareholder Stan Kroenke, saying the American doesn’t care about Arsenal being a successful club.

He also suggested that the lack of football knowledge at board level is a factor in Arsene Wenger’s long reign at the club.

Speaking on BT Sport in a discussion about the manager and the team, Wrighty took aim at the men who are supposed to be running the club.

“I think there’s a massive amount of blame on the board,” he said. “Arsene Wenger, when you look at it, is the only football person in that place.

“Maybe that’s why he’s kept his job as long as he has. So even if Arsenal did get rid of him who, as a football man, is gonna get hold of it and steer the ship?”

And he didn’t hold back on Kroenke, under whose stewardship the club has failed to build on the increased resources of the new stadium and massive amounts of money generated by sponsorships, kit deals and television money.

“The people upstairs, above Arsene Wenger, have got to go too,” he said. “Kroenke’s got to get out of the club, somebody’s got to buy that man out.

“We need somebody at Arsenal who wants Arsenal to be successful and do well. We can’t have this silent billionaire guy just sitting over there raking it in, man.”

Watch the video below


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Not sure anyone would disagree with any of that.
#Kroenke Out


I for one disagree with his assessment, i think it’s short sighted and relies on recent team results, since when being a footballer qualifies one to work in a football club?,we have managers of high caliber never played football before, besides it is not as if Kroenke came and the club started down spiralling.
I know (Wenger bashing) sells well now,apparently Mr.Wright is riding a good wave.


Recent team results? Sorry but when in the past 10 years have we gone into a game against the other top 4 and thought yea we’re going to smash them? We haven’t been a title chanager or European challenger in that time and as long as our silent owner stays we won’t be.


Last year we came second….


Second doesn’t win the league, same as 4th for that matter


But were we ever really challenging?


Leicester beat us to the title after we wet the bed, again. There should be a statue of Arsene next to Ranieri at the KP. Time for change top to bottom.

Old Boy Gunner

And you think that’s good enough? A second place that flattered to deceive which is the legacy of Wenger for over a generation?


And for some, that’s good enough it would seem.

Some of us remember what it is to be a winner and know that as a club, over the years, we have proven that with the right leaders, that’s what the Arsenal do. If there are fans that are happy with being second best that’s fine. But most of us dream of something more.

Dan Hunter

Oh, please… Tottenham were better than us for 35 games. When the league was gone, they gave us 2nd place.


2 3 seasons ago, against man utd.

I thought we would smash them
But we got beaten instead.


Don’t think anyone is saying Kroenke is the cause of the downward spiral, but since he’s the majority shareholder, there’s been a complete lack of direction. What has he done for Arsenal since he took over? Has he invested money into the club? No. Taken an active interest on the business or football side of things? No. Employed anyone that can help us achieve more? No. The man is a joke. He’s done nothing to enhance the quality of Arsenal football club in any shape or form, and when we need direction the most, the board and manager have taken… Read more »


Try performing a surgery with no experience.


So what’s your point, Fletcher? Does it appear to you that all is well at Arsenal? If your answer is yes, who is to blame? If your answer is no, then I suppose you are not overly concerned about the team’s lack of progress.


So you’re happy for the current’leadership’ to stay in place? Great, keep your head buried in the sand! ?




The Wenger in/out debate will rage on even after his eventual departure. But anyone who puts up a defence for that clown Stan is either gifted with the same lack of footballing knowledge as him, a member relative of the board and just an idiot!!

David C

does that also mean #Usmanov In? I wouldn’t mind a sugar daddy owning the club like Citeh or Chelski. I could care less if we’re a self-sufficient club, etc. I just want us to buy Messi, Ronaldo, Griezmann and call that our new front line.

A boy can dream 🙂

Happy Easter to everyone. Eat lots of chocolate and have a wee Bailey’s for breakfast.


I will say this again. The fans and the board should have been more open to selling to Alisher Usmanov than Stan Kroenke.


What makes you think he would have been a better owner?

Why hasn’t he sold his shares and bought another club?


Not defending Kroenke, I want a new owner who’s willing to invest into the club. I have no problem with the self sustaining ownership as long as there some investment.

Old Boy Gunner

And Wenger has to go too… The only reason that he hasn’t is that he couldn’t get a job anywhere else… That’s why all the other Premiership Managers support him… As long as he’s at Arsenal with his hand picked squad of losers, their jobs are safe!


I was so glad when I saw Ian Wright say that, just as Wenger Out has gotten so much attention we need to do the same for Kroenke because he’s the root of the problem. Wtf is he doing owning Arsenal, he’s taking us for a ride! He doesn’t contribute financially, he doesn’t offer any sort of sporting expertise, so what the fuck is he doing owning Arsenal when a) we have Usomanov who’s worth more and has shown more ambition for wanting the team to do well, and has been very vocal about his dissatisfaction with our transfer dealings… Read more »


Ian Wright Wright Wright!

Jay Monahan

Ian Wright, Wright, Wright, Wright, Wright.

Well said but it will fall on deaf ears.


I actually love Ian Wright


Wrighty for board member? Club ambassador? Has aArsenal in his blood….obvious to me this man needs to be i
nvolved in club somehow


its upsetting that we have none of the players who was successful under wenger working in any capacity at arsenal. sure we have some , but wright, adams , viera , theres lot of former players that got away . players that want arsenal to win , that know what it takes to win. if we need arsenal to to be back on the right track we need people like that at board level .

Another 2 years(it hurts)

Wenger doesn’t like a hard figure in his side, he just want to have a yes man, that’s why our club legend mostly work for another clubs.


That’s because Wenger is a dictator who wants things all his own way and he can’t deal with conflict or other ideas, that’s why he surrounds himself with yes men. When we finally get rid of him (hopefully in the summer) the club need to appoint Arsenal men in and around the club.

Vieria, Overmars, Bergkamp & Keown should all be given roles.

Mark C

Why? It’s supposed to be a football club not a placement service for former players. Going on TV and spouting crap isn’t a qualification for football management. Outside of Overmars and Bergkamp none of our former players has done anything to suggest they’re qualified for any serious responsibility, and it’s ridiculous how fans talk them up. Wright in particular is a bit of a joke, its great that he was friends with David Rocastle, that doesn’t mean he should be on the board.


Vieria worked in Man City’s football administration before starting his management cater in the states. Overmars & Bergkamp have both been acknowledged to be important parts in Ajax’ s ressurgance. Keown did excellent defensive work with the club before being binned by Wenger because he didn’t want Keown getting any credit ahead of his past it yes men. Who does these jobs at Arsenal? Even if you know who then they are not doing it very well. There is no football experience in the board, only money men. We need people who are good at their job & also have… Read more »


I love how he has no filter, doesn’t care who he’s working for. He just shows that he’s a true Arsenal man. Also makes great points along the way.


Talk is cheap.

Jon K

What a load of old guff… this shit is a football issue. Kroenke is as silent as all the Chairman of note. We’ve spent money badly. Even Ozil looks a bad buy now. If we accept that Silent Stan has no input then we have to accept that he doesn’t dictate the spend on the average jubs we have through the centre of the pitch. Kroenke is business man and the business is good.. If we were winning on the pitch (the real bit we are interested in) then I reckon no one would care who the Chairman was.


I think the point Wrighty’s trying to make is that it’s the boards fault for not moving Wenger on, not that the board is at fault for the football the team is playing. It shouldn’t be up to Wenger to sack himself and I think it’s wrong to expect someone with as much pride as he has to just walk away, the fault is with the board for giving him the choice and thats the point that I think Wrighty’s getting at.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

“The people upstairs, above Arsene Wenger, have got to go too,” – Wright.

The ‘too’ at the end says it all doesn’t it. I agree 100% with Wright.


class. there was a story going around a while ago about wrighty where he said he used to be partial to a joint in his palace days, whenever i hear him speak i always think of that and it makes me laugh

Oh No Not Again

Well said Wright at least someone seems to care about the club. We should bring back people that actually care about the club and not the money people like Mersin,Henry and Wright. Have them somewhere in the staff that can influnece the players on the pitch to have heart and passion for the club. I heard that Wenger doesn’t want Henry to come back to the club I say what gives you the right to say who comes to the club you have no passion left for Arsenal and should be gone ASAP. I want people that care for Arsenal… Read more »


I’d like to see Ian Wright come back to the club in some capacity, clearly passionate about the club and would be a ‘footballing guy’.

Not suggesting he should be manager or even DoF but am sure having him around the place would be positive.



Oh No Not Again

Well said Wright at least someone seems to care about the club. We should bring back people that actually care about the club and not the money people like Mersin,Henry and Wright. Have them somewhere in the staff that can influnece the players on the pitch to have heart and passion for the club. I heard that Wenger doesn’t want Henry to come back to the club I say what gives you the right to say who comes to the club you have no passion left for Arsenal and should be gone ASAP. I want people that care for Arsenal… Read more »


Buy his share out Wrighty! and kick Wenger’s arse into place or sack him if you will. Then you can steer the ship!


I am sure Ian is a very wealthy man, not sure he has the financial power (on his own) to buy out Silent Stan.

Maybe that’s the answer, all the legends to club together and buy the club.

Wright, Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Freddie



Bobby *swoon*

David Hillier\'s luggage

Wrighty and Hoddle give a mix a passionate and thought out criticism, Gerrard on the other hand just spouts clichéd nonsense, regurgitating the same inane rubbish found on clickbait sites and tabloid press. If he wants to be a manager he really needs to buck up his ideas.


How true and sad quote about Arsene from Wrighty

“With the way it’s going… He’s just fortunate it’s Arsenal he’s at”


Realistically speaking, if Wright wants to get rid of Kroenke, he himself should find some Asian billionaires to give Kroenke massive gain on his Arsenal investment.

Bern pero

Dig deep Wrighty !!

Jonathan Chilton

Good luck getting Kroenke out. It’s very difficult to displace an owner, especially in a public company that’s financial performance is so strong. We are in this for the long haul.


Preach it, IW!


Slightly off topic, but it occurs to me that even when we did play well and beat Chelsea, in so doing we might have inflicted just enough damage to hand Sp*rs the Premiership. A nightmare thought​, that sums up the clusterfuck season we’re having and how messed up things really are right now.


Even the usually clueless Ian Wright who once passionately argued for Mclarren au England coach got this one right.These ex Arsenal heros are pathetic. Toothless Paul Merson was demanding Arsenal board get on phone to convince utterly clueless useless Luis Enrique to take Wenger’s place!!!
Kroenke & gang ate the real reason behind Arsenal demise.


Nothing will REALLY change if Wenger goes and the board remains the same.


Kroenke is staying out of the football matters and letting Gazidis and Wenger do their thing. Fact is both Gazidis and Wenger have failed. I’ve looked at it and have come to the conclusion that Kroenke isn’t to blame. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like someone like Usmanov who is passionate about the club, but Kroenke’s way isn’t that bad if we have the right people in the board. Wenger is trying to do too much. Sack Wenger. Simple


Do your reading about Usmanov then tell us you’d like him in charge of our club. Google ‘Usmanov Craig Murray’


Craig Murray is a moonbat who should be bracketed with Assange and Galloway. I’m certainly not claiming that Usmanov is an angel but I’d like to read a critique of him which comes from a more balanced source.


It’s just the rut we are stuck in. When motivated by money, why sackbuts the man that makes it for you? And why sell up when the cash keeps coming in?

Sad state of affairs

Big Dave

David Dein was passionate about Arsenal on and off the pitch. We need him back. He had a fabulous relationship with Wenger too.


David Dein didn’t want a new stadium & wanted us to play at Wembley full time. He also got Kroneke & Usminov involved in the club & he’s 73 years old.

Dein has had his time & would be a backwards step.


1. How?
2. Unless we want an Abramovich, how getting rid of Kroenke would help?

Stuck on repeat...

There’s a distinct lack of sporting ambition at the club. This starts with Kronke at the very top. Until he goes this won’t change.

I’m a firm believer that it we actually won things (PL, CL, etc) then ironially it eould only better our financial situation…& hence Kronke. But Stan seems quite content with where we’re currently at. So, as I said, until he goes things won’t change sporting wise.


Kroenke is doing at Arsenal exactly what he does with his other sporting companies. Happy to take the guaranteed income (TV deal, merchandise etc) and just skim from them.

He has no sporting ambition, he’s said so himself ‘I didn’t get into sport to win trophies’

Arsenal is capitial & land in London for him, I doubt he could name five players in the squad.

LowerEast Gooner

1. Usmanov
2. I’ll take anyone that has passion for the game…not “Soccer” as an investment !! Not seeing Stan put his hand in his pocket for Arsenal…he’s actually doing the opposite and taking !!


What’s wrong with “an Abramovich”?


Would it be unreasonable of me to suggest that Abramovich’s involvement with Chelsea hasn’t exactly hurt them


It has actually helped from their records since he took over.

Another 2 years(it hurts)

Yeah, if Kroenke has a passion to win trophies, we won’t have this divided fanbase about Wenger because he’ll sack Wenger years ago.

John Doh

The brunt of the blame should be directed at Wenger. Kronke and the board have sanctioned four deals in excess of the £30 million in recent years. It’s not their fault Wenger persists with his dinosaur tactics and can’t string together a side to compete for trophies.

Stuck on repeat...

Understand & somewhat agree with your point, however I genuinely don’t ever believe that it has ever been a case of the owner & board saying “here’s loads of money, now go out make us competitive & win things”.

Think there has been a lot of spin on transfer money actually available, & there actually exists very much a darkside to this that has been kept well away from the public (fans) eyes.

Matt P

I still like to dream that Wenger’s seemingly stubborn and damaging refusal to go is somehow a heroic way of protecting the club from its useless owners and board….


Amen to that


There is a difference between team success and club success, I believe we are successful club irrespective of team recent results.


People who want a fat soviet slave trader for chairman deserve to be bombed with MOAB.

Dutch Gooner

I really don’t care who the owner is, how often he’s around, or what he says. But he should do everything in his power to field a successful side. Granted a figure of close to 100m was spent on mustafi, xhaka and Perez last summer, but when there’s stories floating around of 100m being available in cash reserves and that’s not being used to improve the team, then that attitude filters it’s way down to the players. Before they even take the field, every player already has an excuse because the owner hasn’t done everything to put the best possible… Read more »


Those board members who sold their shares to Kroenke to push David Dein out. This is their fault.


Kronke and gazidis have ruined a great club very easy to put all the blame on wenger but at least half the players aren’t fit to were the Arsenal shirt time for a massive clear out Sanchez at least once to win in an Arsenal shirt yes he wants the same money as the Rooneys and co Ozil I would sell doesn’t produce but until we get rid of kronke and gazidis and stop waisting good money on mediocre players we will never complete with the likes of Chelsea and Man City


Fair play to Wrighty, if we pile pressure on Silent Stan, he will have to make a decision soon as it would be whether his head or Arsene’s that has to be sacrificed. My guess is, as an insufferable one-percenter with no dignity, hell-bent on protecting his fortune, he will get rid of Arsene.


All I can say is no one talk rubbish about the person paying his bills were you are recorded. It would be stupid to do so. You just do it. And well sell everything is great


Kroenke won’t go anywhere; would be a miracle if somebody with football knowledge came in.


Ian wright is a fucking badman them last words…this guy is too real!!


Apart from the odd bell end ex players are talking much sense about the current situation. The biggest problem i have with it all is that the atmosphere around the club is so toxic that not only are we turning on each other, we are turning on our ex players too. Wright is most definitely allowed an opinion considering what he did for us when we really were a one trick club.

California Gooner

Wenger is the real villian. He’s always said he has money to spend – and he’s proven it by overspending on mediocrity. He’s always said he was in the market for “special players” and shows up with Sanogo. Or attempting to field 10 undersized midfielders and a keeper. Its missing the point to say this started with Kroenke. His guilty of watching Wenger steer the club into the rocks. He won’t cuz owners don’t leave. But I’d settle for him taking a more active role in the club; starting with firing Wenger.


I second him. We need someone who is passionate about football. Take Abromovich, for instance, since he bought Chelsea, the club has gone ahead to become a potent force. We need a person who is in love with the game and not one who is after the finances. I always wonder why ticket price at the emirates is so high!!!!! #Kroenke Out

Old Boy Gunner

And Ian is absolutely correct… Despite the fact thst he doesn’t say that Wenger & Gazidis have to go as well… Manure’s result against Chelsea today has confirmed that this has to happen… Can the current Arsenal losers beat Middlesborough away? Too close to call in my view!

uncle D

Ian Wright for sporting Director!


Ian Wright is always shooting his mouth. Frankly he doesn’t think and often he does more harm to the club. The owner is not an issue. He isn’t the best owner but nothing is perfect. He was brought in to help with the clubs commercial side and stabilise us with the stadium move. What he knows less of which is footy he generally defers to people who know better which is the right thing to do. Changing managers is not a prescription for success alone. We see United trying to get back in top four following Fergie change managers and… Read more »


fucking wish we had someone with weighty’s passion for the club running the show not this yank prick, the fact he was welcomed with open arms over usmanov who at least had ambitions to do well shows what corporate money men we currently have in charge

theo\'s b o reeks

As reported by Forbes, in 2017, Alisher Usmanov has an estimated net worth of $15.1 Billion.

I wonder where arsenal would be today if this guy had taken over all them years ago.




At this point, who can buy him out? 67% share in Arsenal is massive. It’s a great investment for him and he won’t be interested in selling it.
Why was there so much opposition to Usmanov at the time when Kroenke became the majority shareholder (genuine question) ?


Aliko Dangote wants to buy Arsenal within 4 Years.
A Billionaire with a love of Football and a bigger love of Arsenal.
And enough cash to buy it all.


Well done, Wrighty. You’re spot on!


Spot on Wrighty
At last the blames being pointed at the correct person.

We have struggled since David Dean got the elbow ;;;;
We wouldn’t have even of signed Wrighty if it wasn’t for David Dean putting £500, 000 of his own money into the deal because crystal palace wanted £2.5mill and we would only pay £2 mill .

Read Wrightys book


Does anyone (old enough) remember ‘Citey’ way back (70’s, 80’s) when Peter Swales was the owner / chairman. Year after year of fans wanting him gone, yet still he ( and his bad wig) held on. think it was ill health that finally made him lose control. Sad think is Kronke and his bad hair won’t go away. Maybe if all his billions of assets are lost, he’ll sell but really! People still proudly bang the chest and say we are a ‘classy’ club etc after Hill-Wood how is that possible.
‘Thank you for taking an interest in our affairs’

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