Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Report: Sp*rs 2-0 Arsenal

Arsenal: Cech, Gabriel, Kosielny, Monreal, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Xhaka, Gibbs, Ozil, Alexis, Giroud

Subs: Ospina, Holding, Bellerin, Coquelin, Iwobi, Welbeck, Walcott

Arsenal were outplayed, out-thought, out-fought, and but for a string of amazing saves by Petr Cech would have lost than a bigger margin than 2-0 against Sp*rs at White Hart Lane this afternoon.

Knowing that Chelsea had won earlier didn’t seem to affect the home side in the early stages, with Harry Kane forcing Petr Cech into a save in the opening minute. That was followed a few minutes later by an Alderweireld header from a corner which flew over the bar.

At the other end Kieran Gibbs found himself through on goal but Hugo Lloris got a strong hand to the ball before taking the man. Sp*rs enjoyed more possession, particularly down our right where Oxlade-Chamberlain was often left with two men, but there was a nervousness about their play with a number of unforced errors.

That was also apparent when Dele Alli had a glorious chance to open the scoring in the 22nd minute. A Harry Kane shot deflected to the back post, Alli was there to nod it into an empty net, but he headed wide. What a miss.

That was followed two minutes later by another one, this time by Christian Eriksen. Arsenal gave the ball away high up the pitch, Son drove into the box, his shot deflected off an Arsenal man and into the path of Eriksen who volleyed over from 8 yards out.

Ramsey had a shot from the edge of the box after a corner but that led only to a Sp*rs break, before Granit Xhaka required some treatment after picking up an ankle knock making a tackle.

The Welshman came closest to finding the net for the Gunners, forcing Lloris into a good save as he touched a low curling effort around his far post. Gibbs again found space in the box but could only shoot over, and Alexis had a curling effort from a tight angle which worried the Sp*rs keeper land wide.

Cech had to be alert to push a Vertonghen effort around the post as the game went into first half injury time, and the teams went in level at the break.

Sp*rs again looked threatening early in the second period, Wanyama forcing Cech to tip a shot over the bar and from the resulting corner Alexis allowed Son to run off him and shoot into the side-netting.

Kane shot into the arms of Cech after Gabriel gave the ball away, Giroud shot over after a corner rebounded to him in a good position, and that chance was costly after the home side scored twice in two minutes.

Firstly, Sp*rs worked the ball down the right, Eriksen danced between two defenders, his shot was saved by Cech but the ball rebounded to Alli who shot from close range.

And a minute later Gabriel was adjudged to have brought down Kane in the box, and the England international stepped up and slotted home to make it 2-0.

Arsenal looked for a way back but a terrible first touch by Giroud saw him spurn a one on one chance but he managed to get a shot away, and Lloris was equal to an Alexis effort fired in low from the inside-left channel.

Arsene Wenger made his first change, bringing on Danny Welbeck for Granit Xhaka and switching to a back four with Oxlade-Chamberlain going into midfield, and Gabriel moving to right back.

Arsenal were a shambles though, and had Cech to thank for keeping the score at 2-0, palming a Vertonghen effort briliantly around the post. Kane headed into the side-netting and there were big shouts for another penalty after the ball struck Sanchez’s arms in our box but only a corner was awarded.

Hector Bellerin came on for Gabriel, but once more it was Cech who kept things respectable saving from Kane when the striker found himself one one one. From the resulting corner the former Czech international did it again, palming away a header that was heading into the top corner.

The Gunners final change came in the 81st minute when Theo Walcott replaced Olivier Giroud, and the England international had a sight of goal but could only cushion an easy shot into the arms of the Sp*rs keeper.

In the end, if it hadn’t been for Petr Cech, it would have been an absolute spanking, and that is pretty damn depressing.

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Mein Bergkampf

Now can we all please remember today, how we played, how it hurts, the level of our ‘mental strength’. Because if we finish the season relatively strongly and people start defending our glorious leader like has been happening in the last few days, we are all to blame and deserve the club we get as a result. We are a joke. And we’re rewarding him for it.


No New Contract !

By the way, a beautiful Lights Show, the other night at Highbury and the Emirates. Far more entertaining than what I have just watched, as Spurs were clearly superior. Even more galling was Wenger’s attempt – pre match – to tell Poch what he should be doing.
I think he knows. Wenger doesn’t and should depart at the end of the season. He won’t and there will be uproar when the Club ‘announce’ his utterly undeserved Contract extension.

Wenger Out !


Unfortunately, the fan base is so ridiculously divided over the manager hence the sordid state of the club’s situation. If by stroke of luck, Arsenal win the FA cup again, we should just be prepared for what will come next season. It’s so easy to be blinded by the fact that arsenal have been on a decline for awhile now because of the 2 FA cup successes.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I agree 100% with what you say about Wenger and there is no question that he needs to leave and anyone who has ever been on this board knows that. That being said I would still prefer him to go out on a high after winning the FA Cup.

As for all the gloating by Sp*rs lets remember that there is a chance and not an outlandish one, that Arsenal will finish this season with silverware and Sp*rs won’t.

Some powershift that would be!


If you believe that we could beat Chelsea in the FA Cup, then you are truly a dreamer of dreams. We are going to get a pasting in the final and it will be embarrassing to watch.

Nector mudepu

If he finishes on a high with the FA CUP then he won’t go as he will see it as a successful season hahaha


The elaborate bragging by Spud fans that their team will probably finish above ours just shows how galling it’s been for them to have finished beneath us for two decades plus.

Runcorn Gooner

How many times can Sanchez be allowed to give the ball away and not be criticised heavily? How many times is Ramsey allowed to try his cute little flicks and not be told they don’t work? How many times do we give the ball away in the Oppo penalty area and concede a goal a few seconds later? What is the point in playing Giroud from the start in a game like this? Our players are making a mockery of our club with the clueless way they are playing. Our defending is laughable.The ball went up in the air in… Read more »


that open header for kane just a few feet away from goal…..i don’t remember which minute……..the goal was closer to him than any arsenal player and we must have had 7 players in the box


formation change and wordclass players can only do so much , if a manager knows how to properly train the team to defend well formation and all wont count to nothing. juventus kept 2 clean sheets against barca with 4-2-3-1, so its not like the formation is defensively weak or anything . we were defeated by palace and brom because we were not defending well as a team . the point is with 3 man defense or 2 centre backs if wenger does not properly train the team to defend well , there is no point with any formation change… Read more »


How long? By Arsene Wenger standards 13 years and counting, forever as long as money grabbing board are concerned.


Ok after another win people will cheer for this shit managment board and team. They just called me a spud cunt couple days when I said we still need change and will lose to Tottengam aaand wont win shit not before some major changes. And to tell the truth we wont be any better since this ‘fans’ are so easily fooled. At least im drunk.cheers to that man


sadly , that is exactly what is going to happen my friend. after our defeats against palace and westbrom i thought people would see the state of our club , but three scrappy wins and they’re all hailing wenger again. wenger is out of depth but the fact that the entire board and most of the fans keeps supporting him is baffling to me . come end of the season arsenal will somehow manages to win some games most probably against relegation contenders and these fans will be calling for his extension.

Parisian Weetabix

Yeah but maybe that was for your pessimism rather than through genuine disagreement. I think Wenger should leave (or at the very least be preparing to), I thought we were pretty likely to lose to spurs given that they’ve proven themselves the superior team over the course of the season, and I accept that Chelsea as a better team than spurs are the favourites for the cup final – but I’m not going to go round prophesying our downfall and then coming back to loudly blow my own trumpet when hindsight happens to prove me right. Hindsight bias is making… Read more »


Im a pro gambler and I’m always a realist, not a pessimist nor optimist. And just to let you know one of the bets I take every year on Arsenal is the team finishing in top four without winning it (2nd 3rd or 4th) for the past 7 or 8 years. And I do it because of all the proofs pointing at the inevitable and always before every single season when I say that ‘will’ happen and that we need change of a direction and approach to be the 1st (or even challenge), people come with answers like yours and… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

Absolutely bang on. Last week has been infuriating. So feeble and easily pleased is our collective mind frame that the two wins had so many already forgetting all the flaws of Wenger’s Arsenal. It’s not like we’ve even played well in the last 3 or so games either. I mean can anyone tell me what style does Arsenal play? What is our objective? Do we start with giroud for a specific tactical reason? Or just because we always start the same way regardless? That knob Jamie Rednapp spoke of how Pocchetino talks about how his team change tactics and formation… Read more »

Bob\'s Mexican Cousin

Don’t forget Stanley Motherfucking Kroenke.


You’re a joke.

Mein Bergkampf

Thanks Martin. The only way I can reply that keeps things in your intellectual ball park is to say – Your Mum’s a joke.


People have short lived memory. That’s the problem.

Conor Keenan

Arsene Wenger has been Arsenal manager for 21 years in that time he has become the clubs most successful manager has more league titles than Spurs and is joint most successful FA cup manager in history . If this season goes where we expect than his worst ever season is a Europa League spot
and FA cup final ( possibly a win) then we’ve gotta put things in perspective…. How
many clubs in England or even Europe wide wouldn’t love to be as unsuccessful as Arsenal and Arsene Wenger? ….
win lose or draw Arsenal till I die! COYG!


Piss poor. Why has Rob Holding been dropped?


Because he played well last match?

Coq au Vin

So the team could switch to a back four when adding another offensive player e.g. Welbeck substitution.

Walcott the friendly ghost

No idea, he is better than Gabriel in my book.

David C

Agreed, I would have had Monreal a LWB and had Rob Holding on. Gibbs didn’t play terrible, but Monreal’s coming off a goal in that position…

La Defense

Depressingly predictable.

dr Strange

I’ve had it with the lot of them. The manager, the players, the staff, the board, Stan the cunt. They can all fuck off. To play without any direction, passion or structure against those fucking cunts is unforgivable.

They can all fuck off.


I agree, but I’d like to point out, playing with structure is what the manager is supposed to set up. Not Wengers philosophy of “just go out there and play well and maybe we’ll win”.

This team has no desire because they have no belief in what Wenger does.


No, please mate. Give that man a new contract. I can’t wait for us to start taking it up the arse from Spurs as well from now on.


How in the world do they intend to sale us more of this?


I know it’s not about the fucking individuals any more, but nobody thinks Ramsey & Giroud are fucking starters, fuck off


Giroud made the biggest contribution out of our attacking three today.


And I’m not even saying he played well.


He contributed a big fat fuck all!

Walcott the friendly ghost

Which is more than Ozil contributed.


Ah, Özil… when there is something wrong in your life, blame Özil.


He was shit, but that’s irrelevant. It doesn’t take a genius to know that a quick striker was the way to go against them. Nobody in their right mind could actually blame Giroud, it’s a manager who continues to choose his little favourites.


if a manager doesnt know how to use the players they have then any player will look shit poor.giroud and ramsey are good players on their own but until we doesnt have a manager who knows what to do with them i will reserve my judgement on them.


All over the place today – Cech is probably the only player who can hold his head high after that performance. The only consolation is that both Manchester teams dropped points.


The Ox worked hard too…

Liam Bradys left peg

Cech? Who stood still for a penalty. Feck him and the rest and the spuds. Bragging rights, thats it, no trophy. Wankers


All the other penalties he has dived and the player went down the middle. Now he stays down the middle and the player goes to his right. Give him a break.

Liam Bradys left peg

And not saved any!

Liam Bradys left peg

So blogs 1hr 37 mins to moderate that. Whats the point in commenting when its too late. Im done with this shit.


You timed how long it took to mod your post? get a life.

Liam Bradys left peg

No idiot they do it for me. See time below each post?


Our best player on the day was the Ox. He hustled and worked up and down that wing. He was the only player who seemed switched on.


Get a grip, he gave the ball away more than 20 times!!


That’s why Arsenal will never win anything: when fans think Ox was the best today…


He was our best today, it is just that the rest were so shit


And how does what fans think of a player’s performance affect the result of a football match or what trophies a club wins exactly?


Against City in the semi final there was fight. Against Leicester you could see there was drive to find a winner. Today we were back to being flat, and switching off in a game where there should have been an overflowing amount of passion to do well.

It pains me to say they were better than us all over the pitch.



it fell apart after the goal…..1st half was decent (considering our form)
we seemed unprepared to deal with that situation. this points fingers towards the management

Mein Bergkampf

Decent? If it weren’t for two open goals missed, we’d have gone in two down. And we created nothing at the other end. Wow, expectations just hit an all time low.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Absolutely. 0-0 at half time was a fluke. And so was 2-0 at halftime. 4-0 or even 5-0 would have been a fairer reflection of the game.
If the current two managers remain charge it would be frankly bonkers to suggest this is a one off. We won’t finish ahead of them again with Arsene in charge.


I’m hoping Pochettino gets an offer from one of Europe’s top clubs.
I reckon if Wenger was Sp*rs Manager this season, they would be in 6th where we currently are.


Their wage bill’s about £90million less than ours, Dembele, Rose and Walker didn’t start and they ended with 11 shots on target to our 4. Four. In a North London derby.

Thought I was too jaded to be shocked anymore but this was bad. We were inferior, and this is unacceptable.


11 shots on target against us and you call that decent . didint managed create a decent chance and coulnt even string together 3 passes at times , to be frank this was an embarassement


I just can’t believe how little the players were up for it, not one meaty challenge between them, if the opposition are playing better at least make it hard for them. It’s a North London derby!


Why are you so surprised? Have you not been watching our games this season?
The loudest chant from the Spuds fans was ‘Wenger we want you to stay!’ and our weak spineless Board will give them what they want, much to our suffering.

bob davis

I would have started with Welbeck. The better side one. Just so sad to see how far we’ve declined 🙁


Let’s be brutally honest here. I really like Welbz but do you honestly think it would have made a difference? Hardly Wilford or Kanu is it? Fact is it’s a mediocre team both on the pitch and on the bench.


Tottenham start most games the same – Vertonghen and Alderweireld passing it between each other as they size up the other team. At least Welbeck would have given them a proper chasing.

Crash Fistfight

Arsenal: the team that always does what everyone expects of it.


well one thing is for certain – cech is still class…..

Stringer Bell

Truth is we were lucky against boro Leicester and could have easily lost against city. Got to get rid of so so many players. Gibbs Giroud Ramsey Theo all need to be sold. It seems another manager has got Wenger worked out.


Sp*rs used our usual 4-2-3-1 formation against our fancy back 3 and showed that coaching and organisation can trump any formation.

We know it’s not about individuals but… Gibbs can’t play combinations, Ramsey can’t play through-balls between the lines, and when was the last time we saw Giroud trap a ball, hold off a defender, wait for people to run off him, hit a good pass and put a defence on the back foot? Meanwhile spuds are switching play with inch-perfect 30-yd passes every other possession.




What defensive stability with 3 man def? We maybe look a little more full at back but we make so many errors, every big chance they had was because of our stupid passing. Hard to swallow but they look miles away from us. Proper mid table football with a big wage, a relic manager and lots of excuses. I think We will lose next week as we have away at the top 7 teams. I want to change my fucking Name :`(


The worst part of this is it was deserved. It seems like unless we change things this could be the new norm

Kwame Ampadu Down

No. The worst part of this is everyone knew what would happen.


That’s BS. We’ve seen subpar performances like this before, but don’t pretend that everyone thought it would be like this yesterday. “In a derby, form goes out the window” and all that. Most people felt Arsenal had a decent chance of getting something from this game. That’s why the result was depressing.

Original Paul

On the plus side, the Ox is probably the best wing back in the Prem!


Well, today he wasn’t even the best wing back in the team. And Gibbs is surely not the best WB in the Prem.

Original Paul

I rate him in his new position.

Kwame Ampadu Down

So why not say that then instead of indulging in ridiculous hyperbole? I get the inclination to be positive but this sort of stuff is just as much of a reason for the division between Gooners as extreme negativity.
For the record, I rate him there too…though his effort for Alli’s goal was embarrassing. Why can’t modern footballers use their wrong foot?


“Why can’t modern footballers use their wrong foot?”

Because of coaches at youth level, especially in England, who say “Oh you are left footed, you play on the left, and always go down the wing.” So very few right footed kids learn to use their left feet. Kids are pigeon holed at such a young age and find it very difficult to learn past the age of 5 or 6 how to be completely confident on their weaker foot.

Mesut O\'Neill

He will do well at Liverpool.

It’s amazing that every week we hear about Ozil & Alexis yet very little mention that Ox is also in his last year.


The team that was better organized and better motivated won. We had an equally good team and have a better squad. But our organization and motivation is just shit. Thanks for all the great years Arsene. But now, please for the love of god, retire. Announce it tonight and have some fun over the remaining few games.


Not really sure about a better squad – Lloris, Vertonghen, ALderweireld, Ericksen are quite good, not to mention that ugly cunt Alli. Dunno what was Wenger doing when all of them were available (Lloris was quite cheap and he’s just a notch below Courtois/De Gea IMO).

I’d say we’re pretty even but they have a much better manager at the moment, and it made all the difference.


You’d feel shame after watching that gutless display. Even leaving aside the big occasion, the opportunity to close gap on fourth and to prevent Spurs from closing in on top, the overall performance was a shambles and has been the case especially away from home all season. 5 losses out of 6 away from home. Even leaving aside massive points difference from top, we’re so far behind tactically from all the sides above us. There’s is no legitimate reason why Wenger should stay on. This must end now!!


Tottenham is shit but that team isn’t.
Arsenal is not but this team is.

And Wenger playing Giroud instead of welbz against Spurs who play a back line that high is the reason he shouldn’t be extending the contract.


Bloody furious. Fitter, faster and stronger and more fucking organised. Cech saved a massacre and to round it off Martin fucking Tyler having a live orgasm announcing the wankers have finished above us.


Watched in the US so was at least spared that nightmare.

Xhaka Demus, no pliers

Painful to see how weak we are in comparison. 2 of our players struggled to tackle one of theirs repeatedly. They out muscled us all over the pitch. Kane bullied our CB’s. Wanyama held off Xhaka and Ramsey single handedly. And our front 3 did nothing against Vertonghen and Alderwiereld. The age of tippy tappy passes that go nowhere is over. We need some strength, fight, direction and penetration in the team. It’s pathetic watching this shitshow.


What do you expect from a team with no creative midfield. This team now just needs to park the bus and hope for the best. Alexis is becoming a bully and liability as he always demand the ball and than gives it away gesticulating and blah blah.. Not really a good team player.

Sir Henry Norris\'s Brown Envelope

I didn’t see much tippy tappy passing either. We don’t even have beautiful (ineffectual) football anymore, it seems to be hoof and run


And yet, too many tippy tappy passes was hardly our problem today! For every missed challenge, there was a unnecessarily sloppy pass that ended a promising move by us and gifted them back possession. I’m all for more strength, but that hardly tells the whole story of this match.

Bacary Lasagna

Well that… was fucking dreadful.


Aye! A big bag of arse.

TR7 > CR7

It was not a “great finish” you idiot commentator, it was an open net following a lucky deflection. Dele Alli is a violent little thug [1] and I’m being totally serious when I say he should be in jail.

[1] Alli D.; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1QOD9YMe8w 2017


Depressing to watch. We really do struggle going forward and creating chances with three at the back. We need to change back to 4 3 3. Let’s face it, this season is gone. I don’t think we will make CL.


Man, thank God for that back three, huh?

Manchester Gooner

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. #WENGEROUT


I think we are done and not just for this season. It hurts more than anything else to admit it, as an Arsenal fan.


If you can’t defend properly increasing the number of defenders won’t change a thing.
Playing a 4-4-2, 5-4-1, 6-3-1 or 10-0-0 won’t make a difference

Crash Fistfight

This a million times. Arsene seems to manage like he’s playing FIFA these days “ooh, I’ll add another defender – that’ll make us better defensively” or “I’ll play Elneny and Coquelin together – they’re both defensive midfielders, so we’ll defend better”.

IT DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT! What formation do we use on corners, which we defend so poorly, or counter attacks, when 1 pass beats the whole team, time after time?


giroud- not meant for this formation alexis – love his drive, but looks like he has one leg out of the door already ozil – someone once described him as a luxury player. Can’t put it better than that ramsey – he’s destructive when in form, showed some glimpses of that today, but i can’t understand why he over complicates everything. a failed back heel every match, always losing the ball in dangerous positions. i’d describe him as a high maintenance player, as in he’d work best only when the team is structured around him (like wales) xhaka – jury… Read more »


Unfortunately Jamie Rednapp is right. Sp*rs are a well oiled machine. Every player knows his job & hard work & determination is the oil. Arsenal look like 11 strangers shot together at the last minute who haven’t got a clue what to do with or without the ball.


I thought Ozil was the one player who showed his composure and class (and more than a little effort) in that second half, when the rest of the team was falling apart around him (Cech gets a big +1 for some fine saves that kept the score down, but a big -2 for his shambolic kicking).


Outclassed by a much better team who wanted it more. We are a disjointed passionless mess. What makes this worse is that nothing will change. We have a Manager who is stale & who has outstayed his welcome who will never change. He’s propped up by an uninterested owner who has no interest in winning, has never put a penny of his own money into the club & only wants profits. Wants even more galling in this farce is that we have no say or voice. Anyone who complains about Wenger or says Wenger Out is automatically announced ‘not a… Read more »


It’s absolutely galling but at the point they are a much better run club than we are. Their scouting and academy have produced genuine star players and they have enough sense to sign them to long term contracts. Their coach is tactically adept and gets the most out of the squad – they are more than the sum of their parts. It’s awful but at this point I agree that unless something dramatic changes and unfortunately it looks like more of the same, this loss today was simply putting an exclamation on a shift that has been slowly occurring the… Read more »


Oi, don’t bash our academy. Bellerin and Iwobi are absolute gems. If you want to point some fingers, point them at the first team coaches and Wenger himself for not being able to get them to the next level. Iwobi and Bellerin are both magnificent players, yet they are stagnating. Before you know it, they will be another Wilshere story. The problem lies solely in the manager and the coaching staff. And maybe people should stop blaming Kroenke for the shit we’re seeing on the pitch. The only thing Kroenke is guilty of is not having the balls to get… Read more »


How did Spurs even manage to start Spursing-up Spursing-up…


Anybody else just see Tim Sherwood blatantly call Gabriel stupid, why is this twat in studio discussing football, never seen such a blatantly biased pundit.




Shit manager, shit team, shit tactics. Basically we are SHIT.


Yes you are


Another 2 years of picking favourites over the in form players, 2 years of Giroud, Ramsey and Walcott etc all on recent contracts, 2 years of pass pass pass miss, 2 years of if only we had another 2 world class players, another 2 years of we could have signed this player or that player, another 2 years of Wenger and his excuses.
Seriously does anyone believe that with another 2 years that Arsene can turn this squad into champions of any sort. and yet we have yet to sign Ozil, Sanchez and The OX to contracts. God help us.


Ok, this is painful but let’s be honest. It feels better somehow. Spurs have a better team, better players, better manager, better tactics, and dare I say it…better home support. They are simply miles ahead of us on pretty much all levels. At no point did we deserve anything from the game, at no point do we deserve anything from this season. The last nail will be hammered in by Chelsea in the final because guess what? They are better. Universes better. Many years ago, we could go into a game of such magnitude as underdogs and still believe we… Read more »

Tyler Briscoe

I’d just like to offer my congratulations to Totenham FC, they, like Leicster before them have shown howpitiful many of the excuses that have been made for our constnt failure have been. They are a magnificent team and personally I don’t subscribe to this blind narrative that we should just hate them, they’re are rivals, but absoloutely worthy rivals and currently are a much more superior team than us.


Well said. And Pochettino is class. How he showed respect to Wenger, Bould, our players at the enf of the match. Anyone that says that this is not a power shift is deluded. They are on thr up, we are on a decline for many years and it is far from over as our manager intends to stay with no one to oppose him.

Wake me up when we finally get rid of him.

Chris Siple

Spurs are very good, and far better organized than we are. They may have to open their own wallets to keep some of those players and build their stadium, though. Their wage scale is not realistic in today’s market. Our players have quality. It has to be better used, and some striking talent added. Ozil and Sanchez will want out. I hope we can keep Ox. Walcott should be cut loose. Our defensive corps is quite good; they’re put under a lot of pressure by undisciplined play in the midfield, and are inadequately coached on set pieces. Obviously, Wenger has… Read more »


And it’s Arsene Wenger
Arsene Wenger FC
we’re by far the worst coached team
the world has ever seen.

California Gooner

As I said a few days ago. All the signs were pointing to a hammering and IT HAPPENED!! Spurs play with a passion and an intensity we just don’t have. Thank God for Cech or it easily could’ve been 4 or 5. #wengerout #enoughisenough


Totally outplayed, has to be said at the moment they are alot better than us. I thought some of the lack of tracking back from some of our forwards and midfielders compared to the work rate of the Spurs players spoke volumes. The squad needs overhauling that’s clear. I have to say I am really not sure about the Ozil contract offer, if we get a decent offer for him I really do think it might be the right thing to cash in on him – does the physicality of the prem suit his game – I don’t think so.… Read more »


No overhaul till the arrogant, selfish old fool goes I’m afraid. Then will the board have the balls to appoint a Poch or Conte type of coach to put it right, or will we to far behind by then.


See my comment above (and watch the second half again): Ozil kept his composure, cleverly eludes the attentions of the likes of Wanyama on more than one occasion, picks out teammates with quick crisp, smart passes, and creates chances (e.g. his perfect cross that Welbeck should have buried). It wasn’t an amazing performance, but given the dross around him, I can’t see the justification with the constant fixation with singling him out for criticism, by media and fans alike. The fact that you mention Gibbs as a positive in this game (I have nothing against him, but he’s a limited… Read more »


is Ozil a better player than Gibbs, of course, was he today, in my opinion, no. Is he when it really counts, in my opinion no. If we sell him and get back Cesc I would be over the moon.


For what its worth PFo, I agree. Ozil didnt make too many errors that 2nd half, his balls into the box were the only decent ones… every other cross and direct ball into the box by any other player was ordinary. He made a few runs from right to left linking up with Sanchez and made space and opportunities as a result. He had a better game then people are giving him credit for, far better then most others out there, he didnt get any support from anyone. Probably the only other good thing I saw was when Spurs got… Read more »


Mayne it’s time to stop isolating Özil from Sanchez….

John C

What really stood out for me was the atmosphere, it must have been the uncomfortable seats they have at the lane

Crash Fistfight

I’d imagine it’s because their fans have faith in their team, seeing as how they’ve been putting in strong performances against the top teams all season and haven’t been doing the same things season after season for years.

It could be the seats though – YOU don’t know!

John C

You’re right I don’t, as I’ve never sat in the home end at the lane. I mean they could be covered in cashmere and filled with Siberian goose down for all know.


Thank Fuck for Cech.
Could have been 4 or 5.
Yes I feel sick ?


Apart from the obvious…
Ozil should be sold , utter useless.
And Giroud although not a great game for him today by any stretch, he got zero service today from his team.

Stringer Bell

Ozil has been German player of the year for last 5 years. Don’t talk like a John Terry please.


Who cares if he is German player of the year, when he is invisible in 9 out of 10 big games for us?

Stringer Bell

It must be tough though when your playing with cunts like Ramsey and Giroud and Theo and Gibbs and Gabriel and none of can keep the ball.


Today he made the most passes and created the most chances of Arsenal. Have you watched the game, stats, something or do you follow the media like a good lil sheep?


Buddy anyone not busting a gut to defend and not going into tackles can make those passes.
You can slice the numbers any way you want but the fact is he is not fit for our team .We don’t need someone who only plays when the conditions are perfect we need those who can play when shit hits the fan.


Your first sentence is so wrongheaded as to be laughable. So the secret to making good passes is just not to run that hard (pretty sure you’ll find Ozil ran around quite a bit in this game, too–so maybe it was just his criminal lack of tackling that somehow gave him an unfair advantage in his passing and chance creation?). And the reason that the likes of Ramsey give the ball away so incessantly is because they’re knackered from all their gut-busting defending, poor dears? So this is really a new one: a player’s good contributions are downplayed on the… Read more »


By the way, stop calling other commentators names especially when you know zilch about me as a person.
It does not add any credibility to your comment. In fact the opposite.


you know who’s utterly useless? you at analyzing and understanding a football match.


Thank you for the enlightening response, because you called my analysis useless , you must be right.


Dude, when your initial “analysis” contains zero thoughtfulness or nuance, why do you think you deserve thoughtfulness and nuance in response? If we sat and watched the second half together, I could point out about 10 occasions in which he did something useful with the ball. But according to you he was useless, full stop. So what am I supposed to do with that? The only conclusion I can rationally come to is that one or both of us is pretty crap at understanding football (since I’m me, I choose to believe it’s you, not me), in which case a… Read more »


As they say , you are creating your own reality and believing it(pretty hard I might add), which then drives your rationality. Its like a scenario where everyone is crying ‘fire, fire’, its all right to not take them at face value, but after you see it with own eyes and then continue to ignore it, pure escapism. As far I am concerned, he was useless because he did not create or produce anything useful. For me, a player is useful, if he contributes to us winning the game and in this case he did not. That’s how I define… Read more »


The only good thing tonight was Chambers scored against city!


Yeah! Really nice job from him throughout the year!
He is their best player in the season (according to whoscored.com)


And boy did he enjoy it too!

Probably thought in the back of his mind he will help his Arsenal with a bit more motivation to go beat spurs. Poor deluded lad.


The only positive thing I can say about today is that we had 11 players on the field.

Original Paul

When is someone going to ask Sanchez to cut down on his awful passes? It’s fucking crazy. As James said “he is our most productive player and also our most wasteful”.

Ray Blake

Not sure why anyone should have been surprised this afternoon. For most of the season they’ve been better than us. They come to games with a game plan; we come with “spirit” and a sense of entitlement. I’m pleased they’ve had their win against us for the last time in their old ground, because it means a lot to them and frankly they deserve it. We now need to get in a position where we deserve wins like that.

Glen Helders Left Foot

A fucking shambles but it has been for years now, unless wenger is kicked out we have another two years of this, I know Alot of people find the protests unpalatable but something has to be done

Big Mad Andy


Tony Hall

Unfortunately with our next three prem league games Man U H, Southampton A and Stoke A (and on current form I dread to think how many points we will drop) this is the season where we do not get into Europe full stop. Barring a miracle on FA Cup final day where we manage to beat Chelsea I don’t see how AW can still be manager next season because we are a laughing stock.


gone are the days, so so gone are the days that we would at least play some fuckin good football even if we lost. Now its all dirty play and dirty loss. What a shame!!!

Dan D

The NLD performance of a bunch of absolute pussies.

Management instills that mentality into them but a fair number of the squad are simply not good enough for a title winning side: Gibbs, Walcott, Giroud, Gabriel.

And then you have other players who while respected I question will ever play in a Prem winning team: Kos, Ozil, Ox, Ramsey.

There are many teams who would love to be in our position but they are not The Arsenal with the resources we have.

Spurs were by far the better team and have been this season.

That says it all.

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