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Wenger: Cup can provide respite from negative vibes

Arsene Wenger has admitted that the club’s recent Premier League, and Champions League, form has produced ‘negative vibes’, but says that playing in a different competition can help players find an escape from that.

Although the Gunners beat Boro 2-1 last Monday, it wasn’t the most convincing of wins, and Man City are probably seen as favourites for Sunday’s FA Cup semi-final.

The Arsenal manager is hoping the ‘fresh’ surroundings of Wembley can boost them to reach a third final in four years.

“It’s a different competition and every competition brings a psychological atmosphere,” he said. “We have many times seen teams not doing well in the championship and, when it is a different competition, suddenly they are doing very well.

“They don’t carry the negative vibes of bad experiences into the competition. When you walk out, half of the stadium is red and half is blue, so you realise it is something different.”

Wenger is also hopeful a good result can provide some harmony at what has been a difficult time for the club.

“When you have negative results like we had, it can divide or unite,” he continued.

“At some stage you have to show you can fight together. People will say it’s normal you win at Middlesbrough but, when you go through a bad period, it’s difficult in your head to win everywhere.

“The fact that we fought and won had a positive impact.”

How much of an impact remains to be seen – tomorrow from 3pm should give us a good idea.

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Come on Arsenal! I don’t know who I want to win later. Beating Spurs in a final would be pretty vibetastic

Sheffield Goon

It would, but watching them bottle another Wembley semi-final was also pretty good.


NO chance of Spurs. Sorry. 😀

fed up

You watched the scum ? crumbs is life that bad ?

Bouldy\'s bald spot

And their football is okay to watch, if youre into shite style football. Im really hoping Chelsea and Tottenham just bash each other silly for a final. I wish nothing horrible on them but how a red card + 5 match ban for dissent on Dele and Kane pulls a hammy and out for 6-8weeks? I can live with that. ?

Faisal Narrage

Been a shitty season, but I would love it…..LOVE IT if not only did we win the FA, but for Spurs to miss out on the title by 2 points, so they’d know when we beat them, our loss would’ve cost them the title.

That would make me feel better for them finishing above us.


Wenger using the word “vibes?” Next thing we know he’s setting up his own chillstep music youtube channel and djing at Coachella.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Either that or he’ll be commanding a tank on his way to a WWII bank heist behind enemy lines.

Shire Gooner

That was waves, not vibes. I’m off to study for my PhD in pedantry…

Godfrey Twatsloch

I know, Shire, but the sentiment is the same. Maybe he’s alluding to that just like Oddball he’ll take us into enemy territory where we’ll snatch victory from them. Maybe we’ll get to see a much groovier Wenger from here on.


Probably a better situation would be not to shit in the first place to create those negative vibes.


Bored of hearing his views on how us fans feel….negative vibes…piss off. This aint a short term, we lost a few games sort of pissed off. Were pissed off how unambititious our club has become, stale, groundhog day. He thinks a few wins on the trot and he can announce he signed his contract months ago, and we just carry on. Hes banking on this btw!! The majority want change. Obviously i want to win sunday, that doent come into it. I dont think we will, as a shaky win over boro feels me with zero confidence. But i wont… Read more »


Agreed, the “negative vibes” as he put are not from a few bad games in the league/champions league this season. It’s due to a failure to mount a serious challenge in each of the respective competitions for over ten years now! Three finals in four years is an achievement, but it doesn’t mean we’ve achieved anywhere near what we should have. Just glad the scum lost today, if it were to be a north London derby I can’t help but feel the motivation would’ve been on them.


He should actually have used the word respite… Because that’s all it will be until we are actually competing with top clubs. Negative vibes will be back as soon as this summer starts, unless what needs to happen- happens.


I am surprised that a rich club like Arsenal does not have a better understanding of the fans opinions. I wonder if they do polling, like in elections.


Oh they understand. They just don’t care as long as it doesn’t hurt their bottomline.

Wright on the money

I hope we can win tomorrow and win the FA Cup. It won’t get rid of the shit season we have had but as long as if Wenger does stay he makes a lot of transfers and decent ones and shows next season without being in the champions league that we can compete for the league and show that the club has turned over a new leaf. I am hoping we get a new manager but if Wenger is to stay which I think he will he shows ambition and great signings to compete for trophies otherwise find the door… Read more »

Godfrey Twatsloch

“Wenger: Cup can provide respite from negative vibes”

The kind of talk that tends to jinx things. Don’t fucking jinx it!


Yeah Arsene, heavy neg vibes, it’s not groovy man…


God. If winning the FA cup would be an acceptable excuse for him staying, I’d truely somehow hope we won’t win it.


What’s the chances of Fabregas scoring the winner in the final against us ?


probably about 1/252

Another 2 years(it hurts)

Because we lost to City tonight, 3-0.

Q Mantis

At this point Not interested in what the players wenger or board have to say. It’s time to win a game of football that’s it. Coyg


If they try and fail I think I would be OK with that, it’s when they give up it’s infuriating.


At least spurs are suffering

Gordon Phillips

When Cazorla was injured I said we should bring Fabregas back. He wasn’t getting in the Chelsea team; he’s just shown how good he is getting Chelsea to the final and people will do a thumbs down but class is permanent.


“Spursey” mode activated…laughing a bit…:-)


…if assuming we show up and have a bit of mettle about us. Midfield is again key. If we adopt the wingbacks again, the team pretty much selects itself. I would have Giroud up top. Welbeck to come on later to exploit tired legs. Alexis and Ozil in second line, maybe interesting to switch Alexis to right flank Ox should play left wing back with Bellerin coming in on the right side. Monreal Koscielny Mustafi at the back. We won’t need as much height and the experience of Monreal and Mustafi as fullbacks till count against the speedy Sterling and… Read more »


I know it has been a tough year, but if we beat ManC tomorrow, Tottenham and ManU in the BPL, and then beat Chelsea for the FA Cup, I know I will be happy. I also know it won’t be easy to accomplish that, but it would salvage the year, at least for me.


Think about next season, would this scenario make you optimistic for the next season? With Arsene at the helmet, and like he said no sporting director?


I’m finding it difficult to be optimistic about having Arsene anywhere near the helmet, never mind a sporting director getting involved.


No Mustafi. Gabriel will have to be at his best.

Sane is going to be a hand full. Ditto Sterling on other flank.

Also worried about the middle as per usual. Still don’t think we have solved all our issues, Ramsey and Granit aren’t particularly good tacklers and they have Silva and De Bruyne to content with. Coquelin is an option or maybe Iwobi late on.

Beyond that as Wenger says, nothing is certain.

We need to show hunger to win this one.

No tepid display and typical over caution.

Definitely the underdogs but maybe it might suit us. COYG!

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