Saturday, May 25, 2024

Wenger keeps his counsel over … Sead Kolasinac

Arsene Wenger has refused to be drawn over many things in the last little while.

Such as:

  • His future
  • His intentions
  • His future intentions
  • What he intends to do in the future
  • Drawing – he won’t be drawn about drawing

There was more no talk about his future today, and we won’t bore you with the details, but he also refused to talk about stories linking us with Bosnian defender Sead Kolasinac.

It had been suggested the Schalke man was in the can, so to speak, but that was denied by the player’s father who said nothing had been signed.

The Arsenal manager did likewise today when asked if the deal had been done.

“Nothing, nothing,” he insisted. “No, we can deny that story at the moment. Nothing has been concluded with anybody.”

So there you go.

Tune in tomorrow to the same bat-channel at the same bat-time for more bat-nothing.

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in other news, I drank a can of diet Cola today

Mr November

I’d avoid that. It has countless numbers of horrible chemicals in it and tastes like the devil’s arsehole.


Shan’t ask how you know what that tastes like.


I have to try coca-cola to confirm that. ?


Haven’t tasted too many arseholes myself

Too Sober to be Onside

Thats a shame


My loss i suppose

Lord Bendnter

I think we should sign Walcott from Southampton. He’s young, pacey, just what we need given the departure of Legend Pires. Seems like a very exciting prospect!

*Damn it, Internet Explorer!


Off topic but did anyone else see that trumps son is a gooner, they had a picture of him in full kit. Made me think things could be worse, imagine if he got his dad to buy the club, could probably use his position to leverage kronke out the door, really would be worrying times.

Stewart Robson\'s therapist

We’d do so much winning that we’d get bored of winning.

Ricky D

Make Arsenal Great Again



Godfrey Twatsloch

Make Arsene Go Away?


Trump’s a loon but we could probably do a lot worse.


Turmp as a supporter? And we thought Piers Morgan was bad …

Verminator\'s Mojo

Makes sense. Trump and Piers are close friends…


That’s a winning combination for sure


Chummy with Nigel Farage too

Godfrey Twatsloch

Who if I remember correctly is a Crýstal Palace fan. Crystal Palace who thoroughly beat us a week or so ago. Crystal Palace, Farage, Trump, Arsenal…the plot thickens!

Or maybe not.


Kroenke is a trump supporter.
Pretty sure he donated $1million to Trump’s campaign.


I read somewhere that kolasinac was assured Wenger would be there next season . sounds to me like there’s some truth to it if the transfer is done . who wants to go to a club that hasnt resolved their managerial issues for next season . At least they would like to know who would be at the helm next season before making the transfer


I don’t know why the club bothers with press anymore. Alan Turing reading the transcripts would just give up.

The Loon Ranger

I didn’t know I had Tourettes syndrome until this season. Now every time I read a press release the air is blue.


I’m like that when i’m on my computer at work.


Perhaps there is some kind of secret code in there that we could decipher

Toure motors

An anagram of his name is a seasonal dick. (The player not AW)




can say same of arsene


SEAD KOLASINAC looks so crap.


SEAD KOLASINAC is more likely to put a kebab in my gob than cross in the box.


He should try. It may shut you up.


ScumRat – Maybe you should fuck off and troll elsewhere.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Coming from the troll of trolls himself.


Scum Rat, you’ve named yourself well.


I’m sorry blogs you got that wrong. It’s “same bat time, same bat channel”. Not vice versa.

It’d be nice if you report stuff appropriately and not be like tabloid 🙂


Arsene Wenger does nothing, says nothing, nothing happens

Lord Bendnter

Rumor has it that he already completed a medical at Arsenal recently

*I’m guessing probably the Wenger press conference was set up as a cover-up. Just behind the Screen in front of which Arsene was “answering” questions, there was a doctor rigorously tapping on a knee-cap


We have a doctor that knows where the kneecap is ?


Read that as taping up a knee cap 🙂
More likely


Boring, boring Arsenal.


Did u just draw a full drawn a conclusion on Wenger’s drawing?

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