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Arturo Vidal encouraging Alexis to swap London for Munich

Alexis Sanchez has left England to prepare with Chile for this summer’s Confederations Cup, and he’s got Arturo Vidal in his ear trying to convince him to move to Bayern Munich this summer.

There has been much speculation over the future of the club’s leading scorer, with the Bundesliga giants up there with PSG, Man City and Chelsea as mooted destinations.

Speaking to reporters around the Chile camp this week, Vidal said, “I told him that he has the opportunity to be on a big team, and if you want to compare to the best players, you have to go to the best team in the world.”

The thing to consider about this is that Sanchez and Vidal share the same agent, and the former Barcelona man has a big decision to make this summer.

At 28, his next contract is going to be his last big one, and with his star at its brightest, chances are he won’t be short of options. And from clubs who can afford to pay him the wages he’d desire. Man City’s interest in him is said to be particularly strong, and it would see Sanchez reunited with former boss Pep Guardiola.

It has been reported that Arsenal are willing to offer around £275,000 per week and a two year extension, but it really feels like we have our work cut out to keep him.

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Haha, being bitter that he was snubbed by Wenger back in 2014 and still dreaming of living in London

Faisal Narrage

Why would he be bitter? He’s part of the team that battered us 10-2 and just won their league.


Really ? Bayern one of the best team considered in rank of Barca and real and they are constaltlu failing in the CL, and their league is worst then the Austrian bundes liga, bayern can win the league with the reserves if that is ambition to win the bundesliga with bayern then I would say something is wrong with alexis, because he will see more sanctification winning the fa cup with us than the league with bayern.


HAHAH! Yeah, he could actually get past the knockout stages of the CL and may even win it, but no I am sure that he would much rather compete to make it into the top 4 and play in the Europa League where we will inevitably also be eliminated at the first round of knockout stages.


How do you get past the knockout stages?

Ponsonby Gooner

Excellent comment Macedonia

Faisal Narrage

And considering our midfield failings, I wish we did get Vidal.

Bould\'s Eyeliner

Same but his disciplinary issues would have exploded this season–if we thought Alexis was an emotional handful… yeah no perhaps this is more of a case of Wenger-Vidal being unable to work together.


Pretty sure he was being sarcastic


You Hope!

Wenger\'s Pony

Fuck right off you porcupine haired slimy twat



Clive St Helmet

A heiku:

Arturo Vidal,
Slimy, porcupine haired twat,
Why don’t you fuck off?

Heavenly Chapecoense

Why wouldn’t he stay in PL to compare to big players from other teams instead of being part of the single big team in Germany?

Arsenal Fan Long Time

Because with Wenger as Coach Aresenal will remain as inconsistent as ever. Sanchez wants trophies….more money isn’t anywhere near as important.

Third Plebeian

Well, he’s already tried to compare himself to big players when he was at Barcelona. Hopefully it’s a case of once bitten twice shy. Otherwise, I can’t see us keeping him.


Why go to BM to help them cruise to German title every year but still not win Champions League? As already said, he’s been in Spain with big players and suffered. Sanchez strikes me as a fighter and wants those around him to do the same.He will have seen Pogba go to Manure when there’s no CL. I think if we keep one of Ozil/Sanchez, we’ll keep both – first job for our “new” manager. Will he use the “see your last year out and then have your pick” ploy? Or the “we’re just about to sign ” xxx/yyy to… Read more »


Tim Vickery has spoken about Sanchez and Vidal on the world football phone in. Apparently they’re not really the best of pals. Could be Bayern just trying to get things rolling.


They’re completely different characters as well. We all know how low key Sanchez is behind the scenes. Vidal on the other hand has a reputation of being a party animal, and is stupid enough to total his car while drunk driving on the way back from the casino during the copa America his country was hosting. I’d be very surprised if they got along off the pitch. I don’t think Arsenal will allow Sanchez to leave his summer, and rightly so. I think even if he doesn’t sign a new contract, keep him and convince him that he can be… Read more »


highest Bayern wages are €160k / week… Alexis can only dream for a move

Faisal Narrage

I’m sure being part of a team competing in the CL, winning the league and playing with WC players for one of the top 4 biggest clubs in football has its perks.

Man us arsenal fans can be delusional at times.

Then if Sanchez leaves we’ll call him a sndke, say he was shit and gave the ball away too much and wondered why he would ever leave us.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Really? Well fuck him anyway. Vidal that is.


‘Us Arsenal fans’ – drop the act. You’re not fooling anyone.

Faisal Narrage

Because I don’t spout delusional none sense like you, I must be a Spurs fan, right?

Get a grip.


Yup. You’re a rock crawler, plain and simple.


Then he’d go to City or PSG who will pay those wages. He won’t go to Bayern if they don’t offer him over €250k. Simple as, at the end of the day, he’s a world class footballer about to sign the last major contract of his career. It’s all down to Arsenal. Offer him what he’s worth, and sign players that show him we’re capable of winning the league next season. He’s happy at settled at Arsenal, only reason he’d leave is if he doesn’t think he can win major trophies here or if we don’t offer him what he… Read more »

Arsenal Fan Long Time

No kidding…but he CAN’T win titles at Arsenal. They’re already out of the Champions league…. Wenger was an outstanding coach… WAS…. The big problem is that he’s not going anywhere and no matter how much Arsenal offers Sanchez those things aren’t going to change. I LOVE the team but I’m REALLY pissed off at the Management right now for letting things get like this and then still keeping Wenger on top of everything…WTFudge?


You said they. No arsenal fan says they on this blog when referring to the team. Fuck off.

Mate Kiddleton

Fuck is Vidal on about with “the opportunity to play for a big team”. It’s not like Alexis didn’t play for Barca.


Exactly. And that worked out nicely, eh. At Arsenal he’s the ‘main man’, he’s had more game-time and IMHO he’s improved as a player. I hope he can see that too…

Arsenal Fan Long Time

? He’s talking about now and into the future buddy….

Thierry Ennui

Feck off Arturo, you gash-crested fucktard. You look like an Essex girl’s undercarriage after a visit to the lady-scapers


Lol I may of dribbled at this comment….amazing

Lord Bendnter

I just don’t see him staying unfortunately. Let’s not kid ourselves, our club’s management is in shambles right now. Would he really choose to commit long term with us in such a situation?

This is like playing FIFA as manager of Bayern and when you are tabling a bid for your man, it reads “This player has less than a year left on his current contract. This deal looks like it could happen.”

Bould\'s Eyeliner

With the Wenger deal, yes. We know that Sanchez wants to remain with Wenger, and it seems obvious to me that the two-year offer is with the interest of keeping Ozil and Sanchez at the club, more than the other way around. Two years would put them in a place to challenge for the league and then make a tidy profit on both players, and then let Wenger go on a high. Ideally. Too bad real life rarely pans out that way.

Wright on the money

I hope it’s not true I like Sanchez but I couldn’t blame him if he went to Bayern he would win trophies all the time there and have a better chance at the champions league than with us.

I hope he doesn’t but good luck if he does a great player and he is fantastic to watch.


How about for a 2 year contract Stan pays up for 2 buys: Lewandowski and Vidal?

Indian Gooner

I think we should be doing what Liverpool did with Suarez. Make him sign a new 2 year deal with a clause which would let him move to only clubs from overseas.. only if we don’t win the league. Atleast we would get another year of Sanchez. I absoulety think it is extremely important for us to hold on to him atleast for another year..

Ivan Drago

How long is he away with Chile for? I’m guessing there’ll be no movement on the contract until he returns so the papers will be filled with shite until he returns, ugh


Unrelated but just seen that apparently we have agreed a fee for that young Nigerian striker in the Belgian league, not that I expect him to change our fortunes next season but no harm in signing some young talent. Also a lot of reports saying Wenger’s going to get £100m to spend, which I have to say I’m not sure is going to be enough to get us to challenging for the title when you consider what other teams around us are likely to spend and the fact that we spent the same last season and didn’t really improve, definitely… Read more »

Wright on the money

If that is true 100 million that is a piss take all the other teams above us will spend more than that and they already have stronger squads than us. If it is true we don’t have much chance convincing the good players to stay when that money will only buy us two decent player max.


Piss take? £100m is more than we paid for Ozil and Alexis. You don’t think we can improve our squad with that kind of outlay? (Assuming it’s true, sounds like internet bluster to me.)

Wright on the money

Go on then who would you buy to make it better for that much don’t forget we can’t attract players with champions league football so you would have to pay more on wages, bonuses and other luxury items.


I can.t resist your challenge. So here goes..feel free to disagree Imbula, Stoke. About 11M. Looked like the new Vieira at Marseille. Gone terribly at Stoke but paired with Xhaka and Wenger we could have the new Vieira-Petit combo Donnaruma, Milan. 30M. Best young GK around Dolberg and Kuivert. Ajax. 45M for both. Think young Bergkamp and Pires Forsberg. Leipzig. 30M Ozil meets Walcott Kessie, Atalanta. 25M. Essien-like To name a few off the top of my head. All affordable. All achievable. All young and likely to get better. Not to mention the Club could raise another 70-100M from selling… Read more »


Imbula was bought by stoke city for about 18m GBP. If you think they’ll sell him for less money irrespective of how well he’s done there, you don’t really understand the crazy sums that are being spent on transfers nowadays. You can go to the lower leagues to find value but can’t poach a good pl player for half off. I don’t know how he’s done this past season but last season he had a few great performances. One vs Chelsea comes to mind.


If you honestly think those players could come in and make an immediate impact on our team you’re mad. Imbula- shown he can’t cut it in the PL (being good in Ligue 1 means little) plus he would no doubt cost more than 11M. Donnaruma- Good young player, bot really much of an upgrade on Cech or Woj yet though + GK isn’t really a position we need filling + with todays prices and the interest in him he’ll probably be more like 50M and have a choice of CL football. Dolberg and Kluivert are nowhere near ready to make… Read more »


We spent £100M last year and didn’t get much improvement


…and don’t forget we’re likely to be selling players too.


Come on, the squad isn’t that bad. What do we need — a LB a center forward, and a creative midfielder like Santi, and perhaps a proper, ball-wining Kante type of DM?

Wright on the money

If it’s not that bad why were we nearly 20 points of the leaders and not in the top four.

Crash Fistfight

I think a few people could point to something…


Tottenham and Liverpool squad clearly not better than us on the paper and yet they finish above us. Next year the gap could be wider though especially for Liverpool, we beat Liverpool for Sanchez because we have CL then, with them in CL, i think they can land top class player right now and their history is 2nd to United so they could be a massive force next year. Tottenham sometimes looks stupid by signing overprice player, but Pochettino is a good manager that can tweak his squad to their best, but can they survive the stadium money though. Duo… Read more »

I love Arsene Wenger

Liverpool will be shit, this I can assure you.


Looks to me like we are going to lose Alexis. This is the real cost of missing out on the CL. We never get past the round of 16 but it enables the club to maintain the fiction that we are competitive in Europe. That fiction is no longer possible now.


Contracts aside, Is Alexis ever going to get a fuckin summer break??

Yankee Gooner

Alexis is 187 in Rosicky Years.

Dan Hunter

100m to spend? We still need a striker and a DM, and possibly a Santi replacement as well as a Walcott replacement…. or just blow the lot on Griezmann


Plenty of “rumours” flying. Wenger looks set to sign the deal. IF Alexis is insistent (and Bayern looks a more than likely destination), then we will have to add two. If Ozil goes as well (no offers yet but likely I feel Italy), then we should add a third. This is beside Kolasinac and probably we will need one in midfield. I feel Alexis and Ozil will go for likely 55m each so say 110m Selling say Walcott (25m) and Ospina (15m) may fetch another 40m (plus Jenko, Jack, Debuchy, elneny maybe, Campbell if we can move them possibly another… Read more »


Don’t ask me why because I’m probably crazy, but I have a good feeling he’s staying and if not maybe we do something interesting this summer


Vidal not still a world class, think should work on himself been one first


Arsenal you have one important job right now, keep Alexis at all cost!!!
If it’s true he wanna leave, better keep him for one more year with risk of losing him on a free transfer, sign more top players, challenge the league and win europa. Prolly we could extent his contract next summer.

LA Gooner

I am with running down Alexis’ contract and Ozil’s, if he too doesn’t sign. Sometimes you have to take your chances. I am sure Wenger would not sign a contract if he was not free to have this as an option.


I must be genuinely Naive but am I missing something here. This feels like a groundhog moment. Haven’t we been here before with different players and the same manager? So why will it change, I see persons saying get WC players and pay them what wage and attract them with what style of play and what coach. Let’s not kid ourselves, if he wants to go her deserves to go the FA Cup shouldn’t cover what a mess we are as a team and a club. January to April a complete shambles and we win a cup as we have… Read more »


Well. He’s not wrong. So who could blame him?


That’s it… the high of the FA cup has worn off ??


I understand the champions league factor but can anybody explain to me the fulfilment in walking a league as uncompetitive as the German league each year. What do Bayern do to maintain their players each year. I would have imagined after winning the umpteenth league title and the champions league when they did they would move on, but they don’t?

Goonerest Gooner

It’s not even been a week since our season finished, didn’t expect to hear this crap from Bayern and Vidal so soon.

I’ll get me coat….

not so fed up

Depends how Wenger sells it (staying at Arsenal) as to whether Sanchez stays or goes – personally I would remind him of robin van skunk, Barcelona and lack of playing time, chance to be a legend, etc.

Faisal Narrage

Why remind him of Robin Van Treachery? He left to win the league and did, regardless of what happened after.

Would be bad strategy to mention him.


Bayern can fuck off and go after Christian Eriksen instead. IMHO he is world class.


If the way to keep Ozil and Sanchez is to sign more big name players, is Dick Law the first that needs to go?

David Hillier\'s luggage

Bayern should find someone better to tap up Alexis, doesn’t he really dislike Vidal? Also, if true this is clearly tapping up, report them to FIFA.


Dear Vidal,

Just effing F off, F off and leave me alone. Oh, did i say F off. If not Effinng F off. Just F off man.


Atleast I hope this is what Alexis said.


If he wants to go we can’t stop him, but maybe we can get Douglas Costa in part exchange?

determined culture

quite sure alexis will not go to mancs under pep cos pep plays tiki taka n has a certain structure of play tt he requires (positional discipline to b part of a well-oiled machine), n he usually has 1 player only to b given absolute freedom (like messi then and aguero now). Alexis knows all too well how pep will be playing, and he didnt enjoy it at barca, so i think he wont go.

Cant comment much on bayern cos I havent watched them enough to know how they play.

I hope Mourinho gets punched in the throat

Someone should encourage Vidal to fuck off

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