Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Video: Thierry Henry interviews Arsene Wenger

Ahead of today’s game against Manchester United, Thierry Henry sat down with Arsene Wenger to talk about that, the move to a back three, his reasons behind that, and more.

Watch below.

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Stringer Bell

Did make me laugh when Wenger said it allows Ramsey to get forward more. Bit like wearing a paper hat in the rain, pointless.


I was wondering about that too. Chelsea and Spurs play disciplined hardworking CMs as a two in their 3-4-3s. Those players weren’t picked for their runs into the box at any rate, when you’re already outnumbered in the middle compared with most teams you need to be especially disciplined and combative there. I think Ramsey would be a lot more suited to being in a three where he can roam, press and make runs without worrying about emptying the midfield


Well whadda I know anyway 😉


I think thats the point of having 3 in defence.

Alleviates responsibility from dm


Did Wenger inquire if being a cunt to Arsenal was in his skysports contract?


Really bizarre that people criticise a man with a semi-useful platform to ask the questions and make the concerns known that we all have to the person to whom we want them asked. If anything he’s helping Arsene- he’s doing what Gazidis and co should be, and hopefulyl making it clear that Wenger shares our worries rather than being content ‘picking up his 8/9/10/12 mil a year’ as many people would ludicrously claim on this site.


You could tell from Wenger’s subtle smile at Henry’s questions that he found it funny how Henry, a player that he had cultured and grown to be one of the world’s best, has now become one of Wenger’s biggest critics.


It doesn’t make him untouchable, and Henry can at the same time be thankful and think for himself, he is not a child. Arsene did help Henry massively but at the same time Henry, by his dedication and hard work has also made Wenger successful. It goes both ways and Henry is not a child, he is a grown man. As it’s said, when you think you are privileged to certain things and that others owe you much, when you achieve success, you start to decline and you do not grow any more. It is what has happened to Wenger.… Read more »

Bould\'s Eyeliner

I think it’s a more of a smile for the future, rather than one of nostalgia. It’s a legend and his legend protege, and he’s seeing Henry’s growth from a footballer into a manager.


Is it just me or did Wenger just avoid answering Henry’s last question? my humble opionion our manager looks so deprived and lonely, if you look at his eyes everytime he sees his former player questioning him about the team, his tactics he just wonders about what has gone wrong in his.

i do feel sorry for him, We got hit so hard in PL after the Byern demolition.


I admire Henry for telling it like it is. He didn’t waste time sucking up to his former boss. Instead, he got straight to the point and was not afraid to rightly raise questions about the team’s recent performances and attitude. Love the reference to Viera and Gilberto… echoing us fans’concerns and frustrations about how much we have declined from those glory days of the Invincibles. What a legend, what a true Gooner the King is !

Gooner Lloyd

Started watching the video but couldn’t be bothered to finish it. I don’t want to hear the same old talk I just want to know what the hell is going on at our club


Struggled to get through that… Henry is a snake. He’s indebted to Wenger and regardless of his new role, should have more respect. You would never see Lampard doing this with Mourinho or Neville with Fergie. Part of being a legend is continuing to fly the flag and demonstrate your relationship with the club. He can have a different opinion privately and face to face without manipulating the story just to be a controversial pundit. I’m disappointed.

And I’m not even #WengerIn, I’m just pro-Arsenal Football Club

Dan Hunter

He’s a snake because he got Wenger uncomfortable… good on him. Maybe the players need to his themselves accountable a bit more and show some fight

Lord Bendtner

If only our current midfield had such leaders as the we had in the past :’-(

Heavenly Chapecoense

I will always respect Henry all my life long. He made me dedicate my life to being an Arsenal fan. He is a shit interviewer like all other former players though.

Random Witness

I don’t understand the hate in the comments against Henry. Why is he being called a snake? Nothing in the interview warrants this. Someone made a comment about Neville not talking about Ferguson or Lampard about Mourinho. How does it matter whether those two c*nts talk to/about their ex-Managers? This is an Arsenal forum & a video of two people who care about Arsenal has been posted. All the questions are relevant and the answers are awkward and uncomfortable. Henry is justified in asking the difficult questions, because frankly, it is high time someone fuckin* asked them. How does doing… Read more »


I see a king who couldn’t look into the boss’s eyes while asking he’s questions. A sign of eternal gratitude to the man who enthroned him


I wanted to watch the video but it says unavailable, any other links for it please? Couldn’t find on YouTube.

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