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Wenger on his future, June’s board meeting & director of football role – transcript

Arsene Wenger says a board meeting at the Emirates in early June will bring to the fore a number of issues that will define Arsenal’s summer plans. Facing the media ahead of the Gunners final Premier League game of the season with Everton, the boss was also quizzed on his previous comments about working with a director of football

Facing the media ahead of the Gunners final Premier League game of the season with Everton, the boss was also quizzed on his previous comments about working with a director of football


Questions from Sky Sports…

Will this be your last game at the Emirates?

Of the season? Yes.


I cannot tell you that.

It’s the stadium you built, with your results and the way you’ve handled the club in the early years, if you are saying goodbye do you not feel the fans need to know so they can say goodbye to you properly on Sunday.

I think what is the most important for us is to win the football game we play on Sunday. After that, what happens to me, is less important. I’m here to serve the club and the best way to do it is to win the next game.

There’s a board meeting coming up is that going to happen before or after the FA Cup final?

I think it’s after the FA Cup.

So that would be when things are finalised? Is that your understanding?


Last week you said you’d never work with a director of football…


…in a way, even though that role didn’t really exist then, wasn’t David Dein that kind of figure, that you worked well with…

Director of football, when I say that, is the guy who decides the decision that is normally down to the manager – selection of players to buy and matters that concern the functioning of the team on a daily basis. Of course, we can need help to become better; I’m always open to that.

So you’re open to that kind of figure? Someone you get along with…

I am always open to things that improve the quality and the future of the club. After that you have to see if it’s really efficient because the titles [of roles in the club] do not always make you better.


Questions from the Evening Standard’s James Olley…

You said your future will be decided at the board meeting at the end of the season…

I didn’t say that. You interpreted it like that.

How should I interpret it?

I don’t know. I have been asked if there is a board meeting before the cup final and I said, ‘No, after.’ Of course, I will be there. At the moment I think we should focus on the short-term and what’s going on on Sunday and at the cup final.

So what will happen at that board meeting, if it’s not to decide your future?

There are certainly many aspects of a football club that need to be discussed at a board meeting. One of them is what’s happening with the manager’s future, the players who are coming in, the renewal of contracts and all that. You don’t miss problems in a board meeting?

So we’re likely to get an announcement a few days after that, about what you’re doing?

Yeah, of course.

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Blogs, do you have the bones of an article ready to post promptly when the announcement is made, and have you prepared a photoshop of Wenger’s face on Leonardo Dicaprios body from that bit in the Wolf of Wallstreet? We all know the one.


I actually agree with Wenger that we don’t need a director of football that is directly involved in the day to day. What i do think we need is someone to come in to reshape and build the various departments to be the best they can be. Someone with a longer term goal than just the next game or the next transfer window.


“Facing the media ahead of the Gunners final Premier League game of the season with Everton, the boss was also quizzed on his previous comments about working with a director of football”

Doubling up.

Blogger you were right about James Olley 🙂


I guess this is a clear indication he is staying. I know AW is not the sentimental type when it comes to his own future but i am sure he would want an opportunity to say goodbye after so many years. Not my choice, but I’ve accepted it now. Lets see what they do in the next weeks/summer. I refuse to get upset about it anymore.


I don’t think AW has ever cared for the opinion of the supporters. He has barely ever acknowledged us, before or after a game and he certainly doesn’t take any interest in what the fans think. I don’t think he cares whether anyone wants to say goodbye – be it now or in the future – he would rather just quietly leave.


Mr Wenger might be a tough boss but i don’t think he has a stone heart. Some fans might still not like his management style but almost every Arsenal fan would love to give him a proper goodbye when he finally leaves and he (wenger) knows this. He certainly will carry on as our manager. He would have loved for us to send him off if wasn’t going to stay.

Jack Action

I strongly disagree; I don’t think Wenger cares to “say goodbye”. He doesn’t want a farewell tour either. If we win the FA Cup he will leave on a high, the goodbye will be the parade and that will be that.


Is it just me or Arsene always looks Angry these days


I’d be freaking out if he was all giggles and winks in the current scenario.

On a side note Klopp has a serious personality disorder no? One moment he is your loving elder brother the next he is the manic nutcase around the corner.

Crash Fistfight

Isn’t that just called being emotional?


I don’t know about just, but emotional sure why not.


I think it is unfortunate that he will not get a send off if he does leave. Though I must admit, considering the huge divide in the fan base it is probably the best decision. Let’s put it this way, he could be sent off with no CL and an FA Cup final loss, hardly draped in silverware the same way Sir Alex Ferguson was sent off.

DB10\'s Air Miles

I love Wenger, there, I said it.


me too, going to miss the guy when he goes, hope the next plane with a Wenger out banner flying over the emirates crashes into whoever paid for it


hes not going anytime soon…




I’m not sure if Arsene knows if he is staying or not. He definitely wants to but I really don’t think the other Muppets have made their minds up yet and are waiting to see how the season unfolds and what the fan’s reactions are. If we win the Cup and qualify for the CL it’s obviously a done deal but if Liverpool win on Sunday and Chelsea beat us in the Cup ,which lets face it is more than possible , i can’t see him staying. I am in a minority of one with my mates over this who… Read more »


Yeah I don’t think he knows either. After the Bayern debacle he made it seem like the decision was his to make and announce in his own good time but now it’s changed. Gazidis has probably had a role in that and it would be a dereliction of his duty if he hadn’t so that’s a positive thing.

A victory parade at Wembley, Arsene retiring with a record FA Cup trophy haul and the announcement of a top-class replacement soon after would feel like a 93th minute winner after a terrible team performance.

Chalmers says

Only voted this comment down for 93th… Not ok


Tony Adams claims that Wenger “couldn’t coach his way out of a paper bag”.

Must be true if Tony says it and Arsene has been very lucky we’ve kept him so long as manager.

The Loon Ranger

Well as someone whose career and life was changed for the better by Arsene, Tony Adams ought to remember who stood by him when he went skidding sideways down the brompton road after bucketfuls of lager. So AW has shortcomings as a coach no surprise there but gobbing off to the sun newspaper is not the way to repay the man. Oh and by the way how’s YOUR career as a coach going you donkey?


Anything in that reply that might have been worth saying was ruined by the last 2 words.

The Loon Ranger

We loved Adams as a player and donkey was everybody’s affectionate nickname for him. In the north bank we used to make braying noises as he trotted up and down the field and he used to wave to us. Just saying

Uhtred of bergkampburg

So true, you can disagree with Mr arsenal but disrespect! He was here winning before Wenger


Didn’t the ‘disrespect’ start with him? You get what you dish out. No talent joker of a coach taking a shot at Wenger to peddle his books. Why not talk about what he himself did as a coach/player in the papers? Or maybe I’m being harsh on him and is his book is specifically about his disenchantment with Wenger.


Tony Adams just embarrassed his kids with that bit of trash talk.


Tony Adams is not a very gracious man. I think it would be a mistake to pay too much heed to his opinion of AW.


If it comes to choosing between Wenger and trusting the board to come up with a well thought-out alternative at this late stage, then I’m all for another two years with Wenger. Wenger is past his prime but this board can’t organize a piss-up in a brewery.


This! Saying this to all my mates – whilst I feel a new manager is probably the preferable route, I’m also very aware of what happens when there’s no real plan *cough* Man Utd *cough*


What an arrogant old person. No openness, honesty, humbleness… I think it’s because he does not know or it is not that certain that he is staying, otherwise he would not be so defensive.


Who Adams? It is a pity. Granada were sinking long before they gave him a ride.

Tommy Gunner

“Of course, I will be there [at the board meeting at which the first item on the agenda will be my new contract]”

And there encapsulates, in one flippant remark, everything that is wrong with the current structure of our club.

Indian Gooner

Well! This could be his last game as a manager at the Emirates which is kind of very sad to even think about.The stadium that he helped us build and which put him in this position in the first place. But who knows with Arsene! Personally I would want him to stay for atleast another season. I don’t want him to leave on such a low for a great manager that he is after so many years at the club. Please stay Arsene for just one more season. We never know maybe we could have been in a far worser… Read more »


Class as always. Whenever he goes, this season or later, his absence will be felt.

Ulysses 32

“Will this be your last game at the Emirates?”…. “Of the season? Yes.” I totally understand him wanting to fuck with the press like that. They must be really annoying. But, what about the people who pay to watch the games, perhaps even have had season tickets for years? Don’t they deserve a bit more respect from the club? Like actually being told what’s happening? Isn’t it just a polite way to treat your customers? I’m still hugely confused what the ‘will he sign, wont he sign’ game that’s been played this year has gained anyone. The club, the fans… Read more »

Tanzanian Gooner

So first it was March or April then end of the season and now in June after the board meeting. Clearly he’ s staying. Fasten your seatbelts lads…..

Original Paul

Arsene has changed. It’s like he is not allowed to tell us what’s happening. He seems cross. I just don’t understand all of this…


Wenger has done a lot of good things for the club. However from where I sit, for all the time and money spent supporting the club, all we ask is a trophy to boast off. The club, board etc are all doing well financially, yet all we ask is a trophy for all our time and money. Iso that too much to ask?


We don’t need a Director of Football for Wenger. Maybe after depending on his successor and long term stability. BUT Director of Football is no panacea. Plenty of teams have had Director of Football and over spent on mediocrity. Wenger is one of the best in the market. I give you Rob Holding for starters. David Dein do this piece of business? Dick Law maybe. Also Mustafi and Granit have been excellent buys. Monreal, Koscielny were all brought in for relatively little and have improved under Wenger. His marquee buys have been spot on too. Ozil, ASleixs, Cech and Santi… Read more »


If they announce he is staying they better be ready for a lot of empty seats and a massive uphill struggle next year.

Let’s say we do finish 4th (I really don’t believe this will happen) and thrash (yes thrash) Chelsea, buy a couple of interesting players in the summer.

It will be accepted.

Then let’s say we lose the first game of the season because “we weren’t prepared”.

Cue meltdown. And I’ll be leading the melting.


I wonder what Arsenal would be like if David Dein had stayed. If Silent Stan had been beaten to the majority share holder by Dein’s mate Uzmanov. I hate the Oligarch side of football. But Dein and Wenger were a very good team.


Wenger has done pretty okay without Dein. But he does seem to not have anyone to be pally with within the club. He cuts a lone, wise and powerful but lone, figure. Everyone looks to him in his presence; some worry, some bitch behind his back.

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