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Aulas rules Lyon out of Giroud chase

Lyon appear to have ruled out a move for Olivier Giroud after clinching the signing of Bertrand Traore from Chelsea.

Chairman Jean-Michel Aulas had expressed an interest in the Arsenal man last week but in light of his €10 million acquisition of Traore, who spent last season at Ajax, he admits he can’t keep buying strikers.

“We don’t want to stockpile forwards,” Aulas said when quizzed about Giroud at Traore’s unveiling. He added, “Arsenal want to keep him.”

Given how much Aulas likes to talk, we wouldn’t be surprised if he changes his mind again, particularly with Arsenal seemingly eager to purchase Alexandre Lacazette.

Earlier today, the Gunners were told they’d need to stump up €65 million for Lacazette; the price previously agreed between Lyon and Atletico before the latter were slapped with a transfer ban.

While Lyon may, for now, have changed their mind, Giroud’s future at Arsenal remains in doubt. The attacker, 30, has already expressed his frustration at a lack of regular football last season and is coveted by West Ham United.

The Telegraph claims the Hammers are willing to match Giroud’s current £120,000-a-week salary and pay a transfer fee of around £20 million for a player.

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Toure motors

£20m is only worth half of his handsomeness


Perhaps we should knock a few teeth out


knock all of it out and it won’t still worth half.


I attended the Monaco champions league match at the emirates. That was one of the most frustrating experiences of my life. 95 percent of that was down to giroud.

I’d still keep the big soft fucker. He’s good at what he’s good at. Making an impact from the bench.

I get the jokes about him being handsome,but he’s more Than that.


I think Aulus likes the sound of his own voice too much.

I would prefer that he shuts his fucking mouth!


I find comments from this guy about as welcome as a rash on my crotch.


In my native Spanish “Aulas” means classrooms. I’d never hated a word in two different ways before.

Waking up to read “a man called Mr Classrooms is standing in the way of Arsenal buying a striker” is a nightmare scenario, what a horrible man he must be, his middle name is probably French for “cold shower” or “cash point fee” or something.

rob pyres

Good news…we need the bearded adonis, just wish the boss would just come out and clarify that he’s not for sale full stop!


He is the one who wants to leave to get regular starts – he isn’t being pushed out of the door, AW said he really values him.
So I hope Giroud reconciles himself to not being a regular starter in this system because we really need him to stay.

Heavenly Chapecoense

You’re asking too much from Giroud or any other top player in world cup year.


It is a lot to ask, but he’s still getting starts and making the French squad every time, so I think it’s not that dire of a problem so long as he keeps doing what he does- getting some starts, and when he comes on, getting goals.

Stuck on repeat...

Maybe…but surely to certain extent it will be the quality of performances that’ll count rather than the total number of performances.

Let’s not pretend that if Giroud is not a regular starter (which I somewhat doubt anyway) that he’s not going to get much game time. Next season will be busy, & we’ll need options & to rotate whatever happens. If we go for it in the Prem & all competitions (which we should), there’ll be plenty of game time for everyone…& that’s without even factoring injuries of which we all know our record ain’t that great.


He has just extended his contract a while ago. I think it’s time that Arsenal starts getting a bit ruthless in these kind of situations. He has a contract. We want to keep him. We shouldn’t care too much about if he is perfectly happy with his situation regarding the World Cup etc. he’s a professional footballer who knew what he did when he signed that contract so he has to stay and give his best whenever he gets played. I don’t hear that kind of discussions from other clubs. At Arsenal every player who doesn’t start every game wants… Read more »


I generally agree with you. Look at Willian down the road as a great example.

That said, i’m sure the HFB will need a little love and care from AW to ease him thru this. Hopefully he’s getting it.

I’d love to see us sign a world class striker (Aubamayang would be my favorite) and then keep Giroud and Welbz as the supporting cast. Theo – sorry dude, time to move on.


Oli must stay, he has unfinished business with us, he can’t leave on 98 goals, that would be stupid. And if he was leaving, which he isn’t, then there are far classier places than a shite club like West Ham who would want him, and for more money than that.


Will he stay, won’t he stay…

Giroud Alexis Walcott whoever.

Wait a month and we’ll know without all the rubbish in the meantime.


A month might be a bit optimistic


Good, hopefully we can keep him. Would certainly be nice to have both, possibly on the pitch at the same time.

At this rate we won’t be signing Lacazette anyway. Aulas is clearly a total penis.


Not that I disagree with you but if he’s a total penis, who’s the total cunt?


John Terry. Always and for ever John Terry.


would rather we sold Theo to West Ham rather than Giroud considering the change of system to 3-4-3

Lord Bendnter

Now when people start asking how much for Giroud, we should now mention how he is the first choice Striker for the French National Team. I wouldn’t let him go for less than £35m-40m


Player about to leave Arsenal = market value of 30 bob.
Player about to join Arsenal = market value 30 million. It’s almost as though someone out there is deliberately making this shit up.
Honestly, Watford buy some albino no mark from Derby for 15m and people are talking about 5 m for Gibbs – an England international – and 20 for HFB – the current French 1st choice centre forward. Sheesh.

Dixon\'s Awsome Own Goal

Pretty sure Hughes only cost £5m. Agree with general point about valuation of Arsenal players but Gibbs is in the last year of his contract like many others

Dixon\'s Awsome Own Goal

Pretty sure Hughes only cost £5m, and Gibbs is a bad comparison given he is part of our 1 year left brigade.

Cliff Bastin

If anything, Lacazette improves upon Welbeck’s skill set and not Giroud’s.


Lord have mercy on all our souls and afflict this Aulus buffoon with some sort of throat boil or something that makes him unable to talk until September 1 or…I don’t know what.

If James has to get it too to make it happen, that’s a sacrifice I think we’re all prepared to make.


No way for 20m whereas defender now can cost as much as 40m. Arsenal should be asking more.

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