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Catalan press ramp up Bellerin to Barcelona stories again

Another day, another dollar, another round of Bellerin to Barcelona stories in the Catalan press.

Going in strongest are El Mundo Deportivo whose correspondent, Xavier Muñoz, writes with great certainty: “Barca want to sign Hector Bellerin, and Hector Bellerin wants to sign for Barca.”

He then says, “In fact, those who know the player well say he’s crazy to wear the Barcelona shirt and will feel a terrible disgust’ if it doesn’t happen.

Terrible disgust, indeed. It’s a good job they’re not prone to melodrama or anything.

He also says that Bellerin’s agent attended a meeting with a load of Barcelona officials last week, including club president Josep Maria Bartomeu.

They’re ‘in a hurry to give good news’ and want the deal wrapped up in 10 days.

Meanwhile, Sport run some quotes from Denis Suárez, currently at the U21 European Championships with the Arsenal man.

He says, “People want the best players in Barca and I hope Bellerín can come. I do not know what his intentions are but the high level players are welcome.”

Of course, neither of the pieces mentions the six year contract Bellerin signed, although to his credit Muñoz reports a ‘total refusal’ on the part of Arsenal to even listen to an offer from Barcelona, let alone negotiate.

It is perhaps telling that right beside the Bellerin story is another one listing the alternative right-backs Barcelona have their eye on, including Nelson Semedo from Benfica, Joao Cancelo from Valencia, and Murcia defender Aimat Wat.

As ever with this story, the Poo-o-Meter is off the charts.

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No offence or anything, but has anyone found the poo-ometer a bit… erm… shitty over the last few weeks. Seems to always have the users at 0.

Having said that this one gets a runny 10 right in the face Bartomeu, Suarez, Iniesta etc. Fuck right off!


I’ve felt constipated for a week now all this stories coming in.. we’re gonna pop

The Wizard of Oz(il)

Maybe these guys and that Aulas fellow can get together and have a major fuckfest without lube… Perhaps that will shut ’em up for at least a week…

Bon Jello

I fear even without lube it would still be the slimiest/greasiest smug fuckfest of all time.

Random Witness

I could have done without the visual


I think we should call him anus from now on

Lovren me, lovren you. Uh huh!

Gibbs will have to play right back for us at thid rate


Sooo, it’ll be another 10 days of that.

“Terrible disgust”… That man is dishonest to his federation.


Are you sure you want to play this game Barca? Because history tells me we always get the better deal.



Cliff Bastin

And Song, Hleb, Van Bronkorst, Silvinho.

I’m sure I haven’t left someone out who went on to win more major trophies yesiree *cough*

Cliff Bastin

Oh and Vermaelen! Goodness what happened to him?

Andy Mack

I think Daveys point is not ‘Always’, just Usually’.


I dunno, Fabregas got turfed out after a couple years because he wasn’t good enough for them, and he’s been so-so for Chelsea too. Pretty clear his best years were with us…


If I were Barca I’d ask what youth players we’d like thrown in to a deal and then promote them to training with the first team

Bob A

I think this young man is bright enough to know that 95% of paper stories are fairy tales, and why if this article is correct about about the Barcelona president, why are they not taken up by EUAF for tapping up. Barcelona over the years have got away with this, its about time somebody shows them up for what they are. The young man I think will probably return to Barcelona one day but not in the near future.


“Great disgust”? Of course ignoring the fact he just signed a huge new deal and himself admits to be very happy at the club. What a bag of tax dodging, whiny, cheating, slimy, underhand thunderous cunt flaps everyone associated with that club are. Everyone. The players, the management, the catalan press, the tourist fans, the stewards at match day who make you miss half the game in the pissing rain for no reason after spending a fortune to be there. Fuck off. I think I hate Barcelona more than the sp*ds. I get so much joy watching them lose, and… Read more »


It’s easy to feel sorry for Sp*rs and their fans. 1961 was last they won the league.

But don’t let that stop you knowing what a bunch of ***** they are.

Andy Mack

Why no mention of them breaking ‘Child Slavery’ rules?
I know they got found out (& punished) and probably aren’t doing it now, but still a shitty thing to do.

Akshay B

We should take a leaf from Southampton and report these Barca guys to UEFA for this blatant nonsense……
Oh wait, they aren’t called UEFAlona without a reason….?


God, I hate that club.

Gus Caesar

Give it another week and they’ll drag Xavi out to start talking about DNA. Classless club.

David Hillier\'s luggage

Barca really lack class, don’t they?

Not for one moment do I believe Hector’s unsettled here, and I’m sure the vast majority of fans agree. However there’s this vocal social media fandom culture we live in today, often fueled by ‘supporters’ who have never sat through an entire Arsenal game, who will inevitably give the lad stick (picked up by rags, redtops and football blogs for clickbait). Let’s educate these kids to focus their abuse on agents, slimy clubs like Barcelona and the press perpetuating this nonsense, not our own players.

Bendtner\'s Ego

These c*nts can go do one.

I am seriously tired of their “full press” assaults.


Maybe Denis Suarez should worry about his Barcelona future.

Donald\'s Trump

Denis who?

A different George

I don’t think Suarez actually said anything we can object to; he was saying what any player says when asked this type of question.

Question: “Is Lewandowski coming to Arsenal? Would you like him to?”

Answer (from Mustafi, or Ox, or anyone): “I have no idea if he’s coming, but he’s a great player and great players are always welcome at Arsenal.”


With 6 years left he must be worth about 100m Euros…

Viva la prof

In today’s ridiculous market that really isn’t that far fetched. Anyway I fucking hate FC Barcelona.

Niall Shannon

Hate Spanish media (especially Catalan press) when it comes to Arsenal players. I don’t know where they get their stories from. All made up. Bellerin has a 6 year contract so unless Barca offer some ridiculous sum of money, it will not happen. Simple.


Dear Xavier Munoz,

Fuck off.


Gonna be a long summer


straight swap for Messi.

Lord Bendnter

Omg Barca just take Debuchy and shut up..

Parisian Weetabix

Weird, blogs, I can’t find a single reference to Murcia’s Aimat Wat anywhere online…


Nicely done


The Cuntalan press!


Those conniving bastards…Using paid press, former players to lure prospective targets. they can rot in their tax havens..bloody buggers love spending big but somehow hate giving taxes. Classless, arrogant pricks. Go and fish in some other pond!!


The only way he goes is if he pushes for it or demands to go and refuses to play, which I don’t think is his style. It’s not a dissimilar situation to Cesc, we all knew he was going to go, just depends when….hopefully we keep him for a few years yet.


I refuse to say it’s inevitable!
I may be wrong, but I refuse anyway.


He signed a 6 year contract when these rumours were still going around. Of course he’s too crazy about this transfer.


Barcelona can honestly fuck right off already!


always the same..other clubs go public and tell everybody to stfu..if they even try to talk with the player or his agent they will get an FIFA Ban…only our beloved Arsenal will always be the same…and after everyone brainwashed our player they start to talk…

Merlin\'s Panini

umm, Barcelona, can you fuck off now please? Thanks.

Otherwise we should demand Neymar plus cash in return just to fuck with them.


“Aimat Wat”

Well, if we do lose Bellerin, I know who I want as our new right-back. He’d surely be the heir to Eboue we’ve all been waiting for.


I’m going on holiday to Barcelona in the summer. People keep asking me if I’m gonna visit the Camp Nou. Why the actual fuck would I want to do that?!?


To take take a dump right in the middle of the pitch?


The spanish press seem to be even more full of crap than all the other press


Bellerin is going nowhere.

Nor is the Ox.

Chambers should be reverted to the position he showed so much promise in with Soton…Rback.


Is it possible to do an 11 on d poos?


i don’t speak spanish but translated this bit of the article. made me laugh with disgust:

“the Barça club has made Arsenal their interest in Bellerín and for now has been a total refusal even to negotiate or set a price, even if it was high, by the Catalan defender. A stance that has surprised much at the Camp Nou given that the club ‘gunner’ is an eminently selling entity. Barça remember clear examples of this.”

Oh fuck off you arrogant bastards.

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