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Video: Aubameyang would be a better bet than Lacazette

Another Gunnervlog for you, as James looks at the striker situation and who we might bring in this summer.

There’s a lot of talk about Alexandre Lacazette, but should we be looking at Borussia Dortmund’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang?

What do think? Comment below, or vote in the poll.

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Fucks sake neither are going to happen stop entertaining the thought! It only makes it more painful.


We are probably not signing anyone specially since we won the FA cup and the pressure is off Wenger and the board.

Lack of Perspective

You guys are more boring than our transfer news.


No shit man. Lewandoski would be good too. Wouldn’t mind getting that Messi chap too. And Pele.


Pretty sure we could get 76 year old Pele now! He’s probably still faster than Giroud… He’d certainly put some led in our pencils… Even if his hip would crumble faster than one of our title challenges…


Not sure he can keep it up these days.


Are blue pills on the anti doping list?


in other news, the sky is blue


George Best and Stanley Matthews wold be cheap


Bugger the speed goals and assists. I want him just to hear the crowd singing aubamayang to the tune of skrillx bangarang


really? How are we going to orchestrate that. “okay everybody repeat after me. oliujhsalkdbfds, noeow noew, laikjbdkfjbsadkfjbdkdkjnd Aubamayang”

Glasgow Gooner

It would go “bamma bamma bamma Aubameyang”. Possibly.


He’s definitely better than Lacazette, but at that age not being in the CL would be a much bigger problem… I’m still freaking out over Mbappé.


Finaly someone sensible. The question being asked Here whether arsenal should go for aubamayang. But the question that should be asked is whether aubamayang wants arsenal in the first place.


Can’t see it myself but who knows


Agree he’s better, but do Gabon play in the Afican Cup?

Big negative if they do, seeing as they seem to play it so often now


Aubemayang!! It’s no brainer…

Mississippi Gunner

I see what you did there


More accomplished goal scorer than Lacazette, allround game isn’t that impressive. Would be insane to have a front 3 of Alexis – Aubamayeng – Ozil.

Glasgow Gooner

Aubameyang, like Mbappe, likely views us as a stepping stone. As tough as that is to take, after 3-4 years it would be extremely difficult to watch Mbappe leave us on the cusp of greatness than it would be cashing in on Aubameyang (possibly at a loss) looking for what could potentially be his last big contract.

To the original question. My own view is that Aubameyang is a better player than Lacazette so he would be my choice of the two. However, despite the potential agony of a Fabregas re-run I would still take Mbappe over the lot.


A stepping stone down? From second/third best team in Budesliga to Europa League team not showing much ambition. Sorry to be negative, just trying to be realistic.

I’d love Aubamayang to be signed and think he would be better than Lacazette and certainly lower risk than Mbappe. But being realistic I think the only player who would likely come to us is Lacazatte.

Please prove me wrong AW.


Aubamayeng is likely out of chances for a big move in the next year or two given his age the fact that Barcelona, Madrid, Juventus & Bayern all already have strikers who are better (or at least as good). I don’t see why we couldn’t convince him to come to the Premier League where he at least would have a shot at the title (vs. losing to Bayern every year).


“arsenal have a better chance at winning the title than dortmund “. did you really mean that??


Dortmund have effectively no chance at winning the title as Bayern just keeps poaching everyone’s best players.


Dortmund still mount better challenges if you look at the past decade. Even post klopp. They may have a very small chance because of bayern’s policies, but we’re still worse at mounting title challenges.


Its been more than 10 years since arsenal have won the league . compared to that Dortmund won the league as recently as 5 years ago. Besides that they are consistent in champions league , always get to past last 16 to compete in quarter finals and semis. Compared to that the only consistency with arsenal is that we are consistently out of last 16 no matter who our opposition will be


Its like debating your favourite sports car. Buy any or all of them! They would all improve us.



Your Daily Arsenal

It is strange how Aubameyang has hardly been mentioned by any of the media even though he wants to leave, whether this means something is happening behind the scenes ad they’re trying to keep it under wraps?


That doesn’t mean that he is coming to Arsenal.

Andy Mack

One of them is 26 (AL) and the other is 28 (PA).
They both rely on speed to a fair degree, so which ones legs will go first?


Aubameyang relies on speed much more than Lacazette, who actually has decent technique, hah. I watched a very good amount of Dortmund matches this past season to “scout” players like Dembele, Aubameyang, Guerreiro, Pulisic, et al(the list really does go on) and my biggest conclusions about Aubmeyang are that A. he misses a lot of chances, especially easy chances a bit like Giroud, but he does manage to use his pace to get in time and time again. However, he’s not your clinical one-chance terminator. and B, he sometimes has bricks for feet. Think Walcott-like erratic touches. Still a deadly… Read more »




Really? You think Moroniho will sell him to Arsene?


yes, yes yes


and Vardy is better than Walcott but look what happened. Dream on my friends.

Heavenly Chapecoense

No way Vardy us better thanks Theo.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Sorry, no way Vardy is better than Theo.


You have to be kidding me. Vardy is a better finisher than theo is, and theo does very little else, if anything. Theo doesn’t come close to putting pressure on the centre backs like vardy does,both with his runs in behind and pressing. It’s not that vardy is a brilliant footballer that makes him better. It’s just that Theo has a very limited skill set and I’m not about to forget the fact that for about 8 seasons he did very little defensively until he got dropped from the England squad last summer.

Calgary Gooner

I could see Sanchez out to City for 60 and Auby in with those funds (plus). Not a bad trade chain, Sanchez is brilliant but not Arsene’s “type”.

Andy Mack

I can’t see us selling anyone to $iteh or at other top PL club.

Calgary Gooner

If you don’t see it, you’ve been watching a different club than me!

Andy Mack

We haven’t sold to a top PL team for few years now, since we’re no longer desperate for the income.


If they do, well then we might as well give up trying to be a competitive football club.

calgary gooner

It only really depends how Arsene defines competitive and what his goals are (agreed with the board). I think he has proven that he doesn’t care about fan fantasies – and is professional and pragmatic. Does he feel that 60M pounds for Alexis will create the funds for a striker upgrade? Can a better striker and money left over for other positions/ back room get him back into the top 4? Is he willing to forgo a title challenge this year in order to finish in the top 4? I fear he may answer yes to all those questions.

Tony grayson

If we let city have Alexis, we would be gifting them the title, alot like van Persie to united. That cannot happen again! As for lacazette and aubameyang…its aubameyang every time for me. If we could pull that off along with keeping ozil and Alexis we could be in with a shout ourselves!

Viva la prof

Nice to have a vote, I’d like to see more of that on the site. As for signing a striker. I know I’m an optimist, but it seems to me there are too many world class strikers available for the right price for us not to land a good one. But then again with our transfer windows it’s a bit like when I was a kid at Christmas, my parents would reveal the BMX or Sega Mega Drive or whatever after I’d opened up all the shit. They would wait until I thought I wasn’t getting it, I’d try not… Read more »


It’s a bit like having cruel parents who make you think you’re getting the big present and it turns out to be an empty box.


You get a thumbs up for bringing up Sega Mega drive!


Totally agree. I don’t know why we don’t go for him. He is everything we need. Don’t care about the money…..these days it’s pretty irrelevant. Keep on with the vlogs please


Mahrez please …


Him too


There’s no way we can get Aubameyang loooool


Aubameyang, Mahrez and Lacazette in for €150m. Keep Özil and Sanchez. Win league.

Oh, Arsene, why hast thou forsaken us?

not so fed up

Crumbs there are some grumpy negative drongos on this thread!!


My first choice would be Mbappe, but if we have a solid chance for Aubemayang I’d leap at it. Mbappe may ultimately have a higher ceiling, but Aubemayang already ticks all the right boxes.


Dolberg is another striker nobody is talking about but he could be the new Bergkamp and available at half the price!


Dolberg and Mbappe the new Bergkamp and Henry??

Lord Bendnter

I’m just waiting for Man Utd to sign a striker so we end up buying Martial for £30million. This would be a very Arsenal type deal. I don’t know if Martial can become a deadly striker. He has skill n pace n certainly Henry-esque ability, but Henry could push people off the ball to win it. Don’t think Martial could do that. Since we have decided on a permanent lone central striker, Lacazette would be the best option as he could be a more physical presence. And that’s why I would choose Lacazette. (Ignore all the Martial mumbo jumbo I… Read more »


Aubam the dragster ! But isn’t he Klopp tied ?


Why not both Lacazette and Aubameyang instead of 1 Mbappe?


I found it odd that we were not linked more before, even if the age issue and lack of champions league football will probably be too much to overcome. Currently at 33 to 1 odds in the transfer market betting, which means no one thinks it is happening – or as I see it … worth a cheeky fiver. Makes sense in footballing terms, so you never know Wenger might push for it.

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