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Video: How would we feel about Lacazette if we’d never been linked with Mbappé?

Yesterday saw reports of a €50m bid for Lyon striker Alexandre Lacazette, with suggestions a deal could be done as early as next week.

What does this mean for our pursuit of Kylian Mbappé? James looks at that and gives his thoughts on the signing, should it happen.

For some extra reading, check out today’s Arseblog: What Alexandre Lacazette bid means for Mbappe chase and Olivier Giroud’s future

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One of our biggest weaknesses is we spend every summer haggling over the price of a striker and then end up with either no one or a player that’s not close in quality. If we really are about to get Lacazette and early to boot its great news IMO. To have any chance of keeping Sanchez and Ozil we need to show them we are serious and that means business needs to be done early. Lacazette scored a lot of goals -37 this year and he sat out the first 3 months- and Athletico has a decent eye for strikers… Read more »


Agree with you. Selling our best keeper would be barmy

Mein Bergkampf

This is so true. How often have we seen Wenger go out with the intention of buying the biggest turkey in the shop and coming home with one of those guinea fowls with a chipolata up its arse? FYI, Arteta was the guinea fowl, Yossi the chipolata in this poor and dated analogy. My point is, fuck dillying around. Let’s smash this window like me playing drunk champ man. 43 (?) for Lac, 30 for Mahrez, 30 for Goretzka. And if Ozil and Sanchez still want to do one, we’ve got their and the other dead wood fees to replace… Read more »


Nice analogy

Thierry bergkamp

People are still on the Mahrez bandwagon. Really?




I’ve just watched videos of both Lacazette and Mbappe. Tbh I’d take either, Mbappe is much more like Henry, once he’s gone there’s no catching him, usually finishes well. Perhaps more skilfull/flashy. And Lacazette, good with both feet, great first touch to set a shot or get him in, good pace, makes his own space well and id say a more accomplished finisher, and his penalty technique is solid. 40mil or 100+….well I still don’t think for 1 min we’d pay the latter. Especially with so many players to get rid of still which isn’t guaranteed. Although we could quite… Read more »

Mein Bergkampf

These videos, were they of both players doing nice flicks, effortlessly beating players and smashing goals in from 25 yards? Cos I saw one of them for Gabriel Obertan, sent from a gloating Man United friend of mine. Now neither of us believe in YouTube…


Yes YouTube….and yes I understand it’s purely their goals I’m seeing and not there mistakes.


perhaps you could say that Lacazette is the Trezeguet to Mbappé’s Henry……………

(except you couldn’t because they’re all different players from different times and such comparisons are folly!!)


Folly? Not really. I’m not saying he’s the New Henry, but he has same stature, very fast and gets in behind defences very quickly and likes the low across the goal finish. Henryesque. But there’s only one Thierry Henry.


Same complexion too

No way

Lacazette is more Ian wright to mbappe’s Henry.
Lacazette also reminds me of hasselbaink a little bit, without the ridiculously powerful side foot though. Smaller guy, quite upright, good touch, good passer, quick feet, cool finisher. He seems perfect.

Igbo Amadi-Obi

Lol. You sound like Usmanov has taken over already. Buy Lacazette at 60m, buy Mbappe at 100m to double last summer’s spend, double Sanchez, Ozil and Ox’s wages to keep them, all that while we are priced peanuts for Cesezny, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Ospina and Perez.




Almost as bad as the ubiquitous Carzola.


Just so you now we have over 100mil to spend without player sales. I’m not a 15 year old child, you need to stop reading newspapers about valuations and transfer stories. And the price quoted for lacazette, if you believe it is 44mil. What will be will be. If Sanchez goes, I’d fully expect our purchases to exceed 150mil no problem.

Mein Bergkampf

We have 100m+ surplus, however this is by no means exclusively for purchases. We also have no champions league this season, we are trying to tie down two behemoth contracts, we have to adhere to wage control rules and as we all know, Wenger will happily let the money sit in the bank account. This isn’t FIFA, there isn’t a definitive transfer and wage budget that can be spent and then it magically reappears next season. Arsenal have to weigh everything up against each other so suggesting there’s a specific amount of money to spend is slighty reductive.


Possibly. But we had 100mil that was to be available for transfers, then the new TV deal kicked in. Player sales excluding Sanchez could easily top 40mil? Easily. Walcott, Gibbs, Wilshere, Scezeney, Debuchy to name a few. How much is that in wages alone? Of course its all speculation, but it’s not unreasonable to say our spending could top 150mil, on say 3, at most 4 players.


I’d be very happy with Lacazette, if he can do for us what he has been doing for Lyon.

Mahrez and anybody else of a similar calibre would be welcome too.

Determined Culture

I think mahrez in only if theo leaves. Otherwise we’d be better getting a creative CM just to cover ourselves in case xhaka gets inj (or red carded)

No way

If we stick with 3 at the back Theo is just dead weight. Even if he stays we should build the squad as if he won’t play


Is it not possible that we get lacazette and mbappe and sell sanchez? Not my preference but if Alexis wants to go…

Igbo Amadi-Obi

That would be 4 strikers and less one fighter.


I think Sanchez is going and that’s why we are reportedly still in for Mbappe.

I feel as though either Welbeck or Giroud has to move on this summer. Along with walcott, gibbs, ospina, jenkinson, debuchy, perez, wilshere.
That frees up a lot of wages


If there’s a direct coloration between the side that Lacazette plays for and they amount of penalties they get? Then it’s 100% worth it.

No way

With the exception of cazorla we really struggle from the spot. This could be a useful skill to put in our squad.


Totally agree. There are not many options in the market, not better strikers available considering we are out of the CL. Mbappé was a nice dream, but if buying him means we can also convince Sanchez and Ozil to stay, this becomes a great signing that I’m sure we will not regret. Honestly, we have bought far worse strickers in the last few years. Maybe Lacazette is not proven at the highest level, but definitely deserves a chance and all our support.

Original Paul

Lacca is far more mobile than Giroud. Other things to note having watched the pairs’ goals 2016/17 on youtube are lots of headed goals from Giroud and only one from Lacca. Lots of penalties from Lacca and only one from Giroud.
I say have them both, as between them they have the lot!

Mein Bergkampf

When people say we need Giroud to play a certain style, I would argue that we are used to Giroud SO we play a certain style. Giroud was our only striking option for some years and the team has been, in a sense, built around his strengths. It didn’t take long with a speedy, alert striker up front this season for things to improve rapidly. We think we need this bulking striker only because that’s all we’ve had for five seasons. We never had a Giroud before him and won a hell of a lot of trophies. He has a… Read more »

No way

Adebayor was fairly big. Kanu too.


Adebayor had pace. Kanu had Henry and Bergakamp and Wiltord?




I hope we sign Lacazette, but I’d really be gutted if we sold Giroud. It would be a big mistake and one which we will really regret


Arsenal would never have spent the money Mbappe’s people are asking. It was always a smoke-screen, to take the focus as quickly away from the absolute shambles of a season we have just had, and if I’m honest, I still feel totally let down. If we do aquire Lacazette, it will be a positive step on the right direction.


I’m not saying if it is worth or not to buy Mbappe for 100M or more, but…
I think when one is considering that amount should also take into account his resale value. If he would be the striker 5 years later that his quality now suggest – as 22-23 years old he will defenitely cost a potential buyer at least the same amount…

Jimbo jones

I think the risk would be contract running down and him not wanting to sign a new one. Especially with our contract extension efficiency…


I don’t think this guy will be much of an upgrade on what we have already.


arsenal have strikers as giroud , welbeck and lucas perez and people are complaining lacazette is not good enough for us .

let me give you some perspective on this . on his best season with arsenal oliver giroud has never scored more than 16 goals in a single league campaign………. 16 goals . penalty or no penalty thats almost half of what lacazette has scored. its bad enough as it is wenger hasnt bought a striker till now , people are still complaining when he is buying one


But what’s your point?

If you disregard pens, Lacazette scored 18 last season, against far inferior opposition.


“Lacazette scored 18 last season, against far inferior opposition.” and with a far inferior team and missing a chunk of of the season with injury . besides there is an entire squad of word class french talents produced from the same inferior league that you are talking about . if that was indeed an inferior league players like dembelle , kante , hazard would’ve struggled no?? instead they are some of the best players in the world right now . not to mention entire list of arsenal legends like henry , viera coming from the same league . so they… Read more »


Fair point but I’m not saying he’ll be bad, only that’s he’s about the same level as Giroud


Tbf penalty taking is an art in itself, and this lad has the technique down to a tee. Not a bad thing at all.


Highest conversion rate in Europe… Yeah dunno why were trying to Sig him, must be shit


I’m not really convinced with him tbh. His goals are inflated by penalties and playing against literally who in ligue 1. Even his youtube compilations is not really impressive. He is more like a french Theo.


And Mbappe plays who?


Well Theo can score 20 goals from the wing (none of which are penalties), so I don’t think that’s a good comparison


“Even his youtube compilations is not really impressive.” Really?!!? What videos are you looking at? Do you know how to use youtube? Here, let me help you out, like I would my gran: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRl9xhgljgA Now, you don’t find the goal at the 1:09 mark impressive? Or at 2:10? 3:46? What about 4:06? The finish at 4:45 is tasty, no? I guess you probably think that sublime pirouette at 5:35 is just a bit meh too? And that absolute thunderb*stard he scored against Roma at 4:19, not really up to scratch, is it? I could go on, but I’d like to… Read more »


No…I don’t either (find those goals remarkable)…..I agree there’s a handful of tasty ones there, but look how the opposite teams are defending….it is like watching the dutch second division (or the danish super league, unfortunately…)….he would have gotten into as good as none of those scoring positions in the premier league, and his penalty taking is horrendous….(not that we get any…..no, I am not a fan of the idea -he is also too Walcottish for me…


Lol, yeah, the Roma and Monaco defenses are like the dutch second division. Didn’t know we had such brilliant defensive coaches in the comments section here.

If he comes, I guess we’ll see how dependent on all the opposing defenses being incompetent he really is.


He’s one of those buys that’ll either turn out to be a great signing or an awful one. Or maybe somewhere in between. And that’s if we sign him in the first place.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen him play.


Yep something will happen. Or not.


How do you know that? Do you have a crystal ball?


Thank you, Michael Owen.


It sums up Michael Owen 100%


shame on every single person who downvoted you, my hero

Solomon Aikhuemelo

If we’re getting Mbappe and Lacazette that means Sanchez is leaving but if it is only Lacazette, I don’t see Wenger sanctioning the sale of Sanchez. It will undo all he has done signing Sead and Lacazette, by implication it will be kissing bye to title challenge. Mbappe in my opinion is still largely untested, over 100m pounds for him is criminal. I hope he is able to handle the hype and don’t end up like Marshal.


Certainly happier about him knowing of Atl. Madrid so interest. They know good strikers.

dr Strange

Why buy another Walcott when we have the original?

Third Plebeian

The New Walcott!


I haven’t felt this Meh, about an upcoming season since the 80’s pre George Graham era. Things picked up when we bought Charlie Nicholas and Paul Mariner. Maybe lacazette and Mbop will be the new Nicholas and Mariner. I need a drink.


Just read a rumour that Lemar is close to signing for us from Monaco? Would there appear to be any truth in that?


If we buy Lacazette and Lemar it would be less risky than Mbappe alone. I still think we need a better CM with the striker. Defender can be sorted out with the system.

Xhaka Demus, no pliers

I really don’t get all the negativity surrounding this signing (if it happens). If we are to stick with the new system we need a quick, mobile CF who can finish. Lacazette does just that. Think about how much more threatening we are as a team with Welbeck up top. While Lacazette’s not as tall or strong as Welbz he is similar in his pressing and movement and is a better finisher. He can also play on the wing or as part of a front 2. The Theo comparison people are making isn’t really apt from how I see it… Read more »

Third Plebeian

Though that’s hardly saying much. Nacho Monreal is a better finisher than Welbzzzzzz!


-by a mile! sadly

Third Plebeian

(I agree that it’s a good signing though.)




exactly . its outrageous people comparing him to walcot. walcot cant pass nor dribble . if all goes well lacazette can be the proper striker we so badly needed for years. he can run at the defenders(not as good as sanchez and all but he does) unlike giroud and finish better than welbeck . only thing he lacks is height . but physically he is good enough to hold on to the ball against defenders and is a very underated passer .

No way

He’s the new Ian wright

Faisal Narrage

Could someone who has genuinely and honestly watched him consistently, maybe a Lyon fan or a French league watcher please give us a genuine review of him? His skill sets, technical ability and whathaveyou? Because all I see is just gas. People who are against him do so not based on what they’ve seen (outside of an emirates game), but based on circumstantial evidence such as “if he was so good, why didn’t we get him earlier?” And “well he’s behind Giroud in the French Team” and “his goals stats are inflated by penalties”. And those for him do so… Read more »


His attributes are everything you’d want in a mobile striker who plays alone. His top speed is decent (not equal to Walcott/ Mbappe/ Aubameyang but his low centre of gravity and short space acceleration means he is good at creating his own space. His most useful attribute, and something sorely lacking from the current squad, is his ruthless efficiency in front of goal and his finishing ability. Couple this with his spectacular positioning and his knack for popping up in the right position, makes a ruthless out and out striker who turns half chances and follow ups into goals. Although… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

You we’re doing so well till you mentioned Defoe. :-/

Third Plebeian

The silence is deafening…


According to whoscored, in the last four years he’s scored 81 non-penalty goals in the league and Europe (this is not all the goals he’s scored for Lyon, since he also scored 10 in the domestic cups in that time, though I don’t know if any were pens).


The “he sucked in the Emirates Cup” and “he’s behind Giroud for France” are two of the dumbest points imaginable. I’ve watched him in a handful of games, though I admit I don’t watch Ligue 1 regularly. But I don’t think watching youtube is uninformative, if there are enough videos of a player and you know how to be a bit discerning. E.g., here’s two videos of his contributions this year against Metz and Roma (hardly a crap team), which maybe gives you a better idea of the kind of player he is than just a goals compilation does: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRhVfA3OYgY… Read more »

Mississippi Gunner

Every Lyon fan who’s commented on Reddit about him rate him highly. Does that count? As for YouTube highlights, I don’t get why people look down on this. Yes it can make players look better than they are but it still gives one the clearest look into a player’s skill set. I can tell you that he has fantastic movement, excellent finishing, and solid pace just from watching his goals. He’s like a functioning Daniel Sturridge, not like Walcott bc he has the ability to actually participate in build ups, and does. You take this into account with other factors,… Read more »


Apart from Sturridge being considerably taller (and lazier, and always crocked) this is a good shout.

Bon Jello

Sturridge is 5’10 (for some reason there’s a lot of false data on his height online, but watching him play/celebrate with teams mates makes it clear) and Lacazette 5’9, so little difference there.
Some of Lacazette’s qualities remind me more of Eduardo, except nippier and boasting a little less flair. I hope he’s a great signing, but I’ve got justified doubts. Certainly don’t think he’ll be bad, I’m only expecting 15-20 league goals if he joins (and he’ll add needed urgency and pressure to our attack) but I’d love to be proven to be overly pessimistic ?

Faisal Narrage

I think it’s becaus YouTube is still isn’t informed enough. Sure you get moments of clever play stitched together to make a clip, but that is never an indication of an entire game or league performance. I want to know what he does when he doesn’t have the ball, where he walks to or what kind of attitude he has when Lyon aren’t in possession, his possisioning and pressing, etc. These things seldom make YouTube highlights.

But if Lyon fans rate him on Reddit, I’ll take that. That’s at least informed. I’d like to know what they’ve said about him.


Sure, fair enough, but how often do we ever get to that level of knowledge of a player who doesn’t play for Arsenal? How often do you have to watch whole games of a player before you really “know” a player. I mean, as I said, I’ve seen whole games of Lacazette (probably as often as I’ve seen, e.g., Aubameyang, and more often than many of us have seen Mbappe), but I can’t pretend to come close to knowing him as well as a Lyon fan, just as I feel I’m very, very familiar with Giroud’s strengths and weaknesses now,… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

I agree the reasonings for why people dismiss him is Purely uninformed and emotional. Equally, I’ve seen too many fans get gassed over a player based on YouTube. Shoot there were calls for Asana Takuma or whatever to go straight into the first team based on YouTube.
It’s why I wasn’t really asking for Arsenal fans opinions, but sometimes we get French fans in here so maybe someone’s knows.

The fact you’ve seen him in only a fanfic of games already puts you above 99% of the fans commenting here.

No way

If you watch the video of all his goals this season you get a good idea of how he scores goals.


You are great!


I’d be happy with Lacazette if it means more budget left for other similar quality players. My bigger issue would be if we are only looking at one or the other and not getting some quality additions elsewhere on the field. We need someone (or maybe more than one, especially if we lose Sanchez) who will also bring the intensity week in and week out and hold everyone accountable on the field to put in their best effort with no lapses. Arsenal has lots of skill and on its best day competes with anyone. However our culture needs some hardening.… Read more »


Agree. Of course we want that improved striker, but shouldn’t we be urgently after a quality midfielder to play alongside Xhaka?

No way

What’s wrong with Ramsay?


How it’s spelled?

Eric Blair

If it helps, I once bought Lacazette for The Arsenal on football manager and he fired us to the title scoring over 30 league goals. After a similar second season and a run to the Champions League semis I sold him to PSG for 3 times what I paid for him.


I tried to buy him but he snubbed me and went to Tottenham. So fuck him.


He isn’t the kind of name you can sign and say, “alight, we’re done.” Obviously we brought in Sead but it still feels like we could use another name if indeed this deal moves through


Since we can’t buy Ronaldo or Messi I’m not sure there’s really a single player out there that fits that bill anyways. As exciting as the idea of Mbappe is – you’re signing him for what he will be more than what he already is. He has tremendous potential and already looks to be terrific – but he’s played less than 6 months of top level football. We have several holes or at least places we could make improvements on – we aren’t simply one player away from winning a title.


If so it sounds like we are going for next best option. Personally, if Lacazette is replacing Alexis, I’m not sure if this will be anywhere near an upgrade. The man has been knocking them in for Lyon so we should not belittle him and he could well take the Alexis role on but I don’t think he is in anyway going to take Giroud’s role up top. Just look at France, there is a reason why OG starts ahead of Lacazette (and indeed Benzema for all his non football issues) It looks to me like a Lucas perez next… Read more »


Of course it could also be a way to push Monaco into a decision on Mbappe.

So there may be double function here.


price definately seems more realistic and will leave money for other additions.

Would still like to see a midfield player (Saul Niguez?) and another wide player like Mahrez.


I feel like mbappe will only be pursued if alexis is out. Maybe dtheres already a deal with alexis as such there no use spending a 100mil for a future star?


I hope this would not be news as usual, the earlier the better.


Lacazette plus Mbappe looks possible to me if Sanchez is going and his mind can’t be changed.

Get Lacazette to soften the blow, sell Sanchez for €60m and finish off with Mbappe.


Let’s be pragmatic here. We are not big four and Wenger only has 2 more years. Lacazette is better than Mbappe at least for the next 2 years.

And one more thing, it seems like we can get Lacazette without crazy saga. So if we sign him quickly we still have much time to strengthen other position. So overall Lacazette is much better option regarding our current situation.


If anything this bloke is a better Walcott. More effective in creating and also scores. He isn’t a replacement for Giroud more than likely Alexis. BUT if Wenger adds him only, we will be mere replacement rate if at all. I think Giroud offers as CF a better presence particularly as face most teams with them sitting deep. Giroud starts for France for a reason, he is most efficient in and around 6 yard box. Welbeck isn’t as efficient but adds a certain flexibility with Alexis coming in on the left. With Alexis up top, he tends to vacate the… Read more »

Gunnersaurus Rex

How do you guys rate Renato Sanchez? I´ve read somewhere that Bayern wants 21 mil. pounds for him. In today´s market, I consider it a bargain. Which different midfielder would you like? It would be nice to buy someone similar to Cazorla 🙂


Just watched Lacazatte’s video via you tube. I say bring him on board. He is a significant improvement. He will link well with Alexis and Ozil.

As long as Mbappe does not go to a premier league club, I am not bothered.


I think Wenger would like sign mbappe next season on free transfer because of personal talks with mbappe.and this season we have signed kolasinic and in coming weeks our first target is lacazette and Henry onyekaru after that Sanchez and ozil’s contract extensions…60% chance’s on mahrez deal..

not so fed up

I think Wenger will still go for mbappe if Sanchez goes, not sure Giroud will be sold either!! We definitely need another top quality midfielder!! Keep shezza, giroud, ox and let Gibbs, Wilshire and ospina go


Even with this Mbappe link i’m still glad we approach Lacazette because i think he is quality, score 20+ goals for 3 season is no joke man and he is far cheaper than Mbappe so we can sign another top player (Lemar i wish) to strengthen our squad.


Show them we are serious talk is rubbish IMHO. Man utd for the last 4 years were showing everyone how serious they are by flushing a billion £ down the drain and what have they got to show for it? A second tier Cup. They could have given the people their money back and it would have been worth it

\'desi\'gner gooner

I would be reasonably happy with the Lacazette signing. As Gunnerblog has rightly pointed out, if the Mbappe talks hadn’t happened, we would all be much more excited about the prospect of Lacazette. We should sign Lacazette and Lemar (or whoever else we are planning to sign) as soon as possible. Once we are done with that, we should tie up Ozil to a new contract. The club should get it’s business done and intent expressed very loudly and clearly. Sanchez should know that we mean business, and if he still decides to leave – at least he won’t be… Read more »

He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...

The same as we did last year, underwhelmed.

Tommi Juhani

How I feel if we lose Sanchez? No matter Laca or Mba together!

Daft Aider

unconvinced, exactly the same as now, time will tell….

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