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Video: “My info is that Arsenal are still very interested in Riyad Mahrez”

It’s another Gunnervlog, this time with some juicy transfer gossip.

Riyad Mahrez is a player that has been strongly linked with Arsenal over the last 12-18 months, and despite him dropping off the radar a bit in recent times, there’s still stuff bubbling under the surface.

James takes a look. Would you take him over Thomas Lemar? Let us know in the comments below.

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Lemar for me.


Agreed, released a great album in ’04 too


If there’s any justice in the world…… We’ll sign him. Right now, I reckon it’s 50/50



Xhaka Demus, no pliers

Mahrez is a proven PL performer which is a huge point in his favour for me. I think he’d settle into the team very quickly. Lemar is a very exciting player so I’d be very happy to see either in our colours. Perhaps with Mahrez having the motivation of having to prove himself again after an underwhelming season he would be my preference but like I said either one would be great so hopefully we can get one in before pre-season training starts


He’s proven in a team which tactics are almost entirely counter attacks. Arsenal play a completely different style of football. Lemar was immense in an attacking possession team. I think regardless the fact that he’s not PL proven, he would need less time to adjust to our style. But both would be welcome additions. But If I could chose I’d take Lemar all day.


What do you think of aguero swap with sanchez…If sanchez is going to mancity then aguero + 7 million would be nice enough for us


Last thing we need is another injury prone player


That’s not a deal. That’s a robbery


Sanchez is a reliable player, last season he almost fit for a whole season, that’s something Aguero can’t do. That’s why Sanchez extension is more vital than Ozil to me.


Aguerro has played 33, 30 and 31 games in the last 3 seasons. He’s hardly Sturridge.


And he missed most of the games due to red card bans.
Wouldn’t consider a swap under normal circumstances. But if Alexis has made clear that he wants to gibt’s city and if we don’t sell him to them he will go there for free next year, I think getting Aguero would surely be better than getting nothing. But I don’t think it will happen. Swap deals happen so rarely because without a transfer fee the agents earn nothing. And we all know that the game is all about getting the agents rich nowadays.


gibt’s = go to

emrys jnr

nice one


Really don’t understand all the red arrows here (setting myself up for some). There is this perception that Aguero is an injury prone player but he has played at least 30 league games in 5 of his 6 season for City. In four of those five seasons he scored at least 20 league goals (17 in 23 in the sixth season). He’s won the league twice, he is probably the best finisher in England, he would fit easily into our style of play. His overall PL goalscoring record of 2 goals every 3 games is second only to Henry. Now,… Read more »


Is there any chance that Juve will cool their interest in szcz seeing bella-donnarumma’s drama at Milan?




What happened to him?


I just think it would be mad not to bring our best keeper back. What is the problem ?


Crazy how it appears there hasn’t been much interest in him, he was the best player in the league not 12 months ago and would compliment any team, plus will be available for ‘cheap’ enough. People have short memories!

Arsene\'s coat zipper

I’m sure he’s on everyone’s radar, what you mean is there hasn’t been much gossip surrounding him.


Lemar for me. His ceiling is higher and he’s more malleable due to his age and the different positions he can play. Also puts a shift in defensively.

Mahrez great in their PL winning season, awful last year, and has shown a lack of heart/motivation that there isn’t any room for in our squad. Also, where does he play in our system other than Ozil’s position? No chanceof Ozil leaving, so what’s the point? Lemar can play either side or slightly deeper. Lemar plus a forward, provided we keep Ox/Sanchez/Ozil, is a good summer.


Agreed. Mahrez had one great year.
He stays on the ball too long, loses it often, and his defensive work rate is a bit shit. We already have that type of player in sanchez- and alexis is just better in every category (okay, mahrez is younger). The team would be better off putting any money we’d use on mahrez to use as incentive to get alexis to re-sign.


Whats mad is the numbers involved. The fees reported for Mahrez are around the 40-50 mark, Apparently we’ve just lodged a second big of 30 million euros for Lemar. Why on earth would Lemar be so much cheaper? He’s younger and his form is so much better, and as many of us seem to agree, he has a lot more to his game. If we do get Lemar for 30 million euros thats a fantastic piece of work in this market.


agreed. mahrez is a very similar player like ozil. last thing we need is another player not doing his share of defensive duties . lemar is young , and like many young players is known to be very hard working defensively and can play many positions .besides he scored some fantastic freekicks last season . we need someone like that

Faisal Narrage

“No chance of Ozil leaving”
Except for maybe in a year’s time….for free?

not so fed up

Nah get Thomas Lemar

Dan Hunter

I would say get both Mahrez and Lemar.


Get both!


We can’t possibly be considering mbappe at this point, the dude is 81, Arsene what are you thinking


Far too old, I agree, can’t have long left in his career (or life).


Thats just crass ageism…I’m 82 and I can still mix it with the lads at the pub…


Lemar for me

Andy G

Mahrez and Mbappe would be the dream combo, for me. Throw in the signatures of Sanchez, Ozil and Szczesny, and we’ll win the league.


Sell Wilshire, buy both.


I’d go for married. Reasons: That Hazard had a shit season 2 seasons ago didn’t mean he ain’t good he won chelsea the league last year. The whole Leicester team didn’t play well for sure last season. Ligue 1 proven is not a good criteria, the whole Monaco team was good last season take nothing away from them but we need established and experienced players to win league not just young players cos we’ve been there and it didn’t work. When we bought Sanchez from barca we didn’t consider his current form but his past capabilities and that was what… Read more »

Matt P

Hmmm Mahrez I fear, while talented, has the same kind of flakiness that has characterised many of our players in recent years.


Didn’t look too flakey in the Champions League or while winning the Premier League.

David Hillier\'s luggage

Where is James getting his info from? I mean, if it was a rag telling us we were “close to a deal” for Mahrez without any substantiation we’d be giving it 10 poos, no?

I don’t deny we’re in for the player but isn’t this like me saying we’re signing Kalou as I live near the training ground and overhear things? Pure conjecture.

Andy G

Yeah, it’s annoying – without a source “my info” might as well say “my opinion”

Russ Hill

Mahrez has the Prem experience and has won it. Would love Lemar but agree that Monaco won’t want to lose too many players in one go, Lemar maybe the one they keep!


As a Leicester fan I’d just thought I’d let you know that you are welcome to him, was absolute garbage last season. Had a great season the season before but was hit and miss the season before that, most Leicester fans aren’t actually fussed he’s leaving and were calling for him to dropped anyway. I genuinely don’t think he will get in your first team and if he does it won’t be long before he’s dropped


Kendrick Lamar for me pls.


No, don’t understand this to be honest. Is he a good player? Yes. Is he worth £20 million plus? Hell no!!
He is a bit of a Gervinho but much lighter. He will thrive with space behind the defence but will disappear when they defend with 10 playerst and sit back.


Por que no los dos?

Some Bloke

Story floated yesterday by one of the rags that signing Lemar makes it easier to convince Mbappe, since they are good mates. Wenger apparently on a full charm offensive to try and make Mbappe happen. Mbappe makes so much sense when you consider that no matter what we pay for him, we will almost certainly end up making a profit when we sell him, provided he isn’t a complete dud.


Am I the only one who really hates this video news..?


Have you asked for your money back?

Jim Reihill

Havent seen enough of Lemar but seems like an exciting signing from what i hear. As for Mahrez- last year was always going to be tough for Leicester. In a good team i think he is guaranteed goals and assists.
Somewhat dependent on the formation hwoever- if we kept to the end of season set up i don’t see where he fits.
Overall as long as we can bring in 2-3 quality players above what we have i will be happy


If we play 5 at the back then Mahrez will struggle to get in the team same as Walcott has


No Mahrez. Yes Lacazette.

Subramanya Rao

He plays well in a countering team. As in he has enough defensive cover already. He is going to be another Ozil in terms of defending and we can’t have that, Especially with a winger. Might as well keep EWalcott then.


Mahrez over Lemar. I’ve always felt that we need someone very skillful on the wing opposite Sanchez who is also capable of driving in and drawing attention of defenders to himself thereby giving room to our midfield runner and wing backs the opportunity to infiltrate. Lemar is not necessarily another option that helps improve our play. A deserving player of the year 2 seasons ago just doesn’t suddenly become bad. Leicester had a bad season last year and I think so many other off-field issues could have contributed. Mahrez gives us something extra. He’s capable of both counter attacks and… Read more »


I really enjoy the Vlogs, keep it up Gunnerblog (Y)
Only complaint I have, is that I cant skive off in work and listen to your vlog like I would read Arseblog’s blog! lol


Either would be good signings if you ask me, but if we could only get one, I would prefer Ousmane Dembélé! I love watching that kid play.

uncle D

???? Dembele


Another gunnervlog?
Is it just me that feels it this way?


My info is that no one knows a fucking thing until a contract is signed and Wenger is smiling in a photo with the player in his new AFC shirt.
Yesterday someone started a rumour about Anthony Martial. In no time at all, everybody and their dog was tweeting and blogging the nonsense. Today Martial says, “Les rumeurs sont fausses.” The only surprise about that for me is that rumours are feminine in French. Did you all know that? Whoodda thunk it?


I would say Lemar for all those reasons people posted. He can play in the advanced position or possibly slot back next to xhaka if Ramsey gets crocked. If we can get lemar, a forward and resign ozil and ox (need some competition at rwb) while getting some of the wages off the books, I would be fairly happy. Sanchez will be a huge loss but szcz is not an immediate hit. I feel like this summer is all about damage control and hopefully they’ve learned from the summer of 2011.


Yeah I would but we are on the same magical mystery tour as previous seasons. Probably end up with some unknown from Moldova.


Mahrez couldn’t survive the second season syndrome, which is common as most players have been researched and analysed over the off season. Isn’t it strange that he hasn’t produced all season, quite a big drop off. Usually there is a bit of form coming back from players in this situation, so not sure what happened there. Lemar is at age which is good for the club and team and will still have resale value if he doesn’t produce, if Mahrez doesn’t produce again we will end up with expensive dead wood.

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