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Report: Marseille table €28 million offer for Giroud

According to Marseille Mercato, Marseille made a €28 million offer for Olivier Giroud on Friday afternoon.

It is claimed that the French side, who are backed by investment by American businessman Frank McCourt, had an earlier bid rejected but have returned with improved terms, thought to be €3 million in add-ons, that the Gunners are considering.

The 30-year-old is said to be open to leaving the Emirates and would prefer a move to the Stade Velodrome over West Ham United. 

The Gunners are on the verge of completing a club-record deal for Alexandre Lacazette in the coming days and are still hopeful of retaining the services of Alexis Sanchez. With Theo Walcott, Lucas Perez and Danny Welbeck providing additional competition it’s believed that Arsene Wenger will begrudgingly allow Giroud to leave even though he believes the player has qualities Arsenal need. 

Last season Giroud, who signed a new contract at Arsenal in January, made only 17 starts in all competitions. The striker has scored 98 goals since moving to London from Montpellier for £12 million in 2012.

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This summer feels more and more like 1 step forward, 2.5 steps back.


Agreed. I struggle to see how we’ll end up with a better squad at the end of the summer if we lose Alexis and Giroud


Straight swap: Giroud for Lacazette?
I’ll take that all week.
Love the HFB, but we don’t reflexively play to his strengths.
And Alexis is still an Arsenal player, for now…



Also if Sanchez does want to leave I don’t see why we can’t do with him what United kind of did with Tevez. Use him next season and then let him do what he wants.


This would be the common sensical decision, but then our club…


It’s easy to forget how many goals he score this season considering for long parts he wasn’t first choice. I am not saying he is the world greatest’s striker but it would mean if we want to play or bring on a big striker we don’t have that anymore. Lacazette is hopeless in the air and Wellbeck’s finishing is poor.
Lacazette should be an addition to our striking options not a replacement for Giroud.


People keep forgetting Lucas. Don’t want to lose Giroud but perhaps we have enough if we keep him.


But Lucas doesn’t offer anything drastically different to Welbeck and Lacazette. Giroud definitely does.

I think if we sell Perez and Walcott, so our frontline next season is:

Lacazette/Giroud/Welbeck (and Alexis ofc)

given our injury record and the amount of games we have to play, everyone should be happy and that would be perfect for the team.


He offers goals potentially. If/when Giroud goes I can’t see us signing another similar forward.


Lucas looks a pretty decent winger too


I would say €28m is a pretty decent price for a player of his age. If we can get Lacazette and HFB is determined to leave, I say go grab that 28m!

Mein Bergkampf

Maybe this is the start of a total overhaul. Let’s face it, we’re no closer to winning the league now than ten years ago, even with money freed up. Might as well mix things up a bit. Let’s lose a bunch more players who have proved they aren’t up for a title challenge, get reorganised and refocused. A change is as good as a rest.


We’re further away than ten years ago. But Wenger doesn’t have time for a rebuild. Fans will go ape shit if this season isn’t an improvement on last.


This. Both in terms of the make-up of our squad (lots of players at/reaching their primes) and in terms of our manager, and in terms of what’s going on all around us with a real chance that we’ll lose out on top 4 again if we don’t improve, now is NOT the right time for a rebuild.

Doesn’t mean we should keep Giroud at all costs, but we do need to keep Alexis even if he won’t sign, and we need more incoming players than just Kolasinac and Lacazette.


Agreed. But the overhaul should be getting rid of the ones we don’t want not the ones who are in most demand and did well last season. If we sold Theo instead I doubt many would complain


Trouble is, nobody seems to want Theo.


You forget, it’s not a ‘build-on-this’ summer, it’s a ‘transition’ summer. Shit’s gonna get umcomfortable before it gets smooth functioning again, and if something good comes out of this shuffling, I can bear through it.


Holy, I just think it is already very uncomfortable and it will get more uncomfortable as under Wenger we cannot progress anymore, I lost faith completely in the man.

Tasmanian Jesus

Most clubs only deal with these kinda transitions when they change manager.
Wenger is doing it himself before a new manager comes in, in that way its admirable.
Now we just need to find a manager, in 2 years, who has the same philosophy as Wenger, and he will have a full team to inherit (once the team is set, obviously).


Jesus, in what way do you think that Wenger is doing the transition? I see the complete opposite.

Third Plebeian

The window’s open for another two months. Maybe you feel like we’re going backwards, but I’m not writing off the summer until I see what kind of business we do.


Yep still early days. We haven’t even sold anybody yet.


We shouldn’t sell Giroud, he is needed and will def come in handy as the season goes on.

we\'ve done it again

Please, please, please, sell him.

For that amount, I wouldn’t mind him going somewhere else to frustrate their fans


Well said. Me neither. He can leave for 10-15 mil, it’s more than we paid and he for sure won’t get better. And I won’t miss his shenanigans/poses and irritations with every single.decision referee makes.


Giroud and Arsenal don’t deserve fans like both of you!

It Is What It Is

Consider the fact that we paid 12m on the back of a league win, and golden boot(?) for a 25 year old, and we’ve now been offered 28m for a 30yo after 98 goals.

Fair to say his wages have been wholly covered, so go watch a compilation video, and appreciate the 98 goals and ??assists.

Whatever happens, he’s got a fan for life here. Just appreciate his contribution and dedication to the cause. Selfless soldier.


10-15 million is not more than we paid for him, given inflationary rates, especially for strikers. Don’t forget that giroud is Frances first choice striker, and has a great goalscoring record when he’s playing.
Giroud also just signed an extension with us, so to allow him to leave cheaply is short sighted and silly.

Third Plebeian

I don’t get the sentiment at all. Giroud has been an excellent player for us, even if he hasn’t met our insanely high expectations for a striker at Arsenal.

HOWEVER, I do see the wisdom in taking 28m euros for a player who will be 31 years old in September, who clearly isn’t happy on the bench, and who looked (especially this last season) like he was running through molasses when presented with a lead pass or chasing down defenders in possession.


Won us the cup though.

Lack of Perspective



I tot that was Ramsey


Who gave the assists, surely it was not Ozil. If it were him then it would be said Ozil won us the cup. So give the man Giroud some credit!

Donald\'s Trump

I tot I taw a putty cat

We\'ve done it again

Now that Giroud is about to be sold, it’s not the team that won those FA cups, neither is it Ramsey who scored winning goals. Giroud is a cheap striker who plays up to the level of his abilities and cost. Doesn’t mean I want him anywhere near the first team.

We are not gonna make him first choice(thank God), so for that price it’s “thank you and bye bye “


I would much rather keep HFB and Perez and get rid of Theo – they both offer more to the team and with europa league they can lead the line for all the group games anyway and would get plenty of game time


Imagine Alexis being (maybe) the slowest forward in the ranks. HFB, Lucas are better finishers than Welbeck, better footballers than Theo.
But that pace though…


Have you actually seen Theo use his pace since he did his cruciate against the totts? Try and remember one time……


He broke through the lines and left defenders in the dust many times last season. It’s just we didn’t see much of him second half of the season so it’s easy to forget. He also makes smart runs and has improved on that which makes up for time’s effect on pace.

Not saying he’s our answer or we must keep him, just addressing the pace question. It looks harder to get the most out of him with the 3-4-3.


I would go so far as to say it’s impossible to get the most out of Theo with the 3-4-3.

And if you’re not getting the most out of him, then what do you have left? A Theo not at his best is a Championship-level player. We should sell, but we won’t.

A different George

Often. His runs into the area look just as fast to me as ever. I keep hearing about how Theo has, or is about to, lose some pace and I don’t doubt that it will happen with age, but I have not seen it yet.

Tasmanian Jesus

He will, for sure, but he hasnt yet.

Tasmanian Jesus

Well, Alexis is faster with the ball than basically everyone except Messi.
So in that way he has all the others beat anyway.


19 goals last season with only half he season on form !! Really ?? Harsh !!


There’s more to the game than goals. Like being able to dribble and pass.


5 of those goals came in the Cup. He scored 3 in UCL group stages and the opening goal against Bayern at home. 10 more goals (and 2 assists) in the league in 28 appearances.

Pretty great season for him. But a pretty great Walcott season doesn’t win us a title because he’s not contributing enough in other ways.

Lack of Perspective

Well…. if thats the way to measure walcott. Lets try measuring alexis the same way. With all his goals and assists I see the same result for the team as a whole. We cannot condemn one player and excuse the other.

Its called a double standard.


Goals scored are important, but it doesn’t matter who gets them as long as we get more than the opponent. That’s how Theo and Oli think and that’s why we need them both.


Theo can be Oli’s Griezmann. Even West Ham can see that!


Haha, yes, and the fact that it’s West Ham who are looking to sign them says it all, really.


The comparison of Theo to Griezmann is the most absurd thing I’ve read on here in a long time.


The only similarity between Walcott and Griezmann is their wages.


Isn’t Walcott on like 140k per week? I doubt any other team could justify that, so I can’t imagine us selling him.


Surely it’s not about the money?
Just a question of whether the moves we make either strengthen or weaken our chances of success.
this to me seems like it would weaken us.


No way, too handsome too important!

If we want to compete we need several strikers who can actually score goals in the 60 games we are likely to play next season.

Even with Lacazette coming in (fingers crossed) Giroud is our only other out and out goal scoring striker. And no I dont count Welbeck because, with all due respect for his other attibutes, he hardly scores.

Welbeck and Walcott off the bench, Alexis on the left, Lacazette and Giroud rotating striking duties whenever we play twice a week.


If we keep Lucas, and actually play him, i guess that might work.

David C

i’d rather keep Giroud and lose Welbeck or Perez. I think Wenger might be doing Giroud a favour of more game time in a World Cup year, but if Giroud continued coming off the bench and rotating in then he would actually be more rested for the world cup…

Dog days of summer.

Happy Canada Day to my Canadian Gooner friends! Our little country is turning 150.

Lord Bendnter

The problem is Giroud’s intention. The club, the fans, no one wants him to leave. But as he’s 30 and a starter for France, he sees himself as requiring constant first team football. No matter what, he’s not good enough to be an Arsenal striker game after game. So, it depends on him. If he decides he wishes to leave, I don’t think the club will stand in his way, granted the offer is a proper one. Although I want him to stay, I think if he’s to leave, he should leave for at least 35million pounds. With The market… Read more »


I get this is the WC year but Giroud’s only competition in France is Gignac. Mbappe, Lacazette, Griezmann etc are all similar. None have Giroud’s skill set. So even if France decide on an all pace fwd lineup, Giroud will make the squad.

Either way no matter what Giroud does I feel he’ll be backup to Mbappe & Griezmann.

This season we could play upto 60 games. We need to rotate. Giroud will see plenty of gametime both starting & off the bench.

A different George

One of France’s strongest formations involved Giroud with Griezmann in a modernised version of the classic big/small two-man front. And that usually kept Mbappe, as well as Lacazette, on the bench.


But imagine that we buy Lacazette and keep Giroud as well. Then Giroud might get benched while Lacazette plays. There’s no way that Giroud would start ahead of him for France after that.


@alexy but that completely ignores the stylistic needs of both teams. France’s setup under Deschamps requires a target man to partner a second striker type of player. Arsenal’s setup requires a more mobile forward to lead the line and stretch defences. It is very realistic that Laca would keep Giroud on the bench at Arsenal, while the opposite happens in the national team, because of the styles of each team.


But 24.3m pounds for a 30 year old who, let’s face it, though good is not truly at the elite level, and who wouldn’t be our first choice next season, seems like good business (provided we do the sensible thing and make Sanchez finish his contract, since he obviously IS an elite player and we can’t afford to lose those now). I’m not saying it’s an obvious one, but if he really wants to go, then for that money I don’t think it’s crazy. Selling Alexis to City for 50m IS crazy (trying not to think about it, as it’s… Read more »


he has a contract at arsenal and its not like we are the first club to have two good strikers competing for first team . united chelsea city all have more than one and in many cases 2-3 good strikers competing with each other . if giroud cant compete with lacazette who is not even first choice for the french team , how else can he prove himself better than him.


Playing Giroud commits us to a totally different style of play that isn’t as effective as when we play with a Welbeck or Lacazette style forward. He’s a terrific plan B – but you have to totally change how you play when he comes into the side.

Miguel sanchez

This makes me sad. Oli was and is awesome


It actually makes me happy that they value him enough to make a bid that size. We’d be mad to sell him ahead of Walcott


It would sad to see him leave but if he does leave then I’d be pleased to see him at Marseille. A great club with a huge fan base (including the president), looking to return to the top with a good manager and new investment. Not a bad place to be.


So, we are upgrading our forward line with a striker who is younger, more prolific and fits our playing style more than the guy he is replacing, and people still aren’t happy? I get the sentiment, but if we want to move forwards and improve, this is exactly the kind of tough call that need to be made. I like Giroud and think he’s done well, but nobody wants him to lead the line all season long. Strengthening the first eleven is our priority, and that’s exactly what’s happening. If it comes at the expense of weakening our back up… Read more »

Yankee Gooner

I think many people see Lacazette as a signing to help fill the soon-to-be Alexis-sized hole in our attack, not to upgrade a backup (yet utterly class) striker.

Clive St Helmet

I think there are better players to fit that Alexis-shaped hole. For example, I’d have Depay in a heartbeat. Forget his time at United, Van Gaal made his entire attacking lineup look terrible. Depay would thrive in this squad, perhaps not to Alexis standard but then, hardly anyone could!

If Lacazette is really happening then we need to lose a centre forward, and as much as I rate Giroud (and I do rate him), £28m is a lot of cash for a 30 year old squad player.


Clive, are you by chance Mr. Depay’s agent?


Even Wenger isn’t silly enough to buy a 30+ goals forward and stick him into a wide position. Yes, Sanchez scored close to that, but he was ultimately moved wide as Giroud hit a goal streak. Wenger doesn’t see Sanchez as a forward and was trying to solve a problem because he didn’t sign the forward he wanted to last summer.

Lacazette is a centre forward and one of either Giroud or Welbeck has to go, and that seems to be Giroud as he’s the one clubs seems to be interested in.


But surely that should be a separate issue. If the club is really stupid enough to let both Alexis and Giroud go and only replace them with Lacazette, then they’re even stupider (or greedier) than many of us already take them to be. If they let Alexis and Giroud go and replace them with Lacazette and a second player not at or near Alexis’s level, then that’s still horrendously bad business, seeing as we finished 5th last season and need to be improving, not (just barely) keeping our head above water just long enough not to drown completely. But either… Read more »


Relax mate, Mbappe is coming

Third Plebeian



you guys actually believe that!!

Third Plebeian

Is that a question!


Hate that Oli is on the verge of leaving. But he has to consider first team action with World Cup just around the corner.


I just don’t get this argument at all. It’s been proven that he doesn’t need to play every game to get into the French team. 17 starts where enough last season for Deschamps to still pick him as first choice forward.


But to get more playing time as a starter would be preferred to sitting on the bench.


But with the up and comers like Mbappe (and Lacazette himself!) you can see why he might be nervous about losing his place if he has another season of being a super sub. But I agree with you that it’s not obvious he’ll lose his place even then, given his unique qualities he brings to France.

A different George

He really wants to play, because he is a competitive footballer, not just to get on the French squad. Isn’t that what we want from our players?

Capn Crunch

No matter what happens with Giroud, I reckon in a few years we’ll be looking back and consider him to be a cult hero.

Obviously he’ll never be placed in the same league as other club legends, but he’ll be remembered as an under appreciated player that gave his all for the club in some quite tough times and contributed to some beautiful football. Probably along with Cazorla, Mertesacker, Koscielny and the little mozart. Yes they’re no adams, vieira or pires but boy were we lucky to have them

Lord Bendnter

True, but still players like Koscielney are set to become legends. The game has changed a lot, and the role of defenders has changed too. And so has the type of attacks, the speed of attacks, the amount of attacks. Koscielney I think is probably one of the best defenders out there right now. Keep in mind he has a chronic Achilles problem. I think he’ll play even better next season, now that Holding and Chambers are more mature (and definitely due to the 3-CB formation) to take more game time.

Clive St Helmet

I’m not certain that’s true anymore. Koscielny was definitely one of the best around, but I think he’s peaked and is now in decline. Although this starts from a very high level so with any luck he’ll still be a quality player for a while yet.

A different George

Compared to other Prem central defenders, I don’t think there are more than one or two who are better than Koscielny right now: A healthy Kompany (an increasing rarity) and (I know no one wants to say it) last season’s best, Alderweireld.


Same bracket as Lauren and Edu.

Rob Pyres

Here here!! and I don’t get why someone would thumb this down !

not so fed up

IF, as everyone seems to think, we are going to lose Sanchez then giroud HAS to stay, end of!!!!

Bendtner\'s ego

Frank McCourt.

This guy nearly ruined the Los Angeles Dodgers, along with his ex-wife. Marseille should be careful with who they are getting in bed with.

As for Ollie, there is no way we should allow him to leave if Alexis does not sign. I don’t see where we could replace his aerial presence.

Art Van delay

He was skint as a kid Frank. It’s in his book…

Third Plebeian

Is he bad in bed?


28 Mill euro, F off Marseille!


Geez…thats a pretty good price for the HFB…..nah. if we’re losing sanchez I hope we don’t lose too many others, especially our forwards.


Never never sell Giroud, he is a real asset and makes the team stronger up front especially when they park the bus “Borinhoo!!!”
What 28 million euros you say, ahhhh hang on, lets thing about this for a second !!!


Can they at least loan him straight back to us until he gets his century?


He’s got to be worth more than that surely?! First choice French international and proven goalscorer.


I sincerely hope he stays. I have no idea why he catches so much crap. He is a hugely valuable player

Cliff Bastin

If this was FM I’d hit the accept button so hard. 28 million?! YES

Rob Pyres

Poo or no poo, I would not be happy with this. Giroud gives us an option – as discussed before on this forum, that will sorely be missed in the Premier League. The supposed Lacazette signing is utterly underwhelming especially for the amount we’re reported to be paying. I genuinely believed that given all the vitriol last season, that this Summer would finally be the summer where WE blew the competition out of the water with record bids for the BIGGEST and BEST in world football. Yet it seems again we’re settling for just ‘Good’ or in this case ‘Good… Read more »


Just examining the surface of this and it’s a bit baffling. Sign the 2nd choice French international striker for 60 million and then sell the 1st choice French international striker for 25 million. In the words of the rather odd and slightly mad Louis Van Gaal, “What is this world twisted?”.

Original Paul

It’s down to their ages I think.


Could possibly be but I would guess the difference in fees is unfortunately due to the artificially inflated fees English teams have to pay incoming from other countries because of the TV deals. Sadly it also means other countries in Europe look to grab players from English teams for cheap. Its like the Premier League is the Wal-Mart discount shop for these teams from Italy and France. They seem to think because the Premier League is awash with cash then we should give them a break and that to me is fucked up.


Sell Walcott instead yo.

Faisal Narrage

I’d rather keep HFB and sell Welbeck tbh, especially if we sign the cassette.


Keep Giroud at all cost. All the other strikers are similar. In a league where we will be playing the likes of westbrom,Leicester and Stoke. Giroud is one of the most underrated players in world football. Keep Olli


If we have to get rid of a striker it should be Welbeck. In his 3 seasons for us (69 apps) he’s scored 17 goals at a rate of 0.25.
Giroud scored 16 goals just last season, and has 98 in 226 apps (rate of 0.43).

Welbeck is a nice guy, but not Champions League quality. Giroud is a much better bench option for back up striker.

Gudang Bedil

Get Lemar then I’ll shut up.

Bould\'s Eyeliner

They can fuck off for 28 mil what is with these terrible bids. Our market value must be low after last season.


Giroud, Sanchez and Lucas all going.
Danny ‘no knees’ Welbeck and a poor man’s Darren Bent to lead us to mid table oblivion.


I’d hate to see him leave sans a century of goals. Keep him till January I say. He gets the goals and we get a bigger fee.

crazy gunner

What is it with players that they feel a club has to pinder and pander to their wishes because it’s world cup year I would certainly love to have his problem and earn 90kpw No one put a gun to his head to sign a contract in january when he was on the bench and knows without a shred of doubt that the club would be looking for an elite striker.. He has obtained the security of a contract now he can tell us he doesn’t like the bench…if he didn’t like the bench he would have done what Alexis… Read more »


Please, don’t sell Giroud!
Alexis, Giroud both leaving will be a huge step backward.


We need to keep him. We need him in the squad and he’s just signed a contract extension. He knew there was no guarantee he would start and, anyway, it only takes an injury or two elsewhere in the squad for him to get plenty of game time. Plus it’s not our responsibility to make sure he starts for France next summer. Show some ruthlessness for once Arsene.

determined culture

dont want to lose Giroud cos he’s the best 2nd striker in the league if we manage to keep him. However, if the board is really contemplating selling Alexis for $50m, would selling Giroud at around 25m pounds be enough to convince our money hungry board to keep Alexis for his final season?


WE definitely shouldn’t sell Giroud – but we will.

Selling both Ollie and Sanchez and replacing them with just one striker sounds pretty dumb to me – but that’s the kind of illogical shit that happens at the club these days. Wenger and Kroenke won’t be able to resist the 28 million euros for a 30-year-old, so that’s why Ollie will be gone. Shame. I’ve always liked him, and I still think he could do a job for us.

So who’s gonna come in when Lacazette gets injured or needs a rest?

Oh, I know: Walcott.

Lord Bendnter

There should be a setting on this site that promotes all of Fatgooner’s comments to the top, regardless of their content.

Lack of Perspective

Nothing but whinging as always.

Fox in the Director\'s Box

If true, I’d bite their hand off!

Henry Tudor

If would rather get rid of Walcott and Welbeck and keep Giroud and Perez to rotate with lacazett.


I find it bizarre to sell Giroud. Really we need someone to add to the squad. Theo isn’t a striker, we used Alexis there sporadically. Welbeck is our only other option, Perez wasn’t really used. And welbeck has been injured a lot the last two seasons. Really we need lacazette and Giroud with Alexis and Welbeck filling in. Worryingly we could lose Giroud and Alexis, our two best strikers and replace with an untried Lacazette. We would need at least one more top striker imo like most teams. So I can’t see why you would sell Giroud when he is… Read more »


i can already ‘hear’ the justifications for letting Alexis go to City…’never like keeping player who wants a move’, ‘replaced by player of equal quality’ etc etc. I’m not young far more easy goimg about the ups & downs having seen them before but if the outcome is selling him to City or any other PL club I’m going to feel like I’ve been fucked in the arse, horse whipped, robbed & left at the roadside…humiliated & without any way to vent or feel heard!


I think it will be a shame to sell Giroud.

He starts ahead of Lacazette for France for a reason.

We frankly need both men’s differing talents as options.

The only hope of course is IF Welbeck can step up bc thus far he has been less clinical than OG.


I have my doubts about this €28m offer by Marseille. They’re cheap Cunts who paid only a little more for Payet after an impressive season for West ham and a good Euro. If we lose Alexis, we cannot let Giroud leave imo. I know he doesn’t want to play 2nd fiddle but tough shite. He signed an extension and he’s contracted to the club. Besides, this is the Arsenal. Injuries will happen and our HFB will get a run in the side more than he might think. And as many have mentioned, he’s a great Plan B or someone to… Read more »


“he’s a great Plan B or someone to help unlock a tight game in the 2nd half.”

True, as Chelski painfully found out in the FA Cup final (heh).


Giroud’s lack of “pace” has been no detriment to the French team. Just saying.


I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a fanbase less excited about a 36 goal scorer in my life. We definitely had the worst year in history and our off and on field issues are vast but we’re at about two signings and both are amazing players and upgrades in areas we need them. The defence is OG while admirable is pure revisionist. I’ve visited this site daily and during the last few seasons people were talking about shipping him out in a free and now he’s striker Jesus? We could have signed Mbappe and I was reading people saying that… Read more »


The reason why so many fans are underwhelmed is that they know the problems we have at the club won’t be solved with just a few signings. As long as the Kroenke/Wenger regime exists this club is going nowhere.

If Lacazette does take off and he proves to be a top striker then my guess is that he’ll soon fuck of just like Van Persie and Sanchez when he realises that Arsenal have no ambition.


Two options for every position :

Mahrez/The Jeff……………….Ozil/Iwobi…………………Lacazette/The Ox

Bonus – Santi and Per (Martinez)

Sell – Alexis, Walcott, Perez, Campbell, Jack, Elneny, Jenko, Debuchy, Gibbs, Ospina.

Good summer.

Hank Scorpio

In the meantime BBC reporting we’re putting in a 125mil bid for Mbappe. Hopefully that doesn’t mean Alexis & Giroud out as the idea is to get the squad stronger. Also that’d mean Lacazette is either backup or playing out wide.

Enis Azemi

Personally I think Arsenal should keep GIROUD as it will help ARSENAL to compet for the title


Would prefer to keep him as most people have said and Wenger he has different qualities then a lot of other strikers out there so it is good to have that diversity in attack. Hope we sell Lucas/Walcott instead to his mind at ease in regards to playing time if Laca arrives which is looking likely. Also we should just keep Alexis against his will for another season, I doubt he will have many suitors at the end of next season anyway and he can help us get back into UCL and maybe push for the title. Just let him… Read more »


If we are getting a 28 million offer for a 30 year old limited forward (regardless of his goal scoring rate) we have to take it. Not bashing Giroud, but hard to pass up that kind of fee for a part-time player.


If Giroud, Ox and Sanchez leave I fail to see how our squad will be stronger next season, unless we do something unprecedented in the transfer marker, which extremely unlikely. The ‘3 players in’ policy prevents it.

On the other hand, there are around 10 players that should be shipped out.


I like the idea of pairing giroud with lacazette. Giroud played in a similar role during the euros with greizman. to me that sounds like a formidable duo. Imagine those two and Sanchez teasing defenders from out wide. I still think arsenals first order of business should be doing everything and anything to keep Sanchez in an arsenal jersey. No single player is bigger than arsenal but filling the hole that Sanchez would leave is nearly impossible.

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