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Report: Swansea keen on Jack Wilshere deal

According to the Telegraph, Swansea are interested in signing Jack Wilshere from Arsenal.

It was reported earlier this week that the midfielder has been deemed expendable by Arsene Wenger, and that the club are ready to let him go.

There are rumours of a move to West Ham, but it seems that Swans boss Paul Clement is ready make a move for the England international.

Wilshere’s decision to leave on loan last season appears to have backfired – at least in terms of his Arsenal future. Rather than build on an almost injury free season, he came back with a fractured leg, and Arsene Wenger looks ready to call time on his career at the Emirates.

The report says that Swansea could also face competition from Newcastle as Rafa Benitez looks to freshen up his squad after promotion from the Championship last season.

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Seems a good move for all involved if the money is right. That’s about his level, a decent midtable side.


I’d agree with you. I love Jack Wilshere but we’re looking for someone more reliable in terms of fitness and with more physicality for the deep midfield role. I’m seriously hoping the club make a move in securing a good midfielder.


Agreed – and Goretzka really fits the bill


I already gave up hope of that one happening.


he’s off to bayern, obviously.


Damn how many central midfielders do they want. They have like 10 world class ones already


I agree. I don’t see him getting game time in central midfield, Wenger played him out wide on the right and left the last couple of times he played for us, and if we’re doing that Lemar would probably be a better fit. If for whatever reason we go back to 4-2-3-1, Wenger usually plays with one winger that’s more of a forward and one winger that’s more of a midfielder.


Swansea narrowly escaped relegation last season tho


But you have to give it to Clement, he got them out of an impossible situation and got the best out of them since he took over. He has impressive experience as a number two so he does have potential to be a top manager. I think Newcastle, Crystal Palace, West Ham and Swansea would all be good fits for him. Frank De Boer is a great manager and wilshere is his type of player. He couldn’t make it in Seria A (although he took over weeks before the season started) so there’s a risk he isn’t able to adapt… Read more »


Don’t know why so many people disagree.

Jack played consistently and was fit for the majority of the campaign but couldn’t dominate in a newly promoted team. He’s Swansea’s level whether it fit’s our mental image of the footballer we thought he’d be is a totally different thing altogether..


In fairness when I watched him it didn’t seem like he was giving it 100%, which you probably wouldn’t if you were worried about getting injured. Bound to be rusty too after so long out.


Also he was played in a different role to that he plays here, and tbh when I watched him in games it looked like players were reluctant to use him when he was in space.
That said I would rather keep faith with some of our kids than Jack on recent showings.

Yankee Gooner

Yet people seem to think Alexis will play with abandon if he’s held to his contract.


100% yes.


I think he can do a great deal better than Swansea who are one of the favourites to be relegated.


He’s not a mid table team player, Jack is one of the best players England produced in the last couple of years. It’s his injury problems that means he needs to drop down a level where he can be the main man again, stay fit and establish himself, then we can judge him. I think every arsenal fan has a soft spot for Jack, it’s such a shame seeing him leave. I think Newcastle would be a great match for him. Benitez plays the sort of football that suits jack’s style so he would be able to get the best… Read more »


Give us £20m and he’s yours. When you’ve got shit players like Walker going for £50m plus, Jack must be worth at least £20m. According to Sky, Barca have offered us Rafinha. Anyone ever see him play? CM should be a priority imo.


Yeah, he’s actually not unlike Wilshere: lovely close control, loves to burst past players from midfield. Stocky with low centre of gravity (I don’t think he’s Jack/Santi levels of short, but he’s not tall). Maybe not quite as good as his older brother on the ball, but not a million miles away. And very left-footed. Of course, he’s just coming back from a major knee injury, and he’s struggle to get into the Barca team with any consistency over the last few seasons (this isn’t really a mark against his quality, but maybe against his form/confidence and thus his ability… Read more »


Jesus. Can we just make it our policy to avoid any players returning from serious injury?!

Nigerian Rex

Take him! Newcastle would be a better fit me thinks


‘and Arsene Wenger looks ready to call time on his career at the Emirates’

I dont really know how that can be inferrred from what Wenger has actually said.

John C

Exactly, Wenger said only the other week he was definitely staying, surely he wouldn’t lie about something like that?


lol, I see what you did there!


I hope we can get at least 10 Mill from him, although probably we’ll get less since he is an injury prone


Allegedly Barca are ‘offering’ us Rafinha, who sounds like he might be the one to take Jack’s place in midfield and on the treatment table


Should offer them Debuchy in response


30 Mill for Rafinha, i think our club is a joke if we take him, LOL


Looks worth having to be fair, if he isn’t crocked

Spanish Gooner

Good move for him – a lower level side but with a very capable coach and a possession orientated style of play


Wait…..still talking about Jack….or Rafinha to Arsenal?

Mesut O\'Neill

You’re talking about Rafinha, right?


Or Barcelona?


I’m inclined to think Wilshere himself doesn’t want to continue at Arsenal, and hasn’t for at least a year now. The wiping of any Arsenal references on his social media bios seemed kind of pointed. In interviews last season he said what he had to when asked about Arsenal, but nothing on the FA Cup win either…


Buying Ozil ‘killed’ Jack.


What a crying shame, regardless of whether he stays or goes to a lesser club. He and we have been robbed of being/seeing one of the most naturally gifted midfielders of this generation hit his true heights by cruel injuries that have, seemingly, left a permanent weak spot. Such a pity


I agree with U mate. Jack is a great talent. After dominating against Xavi iniesta n Sergio. He should have reached full potential. But then, Ramsey was crocked but still managed to come bk strong.


It’s obviously sad that injuries have curtailed his progress, but it just seems wildly over-optimistic to think he was “one of the most naturally gifted midfielders of this generation.”

Sure he was great against Barca, but remember Ramsey in the first half of 2013-2014? He was consistently playing at that level – and was arguably one of the best midfielders in Europe on form alone – yet nobody talks of him in the same way. Ramsey had (still has?) a higher ceiling IMO.


I agree Ramsey is so harshly criticized by some Arsenal fans. He’s one of my favourite players and I just can’t understand the harsh criticism of him. When Ramsey’s fit and has a run of games he’s an unbelievable player that covers more distance than almost any player in the Prem. Whenever we need it most, Ramsey steps up with a crucial goal or assist. But just like wilshere, that big injury seems to have let’s its mark on him. You can’t say it has nothing to do with all those hamstring injuries he keeps getting. Ramsey’s looking really fit… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

There are other issues people have with Ramsey you know?
For one, he’s not a savage technically gifted as Jack.


I agree, I am sad about this too. However, in the best interest of the team we need to let him go. Arsenal should have let Walcott go as well. Maybe Ramsey and Welbeck too. We have too many players with season long injuries.


Suggestions of a loan.
Under no circumstance should we renew his deal and then loan him out.
Take what we can get and add a sell on fee and buy back clause and let’s move on.


Don’t care if he goes to Hamilton Academicals as long as price is right. Football is a business and its time to shed dead wood. Sorry Jack.


we have been linked with rafinha…i like rafinha,he plays xctly like wilshere used to play in his break through days and will be an great addition.


We haven’t been linked with him. Barca have offered him but he is injured. Can’t see we would be interested and I am suspicious of their motives.


time to cut our losses.Let wilshere go and go all out on a central midfielder who can slot alongside Xhaka


About Wilshere, good deal if it happens for all concerned.

I know I said this already- but is anyone enjoying the Neymar saga between PSG and Barca. And their inability to bully Arsenal over Bellerin, or PSG over Verratti?

David Hillier\'s luggage

I think Jack moved on in his head the day Fat Sam dropped him from the England squad. His loyalties were always with the national team, wish him all the best with that.

A different George

I am a little surprised by the tone of many of the comments. It may indeed make sense for everyone if Jack leaves, but I will be sorry nonetheless. He was part of Arsenal for a very long time, often an exciting part, and I would say his talent made him a special part. And think of him on that bus: what do you think of Tottenham, Jack?


I do think of him on that bus, and then I think of him pushing to leave on loan in a year when the top teams had all strengthened and we needed as many players as we could gather.

Am a gunner

Jack to stay !think people are forgetting how good a footballer he is and he is an arsenal man !


He’s the one who has made people forget how good he is, because he hasn’t been good in a good while.

And he’s no longer an Arsenal man. He was an Arsenal man when it suited his England chances. When it no longer did, he jumped ship.

I’m really not sad to see him go.


I think by far he is a superior player to the likes of Elneny for example, if shrugs off the injury fears and over come the psychological blockade,but too might take a while, for that I say sell him with a buy back clause.


Definitely better than Elneny. Not sure why but Wilshire, Walcott, Cazorla, Ramsey and Walcott have been injured a lot. To have 5 players that were constantly injured hurt us.


Özil our new #10

Bob Le Dreamy

Midfield will start to look a little light without jack (forever a gooner) – what does everyone think of Marco verratti?

Now that would be one hell of a summer…


It ain’t happening. He wouldn’t come to us.

Bob Le Dreamy

Cant you just let Bob dream?!

Original Paul

I hope he does well there.


There’s some suggestions that we are interested in Barkley. Jack out Ross in?


I want spurs to waste £50m and £150k/week on him instead.

John Lukic

Jesus wept! Hope you’re pulling our collective leg Anthony!


Never said I wanted it to happen, just that there are some suggestions we will ‘compete with Spurs for him’

Personally, I’d rather we didn’t.

Alan Sunderland\'s Afro

I think he should stay, knuckle down, and be a sensation at The Gunners. He certainly has the talent.

Dutch Gooner

I’d love to be able to press rewind on wilshere’s career and go back to the time when he was the most exciting young player in england and start over again. I remember watching youtube videos of wilshere and wenger sitting in the stands smirking because he knew he had an absolute gem on his hands. Injury problems and attitude issues have destroyed the career of one of the most talented players england has ever produced.

Faisal Narrage

In regards to injuries, I think we’re also forgetting Wenger’s role in it. Not only do young players need careful adjustment to first team loading and intensity, but Wenger himself in his first season said he needs to be cautiously with Jack, as he was still young and that he shouldn’t overplay him for fear of long term chronic injuries. He then proceeded to play him in almost every game that season. Some 49 or so games or something. In his breakthrough season as a kid. Not the first time either Wenger has played a player to the ground endlessly… Read more »

John Lukic

That unforgettable goal against Norwich when he linked up with Oli though. We should definitely add a buy back clause if he ever reaches the kind of form he was in that season.


We should move him on.

He’s one of us but its injury issues that’s the problem.

On his day, Jack can bring something special to any midfield.

His goal against Norwich with that delicate interplay with Giroud will always be one of my favorites.

There’s Arsenal for you encapsulated. Flatter to deceive so many times but when it all clicks, there are few clubs which can deliver the SUBLIME like us.

It simply out of this world those moments, a piece of magic.


If anything, the recent game against Bayern should serve to highlight a continued shortfall in midfield. With Santi out, we are reliant on Granit-Ramsey plus Coquelin in the mix. Coquelin is a decent back up. He could get better. But thereafter these 3, quality options fall away very quickly. Elneny did decent as a Cback to be fair to him but hardly going to even be third choice in that position. Further forward, he lacks steel and does not bring enough of something different to the midfield. To me, he’s an average option off the bench (and his strength is… Read more »


The sum thrown around is 20m

I think if we can get 10-12m for Jack, its more than good enough.


I have moved on from Jack long back. We need to take good care of Iwobi. He is not fit enough to play a full season yet. I love Iwobi but he needs to be patient for a couple of seasons.

Dino Plopp

We know it, Wilshire knows it, Wenger knows it… time to let Wilshire go!!


Buy back clause must be inserted.

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