Sunday, January 16, 2022

Video: “Arsenal have behaved like a big club in buying Lacazette”

It’s confirmed, Arsene Wenger has splashed out €53 million to secure the signature of Alexandre Lacazette, but what are we getting for our money?

In his latest Gunnervlog, James wastes no time analysing the signing of the France international – Arsenal’s shiny new club-record signing.

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This is a big signing, no mistake. Im pumped!
Welcome Laca!


Fuck Yeah!


Can anyone pls tell me his squad number? I did not find it on


14 I hope

Jordan W

not announced yet. assuming he’ll wait to see who departs, otherwise he’ll have to pick from what’s currently available (no good ones)


I will just assume that Lucas goes back to Deportivo, giving Lacazette #9…


I’d really enjoy transcriptions of these vlogs if possible!

uncle D

And no one say thank you Arsene! Thank you Arsene ?


Excellent that’s central midfield sorted. Now to get Szcz back and we’ll have a world class forward line.

Seriously though I think this guy will take us up a notch. And we cannot be doing much more at this stage to convince our contract rebels that they’re being unnecessarily twitchy.


I’m happy for this and cautiously optimistic but will reserve my congrats and thanks until Sept 1st.. We’ve been burned by him too many times.

La Cazette with Zest and Zeal

You mean when Wenger goes: I have Theo, I have Welbeck, Ozil, Iwobi and even Jeff can play on wings. Mahrez is a great player but I already have a big squad ?


We musn’t thank him, but we can congratulate him on doing a good job


Can’t argue with the efficiency of this one.
Would be surprised if we got any more than 12-15 goals excluding penalties out of him though.
Never lived away from home
Doesn’t know the language
Hasn’t felt the pressure of playing at a big club.
Doesn’t look that quick over longer distances.
Arsene does improve strikers, but I can’t see this elevating us to greater heights.
Feel free to thumbs down or abuse me or flat ignore me.
But this is very very blahhhh


No thumbs or abuse, but can I just boil that list down to “isn’t Thierry Henry”?


He certainly isn’t.
I wouldn’t say he was even RVP, or Anelka or Ian Wright.
Maybe not even Giroud? who’s a player I like a lot.
A good Europa league player for a Europa league club.
This isn’t a dig at the player more the club.
We’ve not progressed in 12 years and I don’t see this signing changing that.
I’m happy you lot seem happy I’m happy for you that your happy
Happy happy happy day ?


Hello sunshine ?


The doctor can give you pills that will help with that


Sure Laca might not live up to the current hype, but if you have lost all hope, what do you have left?




Even Fat Gooner would like this signing … if he came back (please). You are proof that being rich doesn’t make you happy. “Arsene does improve strikers” … hmmm hope you are right cos he’ll be fling lethal for us.


You must be so poor. I’ll get my coat now. Lighthen up btw.

Snoppy Pussy Puss

We are a big club. Thank goodness they have finally realised it.


#LacaNewSigning Pun Intended

Jeremy O Dwyer

Nice. Great signing.

Peter Foley

Agreed he is a real striker and I think he will flourish under Arsene.


Great video post. So true, we got it done fast and efficiently, a very un-Arsenal thing to do. He will join the players on the tour down Under, and settle in. A great 2 additions to our squad. Now we need to resolve the futures of not only Ozil and Alexis, but also Jack, Gibbs, and the Ox. Get it done soon one way or the other, get in new players of equal or better calibre, and let’s hit the ground running come the start of the PL season. I know it’s early days yet, but we’re on the right… Read more »


“Behaved like a big club” We ARE a big club.History and Class that Man.C @ Chelsea can only dream about.


Yes agreeded but fact is we haven’t acting as boldly as the clubs you mention in the transfer market.


how could we? they were spending billions , we were saving and selling to repay our stadium..


Boldly?? You mean throw (someone else’s) money at players until some of them come good? No thanks, rather we remain less skysportsy and keep our dignity intact.


I am now ready to watch his highlight reel!
Any curated suggestions? xD


Scout Nation’s video on YouTube shows most of (if not all) his goals last season

Gunnersaurus\'s Lover

All 129 goals for Lyon. As this video shows, he is far from just a penalty merchant


This guy looks really good, very clinical. He scores a lot with his left foot aswell as his right including penalties


what shirt is he gonna wear? bet the no. 9 will be suitable if perez leaves…cant wait to see him play…totaly looking forward to it


So far we have acted like a big club but it must not end here. We must fill the last position in need, which is another creative player as a winger or left/right midfielder. If we can have one last high profile signing in one of these positions then we can officially say we did everything we could in this window, as a big club should. Also, let’s not forget Lehmann is back!


Central midfield, no?


Stupid thinking in my opinion that your ambition or stature is measured by how much you pay for a player. If we are talking about making a bid for the most coveted players on earth then that’s more evidence of your ambition. The bid for Suarez was a statement, but the actual bid summed up that statement. He was and is an exceptional player and to go over the odds to sign him is not a stupid and reckless decision to make. But £52 million for an unproven player is not something I would use as evidence of the size… Read more »


Unproven ??

Arshavin\'s shadow

It’s 45 million pounds…just saying. Also Suarez was worth a lot more than 40 mil 4 years ago. That mess was with his non-existent release clause is why we didn’t get him. I don’t think it’s bad business getting Lacazette in his prime for 45 mil in 2017.


I didn’t say its bad business, at the end of the day all English clubs are having to pay a premium on players at the the moment. I just addressed the above statement that we behaved like a big club in this transaction alone because of the sum involved. I’m sure we behaved like a big “properly run” club when we bought Sanchez, Ozil, Welbeck, and all the other ones. Why is this different? Is it because Lyon said we want £20 mil and we said no take £50 mil? Lets not jump on the bandwagon the hysteria of the”spend… Read more »


this is great but i fear this could be used as justifying the sale of Alexis….

Del boy

Well done for getting the big money transfer done early.

Dan Hunter

Still think we need 3 players… winger, creative midfielder replacement for Santi AND a DM.


Now we just need to sign Mahrez and Lemar, and keep everyone else important. Ya Gunners Ya.


Fuck sake man. That’s the face of someone that wants to here. Get in!


Now for Alexis to stay! Sign the extension Sanchez!

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