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Video: Transfer thoughts on Lemar, Ox & Walcott

Arsenal are working hard on the transfer of Thomas Lemar from Monaco, but will the French club’s other business make that deal more difficult.

James takes a look at that situation, as well as what might be going on with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Theo Walcott.

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Third Plebeian

My doubts about the Lemar transfer are the same as yours, James. Monaco are not going to sell four or more of their biggest players in one transfer window, and we, unfortunately, are late to the table here. Chelsea and City were much more proactive in their business (surprise surprise), so while we were chasing the pipe dream of Mbappe, they were after the players who were actually available. No way Monaco is selling Lemar now. Why does it feel like we can only manage one transfer negotiation at a time? Is it like this at other clubs? Or am… Read more »


like james said they’ve already close to selling bakayoko and mendy and they’ve already sold silva . and if they sell lemar too they can say goodbye to mbappe and the title . its a difficult deal to pull off and i hope they can pull it off.cause if we’ve managed to get lemar we will have a team worthy of a title challenge.


Maybe we should send some youngsters there on loan or throw a few players to soften blow to their team.


On the other hand it looks likely they will lose Mbappe already. Not sure how much hanging on to Lemar is going to help them at this point.


Not sure if they will lose Mbappe. He is clearly priced out of reach for most clubs and the few that have shown some interest have pushed the price even higher to keep him out of the hands of the other.



Little Mozart

Lemar is still available but Monaco are going to want to squeeze every penny out of Arsenal. They will need a big transfer fee to justify the sale to their fans. The Ox is not the kind of player I want at CM right now because he is not defensively strong enough and he loses the ball more than he should. However, if he played with ramsey and had Xhaka or Coqelin behind him thenmaybe he would work. Either way, Oxlade-Chamberlain isn’t the guy I want in the current Arsenal midfield set-up. Walcott will stay and will likely contribute goals… Read more »

Lord Bendnter

Who’s Daisy and where can I find her?

Third Plebeian

At James’ mom’s house. She’s petite, sandy hair. Not sure about her breath, though.

Sanchez\' favourite dog

Daisy is so cute. Please send a picture of her to Sanchez, there’s no way he’ll leave her for some mangy city mongrel!


Surely there’s no place for Theo? He scored them goals on the right side of attack, we no longer play with a right sided attacker. You say he’s not a tactical fit? Then surely it’s time to replace him with someone who is and move on? The fact that he’s not looking for a move after our tactical shift and the signing of Lacazette and possible signing of Lemar says everything about his character. The guys just cruising in the comfort zone, only picking up the effort at contract renewal time. He’s only going to lose pace, and at that… Read more »


its just preseason , but surely its looks bad when walcot was one of the two players who struggled completely against a team like sydney when there was 3 players who are playing in the first team for the first time . they’ve managed to completely outshone him . atleast welbeck still fits formation and apart from finishing he’s still got other good qualities . walcot doesnt fit the formation , cant pass , cant even dribble past a player , he’s only going to struggle more . i dont mind if we couldnt buy any marque player to replace… Read more »


Dear God I just dont understand this line of thinking. Theo just had his best season in an Arsenal player, and fans still can’t stand him. His work rate vastly improved, his composure, control, and passing improved. And he seems content if not happy at his role atm, no longer clamoring for a CF position, or even being a regular, a rotation/impact player than can get us 10-15 goals a season from the wing. Not every player in a squad needs to be world class. I always think of those late 90s-00s Man Utd squads who had the likes of… Read more »


We are tired of Walcott, the expectations from him has been shattered the only improvement I’ve seen in him in the past 11 years is the beards, he fluctuates alot. Do you think he thrive in Chelsea, ManU, City, even Spurs,at a point he didn’t even know what he wanted and he held the club ransom for a cf role and big wage. Let him go. We are building a team that can challenge for titles and for the eleven years he has been at the club we have not been able to achieve anything with him. Does he want… Read more »


Walcott should be a more mature player than he is at the moment. He lacks common sense on the ball at times. His pace (and chief asset) is also now replicated by a number of players in the squad and will start to wane. That said as mentioned, it will be hard to find a buyer. He is likely strictly a domestic player bc he lacks the nous to operate on the continent. In that, we won’t sell him to any of the top teams and the other teams will struggle to match his wages. So he ends up on… Read more »


it wont be that hard to find a better replacement for him . infact we lost a player infinitely better than him because he wouldnt get to play ahead of walcot….gnabry . i dont mind keeping walcot , he is a good squad player . but he is in the way of superior players coming through from the academy ..likr gnabry or willock or nelson . if he keeps standing there we will loose lot more talented players than them .


If this was 2014 sure some of those arguments about a CF role or wages could hold up. But its not 2014, its 2017, and Walcott is an important rotation player. Theres absolutely no need to get rid of him.


GiddyForZelalem, just forget it. Many people on here have wanted Walcott out since 09 and they’re not going to change their mind now, facts and reason be damned! You’re right, there’s no real logic behind selling him whatsoever, but these people just don’t care


Plus, Walcott is a liability in the rigid defensive structure of 3-4-3 as ox is in Central Midfield role.


Perhaps it shouldn’t be said that we haven’t been pro active in the market, we have with kolasizette.
Perhaps, however, it’s also therefore fair to say that we were proactive with the wrong French club!
Lemar over Lacazette?
Or…bugger both and throw 125 @ Mbappe!


If Monaco are willing to sell the liked of Silva, Mendy and Bakayoko then there’s no reason why at the right price they wouldn’t sell Lemar. If it’s a case that they don’t want to sell all their top players then it’s Arsenals fault for not doing the deal sooner leading to other rivals buying their other players instead during that time.

I love Arsene Wenger


not so fed up

Didn’t Sanchez play left, right and centre at various points for us us last season? Keep him and have Sanchez, lemar and lacazette up front?


I wouldn’t be averse to selling ox and theo on, maybe with buy back clauses in case they fulfil their potential and hit form somewhere. We need them off our scarily high wage bill.

Also I like the Lemar rumours. He’s always stood out to me as a lynchpin for that monaco side when I saw them. Quite similar to Lacazette actually.


I have a sneaky feeling we’ll do an Özil with Aubameyang


Really impressed with Reiss. I think we’ve close to found who is baking Bellerin up. What a mature performance. Bramall also looked good. What a purchase 40K. Clearly our club do not know how to buy. Joe Willock was also quite good in midfield. And Martinez looked very assured, prob why if Ospina stays we will have no qualms selling Szsc on. With the new boys, Kolasinac was quietly impressive. Excellent reading of the game and very good touch for a big man. Lacazette is a killer. The man is just instinctual in front of goal. We’ve lacked that sense… Read more »


£40,000,001 for Daisy!


I just don’t see Ox in midfield as the answer to our problems there. OTOH, Coquelin I think is an improved player in the current system. Ramsey and Granit have also started to find some synergy in 3-4-3. We lack one more player who can shoe in to those 3. Personally, I feel Iwobi could be that player. He was played wide in Sydney but frankly I prefer Ox there bc its where he does the most damage. I’m not sure if iwobi can convert to the deep midfield but he has many of the pre-requisites including excellent ball control,… Read more »


I wish we could find a buyer for Walcott, never been a fan, how he held the club ransom for his increase in a wages when he was never that good. No fit for him now, swap deal with Monaco!

Original Paul

Would Daisy count as “home grown”?


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