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Lucas Perez situation remains unclear as Arsenal consider other offers

Via our now good friends at La Voz de Galicia comes the latest on the Lucas Perez situation, with the striker’s future still far from clear.

What we do know is that Deportivo want him back, and the player himself is inclined to go there. However, his former club have been unable to find a way to come with a deal that Arsenal will accept.

They say a €12m bid ‘hit the wall’ because of the interest of other clubs, including Newcastle and Watford in England and Malaga and Valencia in Spain, and it’s understood that structure of that bid was something Arsenal were not keen on.

Apparently we haven’t closed the door on Depor, giving them more time to come up with something else.

One of the possibilities they’re considering is to buy the player with Arsenal holding onto some of his rights, and at some point down the line trying work out a deal, or bringing him on loan but with Arsenal seeking a €5m fee for that it becomes complicated.

It’s also intimated that when they sold Perez last summer for £17.5m, Deportivo squeezed every last penny they could out of the deal because it happened late and they knew that Arsenal were desperate for the player.

Now, they find themselves dealing with a club unwilling to do them any favours because of that.

It doesn’t appear as if there’s any imminent resolution to this one, and this saga could drag on right up until the close of the transfer window next Thursday.

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Bored now.

rogue gooner

We can’t criticise the club for selling cheap and then moan when things are protrated in order to get the best deal.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Wenger said: “If he finds a club, I will help him”. Where is the help ?


what is the matter with you?
how can we sell a player half of the price just because he wants to come back home?
we can loan him to Newcastle and next year sell him in a way better deal

Merlin\'s Panini

We did exactly that with Cesc. Barcelona paid buttons for him compared to what he was worth at the time.

Igbo Amadi-Obi

But we got Bellerin as makeweight

Igbo Amadi-Obi


Heavenly Chapecoense

So what was the help Wenger was talking about? Emptying his locker? Taking his suitcases to the airport ? Nobody forced Wenger to say he would help him to leave. If you know, you won’t let him go until a certain offer is made, don’t start saying you will HELP him leave. He did help RVP leave, that for sure.

Igbo Amadi-Obi

I agree. When you make such comments you cheapen the player.


Are you seriously suggesting that Arsenal should sell to Deportivo at a massive loss in order to help Lucas? He cost £17.5m just last season. So, Wenger should help Lucas and Deportivo at Arsenal’s expense? Lucas has options: Newcastle, Valencia and Malaga and Wenger hasn’t kicked against those options.


I understand that – I don’t criticise the club for that.
I’m just bored of the ongoing sagas that we’re always involved in..but maybe every fan of every club seems to notice their own ‘sagas’ more than others.

I just get the impression that Arsenal aren’t ruthless enough both in buying and selling players.


we shouldn’t be critical of the club selling “cheap’ I’ve been advocating it and getting abuse on here all summer. Something is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it. It’s called supply and demand. We have an oversupply of players we don’t want, roughly 8 first team squad players. These players are on big contracts so that also makes it less likely for clubs to stump up bigger transfer fees. Clubs also know we need to sell/loan before we buy. Are current bargaining position is extremely weak. The sooner we ” take a hit’ on players we… Read more »


At the end of the day Perez signed on the dotted line and is currently, no doubt, a well paid Arsenal player. Just because he wants to play more regularly doesn’t mean the club should be laying down for him when some lowball offers come in. We paid £17.5m for him a year ago and with prices on the up and good strikers hard to come by, we shouldn’t really accept anything less than a similar fee if we are to let him go. I’m personally still of the opinion that he can contribute to the team, so if we… Read more »


Contribute how?
By being a part of the reserves?
Right now he cant even make it to the bench and last year he barely played enough minutes for 5 full matches across all competitions. Just let that sink in.
Sure the club shouldn’t take a hit by selling a player below their value. But the club is also taking a hit by paying 17.5m pounds for him and paying his wages for an entire year and simply not using for anything.
Last year was perhaps the worst transfer window in a long time for the club.


We currently aren’t in a position to register him. He has Lacazette, Giroud, Welbeck, Alexis, Walcott, Ox, Iwobi, Ozil in front of him. What’s the point in keeping Perez, Akpom, Adelaide and Campbell? They’re are not going to play. We can only register 25 players over the age of 21. And we currently have 31. We need to sell or loan 6. And that’s before we make any signings. And people are still screaming for Draxler/Lemar. The reality of our situation is we need to get rid of Perez, Akpom, Adelaide and Campbell. And then if we want Draxler or… Read more »

andre santos


Dial square

Unfortunately it makes you look a bit of a twat when you you’re not actually first….just saying

Dave M

It makes people look like a twat even if they are first


To be honest, you look like a twat when you actually ARE first.

andre santos

well then, stop just saying stuff. it makes you look stupid

Dan Hunter

Santos was never first to anything.. just saying


I’m sure he beat everyone to the buffet line once or twice.


I dunno, he was pretty speedy if I recall…in his Maserati

andre santos


nacho man

except for swapping jerseys with some manc

Terry Henry

Wish the club would just bloody get on with. Player wants out; we want rid. Sell and reinvest ASAP. Arsenal, why are you so shit at transfer business!

Dial square

Fuck me, we’re as bad at selling as we are at buying…


There’s a week to go and plenty of time for Deportivo to sweat.


Arsene was so desperate for him that he didn’t play him all season.

John Lukic

The fact that they tried to squeeze every last penny out of us for him last summer kind of makes it easier to understand why we are being proper tight cnuts with them this summer.
I’m sure he’ll be gone this window, but not until the last minute.
Hasta manana Voz de Galicia

Dave M

Maybe if we had have done that business a little earlier it would have been cheaper and we wouldn’t be going through this now. Guess this is the price you pay when you can’t get primary targets and get stuck chasing secondary targets at the end of the window. And here we are again…


Unfortunately our cards aren’t great. We’re stuck with a player who doesn’t want to be here. And we need to sell permanently. He looks a decent player who knows where the back of the net is. He’ll be 30 next season so the longer we take to sell him the more his value declines Everyone knows we’re desperate to sell. You only have to look at our squad list and contracts of certain players to come to that conclusion. Our bargaining position is weak, clubs will be hoping for last minute loan deals where we still pay a preposition of… Read more »


“Now, they find themselves dealing with a club unwilling to do them any favours because of that”

This is small club mentality. Punishing Depor for trying to get the value of their key striker? Honestly it was our fault we were panic-buying in the first place because, like this season, we left too much business far too late into the transfer window.


So it’s not just renewing contracts of our top talent and buying players we struggle with? We also can’t sell for shit either? What a fu**ing mess. Why would Ozil+Ox+Alexis be looking at this and thinking “This is the place to be’ On the other hand if your an Arsenal squad player who doesn’t care that much about playing? There’s nowhere better on the planet. They get perspective squad players to have a 6 hour chat with Theo before signing. After he explains all that he gets away… with they think all their Christmases and birthdays from countless centuries have… Read more »

Alex habesha

Why we are so busy to get rid off him.the way Arsene treat Lucas as like the way Conte treat Costa.great players who can help the team but getting forced off their respective clubs


We’re trying to sell him because we signed Lacazette and now Welbeck is fit.
We used to play with two wide forwards +#9+#10
Now we play with a no9 at no11 a no2 at no3 a no3 at no2 two number 3’s at no 4+5 our no6+8 think they’re no9+No10’s.
Our no1 is actually a no33.
It’s all a bit confusing and I suspect that things haven’t been thought out as well as they should have been?

nacho man



great? lol you may not like AW but to try to frame the argument comparing LP to DC is a joke


lol, the whole arsenal situation is unclear.


Do Deportiva have any decent youngsters we could take off their hands. Would be happy for us to improve the academy squads – must have 1 or 2 gems?


If we sell him for 14 million then we would have received 38 million in fees this summer against 46 mill spend on Lacazette.

It’s hardly the catalyst for change we were promised, more like the same old shit we are fed every season by the club…

Eric Blair

Surely we’re planning a last minute expensive purchase, just waiting for some to leave and free up space. If not, the management will get everything they deserve. With the overload of forward players we have and selling Gabriel and freezing out of Chambers, I wonder if Wenger is planning a return to 4 at the back. Monreal and Kola as left backs, Bellerin + one other on the right, Kos/Per/Mustafi/Holding in the centre. We simply won’t have the necessary depth for a season of a back 3. This could then allow us a big purchase of a wide forward and… Read more »

Eric Blair

Oh, and fuck the transfer window. Can’t wait until it’s over and we’re left with the football.


Just get it over with, I don’t care if we take a loss on him (as it’s not my money), tired of hearing about it day after day.

Samuel Ogungbayi

When a manager confessed that he could not give a player “the games he wants and deserves” then you see clearly the way Arsenal is being run . It’s only in Arsenal FC that all decisions are taken or approved by one man whose name is Arsene Wenger. He denied Perez playing time because he is not the one who negotiated his purchase . He did the same thing to Podolski and Joe Campbell by frustrating them out . Perez is a better goal scorer than Welbeck ,Iwobi and Oxlade but all were starting matches ahead of him. A man… Read more »

David C

why not play him in the meantime? I mean I’m sure he can offer us more than Walcott coming off the bench.

nacho man


Merlin\'s Panini

I still think we should keep him and play him. He’s got exactly what Welbeck doesn’t have – end product – yet he consistently gets in the team. Don’t get me wrong, I like Welbeck. He’s a very good player and can create havoc but his finishing is horrendous. If he didn’t have his other assets he would just be another Sanogo. Lucas, on the other hand just seems to have the knack of being in the right place at the right time. I like him. Always have and can only think he’s just not been convincing in training. Thing… Read more »


Don’t be surprised if he’s still around after the transfer window closes. I’ve got this sneaking suspicion that Arsene doesn’t really want to sell him (or can’t make up his mind)

Faisal Narrage

Keep him and play him.
Yet to see any evidence Welbz is better than him.

not so fed up

Oh boy, another week of this to go ?


It seems obvious to me but obviously AW knows best… sell Theo & Ox and keep Lucas as he is far more useful in tight games like the defeat at stoke and has looked comfortable with the physicality of our league.


2 games in, Newcastle: 0 Goals. Time to show us the $ Rafa


YOU can’t have your cake and eat it. People moan about selling players for nothing. The club is holding out for the best price. Some clubs who may not get their primary targets will move for secondary targets late in window. This is typical. Which is why MOST clubs are in a holing pattern. If a higher level club ( Than Newcastle or Deportivo) should decide to come in later (like we did) and bid higher, why are we in such a rush to sell him now? I don’t think Wenger conversely is waiting to sell our players before buying… Read more »


Like Campbell, I’d be surprised if he can’t find a decent club who can make use of his fine attributes.

The Italian clubs (Milan) are probably waiting for some of the deeper pocket clubs to finish feasting before (in AC’s case) going in for second dips.


You buy a player for X dollars. Then you trash his reputation by not playing him. Then you say you want another club to pay X dollars. What planet is the club on.

Igbo Amadi-Obi

Quite sad that we find ourselves haggling over €12m for a top player, in an era where Liverpool are turning down over €100m.

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