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Report: Arsenal back in for Jonny Evans

According to the Telegraph, Arsenal are weighing up an offer for West Bromwich Albion’s Jonny Evans.

Manchester City and Leicester have been heavily linked with the Northern Ireland international who, according to manager Tony Pulis, was the subject of a bid from the Gunners 12 months ago.

On that occasion, Arsenal turned their attention to signing Shkodran Mustafi from Valencia for £35 million. It now appears that Arsene Wenger is willing to let the German move to Inter Milan on loan which, coupled with Gabriel’s recent exit, means we’re on the hunt for a replacement with Premier League experience.

Virgil Van Dyck has been mooted as another target but that could mean trying to outbid Liverpool who, despite having their wrists slapped for unsolicited contact with the Dutchman earlier in the summer, still appear to be the frontrunner for his signature.

We’re speculating here but potentially Calum Chambers could be dangled as a makeweight for either deal? Or maybe nothing will happen and we’ll promote third choice keeper Matt Macey to first team centre-back? He’s quite big and can kick a football.


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This is so fucking 2011. Jesus Christ

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Don’t get the obsession with United’s rejects.


Oh….so it can get worse. Fml

Corona X

What’s fml? I learned smh here yesterday, but Fml is new.
Fuck my leg?
Fuck my life?
Foreign men licking?

Original Paul

Fuck my life.
You’re welcome.

Third Plebeian

But “fuck my leg” is better.

Third Plebeian



Flamini Must Live.

Clock End 20

If we sign Jonny Evans, and Liverpool sign Lemar and Van Dijk, I’m going to go fucking ballistic

Yeast Went

Flaming Mighty Lacazette


Forget Mastering League


Fucking Managers Lost-it


“Fuck my leg” because smh means “suck my hamstring”?

Corona X

Hamster – not hamstring!


Christ how far we have fallen.
On our knees begging for help from tony pulis


Grim. Anyone else have images of priest pulis getting head from choirboy arsene?



Third Plebeian

No, can’t say I did get those images. Get help.


I give up man. I give up. wake me up later.


2011 wasn’t too bad. We weren’t shipping in goals left right and centre and had Champions League football, so…

Michael Benson


Corona X

We had Silvestre in the squad… Not even a CL win would sugar coat that.


“weighting offer”? Great. While we ponder and do nothing, other clubs will do something about it and sign the players that we targeted. Our transfer policy is load of sh*t. Just sell everyone and fire everyone. I am tired of watching another season of bullsh*t


He don’t want to join us. Who would?

Yeast Went

yeap. we’re going to panic buy 5 smh players this thursday


I am kind of hoping that the next thing that Kim Jong-un decides to fire over happens to be more then just a party rocket – a nuclear war would be a welcomed distraction at this point.


Must be a heavy offer that they’re weighing up. Took them the whole summer.


We’re like that guy who waits on a Sunday at the supermarket because the price will drop rapidly for all things expiring….

Donald\'s Trump

I was at Tesco 2 weeks ago and this lady waiting in line for the the expiration trolley to come out said to me as I walked past ‘ look at all these Romanians queueing up for this stuff, DISGUSTING’


What a nasty old cunt


That’s made me even sadder than full-time on Sunday.


Sad, I have heard similar before. What a stale, bigoted place england can be. Stuck in the colonial past, brexit will only make things worse.

Damo Dinkum

I had a delicious quiche for dinner tonight for $4 thank you very much


I had antelope leg and bread. It was nice.


People are making fun of the deal but he’s actually a very solid player. I would obviously prefer van Dijk but that doesn’t make Evans a bad player.

I think it’s the timing that’s the problem. If we had signed decent players and beaten Liverpool then signed Evans people would have talked about how he’s a solid addition to the squad.


I’d agree with this. I have just recovered from Silvestritis so can tolerate an ex Utd defender again.


Can someone please tell me what’s so wrong with Mustafi?


its either the stats or his DNA – struggling to work it out


Exactly, is Mustafi worse than Evans now? I can’t get my head around this window – we don’t sell who we have to, but we sell who we don’t have to and buy someone else to replace them, we buy 2 new players but don’t let them play, we wait for better offers but end up losing more, we talk of spending more during the window but could end up making a profit, we talk of not wanting to sell a bunch of unwilling players in their last year but could end up selling them on a bargain. What is… Read more »

nimble foot

maybe the EPL is the new WWE, all scripted for TV. After the shambles of last season, Wenger and Arsenal to start poorly and then redemption comes. They win the EPL on goal difference, justifying Wengers facilitator of that which is good in man style of football. It’s all a huge seasonal movie, helps with TV deals such drama
You heard it here first.


I think it’s a peg and a hole thing. We need the Mertesacker replacement. The organizing, positional Marshall for the back line. We don’t have that right now, we have two Koscielnys – one the finished product, one not who gets caught out of position darting upfield and beat one on one a bit too much. A little height wouldn’t hurt either. Holding will be that but he’s not quite yet and needs an organizing playing role model to compete with and learn from. I don’t want to lose Mustafi because I think he’s the understudy to Kos, but he’s… Read more »


I noticed a small if in front of tour argument. If we had won the league with Evans last year it would have been great!


Difference being, with our departures and mistrust for some players Evans could have a shot at starting XI, whereas MC rather look at depth. And, frankly, he may be a solid player and a man to do some clearances and tackling in a defense-minded side like WBA, but is he prepared to contribute to buildup enough and outpace opposition on the break when our beloved midfield give them acres of space? Most players flourish only in a suitable setup carefully assembled to amplify their skills. Which hasn’t exactly been a strength of ours lately.


if we were in any way a decently run club then people would be happy for the manager to do whatever he wants. But we’re not. Is evans so much better than £35m Mustafi? Evans will end up costing close to £30m. Is that good business? ANyway – no CB in the world is good enough to play behind our midfield and actually make a difference.

Draped in velvet

But if we sell Mustafi for 35 million and buy Evans for 30 million….?

David C

at Evans’ age, simply not an upgrade to Mustafi.

Van Dijk would be a great signing, the kind that might actually make our team better.

I’m just so confused. CB looked like the only position we didn’t need to upgrade at the beginning of the season.

It Is What It Is

Van Dijk should have been done years ago, same as Dembele at Celtic…we wait like fucktards forever, in some cases. I can call it at least two years before it happens…fucking buy and loan, if we are not sure. Spuds just sold a Wimmer to a bidder for 18m… When last did we recieve that kind of dosh?…not about the money. It’s like we need a fucking witch doctor….or Dr Strange or Dr Who (2 for 1)!! A plague be on our staff…all of them who are incompetent…just be gone. Leave the temple, and go. Can you tell I’m suffering… Read more »


If we’d beaten Liverpool and then signed Evans, he’d have been seen as adding depth to the squad.

Given the chaos that Arsenal is at the moment, Evans seems to be coming as part of the starting XI, which is a completely different scenario.

Genuine question, how is Evans an improvement on Mustafi and – if played in his position- Gabriel?


Also Evans is just another defender in the same kind of mould as our others. When is Wenger gonna realise physicality plays a part in football. We have so many relatively short, relatively light (weight wise) defenders. What we need is someone a bit different, a true mertersacker successor with a bit more pace.

Corona X

It’s got nothing to do with timing, and all to do with his being a Man Utd reject.

It Is What It Is

Nah-uhn….price is the problem for me. He’s not worth more than 12-16 at best.

But he a home grown tool….and Citeh want him. So….?


Silvestre, Squilacci, Evans??


Don’t forget Igor.


Andre Santos wins the worst defender award there’s no competition.
He’s the type of defender you’d enjoy watching playing for another team.

Corona X

Silvestre wins hands down in my book. His mug didn’t help much either 😛


Squillaci just shades it for me.

It Is What It Is




Far East Stand

The way things are going I fully expect Wenger to sign him up, play him out of position for a game and then bench him to play a non-defender in his place.

Donald\'s Trump

And then never play him again, sending him on loan to Getafe whilst putting in an offer of £3.50 for Ryan Shawcross.

Third Plebeian

Actually, I’d enjoy watching Shawcross get brutally exposed at CB week in and week out. Sign him up Wenger!


Yes! And wenger will say ‘he has lost a little bit confidence’


Personally I don’t think we should sign him but even so, our problem is not centre halfs, it’s the lack of protection we give them as a team. We’ve had Gallas, Senderos, Chambers, Per, Kos, Silvestre, etc and our defence is still a mess. We badly need at least one if not two defensive midfielders, to add balance in the team. Unfortunately & a big reason why we get hammered by big teams is because Wenger does not value a DM. He wants pretty ball players & in modern football this does not work. Utd have Matic, Chelsea have Kante,… Read more »


That is a fundamental point you make….where’s Kondogbia these days?


I think he’s loan at Valencia.


Krychowiak from PSG would be a great sensible signing…that’s probably why we won’t bid for him.


Played a blinder for Valencia against Real last weekend and he’s only there on loan.


He’s scoring goals for Valencia against Real Madrid


Viera and Gilberto were descent or should we say very good DM´s. Petit was also very good but not a classic DM. We´ve been struggling since then. And someone doesn´t have a clue why

Yankee Gooner

I’d even settle for present-day Arteta as DM.


The problem I have is that Evans is going from a team who’s MO is to defend first and as a unit – coming into our team he’s gonna have different tests and we all know it’s not the personnel but the manager and set up. We know how good Koscienly is but yet in big games he’s been made to look a mess due to the fact he has a cavalry of opposition players flying at him with absolutely no cover. But lets face it if Mustafi is gone on loan to Inter with view to perm deal we… Read more »


We could sign Jesus Christ, Messi, Ronaldo and Conor McGregor between now and Thursday, and it wouldn’t change that feeling of utter unrest in the club, and in the selection. We “need” a DM, but what’s the point of getting one, if we won’t play him. We have the Coq, and he’s not being selected. Not the best player ever, but obviously the best we have, *and* what our setup needs.


Jesus Christ in goal, Messi and Ronaldo up front and Mc Gregor at the back….we still have the same problem though, noone in midfield!!

Draped in velvet

Iron Maiden.


That would be awesome! Shirt 666


I thought we already had Jesus Christ judging by the number of times I said it on Sunday VS Liverpool…

Crash Fistfight

He was playing at centre back alongside Forfucks Sake.


Thank you, gentlemen. I needed a good laugh.
Top quality!

It Is What It Is

Lol…That’s the effin spirit. Frothing at the mouth from rage….

Stan better open his mouth, or he may permanently loose his head.

He must surely know, that there are some quarters of the world, that he CANNOT leave alive….it’s that deep. And all for a £3m annual consulting fee.


Evans is a solid enough defender. Of course at West Brom they actually have a system where the team as a whole tries defend…he’ll get shredded at Arsenal with no cover in front of him to help defend


He does well enough at norn iron and at Man Utd too.

He’s a very competent centre back. As good as any we are going to attract.


i have given hope on arsenal till wenger is here now…M going to skip all away matches against top 12 teams and home matches against top 6…i know we are gng to be a pile of shit with wenger in charge.


Hell, why don’t we go for Smalling at this point too. Why not John O’Shea too! Wes Brown? Gary Pallister? Jesus Christ. Somewhere, Phil Babb is wait anxiously by a telephone waiting for us to offer him £150,000 on a nine-year contract. Stuart Ripley has “top, top quality.” Dominic Matteo is “one for the future.”

I mean, even if we had peak-years Adams, Keown, and Campbell, it wouldn’t make the slightest bit of difference with this Benny Hill midfield doing cryff turns and backheels in front of them.

Fuck it, where’s Eboue?


oh, dear


We cant compete with Liverpool.. On the pitch or for VVD… What is fucking life..

Draped in velvet

Such is.


We could compete with them, even blow their offer out of the water, if we had a set of balls and a plan…but we’ve no plan and less balls…


Imagine we sold mustafi for 35mil and pay westbrom 35mil for evans. hahahha


Nope it’s worse than that. Apparently mustafi will be a one year loan with them paying all his wages.

We must be absolutely desperate to get rid of him. Anyone know why?


“source” reported he was no more appreciated in the dressing room…………

Walmart heiress

Oh I love to love, but my baby just loves to dance…


Arsene’s plan: sell a World Cup winning defender and buy a United reject playing for a club that has trouble keeping clean sheets. Surely that’s the best way to improve a defence that hasn’t kept a clean sheet since start of season?


Pure banter from the club.
Doesn’t matter what defenders or midfielders we sign or probably don’t sign.

It’s the way we’re set up.


Johnny Evans must know some dirt on Wenger. I don’t see any other reason to go after this washed up waste of salary.


oh god why? And before anyone says Man City want him too, I’m pretty sure that’s to bring up their quota of home grown players. If not for that I’m certain he wouldn’t be their first choice.


AFC fans should laugh instead of booing. Maybe only then AFC will realize what a joke they’ve become.


Lol this is as my username say: Nightmare


Most transfers we get some clarity from the player or club, or we can see the reasoning with our own two eyes. The Mustafi thing….I just can’t see any logical reason behind it? He wants out? Wenger doesn’t like his cologne? I just don’t get this one.

Terry Neill - never again

Gazidis out.

A Gunner with Psychic powers

Ok , from now on i know my stance , this situation hast to stop.

#KroenkeOut , #WengerOut , #EmptySeats , #NoMoreMerchandises


Yes! Can someone start a Facebook rally where we’ll be standing outside the Emirates chanting to get out the cunts who don’t care or have lost the plot. The club disrespects the fans. May I remind them there’s no money without us. CUNTS!! Count your chicken Kroenke we’re coming for you. Arsene do the right thing (retire). Gazidis you arse licker just get out. WE ARE THE ARSENAL FFS.

A Gunner with Psychic powers

Agreed , I’m located FAR away from London ,but London based fans need to do it , please SAVE OUR CLUB.

It Is What It Is

I can make my way back for mid September, but I’m sure I’ll be one of less than 500.

No balls throughout. All ppl had to do early on was skip a game here and there. Now we are here.

Still the stadium will be full…no one says to hand in your ticket…just skip a game, otherwise, attend and give consent for this to keep happening on your dime and time…not mine.

Enough is enough.

Crash Fistfight

At least if Matt Macey started at centre back we’d have a decent penalty taker. As a goalkeeper he should be good at them, after all.


Somebody call Sylvestre.

No idea what Mustafi is getting the arse for, rumours he isn’t bonding with teammates whatever the fuck that means. Unless he’s done a John Terry or something it’s a fucking ridiculous situation to be in. The current decision making at the club is Charlie Sheen level batshit at the moment.

love and hate

Wasn’t wenger NOT signing his contract extension was unsettling the players? Everything has gone to shit since he signed on! Oh the joys of being a gooner


We’ll be in for Salomon Kalou next.

Tony Hall

We are a fucking laughing stock, thank you Stan, Ivan, Dick, Arsene and numerous players


Good lord. The great arsenal renaissance is starting with Jonny Evans.

A Gunner with Psychic powers

LOL , Johnny Evans is ignoring us !! he would rather be on City’s bench rather than Arsenal’s starting line up !
State of our club. #KroenkeOut


This is terrible business. Letting Mustafi go? Why!? We barely have any natural CBs in our squad and we’re playing 3 at the back! Get Evans (not my cup of tea, but Wenger just loves starting to enquire about players at the last day of the window, when teams have no time to find replacements…), keep Mustafi and create a decent defence with Kos-Mustafi-Evans, while Per, Holding and Chambers can be used as backup. But who am I fooling? No one is coming in (and even if they are – it’s too little, too late) and we’ll somehow end this… Read more »


I don’t want any player at Arsenal who wants to be at Arsenal


I’d take him gladly. People calling g him a flop and a reject are misguided. He is a specialist centre back and never puts a foot wrong for club or country.


Next up: Eric Djemba Djemba to partner Xhaxa and Bebe to replace Sanchez. Happy beginning of the season everyone.

Tasmanian Jesus

I can maybe understand whats happening if we sign Van Dijk, a good DM and a good attacking mid/forward…otherwise i will still be as confused come next summer as i am now.

And i heard Lemar completed a medical at Liverpool?
Are we letting him fly off there cos of a couple of millions??

Bendtner have mercy…


I mean if we are serious on winning the league, we’ll at least trying to lure VVD to come, but ofc we won’t do that because our target is only top 4.
Ideal story, somehow we manage to finish 4th this season, SK sack AW, we sign a good manager and start build our team next season, maybe finally our fans will unite to support Arsenal, we start over again. A man can dream sometimes.


Why would any first rate defender join a team that so patently doesn’t value their skills?

Wengers philosophy of “we’ll score more goals than you” is great to watch…., except when we have no strikers left and what few we do have don’t get any service and couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo even if they did…..

Finishing in the top half of the PL will be as good as a trophy for us this season.


Who cares


Please God, no.



Fuck Lemar, we can sign Johnny Evans, baby!!!!


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