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Report: Arsenal offer Oxlade-Chamberlain £180,000 a week to stay

According to The Telegraph, Arsenal have made Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain an offer of £180,000 to sign a new deal at the club.

This astonishing offer would, if he accepted it, make him the highest paid player at the club, eclipsing the £140,000 per week earned by Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez.

Nevertheless, the report suggests Arsenal fear he will turn it down, and that Chelsea are growing confident they can bring the England international to Stamford Bridge in a £35m deal before the end of the transfer window.

Earlier, Arsene Wenger rather publicly reminded Oxlade-Chamberlain how much the club had invested in him, saying, “We invested a lot of time and confidence and money in players like Alex Chamberlain who we bought at a young age.

“For me, they have a responsibility for the future of this club. Alex Chamberlain will be one of the big English players in the coming years and I personally am highly determined to keep him here at the club.

“I hope he will commit.”

Of course in this day and age those kind of tactics rarely work, and if the Ox turns down £180,000 per week he’s mad. Almost as mad as Arsenal for offering it, but there you go, he’ll probably get that and more if the Chelsea thing is real.

Let’s just hope we have a recall clause in the Carl Jenkinson deal.

Oxlade-Chamberlain stats

Appearances: 198
Premier League: 9 goals, 14 assists
League Cup: 5 goals, 1 assist
FA Cup: 1 goal, 7 assists
Champions League: 4 goals, 4 assists
Community Shield: 1 goal

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Yankee Gooner

What the fuck is going on?


I can’t stand this anti-ox propagana any more. I mean putting those stats at the end.. why? Just to rub it in our faces and show that he’s no good. Sorry but I’m sick and tired of it arseblog. What these stats don’t show is this is the first time in 6 years he’s had a consistent run in the side in the same position and his output has tripled in 6 months.

Stuck on repeat...

Agree with both comments tbh.

Yes, wtf is going on? But also I genuinely believe that the Ox was a stand out player last season. Prior to that season he was asked to up his game…he delivered. He was the only player that seemed to give a damn most of the time too. Yes, he had his faults, but they pale in comparison to many others.

Also on the stats front. Maybe they don’t look initially great…but he’s not a striker (but currently being played as either a LWB or RWB?!?). Can we see Welbecks stats…or even “young” Theos?


oh wow he stood out in the last 10 games of the season and practically produced nothing with it! 2nd A lot of people don’t understand the fact if and when Santi comes back the 3 – 4 – 3 is dead and Arsene will revert back to the 4-3-3 and opt to play finishers over not producing players such as bellerin and ox!


Theo 404 games 109 goals 3.7 goals per game
Oxlade 239 games 30 goals 8.0 goals per game
Those are lifetime averages of all clubs!


I suspect your long division is a bit tipsy-turbulent!


I found it and posting it that’s with minutes played I’m assuming


You’ve confused goals per game with games per goal, the stats are still good if you switch them.


You need to swap your numbers round. Theo scores about 0.26 goals a game, you can see it will be near a quarter without doinh any maths as 109 is roughly a quarter of 404. The ox gets about 0.12 a game. If they were getting the numbers you put up, I don’t think anybody would be wanting either to leave and we’d be winning title after title.


Do you even know the 1st thing about maths?


Lol he played most of his career at Arsenal at Winger position. Which for Arsenal is a goal scoring position. He sucked a scoring or any reliability at that position. Granted if his position is in the CM in the future then so be it. He isn’t good enough. He loses the ball way to much and decision making stinks

He only stepped up in the final 10 games lol


You’d be surprised by how good Theo’s stats actually are. Wake up.


Theo in his first 6 seasons.. League stats.. 44 goals 31 assists…

John C

His stats are pretty similar to Rosickys and everyone loved him, although I thought he was pretty average myself


Apples to oranges. Rosicky tracked, tackled, and did a great job of possession and creative buildup. He was more like Cazorla. And turned the ball over far far far less, especially in dangerous places.

John C

They’re both attacking midfielders with poor numbers and we’re talking about numbers


Raw goals and assists might be poor bit if you looked at Rosicky’s in depth numbers, he definitely wasn’t poor.


Tomas. Rosicky. Can. Do. No. Wrong.

Even if he smashed my face into a car windshield and took my mother out for a nice seafood dinner and never called her again.

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

You simply can’t compare TR7 with Ox. At club and national level. Some perspective guys…

Nasri\'s missing chinbone

Bad John C. No one slates Rosicky. He was a fucking awesome little player

Original Paul

Rosicky “pretty average”??? How very dare you!!!

John C

I actually thought he was shit and never thought of him as a real Arsenal man but that’s just me

Fireman Sam

Rosicky against Spurs! Don’t you remember John C?

He’s earned his respect from the fans.

John C

Scoring a couple of good goals against Spurs has never been that important to me for me he represents all the worst parts of Wenger’s last decade, over playing, over indulgent, under achieving, and constantly injured


Chamberlain is not that good period. And those are his stats not Blog’s.

I understand offering him a new deal but we are over throwing money at him just as we have over thrown games and chances at him hoping something sticks.

We trusted these guys too much including welbeck and expect the likes of Sanchez and Giroud to cover their massive shortfalls.
And we still blame ozil and co when we lose and turn a blind eye to such stats.

Dave M

that is the sort of deal that results in us not being able to sell players.


No one is saying that those stats are amazing, but let’s put it in context. ozil arsenal stats: ozil first season – 9 assists in prem 2nd season – 5 assists in prep 3rd season – 19 assists in prep 4th season – 9 assists in the prem I’m pretty sure players like Coutinho and David silva average around 7-8 assists a season too (cba to look up their stats). 3rd season aside, ozil has averaged 7-8 assists a season in the premier league, and he has an entire team built around him, plus plays most of the season as… Read more »

Dave M

No one even gets close to ozil in terms of chances created. Now if we could finish…

Dave M

Oh and p.s. you maths is terrible 42/4 = 10.5 assist per season in the EPL

Frank Bascombe

It’s just not fair. People running around printing facts and whatnot.

Tungor Adams

Spot on, Any not rating The Ox is either blind, or doesn’t know 2 things about football. His talent was always massive, now that he gets a run he is growing in confidence quickly – massive

Eric Blair

Exactly. Why anyone would give a backup left back that amount of money is beyond me.


You all forget that he is HOMEGROWN.
Players like Ox, Theo, Wilshere, Gibbs and Ramsey enjoy a certain status at the club. We got lucky with Rob Holding,Iwobi and Bellerin but i don’t think it’s easy to find HOMEGROWN players. Keeping Ox is the right move.
Why do you guys think City paid crazy money for Kyle fucking walker and John stones?????
I wouldn’t sell a guy like Ox especially to our rivals.


He did well recently, but 180k is too much for Ox. AW gambles that the money warrants a consistent or even better performance from him


This is wonderful, no one should complain about his wages when he wants to be sold, cos this is quite serious.

Third Plebeian

I don’t get why Wenger rates him so highly. He’s a good player, but he’s not worth uprooting our wage structure for. If Chelsea are offering £35m, I’d take it and use it to buy Draxler, who is a better player, IMHO.


I agree 100%


I agree too. But i fear we sell for $35M and don’t buy a replacement, or worse yet but someone unheard of from Valencia or Udinese.


Who will be suggested by StatDNA. So Wenger won’t play him anyway. Already seen this movie…

Dave M

I’ve heard that Gabriel guy at Valencia is pretty decent. Can even play a little centre back when required

nacho man

me too


Our wage structure is going to get blown up no matter what as there is so much money in the pl nor


Sell ox and buy barkley

Sir H

Agreed, but will £35m get you Draxler in today’s absurd market, I don’t think so!


Sure, but who says Draxler will agree to come to Arsenal? Pretty confident he wouldn’t.

Anthony 49stillunmatched

One of our possible trump cards is that he loves playing with Mesut Ozil.

John C

It’s not about how highly he rates him it’s about his ego. He can’t stand the fact that three of our most important players want to leave because they don’t believe in him

Anthony 49stillunmatched

I have always liked the Ox he has great skill and is often virtually unplayable as illustrated during the first half at home to Bayern last season. However his decision making is very poor. In fact the long term injury he sustained a couple of seasons ago in the Champions League against Barcelona (late tackle by Mascherano) was due to his not releasing the ball early enough to a player in a better position. As much as i would like him to stay i don’t think he is worth £180 a week. I would rather take the money even if… Read more »

It Is What It Is

We cannot have it both ways. Wenger got us used to wage structure, now he’s adapting to compete (stay alive), and we’re stuck? We haven’t agreed a new deal with Mesut (I feel he’ll renew)….Do we forget that Draxler and Mesut speak? Do we think Draxler wants a wage cap? Glad we’ve got Per. £35m is not getting Draxler, after we refused to sell them Alexis. £55-70m might….that’s what happens when Stones, Walker, Sterling go for £50m+. Thing with Draxler is that he’s lightweight…gna need to survive all sorts of GBH and ABH. Even Ozil had to bulk up. That’s… Read more »

It Is What It Is

I really should make an effort to read comments below before typing…would save me time.


Wenger – The market is difficult to buy players.

Wenger & Arsenal – Hi Ox, here’s 180k a week contract for scoring 9 goals in 130 games over the last five years.

The absolute state of our club. Does anybody know what they are doing?


This is an absolute desperate move from the club. Like Sanchez & Ozil, they’ve had at least 18 months to sort this out and they haven’t, now they’ve been backed into a corner and offered a ridiculous contract to save face. It also shows how weak & unimaginative we are. We’ve basically offered this deal as the Manager hates transfers and cannot be arsed to try and find a better replacement. He’s rather placate Oz the actually do his job to improve the team. Gazidis, Dick Law & Josh Kroenke are also guilty, who on earth is okaying this contract… Read more »

Third Plebeian

Is the Ox the New Dribbly McNoscore? Ah, Hleb.

Hereford gooner


Third Plebeian

I guess the other thing worth keeping in mind is that sometimes papers tell lies. The Telegraph isn’t immune from publishing a wind-up.


Being reported by multiple sources including John Cross. All saying 180k and sold if doesn’t agree. possible it’s made up but seems unlikely


180k for the ox is utter madness. Decent player but the highest paid at the club? Absolutely no way.but if he doesnt sign then he must be sold, sanchez i understand that we keep him to his contract even though we should have sorted 18 months ago,as without him this season and no replacements we will be fucked.
But to let the ox run out his contract as if hes irreplaceable is utter bolox, he doesn’t deliver often enough to warrant that.
What a total shambles of a football club we have become.


180k is more than what lewandowski, ribery, and robben earn, no?

Third Plebeian

John Cross isn’t exactly the gold standard of reliability either.


John Cross is another in a long line of self serving shitstirrers. I wouldn’t trust him to sit the right way on a toilet.

Hereford gooner

I doubt this is a lie. What seems apparent is that agents now use a pretty crude system for making wage demands on behalf of their client. They place a value on the player and divide that figure by the length of their proposed contract. Ox is valued at 35m. 180k a week multiplied by 52 weeks multiplied by 4 years is £37m give or take. I suppose it sort of makes sense in their absurd world

nacho man



well at least the news gave me a good laugh this morning. More nuts than a park of squirrels.

bob davis

It’s a pretty big mess and I can only think Arsene has allowed this to happen.

Contract negotiations should taken out of Arsene’s hands.

Jovis Drokker

FUCKING WHY?!? Blogs and James were right, if we bought a player this unproductive and then offered him those kind of wages we would all be absolutely baffled and pissed off. I can’t get my head around this whatsoever.

Arsene\'s handkerchief

Just no, nothing else to add.


This is madness. He’s not worth that. Not in the sense that a footballer shouldn’t be paid a sum like this, but that he really isn’t a good enough player to warrant this. What does he actually do? Take on defenders and dribbles it over the sideline. His end product is poor and for those suggesting he’ll develop into a top player, the same was said about him two years ago and nothing has changed. Another player like Walcott who sporadically plays well but generally isn’t good enough to be starting for Arsenal. As bonkers as Wenger is when it… Read more »


Problem is we alll know there will be no replacement as we take 1,000 years to make any transfer… I am also worried that he might actualy come good in years to follow, which would be a annoying after the time and money we invested in him. Nevertheles he is not worth the 180k mentioned, would rather sell him and risk him to shine elsewhere :/


What do you mean? The way everyone talks about Ox he’s turned the corner. Now is the time to sign him to a new contract to tie him down for the future. Next year he’ll get 250,000 per week if we don’t tie him down now.


I’d argue his end product has improved. Seemed obvious last season that he’d worked hard on his crossing – demonstrated by the fact that he’s now a free kick taker. It’s basic though – always pissed me off that Sagna (for instance) would get down the right and then almost hiccough a pathetic attempt at a cross in. What do you do all day??! Just PRACTICE! But more importantly for me is this notion of him being a CM. He’s from a footballing family, who the hell is advising him that he’s CM material? He’s a dribbler, not a distributor.… Read more »


At the end of the Stoke game Oli was clear in the middle and Ox did his usual stupid head down strike into the side netting, followed by that stupid smirk he gets. He is a player who contributes nothing to the team except a few self-serving flashy dribbles to the corner flag. He cost us a point in that game. He should be shown the exit door for as much as we can get, because he won’t be improving any team any time soon. It would also serve as a lesson for Walcott and Ramsey who will be the… Read more »


And in another few years when he hasn’t delivered he will be impossible to sell because of his rediculas wages.
Welcome to the asylum

Gooner Sam

If and a big if this is true, this stinks of desperation. I know the invincibles was a once in a life time moment but wow how far have we fallen


“Makes me sick, motherfucker, how far we done fell” – Bunk Moreland


I’ve been bingeing The Wire the last cupla days.

Stringer Bell

Say what

Donald\'s Trump


nacho man


Frank Bascombe

Omar wasn’t too impressed.


because everyone else banging in 9 goals in 200 matches is on 180k a week, right? That would be put Giroud on like 500k/week.

Third Plebeian

I think if the rest of the players saw Ox on £180k a week, they would lose their shit.


exactly, because if this were true, they’d have to give pretty much everyone this side of Nelson a 3x raise. I like him and all but if Chelsea really offered 35m, we can’t take that offer fast enough.

Faisal Narrage

It’s a ridiculous offer, but I’m not keen on arseblog trying to influence to make us ten against Ox and make him into a bad guy (something this site routine does whenever any Arsenal player decides he wants to leave).

Doesn’t sit right with me.


How so?
By showcasing his statistics and revealing the truth that Chamberlain is an overrated player who has contributed little in 200 games and doesn’t warrant a contract anywhere near these figures.
People can make up their own minds on it. Nobody is forcing an opinion that he is a bad guy.

Stuck on repeat...

Can we have Ramseys stats? There you’ll find an bang average player too that gets more game time than he deserves.

I agree that this anti-Ox stance is bs. Is he worth paying that ammount – probably not. Not sure that was what he was seeking anyway tbh, & if the club actually ro offer it then exactly what is he supposed to do? “Oh, no sorry I couldn’t. That’s way too much. Thank you all the same”?

The club’s a complete shambles at the minute.


In one season ramsey produced more goals than in ox’s 6 years!


And that was four years ago, mate.


On top of what Garrett says AR usually plays a deeper role most of his career. I know he played on the wing too. Ox has mostly played on the wing and just like DW he can’t score and his decision making is atrocious. At least DW is doing everything else we ask from him.


Yeah, it’s Arseblog’s fault people are starting be skeptical of Ox. Not the fact that he’s 24 and still hasn’t put together a solid season from start to finish


Last year he was pretty good almost all year.

Donald\'s Trump

He really wasn’t. He was just OK.


The whole team was a shambles but in comparison he was excellent when he played from Oct-Nov time onward.

Viraj @ gooner4life....

This is pure desperation from the board. If the rumours r true indeed, I’d sell Ox n maybe get Draxler in. Only gonna make our team better.

Terry Henry

Such average stats

Stuck on repeat...

See Ramsey…or Welbeck…or…


Just about the whole team

Donald\'s Trump

Can only find Ramsey’s league stats and they’re much better considering he plays Arsene Wenger’s version of a central midfield role (ahead of CF)

212 appearances
30 Goals
32 Assists

I think we should sell Welbeck so can’t be bothered to look his stats up.

Crash Fistfight

Let’s give Thierry Henry a new contract – his stats were amazing.

Godfrey Twatsloch

I’m in no doubt of his potential because I’ve seen glimmers of it but if he actually was meant to be “one of the big English players” it would already have happened a couple of years ago. If he thinks Chelsea will tolerate his on and off form like Arsenal has then I suggest he try his luck with them.

A different George

Is there any reason to believe that this story is true? Does this Telegraph writer have a reputation for getting it right? Have his stories in the past few years usually/sometimes/rarely turned out to be accurate?


This is just beyond ridiculous. Let’s be honest, Ox is a squad player who looks makeshift in any position he plays and has never really looked “world class” or even really lived up to the hype that has surrounded him for much of his Arsenal career. If he wants to go and there are offers anywhere near the £35m being thrown about we should snap it up in an instant. That money can be far better spent elsewhere and if we’re going to go mad with wages I’d rather we focused our efforts on key players rather than bit part… Read more »


But the money won’t be spent elsewhere. we’re going to sell the Ox, and maybe others, and bring no one (good) in before Sept 1, you watch.



lovely arse

Isn’t Kolasinac on £150,000/week?

Stringer Bell

He is apparently and Lacazette 200 grand a week but never let anything get in the way of a good story


What does it matter what he’s on? They have proven themselves up to this point in their careers. Ox hasn’t proved anything but in short spurts. If he actually is offered and accepts this contract in 1-2 years everyone is going to complain lol the new Walcott.

Lord Bendnter

I don’t think the club would be offering him this much. I think it is the Ox, and not Mustafi, who will be leaving this transfer window. So who will we sign to replace him? I would like to think of a bigger name such as Draxler, however, don’t be surprised if some good ol’ “Internal Solutions” glue is applied instead.

Godfrey Twatsloch

So frustrating if it’s true. It’s not Mustafi we need to sell. And the same for Gabriel although he’s already long gone of course. Meanwhile the Jenkinsons and Debuchys remain on the books. For fucks sake!

Ox, Walcott, Campbell, Jenks, Debuchy, Wilshire, Gibbs…RAUS!

Donald\'s Trump

Diaby is available on a free


and Kallstrom’s playing again in Sweden. I think even his back is better too.
Oh God you have to laugh or you’d cry. Like a lot going on at the moment.


Kallstrom was quality what little he played for us though. Great for set pieces. We should have kept him on another season or two.

lovely arse

The Ox must be doing something in training that has Wenger convinced.


20 goals in 198 appearances??? Fuck that… sell him and use the money to buy a proper winger or the centre midfielder we’ve been screaming out for since Viera left the club. Ffs Arsenal pull your fingers out



Crash Fistfight

We could buy them in January?


This is madness


I’m fine with this if we keep him as the RW/RWB and sell or put him above Walcott. He’s clearly at his best running at fullbacks and it just doesn’t work on the left for whatever reason.


This suggests the club will be sold in the next 2 years


Another Walcott, after he got a good salary he will back to his inconsistent form as usual.


This is ridiculous if true. Why not use this money towards a bump for Sanchez? Sanchez brings so much end product while Ox brings exciting dribbling but almost no goals or assists. He’s barely worth half that wage in our current wage structure


We are already offering a humongous bump for Sanchez, and he’s not interested in signing it, obviously.

Crash Fistfight

Yep, it might just be that money isn’t all that matters to these players. Having a chance of winning a major trophy and/or enjoying playing might be important, too.


I’d sell him just to see kolasinac at fucking left wing back for 20 minutes.

He’s had long enough to mount a serious first team challenge. If £35m is really on the table, both he and us are better off. He obviously wants out and there are more cost effective backup wingback/whatever for Arsenal.


Hello Sam, from Sam. I’m the other Sam. Should I be Sam2? 🙂


It’s a joke. We are witnessing the end of all rationality. I want to vent but I cba. I don’t see the point anymore.


We are up shit creek without a paddle. Wenger letting us down again. How can he say that he’s happy with his current squad when he can’t shift the dead wood, ozil and Sanchez won’t sign, mustafi jumping ship and ox the same and Gabriel gone already. Then comes out with shite like’we need to integrate younger players in to the squad’. It would be more in his line if he actually tried to improve it instead of talking dribble. I can’t see anything better than a mid table finish at present

Angry Gooner

If he wants to go then let him go. Fed up with the transfer window and public contract negotiations. Sell him and be done. Same thing for Theo, Gibbs, Debuchy, Jack, Perez (unfortunately)…


What’s the poo rating on this one Andrew?


Turn it down Ox and piss off to Chelsea.
You’ll be playing for West Ham in 2 years time .
And we’ll probably get a better replacement like Draxler.






Because I have the (perhaps misguided) instinct that you should yell at delusional people to get through to them. And because I find the idiotic groupthink of the Arsenal fan base extremely frustrating these days.


I’m backing Arsene on this one.
This is the crazy world we live in.
I seem to rate The Ox a lot more than most.
Neither Gerrard or Lampard were prolific until they were 25.
He’s at a good age, I think it’s imperative we keep him.


Agreed. But he’s going to turn it down (obviously if we had offered anything CLOSE to that to him a year ago, or even in the middle of the season last year, he would have almost certainly taken it, but we waited until this bloody SUMMER to offer him a contract extension; surprise surprise he decided he’d prefer to move on). And we’re going to sell him for 35m (pocket change in this market for a 24 year old England international) to one of our main rivals. And he’s going to be a big improvement on their starting RWB (a… Read more »

Spanish Gooner

Gerrard won the Champions League as Liverpool Captain at 24


….thats a lot


This seems so unlikely, I’m struggeling to believe it. We have trouble offloading certain players, supposedly because their wages are too high, and then we go and make Ox the top earner at the club because he has potential? It’ so far out. Could it be the Ox’s representation flashing some twisted, double bluff, gamesmanship?


Wtf??????!!!!! Let him leave… not worth it, way too inconsistent for my likes.


Really surprised that AFC appear so determined to keep him. Rarely provides a match changing performance and regularly substandard. Move him on to cfc.


Come Sunday, this is all gonna be a load of bollox.
The stubborn Wenger, will put Nacho in the middle again, why?, because, thats why.
Kolasnikov will play central as well, why?, because, thats why.
Leaving Ox on the right and Hector on the left.
Give Ox 140,000 to be part of a defense that will be ripped to shreds…….I mean , with respect, Liverpool are not Leicester or Stoke, and they even fucked us over at the back.
Whats the point of these articles?

Brendan from NY

Bellerin is purportedly one of the best rb prospects in the world, and i think ox has been out playing him going back to last year. He is a very versatile player. 180 is crazy, and i was ready to get rid of him last year, but wheb this team was struggling last season, next to sanchez, i think he was our best player


He is garbage! A good left back could actually cross the ball decently, and actually pass it around the outside a defender instead of trying to push it inside! He would have never been successful at barca he doesn’t posses the passing skill level they desire


sorry a good right back!


Completely agree with Brendan.


This is horrible business all around! By this standard Giroud, Walcott, Welbz could easily demand 200k plus now!


If they deserve it, why not? Fact is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is a young England international with a good future. He is also in demand. If Welbeck, Giroud and Theo can do well enough to be in demand, the club will have to weigh the cost of letting them go, via a visa paying what they want and make the decision. Let’s remember Ox has only really ever had a productive season with Arsenal, in the 2016/17 season, and late into the season too. If he now feels he doesn’t need the club anymore and will want out, irrespective of the… Read more »


Not sure how they can justify that offer with what Ox delivers. Seems like we’ve now reached a point where we’re begging middle-of-the-pack players to play for us. This does not bode well. Feels like the club is falling apart ….


That’s because the cost of average players now tops £40m, net of wages and bonuses. It makes sense to pay high on wages and avoid sign on fees when the subject is a 24 year old whose star is on the rise (so long as he is fit).

However, if he won’t sign such a doubling of his current pay, we should sell.

John C

Has the feel of a planted story to make Ox look like the bad guy when we sell him in the next week.

At what point does the message sink into the clubs hierarchy that the likes of Ox, Sanchez and Ozil don’t believe in Wenger and his methods and is the reason why they won’t commit?


Spot on


I will agree with Wenger, Ox need to realize that Arsenal have exercised a lot of patience with him. Let him think before he made a terrible decision like Alexander Helb.


Theo Walcott 266 Premier league apperances for arsenal 65 Goals 43 Assist in 10 seasons
Oxelade Chamberlain 131 Apperances 9 goals 14 assist in 6 seasons

Someone asked these are the premier league stats of their careers!

Stuck on repeat...

Theo’s a striker / winger – he’s supposed to score goals. Ox has been played all over the shop consistently. Granted, I would have liked to see greater “assists” for the Ox. Ox seems to give a damn, not sure any of us can say the same about Theo.

I don’t believe the Ox is worth what is being quoted, but by no means is he as bad as many are trying to make out either.


There’s more to football than goal/assists stats. Anyone with half a brain, one working eye, and any kind of basic understanding of football can see that Theo Walcott is an incredibly one-dimensional, limited footballer, and that the Ox has way more (granted, largely unfulfilled) talent and potential.

Are Chelsea and Liverpool, or indeed any other half decent PL or top European club, remotely interested in Theo, despite the fact that he’s been in and out of our team for 2+ years now? No, no they’re not. Tells you something.

The Doctor

Why we still have Walcott is beyond me. Think of the quality you could add for £140k per week. And what happened to clearing out the squad this summer? 2 more seasons of this Arsene/al decline left…..


Yeah, great move, Arsenal. What happens if he doesn’t reach his potential? Then we are stuck with deadwood at 180k£, that’s what. I’m sure a 9 goals in 198 matches attacking winger of 24 years old will suddenly turn world class in 1 year.


Gareth Bale?
Ronaldo didn’t find consistency until he was 23.
Messi a once in a lifetime talent didn’t have his breakthrough season until he was 22/23.
Gerrard+Lampard weren’t consistent scorers until they were 25.
Ox has just turned 24.

I’d trust Arsene’s judgement on this one.
Ox was our best player at the backend of last season.
And I think he was our best player in both our games this season, despite playing out of position.
This is the age where players start finding consistency.
My only worry is were offering him £180k p/w? To play LWB lol

Spanish Gooner

Gareth Bale moved from Left Back to Left Wing so of course his stats weren’t great until that move Ronaldo scored 9 Premier league goals aged 20, more than Ox has in his career to date Messi scored 17 goals in 36 aged 19 Gerrard won the CL as captain aged 24 and him and Lampard were both CMs so there is no reason why they would be scoring regularly Ox as a RWB imo is fantastic. Better than Bellerin in the last 12 months because he doesn’t necessarily need to score lots of goals from that position. If he… Read more »


Holy Sh… You guys are really sth .. He played maybe 80% of his game time at ridiculous positions at such an age and you turn on his G/A STATS ?! ROFL The propaganda is real … Also .. just name me a season with him starting more than 20 EPL games please.


Just to reiterate the facts, Arsenal do no need Ox Services – When Carzola Comes back he would be moved to the bench Arsenal will move back to the 4-3-3 and there is no place for him in the 4-3-3


So that’s one entirely unjustified claim and one outright false claim offered up as “facts”. Thanks for that. How many times are you going to repeat yourself on this one thread?


If the plan is to keep him just so we can play one of the world’s finest right-backs out of position every week, well, frankly, Chelsea are welcome to him.


Bellerin has great potential but he is not yet one of the world’s finest right backs, and he’s been struggling for his best form for pretty much the entirety of 2017.


If the Ox is offered 180k, then Alexis and Ozil surely would be asking for 400k a week.


Well, butter my bollocks.


WTF. No way. This guy followed by welbeck. Adios amigos.

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