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Report: Wilshere joins Perez on Newcastle shopping list

According to the Mirror, Newcastle United are still interested in signing Lucas Perez and are also keeping tabs on Jack Wilshere.

Rafael Benitez has already spoken about his interest in Perez, however, he’s been told he’ll have to stump up at least £13.4 million for the Spaniard to seal a permanent move. Arsenal haven’t ruled out a loan deal for the former Deportivo La Coruna as they look to trim both their head count and wage bill. It’s suggested that Premier League new boys Brighton are also interested.

Wilshere’s future at the Emirates also remains in doubt with Arsene Wenger unable to promise the England international regular first team football. The 25-year-old has one eye on next summer’s World Cup and could call time on his nine-year Arsenal career in order to build on the regular match time he got at Bournemouth on loan last season.

The Sun reports that Wilshere, who suffered a fractured leg at the tail-end of the last campaign, believes he’s fit enough to return to first team action but that Arsene Wenger is keeping him on the sidelines.

Arsenal would prefer to sell Wilshere this summer rather than lose him on a free in 11 months time and are asking for £20 million. Whether Newcastle are willing to splash such a sum on a player with such a worrying injury record, remains to be seen.

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He’d in get in so much trouble on nights out up there


Jackwil Shore


I have a hard time believing people like the people in that programme really exist


I have a hard time caring.


Jack should go abroad, a lot of stories about clubs in Serie A intersted in him, I swear I read somewhere that Juve’s name was in the hat too. So thats where I would be looking to go if I were him. A slower tempo league where he is going to get on the ball a lot. Hopefully the slower tempo would allow him to build up a decent base level of fitness and in time over come all of the niggly stuff he seems to keep picking up playing in the Premier League. I think last years Bournemouth experiment… Read more »


If I have stuff I don’t use anymore I either put it on eBay, take it to the charity shop or throw it out.


Very interesting. Are you calling Wilshire rubbish ?. You are really so toxic.


In fairness Rich said “if I have stuff I don’t use anymore…..” which is a fair assessment


Where did I use the word rubbish?
He has less than one yr left on his deal.
We can’t possibly warrant a new deal.
He needs to play.
And our squad is bursting at the seams.
I’m merely suggesting that one mans surplus is another man’s treasure.

Lord Bendnter

Can see him going for 10m

Godfrey Twatsloch

15 for Perez, 10 for Jack, 25 million in our coffers and two players off the wage bill. I reckon all parties would be happy with that.


Sounds about right

Bould\'s Eyeliner

Personally I think Jack will improve by leaving. There seems to be some kind of mental barrier to his growth here and I feel it makes him act rashly.

Gunner Red

I would have no problem or regrets with that happening. In fact, it’s what I would hope would happen.


Can’t see us getting 15 million for Perez. Don’t think he is worth that much anyway. 10 million for Wilshere is a good gamble for a PL club.

Fireman Sam

Disagree. From what I’ve seen if Perez he’s easily worth 15m in this market

Clive St Helmet

Don’t forget the homegrown premium. A fit and healthy Jack Wilshere is easily worth £20m+ to a side looking to meet their homegrown quota.


Fit and healthy he’s worth more but at best he’s a gamble isn’t he, sadly


20m? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Everyone knows we are desperate to sell,
he has an injury record that would make Darren Anderton wince,
he has 1 year on his contract,
our negotiations team is a cross between the keystone cops and Cartman.


You’re breaking my balls man!


10m to Newcastle?,
given their owner is tighter then Scrooge McDuck, I suspect we’re looking at an offer of 1m and some old match programmes, related to appearances


I never wanted wilshere to end like this..i still remember cazorla’s 1 season and how wilshere came back after injury and lightned up our end run along with rosicky..That ‘ shere will’ power banner, all that future arsenal captain gone in smoke ?


Still have the feeling it was more his attitude than his injuries that cost him his Arsenal future. He’s still young, Wenger always stood by injury prone players if he had the feeling they deserved it. It seems he doesn’t feel Jack has deserved it. And to be honest, I kinda get where he’s comming from.


He kind of did it to himself. He should really have stayed back at Arsenal last season and fought for his place. The loan move completely back fired. All the best to him though.

Clive St Helmet

I’m not certain it was such a bad choice. It was a gamble that didn’t pay off. Imagine if he’d gone on loan, gained fitness, looked sharp and played really well. He’d have come back rightly expecting to get games.


Like Szczesny and Chambers you mean?


This probably isn’t gonna be popular but if we can get about 25M for both we should take it, free up squad space and money for a first 11 CM, that’s our key area for improvement. Everyone wanted Jack to be our saviour but it ain’t happening, his fitness is an overwhelming problem and he made it clear he didn’t have the heart for a fight last season


Sounds fair. I think 13-15 m is fair for Perez but I don’t think teams will be willing to splash 20m for Wilshere given his injury record.
Might be possible in the form of bonuses tied to his appearances for them.

Mesut Ozzle

Completely agree, but I’m a bit worried we won’t actually try and bring anyone in

Godfrey Twatsloch

I’d love Perez and Wilshire at Newcastle next time they face the Spuds and thump them thoroughly. One or two goals for Lucas set up by an on form Jack who runs Spud defenders ragged. An Arsenal victory by proxy.

Kai Everlasting Gooner

Meanwhile I dont mind any team as long they kick spuds arse


If nothing works out for Perez, we should think of letting him go on loan to Newcastle. I hope he will come useful to us that way by taking points of our rivals.


I think we will wait to try and get the best price which is correct (Going from how some people criticise us for the sale of Szsc)

But we have to be realistic too and clubs know we need to shed :

Campbell 6-8m
Perez 12-14m
Jack 6-8m
Jenkinson 4-5m
Gibbs 8-10m
Debuchy (just take him) – 6m

That’s about 40m on the low end.

Original Paul

Loan them both out job done.


Anyone worried about the latest Sanchez rumours? Apparently he’s in Paris to agree terms with PSG. Reports also suggest we’ve given up on Lemar, and Wenger is only interested in selling now. We’ve only spent £50m which will probably be a net spend of around £0.00 by the time we’re done. That’s not good enough if you’re serious about winning the league.


Nope, not worried about rumor.


No. He has probably gone there with his new girlfriend.

PSG can’t possibly comply with FFP if they spend any more.


He’s not for sale so negotiations can take place. End of story


I mean cannot

Toure motors

More worried about his links to 80’s chanteur and dodgy mullet man Richard Marx to be honest


Jack, Cesc, Song … remember the days?
If he wants out, let him go.
He does not contribute like Sanchez does so let’s not have him leave for nothing.


They were a good midfield in a good Arsenal side that outperformed the recent sides, both domestically and in Europe, although the PL has become more competitive. Two of them hardly play (where is Song?) and Cesc struggles for a starting role, how times change.


He gets one at Chelski right now. Well, he did until the red card kicked in!! ?


Based on what I saw in this mornings match, toon need some serious reinforcements in every position. They could do with most of surplus players (gibbs, jenks, perez, and wilshere). That club has no spine and zero height.


They can be Arsenal B. Can loan them a few youngsters as well.


They already have Hayden so that’s a start


Not sure they’re gonna get much height from our players tho


Bulk deal. Half a cheese sandwich. With a pickle.


Dont know if I missed something but what exactly is behind all the hate that Wilshere is getting from the fanbase? He is a homegrown player who has come through the academy and has always played well when given a chance. More than that he has always shown spirit on the field which is something so desperately lacking in the rest of the team. The club gave 10 years to Diaby in which he played only 120 odd times and was only let go when he was almost 30. Bendtner was tried on for almost 10 years too. Jack is… Read more »

Arse head

Wouldn’t call it hate, majority of us fuckin loved the lad. Just hasn’t worked out for him sadly.


It hasn’t worked out for so many others who are not being shown the door. A lot of people up there seem to blame Wilshere even though I don’t really remember him ever not giving his 100% on the pitch. Which is more than can be said for so many others. He has had pathetic luck with injuries. Doesn’t that make him deserving of sympathy rather than the criticism he is getting? Over the last decade we have maintained players with far far less talent and far far less connection to the club. Don’t see why Wilshere should be cut… Read more »


Don’t think he’s getting hate. Seems like he’s distanced himself from the club more recently and the signs are similar from the club. Given he has contributed minimally in last couple of years and decided to go on loan when he could’ve been more patient, fans seem to have accepted that and given up on himm


I can see rafa coming back for Gibbs. Newcastle lost their left back today. Coukd see him and jack there. 20m for both is about all we will get. Jacks career has stalled badly. Cant see perez heading north.


I would throw in Ox, Gibbs and a box of sports mixture for good measure. #deadwood


Isn’t the Ox situation a little interesting? In some ways he divides opinion like Rambo. The Rambo haters on this forum are all very quiet regarding his return (albeit slowly, but surely) to form. His skillful, brave powering home of the crucial equalizer appreciated perhaps begrudgingly even by those who happily rubbish him at every opportunity. And now we have the Ox……….. Player ratings from friday night wouldn’t inspire him to kick on. Why such poor ratings? Analyse it and it comes down to the “final ball” problem. But in all other areas he was standout……..power, energy, skill, dribbling ……he… Read more »

Fireman Sam

I agree – Ox has serious talent, and could turn into a really top player. At the very least he’s a very useful squad player to have.


I’d like to see us bite the bullet on Jack, he’s had more than his fair chance to make top grade. Maybe some of it has been unlucky but, well, if playing in the PL in this day and age is his low point, he’ll do alright.

Move on Perez, Gibbs, Chambers if you must and get us in a CB and CM


We got £10M for Sczcesny and are asking £20M for Wilshere. Umm ok..?


there was a time wilshere was thought yo be 50m worth…now selling him in around 10-15m seems like a good idea…and hope the perez deals sorts out quickly … dont want to see such talent waste just like that

John C

We’re not getting £13.4m for Perez or £20m Wilshere as as things stand only one of them if either will make our premier league squad


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Da Oli G Show

We’re thin at midfield, no need to sell Wilshire. You won’t get much money in return for him, and that money won’t be used on a replacement anyway. Keep him, play him when he is healthy, you might get 20 good games out of him at a position of need. Compared to the ten million you’d get for selling him that won’t be spent on a new player anyway. Debuchy should have been sold off the minute the window opened. Gibbs, Jenkinson and Lucas should have been sold off in July. If we had moved those 4 then we wouldn’t… Read more »

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