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Wenger lays down gauntlet to Ox ahead of crunch talks

Arsene Wenger says Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has a responsibility to stay at Arsenal and to carry on the club’s values given the time, money and confidence that has been invested in him.

The England international is in the final 11 months of his contract at Arsenal and has been linked with a move to Chelsea and Liverpool having so far refused to sign a new deal.

Speaking about the situation ahead of a meeting with the player today, the boss reiterated his desire to keep hold of all his players and particularly the Ox, who he thinks will be one of England’s best players.

“We have our agendas that are quite busy but we do not publish them,” replied Wenger when asked about a meeting with the 24-year-old that has been leaked to the press.

“Some people outside the club look better informed than I am. I don’t know really. My secretary has my diary, my agenda, I’ll check what I have to do today.”

He continued: “I want Alex to stay at the club and to be one of the big players of the future of this club. He’s one of the players this team needs to be built around in the future.

“Personally, I want him to commit to the club and to be one of the carriers of the values of our team.”

Wenger refused to be drawn on whether a bid had been lodged for Chamberlain from rival clubs, but he did reiterate why he thinks the midfielder should sign a new deal.

“I want to keep my best players, I just told you. I have only one target and that’s to keep everybody on board. We invested a lot of time and confidence and money in players like Alex Chamberlain who we bought at a young age.

“For me, they have a responsibility for the future of this club. Alex Chamberlain will be one of the big English players in the coming years and I personally am highly determined to keep him here at the club. I hope he will commit.”

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Let’s hope he stays or we get a decent amount for him (once Coutinho goes from Liverpool for a fortune, for example) so long as we get a replacement. Shame about Lemar.


If he is that important, why was his contract left this long?,
absolutely beggars belief…….


If memory serves, we have been trying to negotiate a deal with him for a year or so (ie. 2 years before his current deal expires).

Remember back then, in 2015/16, he started only 9 PL games, played 925 minutes, scored 1 goal and made 0 assists.

And thats why…
I hope he signs…

Heavenly Chapecoense

Wenger is talking of Ox as though he was the new Messi. To fool Chamberlain lower his demand, Wenger is saying anything that comes to his mind. Building the team around Ox? The guy doesn’t even show any leadership at all, not even loyalty and is by no means top top top quality.


Your comment is the perfect example of the great hypocrisy that surrounds Arsenal Football Club. Had we signed the Ox to a long lucrative contract, uninformed people like yourself will be out in force moaning about the wasted wages on an unproven talent as soon as he gets an injury or has a bad game. Arsenal have played this one correctly and seem to have offered him great terms. Support the club, not the negative and endless agendas that the media thrive on.


Sadly a lot of our players only perform and stay fit only when their contract is running out. Even Walcott was in the form of his life and his 140k contract looked like a bargain for us.


Wenger has to be criticised for this. A lot of players feel comfortable when they have long contracts knowing full well there is no way Wenger will get rid of them. He is too nice. Mou or Ferguson wouldn’t have put up with it.


I heard Walcott is making 250,000/week. would that make your argument stronger?


How is the Ox being unable to provide any real consistency or end product over the course of his Arsenal career down to uninformed fans? He has failed to convince over the course of years, and at 24, we don’t seem any closer to him turning into a player worthy of a large contract extension. Those are generally awarded to players whose contributions the club have grown to rely heavily upon. Against the projected contributions of a player expected to replace him, Arsenal would very likely see minimal difference, meaning that the contributions from Chamberlain are unworthy from a footabling… Read more »

Delusionally Yours

RockOfGilberto that… has nothing to do with his argument.


Completely agree, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.


“For me, they have a responsibility for the future of this club. Alex Chamberlain will be one of the big English players in the coming years and I personally am highly determined to keep him here at the club. I hope he will commit.”
I wholeheartedly disagree with all of this along with a majority of what Wenger says now.

Toure motors

Couldn’t agree with you anymore. Ox has shown the very slightest glimpses of promise in the first two games of the season and he’s suddenly the chosen one. English football should be even more worried if he’s one of their future big stars


I’d be seriously gutted to lose him. I think he’s made giant strides particularly in his defensive game. I think if we revert to to 4-2-3-1? Bellerin and Ox down our right would be a good combination. They’re both young, Bellerin has committed and if we get the Ox as well? We’ve nailed down our right hand side for the next 5yrs at least. His goals+assists tally improved last yr, I think it will again this season. I honestly think Ox could could have a sudden rapid rise in the game similar to Gareth Bale. He’s certainly got all the… Read more »

Samuel Peeps

Ok I was with you until the Bale bit. I hope he stays too though, he’s just starting to deliver on his potential and he’s had a decent start to the season. Needs to have a good spell injury free.

Cultured determination

My thoughts exactly. Was sipping my cup of coffee and nodding my head as i read his post, and then the bale thing came up. Now i gotta go take a shower. Clean the coffee stain off. Drats.


I genuinely believe his escalation this season if he stays fit?and played in the correct position? will be rapid.
I’ve always been a big fan, but wondered if it was ever going to come together for him?
There are serious signs that he’s starting to believe in himself and things are starting to click into place.
Watch this space ?


I have to agree with Rich. The Ox has mental issues (no, not that kind!) that if he overcomes, the sky is the limit. Gareth Bale had an atrocious start to his career, but then found his position and became a superstar. Nobody would have imagined that. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ox rose to the next level because he has the ability and has the hunger. He never went hiding last season when many did. Arsenal just need to tie him down and get him back on the right wing. At the same time Wenger is trying to keep… Read more »


Yeah I wouldn’t be surprised that he just stays the same ole Ox. Most likely stay at the level he’s at now.


I understand the Bale comparison but that would take a massive leap in his output really, and it might mean playing the kind of high risk game Wenger seems averse to. More importantly, Ox said after the FA cup final that he doesn’t see himself as a forward and struggles with the off the ball aspects of the role. He prefers to have the game in front of him, hence CM and R/LWB

Bendtner\'s ego


Hahah! Ox has to learn how to score consistently first. He’s bagged a total of 9 league goals since ’11-12


If we revert to 4-2-3-1 with Bellerin at RB with Ox in front of him? So basically a repeat of the 15-16 season where Ox had his chance to step up in that position but completely blew it and couldn’t help us sustain a challenge against Leicester City for the title? Sorry if I’m not exactly sold on the prospect of that set-up again for this season.

Heavenly Chapecoense

No way, Gareth Bale knows where the goal is.


My personal take on this matter is, if Sanchez and Ozil were not in the last year of their contract, the boss would not be waxing lyrical and laying down the gauntlet on the Ox. The club would have cashed in and moved on. I think the club thinks out of those 3 who’s contracts are almost up, its the Ox they can “bully” into signing a new contract. Just my two cents on the matter.


I found it rather strange of Wenger to say that he want to build a team around Oxlade-Chamberlain. If he doesn’t sign it will make him look foolish, he lost another key player that was supposed to be the future of this club. Problem is, no one else seems believe that he has the quality to be that player. He has been with us a long time and proved very little. Why would this change all of a sudden? Walcott bagged 21 goals in the 2012/2013 season when he was Oxlade- Chamberlains current age, and still he is gets more… Read more »


This is ridiculous.
Fat Frank didn’t hit double figures until he was 25 and that was his third season at Chelsea.
And then became a regular scorer.
Most players don’t start scoring regularly until 24/25.

Gerrard was the same he was 24/25 when he started consistently hitting double figures.


I have my doubts he will have the same development as Lampard and Gerrard. But if you think he is the future of the club, fine. I don’t really see him developing into that kind of player, just my opinion.


jesus wenger, you really have lost the plot haven’t you, if you think he is that good ( and hes not ) why don’t you play him, the reason he wants to go is because YOU don’t, its that simple play him he stays, don’t play him he goes, why cant you understand that.

Monkey nuts

Must be another Ox Chamber Pot on the team sheet then.


he does play him ALL THE TIME ,Are you really an arsenal fan?when was the last time you ever checked the teamsheet?


Sure, there’s plenty of top managers around who are well-known for fielding the players exactly where the player wants it, regardless of the team’s needs.


Chamberlain is not good enough for Arsenal. He isn’t even good for the national team. But Wenger trained him and wants him to succeed no matter what. In ten years, he’ll still tell us Chamberlain is the future and can succeed and we’ll still be waiting… He shakes the team to accomodate him, putting Bellerin on the left is nonsense. And he doesn’t even see that the player wants out… Why would we keep faith in a player whom the club has given all and who shows his love for the club this way?


I think he’s gone and if we can sign someone to play beside Xhaka (not constantly wandering up the field like Ramsey) then I won’t miss him and his run run run shoooot predictable play.


Someone tells me what happens next time Ramsey is injured and Xhaka suspended


Unfortunately to keep Ox we need to play a 4-2-3-1, with Ox, Rambo and Ozil behind a striker and 2 defensive players, like Xhaka if we can teach him to tackle and one other who can pass and tackle. Because Ox on the wing is a player who drives past players and runs out of idea. But in the centre he’d drive past a player and be in the box. Interestingly, Ox has been offered a few contracts (that we know off) and refused, Alexis is the same (that we know off), and yet we don’t know if Ozil has… Read more »


I really hope the Ox stays, but I kinda fully support him in not signing a new deal when he’s being played out of position, or not at all. If I could get the same money somewhere else, doing a job I actually liked, I’d leave too. Wenger tries to sound all bullish about wanting to keep our best players, but looking back, that hasn’t ever really been the outcome. It’s never just up to him. Barca still deserve to get beaten with a stick for the way they handled Fabregas – not much Wenger “could do” about that, in… Read more »


I don’t get the downvotes.. You’re spot on!


I want to keep the Ox.

But I am interested to hear. What do people think he is worth (£) in todays market?




Would you sign for Wenger?!? Klopp or Conte are far better managers.

Kevin Weaver

If I was Oxlade-Chamberlain’s representatives I’d be telling Wenger that loyalty cuts two ways. Why would the Ox stay at Arsenal when he can go to a club with a modern ambitious manager and earn more!


If Ox doesn’t want to stay, than sell him. If Inter want Mustafi Arsenal must demand at least 45mil. for him in this crazy market. Lemar deal is ‘dead’ now, so concentrate to another target (Draxler, Seri??). Let Perez leave to Deportivo, sell gibbs and debuchy. We need sporting director badly, Wenger is now preparing team for a game and at the same time doing business in market. But of course he will reject any help or advise.

I Am Gunnaaaaa

Too many players close to leaving for free next season. I hope that, if they DO all end up leaving, that it doesn’t leave us financially incapable of restoring a top 4 roster.

Cultured determination

Ox is dicking around and punching above his weight at the moment, relying on potential. Sure, he might burst to phenomena soon… but that was also thouggt of with theo/ jack and a bunch of other players. So hows he worth over 100k per week?
If he doesnt appreciate what the club has done for him ovee the years, then i hope liverpool sells coutinho and parts good money for ox. Oe how bout everton do a last ditch big $ effort for him to boost their english contingent?

Faisal Narrage

One day it’s “players should honour their contracts” next day it’s “he should stay and honour the values of the team”. It’s like Wenger never learns. Hey Wenger, how about next time rather than cater to young players who just desert you later, you pick your squad not just on potential but on PERFORMANCE? You sacrificed other talented young players like Campbell, Gnabry (who highlighted lack of opportunities and being wasted at WBA as reasons for leaving, of which Ox’s place in the squad is directly linked to those decisions) and other like Wellington Silva, who didn’t get a sniff… Read more »


I can see he’s point of view here. He’s played well at CM for us, in games like Milan, Bayern and Chelsea, but we’ve never really considered giving him a proper run there, his preferred position. Personally I think this team could do with that kind of pace, power and ball carrying ability in the middle but that’s up to Wenger.


“the carriers of the values of our team”

Is this the most Wengerian statement ever?

Kostas Greek Gooner

Bellerin > OX
OX > Bellerin
Ox=Bellerin =0


When will Arsenal learn to negotiate new deals with 3 years left, not 2?


Gawd this is such a no brainer


Squad being built around a guy who won’t sign a contract, hasn’t really pushed on since being signed, and we don’t really know which position to play him in. OK.


I’m sure this will get a lot of downvotes but honestly the best thing for Wenger might be the slap in the face of the Ox telling him he no longer believes in Wenger or his vision. Right now playing Ox & Bellerin at wingbacks simply doesn’t work – it forces our best left backs into central defense. Wenger appears incapable of deciding between the two and it’s harming the team. This summer appears to be Wenger simply going back to business as usual post his new contract – no lessons appear to have been learned. Having one of his… Read more »


I think it’s important to remember that we have a lot of CBs out injured or suspended at the moment as well. If Kos was back I’m sure Kolasinic would be first choice LWB. Not sure who’d take the RWB spot but IMO it should go to Ox all day long atm. Agree with the bit about no longer believing in the vision, I think that happened to a lot of players last season before we switched formation. Doesn’t help that Ox wants to play cm but he’s not getting a look there right now


This is an absolute mess. Overpaid players not willing to make way, Lemar’s off, no renewed contracts, first team defenders being shifted!!
What the foock is going on??


Sinking ship…


” I have only one target and that’s to keep everybody on board. ”

Grrrreeeattttt…because somehow this team is actually going to challenge without any new talent added.

So glad he signed for another 2 years.


It’s 2017 and Arsene still talks about loyalty. This is the problem I have been referring to for a while now. He refuses to accept the world has changed and is refusing to change with it.

This is why Arsenal don’t move forward and he is the head of the problem.


perhaps a bit pessimistic but sounds like he’s gone and Arsène is communicating to maximise the fee…
I hope I’m wrong


For Sporting Director/Direction…see Barca.

Many heads better than one.;)


I expect Wenger will keep Ox.

The difference with Alexis is whilst Alexis can attract offshore interest, Ox will strictly go domestic and strengthen one of our rivals.


As mentioned before, a lot of it is out of our hands when it comes to timing. The player (an agent) can see good benefit in not committing too early.

Which is why we can’t get these deals done. There are 3 parties involved, its not as simple as us just offering the player money alone. Other factors may weigh in.

One of the reason why Bellerin and Ox are being played ahead of Kolasinac for example…

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