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Wenger: Sanchez stays, and it’s logical that players should respect contracts

Arsene Wenger has once more reiterated his stance on Alexis Sanchez, insisting the Chilean would be an Arsenal player in September after the transfer window closes.

The Arsenal manager was speaking to beIN Sports where he was asked if the club’s leading goalscorer would be playing his football in North London next season.

“Yes, of course,” he said, before being asked if Arsenal’s stance, similar to that of Liverpool over Philippe Coutinho showed clubs taking back power.

“Well, it’s difficult to say power back,” he said.

“It just looks unusual to the media sometimes that clubs want contracts respected. To me it looks logical so I’m amazed that you are amazed. It’s normal.

“If I sign a contract I respect it. Of course if a club releases me I can somewhere else, but I know when I sign for two years at Arsenal that Arsenal has that contract and I have to respect it.”

Wenger was also asked if there were similarities between the Sanchez situation and that of Diego Costa who has not returned to Chelsea after being told in a text message he wasn’t in Antonio Conte’s plans.

“I have enough problems not to make an assessment on Chelsea’s problems,” he said.

“When you look from outside it’s different. We always wanted to keep Sanchez, and we hope we can extend the contracts of Sanchez, Chamberlain, and Ozil.”

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Arsenal and Arsene staying firm


I think it is idiocy, Sanchez and Ozil don’t need to impress anyone to get a new contract at another club. After Christmas time I expect them to back out of 50:50 challenges and in general not give a shit, especially if the team is struggling or simply not in contention for any trophies. Even worse because Sanchez clearly does not want to be here, he probably does not believe in the team, in Wenger, in the club. Only time will tell, but for me Wenger is talking up a shit sandwich.


I may add there have been tons of clubs knocking the door to sign Ozil. Doesn’t raise any eyebrows??


Wenger: We’re alert every day of the transfer window.29july
Thank you so much.

Third Plebeian

On every, single article. Please for the love of God stop.


Go away


I love the statement “when you look from outside it’s different” that’s what life is all about.

New guy

Also, “I have enough problems not to make an assessment of chelsea’s problems”

Michael Bolton Wanderers

I think we all have enough problems not to make an assessment of Chelsea’s problems

Godfrey Twatsloch

At the same time I don’t have enough problems not to laugh at Chelseas problems as and when they may occur.


Chavs will also do something about their problems. We reward failure

Mein Bergkampf

Greg has no penis.


Your wife likes her face being slapped with it


His can you slap someone with a non-existin penis? That defies physics.

Third Plebeian

Oh, I took that to mean he slaps her with a dismembered penis.


That would be a quite drastic behaviour as far as I am concerned. But each to his own I guess.


Also Greg, what does his wife have to do with it? If they’re better than us come the end of the season they’ll finish above us. That is pretty much it.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Wives finishing above us happens not just at the end of season. It’s pretty much a constant.


Keep it up, children. Why so much focus on a rival who we’ve just beaten to the cup, and at this moment are (at least on paper) ahead of? Support your club and fuck the rest ffs.


Meant to say.. at this moment we are ahead of :/

nacho man

please…in arsene we trust

John Lukic

Why do my comments always get moderated but this guy’s lazy bullshit keeps popping up boring everyone to death? Blogs, please review!

Lord Bendnter

It makes no sense to compare the Diego Costa and Sanchez situations. There’s no similarity whatsoever…

Third Plebeian

They were fishing for a soundbite to stir up animosity with Chelsea. Fairly routine stuff, but no less infantile.


“they are both living”
– jon snow




Somebody was just trying to display his stupidity. Simple.


Well Bendtner tried to respect his. And now Carl, Debuchy and Gibbs


If a player signs a legally binding contract with a club, it’s binding to both club and player. Players can refuse to leave, and clubs can refuse to let players leave. We can’t have one and not the other. The ludicrous part is how it was allowed to reach this stage… he should have had a big offer last summer after last year’s Copa. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again


For years arsene has been prudent with our money and now all of a sudden we can let 3 big players run dowm thier contracts. Its stinks of incompetence. Lets assume all 3 leave at then end of thier contracts as would seem likely if none sign new ones. How nuch will the club have to pay to replace ozil and Sanchez alone in todays market. We are reluctant to spend the money we have now and our need is obvious. What happens next year if we have another poor showing in the league and fall yet further behind the… Read more »

Lack of Perspective

Do you not see that by being prudent, the club is now in a financial state to be able to hold such a position as and when required. Sport first, money later.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Losing 60 millions is always mismanagement for any organization.

Brendan from NY

I really dont understand why everyone thinks we are losing 60 million because we dont want to sell alexis. The cost to replace him is very high. Net, we will spend more than 60 million if we have to replace him next year. Alexis was bought for a fee to do a job for a certain number of years. The money invested in him was expensed/written off already. We did not buy him with tge expectation that after consuming 75% of his contract that we would sell him for close to double what we paid. Now we need him to… Read more »

Brendan from NY

Love the name, hate the comment. Take the fee we paid for alexis 3 years ago. Divide it by four, the intended length of term. The transfer fee over the intended 4 years is roughly 8.5 million per year. Do the same analysis with any big name to move this summer. You will spend 20, 30 million per year of intended term of contract. Selling alexis to replace him at twice the price is not losing money. Its using your own assets wisely so you dont over spend when the market is high

Lack of Perspective

Selling an asset and reinvesting is one thing. Winning competitions to attract them there in the first place is another.


Why not leave the business for the club and lets just support the club in her push for a trophy. The money aint coming to none of us and the trophy is goon be a bragging right #Trophyforplans#


Ok lets see what happens next season when we have to find adequate replacements.
Do you seriously believe the club will spend the sums needed to replace them and maybe add to to the squad over and above those 2 or 3?
You clearly believe that its ok to let these players run down thier contracts. Lets see if you still think that next season my friend

Heavenly Chapecoense

Sanchez was already toxic in the dressing room last year now he is being forced to stay. What does Wenger expect ? Sell him, get the money to buy a replacement. The four teams above us last year did not have Sanchez. It is entirely possible to succeed without Sanchez.


define toxic?


So when Alexis and Ozil last summer were asking for allegedly 250-300 per year most of us were like no way their worth that much. 200 tops and if they don’t want it then we can wait till next summer lol No one was talking about Ox and his contract situation last summer. He was just another injury or inconsistent player not worth the raise he would probably be looking for last summer. We can’t recreate a narrative about what happened last summer. We thought Ozil and Alexis were asking for too much and Ox isn’t worth an extension. In… Read more »


Its all worth the risk bro. For once the club is staking it all for a push this season, I think they need our support. We have always been complaining of the club being insensitive to the fans hunger for trophies and they have decided to let go of the business aspect of the sport rather give a push at winning trophies, cut them some slack on this pls… And remember it was not the club that had not been offering the contract, its the players who have refused to sign ever since. I don’t see any wrong in asking… Read more »


I thought we did make him a big offer last summer?

Heavenly Chapecoense

gooner, I love your comment soooooo much.


Arsene is STILL being asked this by journos? And he didn’t punch anyone? The man must have the patience of an effin’ saint.


Also, come on Gnabry

Third Plebeian

Yeah! Just saw his name on the Hoffenheim team sheet. Also someone called Blcakcic. Those are two very lonely vowels in there.


Are you sure that’s not a typo

My Wig smells cheesy

The 2nd letter is an I rather than an L

Third Plebeian

Ah. Typo on the Guardian page. Fake news!


I don’t know, amazing though it would be if Liverpool don’t make it, their participation in Europe means distraction from the premier league.



Liverpool v Arsenal - Europa League

If they lose this tie, they’ll be in the Europa League with us & AC Milan. Makes it harder for us


Makes me wonder if the ‘talks’ between chamberlain and Chelsea are without Wenger’s consent. Doesn’t sound like Arsene is looking to sell


It doesn’t sound like there are any

Third Plebeian

I also agree that players should respect their contracts. Except for Seri and Lemar, of course!


They are entirely different. They should tell their clubs to fuck off and quite rightly- divinely even.


Seri has a release clause

Third Plebeian

In that case, I hope Arsenal can respect that clause by releasing him.


No need to respect anything just have to go to Nice with a suitcase full of cash


Talk of him going to Barca of course, we might not be his first choice

Also in a WC year he might decide to stay put

Liverpool v Arsenal in Europa League

No need to respect anything or release anyone. Just be nice to Nice and they’ll let us have Seri


Are you seri-ous?

Heavenly Chapecoense

Are you seri-us?

Belfast Gooner

I could be wrong but I think release clauses are illegal in France.

Third Plebeian

It depends on what kind of release you’re after.


If I had a pound for every time Wenger has said Sanchez is staying I’d be a rich man


Even though it never ever happens.


“I am amazed that you are amazed”; a typical Arsene’s reply. This guy gives humanity much more yhan football


He must be one of the most virtuous people alive to deal with such asinine questions on a near daily basis.

Original Paul

Lamb shoulder steak on pitta bread for me with a bit of coleslaw.

Original Paul

Coleslaw out of use by date. Announce Lamar? Throw me a bone here? 🙂

Original Paul

*Lemar ffs!

Third Plebeian

Yeah, that’s definitely the part of your comment that needs clarification…


I don’t know, Hedy Lamar was quite the babe in her day!


Desperation of a clueless manager. We still can’t defend Why they offered sanchez a slight upgrade on his wage last summer is insulting. Crazy sums to us but they live in another world. The fact they kept low balling him has led to this. Our desperation to keep ozil on similar money to sanchez is stupid. Hes less of a player than Sanchez plus no one wants him. We could have bought lemar easily. Monaco told us the price and we keep fucking about again low balling them. They don’t need to sell so won’t accept less than what they… Read more »


Wenger is ace you dismembered penis slapper. We all know his faults after this amount of years so why dont we just enjoy him while we’ve got him. Two years. That’s it. There’ll never be another like him that’s for dammed sure.

John Lukic

Non capitalisation of Arsenal. GREG OUT!


There’s more at stake than you think. The agent gets a cut from moving their players around for big fees. By refusing to sell the club eliminates the agent pressure to sell and keeps their superstar on a low wage for the final year. Then makes a matching salary offer at the end of the contract leaving the player with no reason to go. Its a cat and mouse game, if we do lose Sanchez we still benefit from a maximised statistical chance of Champions league earnings by having 3 superstars and not just 2 in the team for this… Read more »


Huge signing on fee that acts as part of a transfer fee. Can you honestly see arsenal saying to sanchez heres 10m plus 350k a week like city will for example, figures prob even higher?

In an ever inflating market we then need to replace him next summer. How confident are you when we wont pay what monaco want for lemar this summer?


You are right


However the agent will pick up a nice tidy sum when the player signs on a free. Their agents do not want them to sign a contract or get moved. They are eyeing the big contracts in January.


As I said …Ox is not going anywhere. IF anything Alexis is more likely to leave. The last thing we need is to throw another replacement issue into the mix. It would be mental. Alexis to me will have to stay if we do not find an amicable solution (which is NO to City) Ox was one of our most dynamic performers on the day against Leicester. Sure he made some errors in final ball but he drove us forward mercilessly and was involved in the most possession regains, the most successful take ons for the team (You won’t see… Read more »


Alexis situation is 50-50. Depends if he is resolved to PSG and NOT City and then it still depends on PSG.

They have spent a fair amount and will have to consider if they need to reinforce left side of midfield – They already have Neymar, Di Maria, Draxler all of whom operate that position.

I’m not sure their appetite is as massive for Alexis. its being calculated.


To me, if we have to sell Alexis to PSG, we should make a play for Pastore. The Argentinian will be a good hedge for Ozil leaving (Same age) and can push the German/supplement. BUT he can also be roled into deeper midfield to cover/alternate with Granit in terms of long passing range. He can also dribble through the middle which will give us a bit of ability to penetrate up the middle through congestion (something Santi gave us that we are missing currently) He’s a bit out of fashion at PSG. Could be a good make weight for us… Read more »


Of course the current system employed, we are playing more of a 3-2-3-2

We have practically two strikers closer to the box operating in better proximity and it has paid dividend against teams (like Leicester) who want to sit deeper and hit us on the counter.

The extra body int he box for us in the congestion helps.

Thereby we can combine any of Giroud- Lacazette or Laczette- Welbeck or GIroud-Welbeck (we can also throw Walcott into this mix)

IF we have chance to make play for Draxler, he can also be accommodated albeit possibly at expense of Walcott.


Saw the headline, thought “fuck that”.

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