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Wenger: Winner Sanchez will be motivated for new season

Arsene Wenger says he has no concerns over Alexis Sanchez and his motivation for the upcoming season after he ruled out the possibility of the Chilean leaving the club this summer.

Throughout the off-season the Arsenal forward has been linked with Man City, Bayern Munich, Chelsea and PSG, and consistently the message from the club has been that the player is not for sale.

On Thursday, the Arsenal manager told the press, “The only thing I can tell you is he is focused. My decision is clear.

“He will stay, it’s as simple as that and he will respect that.”

While some footballers might sulk, Wenger has no worries about the former Barcelona man, and says his inherent desire to win will see him motivated for every game.

Asked if he thought Sanchez would play at his best despite not getting a move, the Frenchman said, “Of course. Why not?

“My conviction – and if you look well – it’s always in your interests, even if you have a short contract, to do well. And the kind of character he is.

“He is a winner. When he goes on the football pitch, he wants to win. He is a guy who loves football.

“He has advantages and disadvantages on both sides going into a situation like that.”

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This is getting very boring and repetitive now


Is it weird that I want a head ruffle from wenger?


Pretty wierd yes


But why? Alexis looks so content with Wenger ruffling his head..

Original Paul

I’ll have your one then Anonymarse.

Andy Mack

Yes, I wish the media would stop asking the questions that have already been answered a dozen+ times this summer…


Can’t wait to see Ozil link up with Sanchez & Lacazette… This trio has the potential to lead us to a title… Us fans just need to be patient and give them 5-6 games together to let them gel


We have a very nice attack now. The wing backs are looking pretty fearsome too.

Ivan Drago

And Kos at the back with Nacho and Mustafi either side, with a good back up for all three


the other forwards are not looking too shit either


Spot on, very much what i was thinking


And Xhaka… and Ramsey… tasty attack


Defense still remains weak . We need a good defensive midfielder. Coquelin, Elneny not good enough and Xhaka is more attacking


We’ve been patient for 14 years, it’s time for the Manager and his players to deliver in the league.


With or without him, whether you are positive or negative about the team we have been averaging the lower 70 points mark for a while.

I am not convinced we will hit the 80s and that’s the reason I doubt the tittle win. But that’s just me.

I have been optimistic and doubted before and all the time we’ve finished around the same points. This season I’ll just watch and enjoy every game at a time without caring where we finish till the last month.


It mostly depends whether we implode again. If not for that last season we would have been there or thereabouts.


With all the focus on Sanchez it is like Ozil does not matter. We he be motivated to compete next season? You know Sanchez always want to play and to win, so I am not very worried, although his attitude could suck if we have a bad season. I think Ozil is waiting to see if any teams are interested, if not, I expect him to sign after the transfer window shuts. Arsenal should really try to get them on on reasonable contracts with reasonable buy out clauses, which might just convince them to sign.

Xhaka\'s RedCard

“With all the focus on Sanchez it is like Ozil does not matter.”

if you know about Ozil, then you should know he’s the kind who loves NOT having the spotlight. from his playing style: playing for the team, making those around him better, nothing about Ozil shouts attention

i’m sure he’ll be alright

Declan M

Shame we didn’t do it with the Dutch skunk. Even if he’d spent the season ‘injured’ it would have stopped united winning the PL.


Unfortunately we needed the money at that time but still wish we hadn’t sold him to another Premier club


Factually inaccurate.

We had cash reserves of more than £95m, declared at the AGM in the same fiscal year. On top of that, we received £18m+- with only about £7m in add ons. In total it’s peanuts compared to what he was worth as a player to the club.

Andy Mack

IMO that should say ” In total it’s peanuts compared to what he was worth as a player to the club when he wasn’t injured”.

Unfortunately his injury history made selling him a gamble with good odd for us… but unfortunately Lady Luck decided that would be the year he played more than 10 games in a season…
That’s the nature of gambling…
We won on the TommyV sale and lost on the RvP sale…


I think the reason we’re doing it this time is because of what happened with the skunk. All you can do is learn from your mistakes I guess.


Silver lining of RVP leading Utd to that title was that it led to Fergie retiring and 3 seasons (hopefully more) of amusement for rival fans…



Haha I agree. When he left he took his ego along with him and destroyed Manure. He was the end of Rooney and Co.
RVP was good but the day he stopped being a team player we were happy to show him the door as was he to go on and seek greener pastures.


i’m not worried about sanchez’ lack of motivation. we already know how badly he wants to win, and if he really is looking for that huge pay raise, it’d be in his best interest to have the season of his life. i’m sure his agent has told him as much.


It’s also in his interest to not get injured. This isn’t a player who needs to prove anything to anyone, he’s tried and trusted and worryingly PL proven, his end of season form won’t influence other clubs interest. They’ll be lining up around the block to sign him. However, I’m glad we’ve been decisive on this one, I just hope it doesn’t dominate our season. As we stand I’m not that confident of a PL title challenge, but like a few others have mentioned I’m really looking forward to watching our wing backs in action. Hopefully the improvement can come… Read more »


It’d be in his interest to take the pay rise and commit for another few years with us but he appears to not want that. Only a reflection on my behalf as I don’t doubt he’ll play his heart out for us in this his last season. Still a shame that he won’t comitt to is any further though.

Andy Mack

Alexis will be 29 at the end of the year.
On the assumption that he’ll sign an agreement with another club in January then he’ll only need to put in a good 1st half of the season.
If he doesn’t then that nagging thought that maybe his legs are going, will reduce other clubs hunger a little.
If he was 25 then this thought wouldn’t come into it but his game depends on him covering a lot of ground and age will affect that.

John C

Sanchez is very much a known quantity, the idea he will be judged on 4 months worth of performances is ridiculous


I don’t doubt he will give his best for us should he stay, but know each time he appears to pout about something (getting taken off early, someone not passing to him, not celebrating a goal with teammates, getting upset with a call or non-call, etc.) that the media and everyone else is going to make a big deal out of it.


Oh well… As long as we don’t, it’ll be fine.


Anyone else feel like a junkie while the transfer window is open? Please can it just end.


It’s annoying isn’t it

Ben Rivers

The only concern now is our back line for the first games. And nothing can change that except a new signing, and we dont need a new signing there. Who do we have available at cb for the first games?

My Wig smells cheesy


Kwame Ampadu Down

Not our only concern. We need a midfielder or we have no realistic hope of competing for the title.


There are a lot of characters who wouldn’t have this intrinsic motivation Sanchez has.

110% sure Na$ri, RVP, and even Cesc would have sulked and moaned the entire season if forced to stay.

Regardless of what you think about his demands, Sanchez is a true lover of the game.


Dont speak too soon

Fuhgedaboudit l

We will see.

Viraj @ gooner4life....

We need one last signing in the form of Thomas Lemar to really improve our chances on winning the league . Exceptional talent. With Alexis , Ozil & Lemar with Lacazette up front, I could literally see us thrashing the clubs from top 4 including Tottenham Shitpurs & United. Arsenal to start off the season by winning the Community Shield tomorrow.

Stuck on repeat...

Think a bit of a simplified view is being taken by the Boss, & really only time will tell how things play out. Sanchez will for certain start the season strong. He’s that type of player anyway, but of course he will have everything to play for. He’ll want to impress both Arsenal & potential other interested clubs. But a lot is up for question come January. Are the Gunners doing well (top of the PL)? Or are we stuttering along like last season (mixture of ok performances mixed some really half assed)? If it’s the later Alexis is going… Read more »


If the offer is good enough we should sell. So long as it is off shore. Mahrez is within our range. Roma bid for 30m and are on hold bc Leicester are probably fishing for higher with hope that Barca may replace (or some other team from residual effect of Neymar departure) He adds the technicality we will miss if Alexis is sold. Not many realise the Algerian is also left footed. he just prefers playing inverted right. The other player I’d like to see us get is someone like Pastore but maybe re-roled for deep midfield (like Santi and… Read more »


To be fair the reason we are keeping him is to try and maintain a title challenge. If we have a crap first half of the season and we are not in title contention I don’t give a shit how he plays.

Holding Alexis

New lads are stepping up preety well…hope they get good chance in europa league games…cant wait to see them play


I’m finding Sanchez saga really dull, good thing we have super mo farah bigging up the arsenal last night.

Rwandan Gunner

Experience is the best teacher. The Dutch skunk taught Wenger a lesson.


Yeah look at him on the bench in Turkey with a face like a funeral. He showed us alright.


IF he should stay, no doubt he will be motivated. If he should leave, we have replaced his goal scoring efficiency with Lacazette but we need to provide for his “unpredictability factor”. Neymar buy will precipitate replacement at Barca and in turn trickle down effect in the market. Players will start to move. Teams like Leicester have held off attention from the likes of Roma for Mahrez precisely to see if there may be further interest from Barca. If not, at 30m bid price, we have some play to nip in. Ditto Monaco who are trying to hawk off Mbappe… Read more »

Original Paul

Just watched this
We are lucky to have such an intelligent man fronting us and everyone hangs on his every word wanting his opinions.

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