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Arsenal v Cologne delayed by one hour due to crowd trouble

Arsenal’s Europa League game with Cologne has been delayed by one hour, due to crowd problems.

You probably saw all the Cologne fans in the world in London earlier, well it seems all of them tried to get into the stadium, whether they had tickets or not.

Now there’s a huge crowd outside the stadium, with fans not being allowed in and tensions rising. There’s a big police presence, and there have already been reports of fighting in the streets.

Right now all the turnstiles remain closed and the game is due to kick off at 9.05pm, but there must be some doubt about that now.

More as it happens in this post.

Pic via @JordanAlexMoss

Update 20.01 – The clubs and UEFA officials have consulted and made a decision that the game will go ahead.

However, there are numerous reports of Cologne fans in the home areas, and this is obviously a worry. Many of them have tried to get into the away end, and many are congregating there now, held by stewards.

Inside the concourse though …

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Stay safe all


As it is, I am trying to catch the game at Half past 12 in the night.

An hour longer before kick-off. Gosh, Tomo is going to be a long work day!


Same here


I’m going in late tomorrow due to ‘crowd troubles’ ?




Yikes! Stay safe everyone!


Arsenal…..send Podolski in as mediator. An excuse for an extra couple of pints lol

I\'ve seen us win 10 FA Cups

Some fans wearing the wrong cologne

lee dicks on

They should be scent home immediately

Dave M

…in the back of a divvy van

Parisian Weetabix

I just hoperfumorons don’t ruin it for the rest of us.


That escalated quickly

Cliff Bastin


Some guy

Visiting from Australia. Honestly.. If this game is cancelled..


Ouch! Good luck mate.


Maybe someone pissed off Lehmann.

On a serious note I hope it’s not so serious. Stay safe

Lord Bendnter



Welcome to the Europa League!


Eurghh, wouldn’t happen in the champions league. ? On a serious note, hope no one gets hurt.

Belfast Gooner

Stay safe, those who are there. Hope Koln get a severe penalty after this.


I don’t! Ospina’ll never save it.


20,000 of them? We,ll be like the away team.


Only 2900 actually have tickets.

Crash Fistfight

Cologne fans were kicking off in the stadium before 7pm. They’re clearly a load of total wankers.


When did the Germans ever behave badly? Wow!

Sideshow Mo





Bastards! I’ve gotta get up at 3:30am for work!

Mick Champness

No point going to bed mate ?


Thursday night football is in danger of running into friday


How ironic that scrolling past the video I see an advert for for Muay Thai competition

Andersen Limpus Maximus

What a bunch of cunts


The fools were throwing bottles about in the West End this afternoon. Let’s hope this is dealt with properly and WE don’t get a stupid UEFA fine because of them.

Keep safe all.


I’m basically only hearing German being spoken here in the home end. Koln scarves are ten a penny. The cologne has spread everywhere


You all obviously know what’s going to happen: Cologne fans create massive mess but WE get banned from European football for the next 10 years

David C

And Wenger gets a touchline ban.

Tasmanian Jesus

Aah, so Cologne is where the german hooligans come from.
But yeah, they are known for it, heard some stories about them from Ståle Solbakken, who managed them for a brief while.

Godfrey Twatsloch

I don’t think Cologne is the only German team with a firm attached to it.

Tasmanian Jesus

Probably not, but they’re the only ones Ive really heard of, and they made their mark on this evening.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Dynamo Berlin, whatever division they may be trawling in, are world renowned for being fuckers.

You only need to stop on the Autobahn for a piss to see stickers from various firms neatly side by side. It appears they respect each other by never covering anyone else’s sticker with their own. Always neatly side by side.

Tasmanian Jesus

So it finishes half an hour after I usually go to bed, AND i start an hour early tomorrow.


Carlos _ Santana

Podolski right in the mix!


If the game isn’t able to start surely we get awarded a 3-0 win?


This is UEFA, they are more likely to make us kick off tomorrow and fuck up our preparation for Chelsea on Sunday.


Thank fuck I couldn’t make the game tonight. I offered my ticket to my mates son and fortunately he decided not to go. These touts are equally to blame by the way. Plonkers all round. Stay safe legit Gooner’s. X


Problem is that so many Arsenal fans were not going to MM Europe games that tickets will have ended up on the market and, if offered enough money, would sell to anyone.
Danger is UEFA will sanction us for not controlling the sales and it will be loyal fans who end up suffering in the long run.


I have been in London working all day in Holloway Rd. They were coming through kings cross tube at 11am drinking shouting Fuck London and Fuck.Arsenal in front of families and kids. Not all I hasten to add. But I was surprised how many were drinking this morning on Holloway Rd.


Glad I’m not there. But that’s the loudest it’s been in the home section since Danny Welbecks flat top scored a last minute winner against Leicester!


Surely the old bill should be on top of that! Credit to the arsenal fans for not getting involved..i hope that is the case. Stay classy

Invincible Jmc

They are singing “we are back in the european cup” – in a way i admire their passion compared to how most us arsenal fans feel about it all…what 25 years without european football will do ey 😉


might empty the stadium and play behind closed doors maybe?


Order regained the ems! Come on Arsenal!

Shire Gooner

I was there with my wife and son and can say that’s the worst attempt at segregation I’ve ever seen. Arsenal stewards were shite. We were sat in the east middle upper in the midst of around forty away fans, whom to be behaved impeccably, but should have not been there. It felt like an away match until we scored, considering the amount of empty seats why didn’t Arsenal allocate 10000 instead but put them together?


Looks like Wenger is head of security aswell

SB Still

Never watched this tournament before…so weird


We as English would get auto ban and behind closed doors …bet is UEFA do frig all about this


It’s going to be crazy when red star Belgrade come considering their reputation


Where’s Poldy?

Is he under arrest in the US?

Get him to sort it out. Tickets for everyone.

What was a bit pathetic was how the empty the stadium was at end of game. All you could hear were the away fans.

Not good. We want to be heard on Thursday nights.


I expect a fine leveled against Koln for this, since they endangered the most important thing to UEFA: television ad revenue.

Yankee Gooner

So this is why my DVR was playing Hertha – Bilbao.

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