Thursday, July 18, 2024

Arsenal draw West Ham in Carabao Cup quarter-finals

Arsenal’s reward for beating Norwich City on Tuesday night is a Carabao Cup quarter-final showdown with West Ham United.

The game, to be played at the Emirates, will be sandwiched between home matches against Newcastle United and Liverpool in the week commencing December 18

No doubt the youngsters, including goal-scoring hero Eddie Nketiah, will be hoping for more game time in the competition.

The Hammers came from 2-0 down at Wembley to beat Sp*rs 3-2 to reach this stage. LOL.

Arsenal haven’t won the League Cup since 1993. We should give it a go.

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We have a good chance. They had an easy round last time though.


Doesn’t matter which Paul you are as long as you hate Sp*rs.


Let’s burst their bubbles

Niall Shannon

Decent draw. Could be a winnable cup which would be great for the youngsters involved!


Let’s show those lily white cunts how it’s done!

Third Plebeian

Any chance Walcott will learn the offside rule by December?


Don’t be so silly!


I heard from reliable sources that he’s been working around the clock to meet the december deadline. He was last seen on the race track trying to stand in line.

Jean Ralphio

To be fair at least one call was marginal, but Ed definitely deserves a start

Teryima Adi

He’s definitely going to start from the bench.


No one seems to have noticed that both the corners that we scored from were from his boot. It’s like these days you just have to not get things wrong. Credit where it’s due?


Most footballers go on to become pundits after they finish their careers but, Theo….Theo will make an excellent linesman.


None of the “big” teams playing each other….Very interesting


Took them a two hour delay to come up with the right outcome.


They didn’t exactly hide it…


They had to save some drama for the later rounds and make sure they don’t have any Cinderella stories messing it up

Teryima Adi

Maybe the draw was rigged. Would have been wonderful for them to scalp each other paving an easier route to the grand finale for us.


Famous last words I went to the Hammers game against B&HA they looked clueless that night but as always they turn up to the Derbies.


Interesting that the play West Ham one week prior in the EPL.


Great to see the young players being given a chance.
Players like Reiss Nelson needs to be given the chance to gain experience in the Premiership and players like Walcott who have been given far too many chances and have failed should fall lower down or be sold.
That has been Wenger’s weakness – sticking by players who do not deserve it and sadly Theo is one of them…


He did score 19 last season


goal 1 in 3-4 v liverpool , Goal 3 in 4-1 v hull , goal 2 in 3-0 v chelsea goal 1+2 in 3-2 v swansea , goal 2 in 3-1 v Bournemouth , goal 1 in 3-1 v stoke , goal 1 in 1-2 v , goal 1 in 2-2 v , goal 2 in 3-0 v w.ham I like walcott i think he is worth keeping around (not at 140k) but i agree nelson and other youth should get a chance however 19 goals is hard to argue with so i looked into it. admittedly most… Read more »

Ivan Parasite’s Leon again. How many thumb downs you would like today, sir?

Teryima Adi

Theophilus has paid his due. No sarcasm intended.

Alexis Signitplease

Thanks for the illustration. Now I know what a Carabao is. ‘Bin wondering.


I was wondering also – thought it might have been a kind of oyrx or something. Turns out it’s a bloody energy drink!


It’s an Asian water buffalo, the equivalent of a cow in that part of the world. The drink is named after the animal.


It sounds awfully similar to the Caribou that we have here in Canada. Not a buffalo but a reindeer

Isaiah Rankin

To be honest I was going to try and work it out but I just didn’t really Carabaout it enough.

What Did She Wear?

Good article Tim. Thanks for giving us the lowdown


not the worst. we can take em

Alexander Pleb

I really want to see Maitland-Niles play centre mid, but not even Elneny can get a game there for Arsenal 2.
I’m looking forward to seeing a bit more of Josh Da Silva too.

Teryima Adi

Let’s Hammer them at the Emirates. They are there for the taking.


While watching WHU play that lot from down the road, I was thinking “Goodness, West Ham are dogshite,” and then they won in spectacularly hilarious fashion. The only way it would have been better is if the Wembley renters had lost a few first team players to injury in the process.
I was kind of hoping that spuds would win, simply so we could beat them in the cup, but I’ll take West Ham.


Well, they lost Kane for at least a week.

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