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Giroud: I’m Arsenal’s Lord of the Dance

It’s very quiet on the Arsenal front at the moment, so forgive us for the fluffiness of this piece. Anyway…

Olivier Giroud has credited a modern dance class taken during his school years for the acrobatic ‘scorpion’ kick strike against Crystal Palace that earned him FIFA’s Puskas award for the best goal of 2017.

The France international had originally claimed the finish was more luck than judgement but having had time to reflect on the movement, he’s decided to go public with a new theory, one that could see him ribbed back at London Colney.

“I’m going to have the mickey taken out of me,” the France international told RMC Sport.

“It was very bizarre, it wasn’t the situation in which I was most at ease. It was part of the curriculum to become a PE teacher.

“But our teacher considered that kind of dancing a form of art, and the move I did could have been part of a choreography of my dance teacher at the time.”

So there we go…

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I pulled a hamstring just looking at the thumbnail picture!


Immediately noticed my neck is a bit sore.


Handsome French Ballerina it is then.

Ted E.

That’d be ballerino, or balleron if you are Russian.

Boom Xhaka Laca

It’s surprising he doesn’t waltz through defences a bit more often.

Or that he doesn’t seem to have been involved in a tapping up scandal.

Still, he’ll be hoping Wenger shuffles his lineup for Red Star on Thursday.

He didn’t have much of an impact last time out against Swansea though – maybe a case of Saturday Night Fever.

OK I think I’m done.


Whoever thumbed that down has no soul


Whoever thumbed it down this applies:

‘It’s just your jive talkin’
You’re telling me lies, yeah
Jive talkin’
You wear a disguise
Jive talkin’
So misunderstood, yeah
Jive talkin’
You really no good’

to continue the dance analogy.


He’s king of the one-two around the box. You could call him a passer-doble


Saw some compilation of his best goals for us. Had forgotten how fúcking handsome that bloke is without the beard, really gave me a tingling sensation in my penis. Shave Olivier. Please.




That is so wrong…


Oh Lawd of one corner

Heavenly Chapecoense

He will be complete if he starts Salsa dancing through defences like Sanchez, Messi, Ronaldo and some others.

Northern Gooner

So Giroud is a qualified PE teacher, I think that is more impressive than his scorpion kick. Not many PL players with a university degree

Isaiah Rankin

Olivier Giroud’s a PE teacher and yet I get the short, bald, got-suspended-once-cos-his-hands-got-a-bit-far-up-a-year-seven’s-shorts mush? Seems a bit unfair.


Brilliant. Simply brilliant!

Faisal Narrage

It’s not surprising, it’s a well-debated topic in the world of sports science, in regards to a multi-sport discipline to develop technical ability. My PhD was on that, researching on multi-sports and development in the plasticity of the Motor-Cortex to be able to solve physical and technical problems through a wider range of sports. I was early into it before I dropped it (and academia altogether), where my theory was the 5 core sports to develop and create more physically and technically better footballers were… 1. Football (duh!) 2. Gymnastics (the foundation of the Former Eastern Bloc physical education program…..outside… Read more »


Thanks, this was brilliant and really interesting. Worth mailing blogs with a guest post?

Faisal Narrage

I did ask them once.
Ironically I’ll be sharing a stage with Clive of AFTV in a few weeks. I’m gonna have to pretend to like him.


Dancing has always been a correlation with sports and even the the martial arts

Bruce Lee was a great dancer.

Ibrahimovic is good at ballet.

It helps with footwork, flexibility and timing.

Particularly body positioning is also key and we have seen Giroud improve this to make up for his deficiency in speed.

Considering his size, the deftness of feet is telling with Giroud’s ‘world class’ flicks and near post finishes.

This is no laughing matter sport.;)

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