Friday, April 12, 2024

Video: Arsenal train ahead of Belgrade clash

Here’s another one of those training videos we get before European games. First observation is that we have a collection of very tall young goalkeepers – they make Petr Cech look normal sized.

Have a look, feel free to make comments and observations of your own below.

Other Europa League stories this evening include:

Team news which sees Mathieu Debuchy ready to start tomorrow

Jack Wilshere hitting out at Troy Deeney’s comments

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I won’t lie.. no matter what they’re like, I love my team to bits


When I see these sorts of clips I just think to myself, what a career these guys have. I have had the privilege of playing at London Colney a year or so ago and its just how you’d expect; the pitches are immaculate; the staff are all super friendly interesting characters; you’ve got the cannon everywhere; just the smell of that English countryside – the setup is breathtaking. You can almost still feel the aura of that invincible side around the place. I just genuinely do not understand how you couldn’t not get inspired everyday by walking out on that… Read more »

HiuYan Lau

We’re discussing sports not teenage love story movie here. What’s up with the over sensitivities.


@HiuYan Lau

No we’re not. We’re discussing Arsenal.This is an Arsenal fan website, not a sports website. I love Arsenal, so meh to you questioning my ‘over sensitivities.’

In closing; if you don’t like it, you should go discuss ‘sports’ somewhere else you clown.


Love the team no matter what. This is not necessarily a critique, but has anyone ever watched clips of Barca training when Pep was their manager? It’s completely different — he’d be mixing it up with them….not necessarily participating….but talking the whole time and maintaining intensity. I respect that managerial styles are different, but it would be a change to see Bouldy or Jens getting in there a bit if Arsene won’t.


It’s not training, just a warm-up


Alexis and Ozil dodge as Wenger is greeting the squad with handshakes. Disgraceful.


I noticed that too.


I take it you saw the whole session. What nonsense


WTF are you talking about. Ozil shook his hands before Nacho. Look again.


Alexis looked like he swerved the boss.
Mesut shook hands though.


I think ‘disgraceful’ is an overstatement here. Ozil shook hands, Alexis followed the ball and immediately participated. Even if they did, ‘disgrace’, amidst all that is going on in the world, is a bit overkill.


I saw the pic of Ozil after commenting, so yeah, that was good to see. But Alexis knows what he’s doing. I still think it’s shameful for a well paid and respected professional to act like that.


To act like what?

Vin Unleaded

Think you’ve been reading too many Daily Fail sensationalist news stories.


Don’t talk rubbish. Do you really believe the lying ant-Arsenal press making mischief.


Interesting. Probably won’t watch one again but it was quite interesting to see the team separating to a large degree by language spoken, Ramsey seeming to go easy on his hamstring exercises, and mad Jens appearing to be arguing mostly to himself at the beginning!

I’d be quite interested to see Jack and Aaron in the same team, maybe with Aaron or Wilshere further up and Coquelin sitting deep. Looking forward to the game!


Watching this just makes me so jealous of them all!

Getting paid to live the dream. Jammy bastards!


Yeah you gotta love it. Training with your team-mates on a wintry morning, nothing beats that!

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