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Wenger sure Sanchez and Ramsey won’t suffer from World Cup woes

Both Alexis Sanchez and Aaron Ramsey returned to London disappointed this week that their countries failed to qualify for the World Cup next summer.

Chile crashed out by losing to Brazil (although some David Ospina oddness didn’t help), while Wales lost 1-0 at home to Ireland.

For some players the failure of their national side can have a negative impact on their club form, but Arsene Wenger is not expecting either of his players to suffer in that regard.

Speaking about Sanchez, who the manager got some ‘special treatment’ from Brazil’s defenders, he said, ” I believe that he, like Aaron Ramsey, are winners.

“They want to focus on winning things and overall I believe that the World Cup is a stimulant – I don’t deny that – but when you don’t have it, you focus on your club and what you can achieve with your club.”

It wasn’t all negative though, as there are players coming back with smiles on their faces.

“Some people, like Iwobi and Elneny, qualified for Nigeria and Egypt,” said Wenger.

“In Europe, some are in between, like Switzerland, who have to play in the play-offs. Some have directly qualified like France and England.

“As well we had some players disappointed, like Alexis with Chile and Ramsey with Wales. There are mixed feelings but numbers-wise, I would say with Germany qualifying as well, more people are in a positive mood.”

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All this World Cup hangover nonsense drives me nuts.
Arsene has created a poor excuse for his players poor form which has somehow over the years stuck.
You don’t hear other managers talking about it.
You don’t hear of players getting European or Domestic cup hangovers.
You’re basically giving players the opportunity to not perform at their highest level every time they have a set back.
When really we have a huge squad, and if someone’s attitude or energy isn’t right? We should just be dropping them until they decide to pull their socks up.

Lack of Perspective

Just how did you even get to that based om reading this article?


I’ve been listening to AW for 20+ years.
He’s used that much spin and misdirection he now believes his own bull sh*t.
My comments are based on his attitude to players poor form after international disappointment or success since he’s been at the club.
Not just this article in general.

We’ve heard it after world cups, European championships, ACN.

He’s basically giving players licence to have poor form by creating phrases like World Cup hangover.

Instead of saying if you don’t perform? And pull yourself together quickly? you’ll be dropped to the bench.

Lack of Perspective

You do know neither have them have played yet since returning?

Sounds more like words of encouragement and belief in his players than the misery you are suggesting. Just like he has been doing for 20+ years.


Did you actually read the article? Aw was being positive about Alexis and Ramsey. Your interpretation is very strange


Do you follow other managers as closely? players as closely? listen to their interviews as closely?

Basically either you have a life or your don’t.


All just words:

– get in the World Cup, boost from being happy
– don’t get in the World Cup, boost from concentrating on your club

Everyone is a winner.


Our players have had a World Cup?
Or European championship hangover?
After winning the competition.
Just a club+manager who are full of really bad excuses.
If they win they’re given an excuse
If they lose they’re given an excuse

Lack of Perspective

Utter misery.


Mr Negative completely misinterprets what Aw was saying


Try googling Arsene Wenger World Cup hangover.
Arsenal Champions league hangover

Mertesacker World Cup hangover (this is my favourite)

Arsenal African Nations Cup hangover

Arsenal European Cup hangover

There’s just years of excuse after excuse after excuse.

Yet Arsene knows these tournaments are ongoing.
He knows the size of the squad.
He knows which players are likely to be involved.
And yet he rarely acts accordingly but then uses these circumstances as an excuse.

Lack of Perspective

Yes you have convinced me… I am now also unconditionally miserable.


I’m happy to oblige ?
There’s plenty more where this came from, don’t you worry.


Just certain people look at everything as glass half full or empty. I wonder which one you are hmmmm


The glass is cracked and broken on the floor.

Non Flying dutchman

trying to work out why you appear to write in iambic pentameter


i just hope ramsey remains injury free . with the form he and the team is in i wouldnt want to change a single thing right now even if it means playing iwobi ahead of ozil

David Hillier\'s luggage

I’m more concerned about players coming back uninjured than the disappointment of not going to the World Cup. Coming back to London where the majority of fans don’t give two shits about the performance of Wales or Chile (or England for that matter) will put things back into perspective after the hyperbole of attention they would have been under for the past week.

Thierry bergkamp

So Alexis finally gets a proper summer holiday, when he won’t be an Arsenal player.


Yeah but maybe he’s like a footballing shark. Once he stops playing his form will dip.


It’s going to be awkward when Alexis meets Ospina..wonder if he is going to try to score an indirect free kick against Ospina in training!

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