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Cech: Careless starts making life difficult

Petr Cech has urged his Arsenal teammates to switch on from the first whistle after two sloppy starts contributed to the Gunners dropping 5 points in their last two games.

Mistakes cost us against Man Utd last week, and another dismal opening against Southampton on Sunday meant that we were always playing catch-up and had to rely on a late goal from Olivier Giroud to secure a 1-1 draw.

The former Czech international played a key role in ensuring the Saints didn’t score again, and wants to see improvement in the opening stages.

“One thing that is really gutting is that we lost the game against Man United in the first 10 minutes,” he said.

“We could have been 3-0 down after 10 minutes again, and I think this is something we need to improve because in this league, if you give other teams the advantage in the first five minutes, you make it far more difficult for yourselves.

“We were lucky to get a point, even if we deserved to get one in the end, because we put them under pressure.

“But we wanted all three.”

Another poor performance away from home was hardly ideal preparation for a trip to the London stadium to face West Ham on Wednesday. They might not be in great form, but similar errors will prove costly.

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Now watch them do it again and become the thing we do. Groundhog day

Media Hates Arsenal

Arsenal should focus on Europa League and Forget about top 4.


Why? Are we that far out of the top 4? Are the clubs that are 2-7 playing that much better?

Some fans just amaze me with the attitude.


Absolutely right.


I think doing both is easily achievable. We have it in the tank to secure a top 4 finish. We should also be aiming to win the Europa League as well. I said it in a previous post, but at the start of the season I was hugely against taking the Europa League seriously, I was all about writing it off and just solely concentrating on the league. But as it transpires, the same mistakes have reoccurred and now the already far fetched dream of winning the league title is well and truly out of reach. City all but have… Read more »


Let’s hope wenger is listening, we’ve been ‘careless’ for many many seasons now.


It has everything to do with the manager and the expectation hes sets for each player. Look at all the top managers standing on the touchline screaming their hearts out giving out instructions and demanding players do more. Wenger just puts “faith” on his players and just sits in the dugout. The lack of true leaders on the pitch is also comical. Our closest player to being a true leader is Mertesacker and he’s the captain and not a starter. That tells you everything you need to know.


Wenger is the only common denominator.


Well, get on those defenders about it then!


You don’t say Petr?? Every game bar the liverpool game we’ve lost has been down to stupid mistakes and lack of clinical finishing. Against Stoke – Welbeck and Bellerin miss easy chances, Ramsey was selfish, Monreal wrongly tries to play Jese offside. Lacazette disallowed goal was close though Against Watford – Bellerin, Ozil, Iwobi miss easy chances. We give away a cheap pk (probably a dive to be fair), poor clearance leads to Watford scoring. Against City – well beaten; schoolboy error by Kos and Xhaka by not playing to whistle. Against Manure – 2 ridiculous school boy errors and… Read more »


What a memory you have!


No shit.


That’s a nice way of telling your defenders to get their heads out of their asses…


Is this app going to work properly on android again soon?

Never updates when auto updates on
Always have to refresh for new articles
Can’t log into arses

It’s great but I have time on my hands and I’m bored.


Agreed, something seems to be wonky with the push notifications


Our start against Saints was shit alright. But we should have been able to score. We say our attack is our strength and I agree, but there are teams in the league who I’d fancy would have scored against that team on Sunday, while we couldn’t. That’s a problem too.


The issue is not just rooted in carelessness The issue is rooted in our midfield. Wenger likes to play Both Ramsey and Ozil but they are similar players for similar position. So Wenger puts Ramsey in deep midfield next to Granit since we have poor options there without Santi(something not rectified for 3 seasons now) Ramsey is decent there but inevitably his better instincts means he loses discipline and tends to adventure higher up(indeed encamp statically at edge of opponents box) Meanwhile Wenger had relegated Giroud inexplicably to a super sub in the league which makes little sense. both Giroud… Read more »

Kwame Ampadu Down

Copy & paste would make your like so much easier santori

Crash Fistfight

Sort out your auto-correct, haha.

I don’t necessarily agree on Iwobi, but the rest seems spot-on.


I think there is a problem with application in the squad. We have some very good players, at the level or in some cases better than the teams above us. These players can’t perform as consistently though, and man management is a major factor in this I think.

Laughing Stock

Poor old Petr , always dragged out to talk about us having to #learnfromourmistakes

Bould\'s Eyeliner

Petr Cech is becoming Captain Obvious PR. Which is perhaps what Djourou could’ve done if he performed better. Poor guy still gives positive comments on the Arsenal IG every match. The Board has brainwashed him into saying nice things about Arsenal and now he can’t stop, the poor dude.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Next week : Cech enlightens us with ‘the team who scores the most goals will win the game’.


I must say that our squad might not be worthy of winning the league but definitely should not be the 6th on the log. The problem with the team is squad management. I mean using what you have to, efficiently and effectively, get what you want. Even our defenders individually, will compete with most EPL defenders. No Man city defender is better than kos or Monreal. The problem is we still do not use our players to their maximal effect. They don’t function, quite good, as a unit. The 3 goals we conceded in the last 2 games were majorly… Read more »

Emmanuel Chukwuma

One of the big shortcomings of Cech is his poor ball distribution. Just check the number of kickouts from his goal that didn’t end up in a throw-in to the opponents. He should try to improve on this point.


Disagree. His ball distribution would be better with a target man like Giroud in the team and without a doubt better than Ossss…pi-na!

Cech’s biggest shortcoming is his disability in saving penalties, acquired conveniently after leaving Chelski

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