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Cech furious with Dean for penalty decision and caution

A furious Petr Cech claims he was booked by Mike Dean for simply asking why the referee had awarded a penalty for West Bromwich Albion.

The official adjudged Calum Chambers to have handled after the ball was flicked onto his hand from a yard away by Kieran Gibbs. Jay Rodriguez converted from the spot with three minutes remaining to cancel out Alexis Sanchez’s deflected free-kick to make it 1-1.

Cech was seen trying to speak to Dean at full time and was subsequently cautioned as he left the field of play.

He went straight to the Sky Sports cameras to complain, explaining, “Every time we have a meeting with referees prior to the season and every time it comes to this point where the player is too close to the ball and has no chance to react or has his hands by his side, it will never be a penalty.

“Then the referee gives this with two minutes to go. That’s why I asked him, why he changed his opinion to give a penalty when every time we have this meeting it’s made clear that this is not a pen.

“I got booked as well, so it’s more disappointing. He could have told me, ‘Come later’ or something like that. He just walked away and gave me a yellow card. I was not rude, I just asked the question. This disappoints me even more.”


Cech had been chasing his 200th clean sheet in the Premier League. Clearly irked by a decision he felt wrong, he added: “I’m disappointed. First the penalty situation and then I expect, when I walk towards the referee with respect and ask him a question, I’d like him to answer me in a normal way, not walk away and give me a yellow card.”

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Mike Dean is a cunt


Dyke Mean is an utter cunt.


A bit harsh on cunts


dick dean is not capable of speech


Mike Dean is bent. Football is bent. What’s the fucking point anymore?


No consistency, except when its Dean v Arsenal

Loo Roll Messi

join the dots and it becomes clear. A billion quid industry that self regulates and refuses accountability….

Danger Mouse

It’s Mike Dean. Nothing more needs to be said.


‘How dare you hold me up! Someone else might find the brown envelope waiting in the bin before me.’



One thing Dean is a cunt the other Arsenal never looked like winning this


When you’re 1-0 up with 2 minutes to go and the other team pretty awful – yes we did look like winning. No, we didn’t play well, but games like this when we scrape a win are important and we were denied that by Mike Dean.

Can understand your frustration around the team and the way we played, but you can’t ridicule them for that poor decision.

Original Paul

Yeah but we were rubbish and our goal was a fluke. Until we decide who’s going and who’s staying expect more of this.
It can’t be any other way until we have a team that is together aiming towards a common goal. Yes I am talking to you Arsene. COYG.


You’re not seeing the point here, are you? Fluke or not, a goal is a goal. If we fluked 10 goals in one game, would you complain? No. So it doesn’t matter whether it’s 1 or 10, if we have more than our opponent – we have won.

Were we cheated out of that today? Yes.

Original Paul

My point is that we should be good enough for a refereeing mistake not to cost us the match.

Andy Mack

You may not be aware of it, but the great ‘invincibles’ run was ended by a refereeing mistake. Although to be fair, we did benefit from a few of them that season as well. Otherwise we’d have lost long before the 50th game…

Loo Roll Messi

Ended by a refereeing mistake? The ref allowed United to kick us all over the park and gave a penalty for a dive.


Agree 100%. And anyone that disagrees is searching for excuses. The Arsenal are out of excuses. If… and it’s looking like a BIG if… we’re going to be a top 4 side then away at West Brom is 3 points, no less. If we are clinical and ruthless on attack we should hang 5 on that team. They’re a championship side FFS. I don’t give a shite about Mike Dean. Score the damn ball and play like you want to wear the red and white.

Andy Mack

You mean like $iteh did with Palace?
When a team is set up to defend because they’d be happy with a 0-0 result, it’s very rare for more than one goal to be scored.

Mesut O\'Neill

Except they were winning with 2 minutes to go!!



Apart from when we were winning with 5 minutes to go.

Steve Webster

Apart from when they were 1-0 up with 3 minutes left? ?‍♂️


What fucking game was you watching?? They wouldn’t have scored if they stayed out there all fucking week! We dominated from the start got the goal and was going to win this!!! Then he gives the what Gary Neville described as a disgraceful descion


Will the FA investigate on this one????
This is as amazing as it is true that M.Dean is a blatant cheating c**t…
Let’s have a glass of burgundy wine and see you next year Gunners. Thanks Blogs for everything, HNY to all, may 2018 bring us goals, victories and trophies (starting by a win next wednesday)!

Andy Mack

No they won’t investigate it. They work in a shroud of secrecy which allows them to ignore their own fuck-ups.

Loo Roll Messi

and control results. with multiple gambling companies as club owners now – could it be a conflict of interest…?


Dean is retarded. These gray areas give refs like Dean too much power. Maybe the governing body of football should just say if it hits the arm it’s a foul and save us from gnomes.

Media Hates Arsenal

I will reduce my expectations of this season to 0 and will wait till summer so the new manager comes.


Which summer mate? Don’t forget Arsene is on a 2 year contract and if he wins anything as little as 7wins in a row he gets an extension. You might need to wait a little longer.


What’s ‘Dean-Sp@rs fan-is a C. U. N. T.’ Got to do with Arsene Wenger????
What’s next? It’s AW fault even for global warming?


Mike Dean may be a cnut everyday of the week but I still think Cech should channel his anger towards making at least 1 penalty save during his arsenal career..that’s far more productive than being angry with that cnut..

There I was at the 92nd minute wishing it was Damien Martinez in goal…

A Different George



Yes Damien Martinez saved 2 pens against Bayern Munich in the friendly…if Cech had been on in the 2nd half we would’ve

Andy Mack

Do you mean Emiliano Martinez?


If Cech stood still he might eventually save a penalty. It was, though, by far the worst decision of the season and why isn’t Dean suspended?

Loo Roll Messi

he is only doing what he is paid to do. Just not sure who he is paid by?


I’m convinced Mike Dean is corrupt, and I don’t understand how he gets away with it, he so blatantly has an agenda. Even the pundits agree that wasn’t a penalty. That said, I do wish that Petr would just stand still for once, everyone knows that if they hit it down the middle it’s a goal. Two points stolen.




To bring a bit of sanity back – Mike Dean is not bent. He is as bad as some of our players in his decision making, looking to hit the big teams where it hurts if the opportunity arises, and totally unapproachable.

In the Citeh game earlier today, the ref seemed to be Kyle Walker’s dad in refusing to accept fouls – but then that’s almost as bad as suggesting Brown envelopes I guess.


Could you clarify what players and decision making you are making comparisons with…because nothing comes close let alone equals the crimes of that decrepit golem looking rat cunt!

A Different George

I don’t believe for a minute that Dean is bent. But honest or not, he should not be officiating in top-flight football. He is a very poor referee who combines his mistakes with extraordinary arrogance. I think his reaction to Petr Cech (watch the post-match interview with Cech and then the on-pitch encounter between them) perfectly sums up his attitude.


GraeB I was struggling to understand that you call Dunt Cean not bent. I’ve been watching football for nearly 4 decades and never seen a referee celebrating a goal, like he did celebrate when he was refereeing our game against Sp@rs a couple of years back… And you say that referees try to hurt the big teams… (still struggling to understand)… And then totally to oppose yourself, you bring Walker example. Last time I checked, he was playing for Man City… I do understand though, that the referees are not inept, or unintelligent or untalented… they’re just bent, corrupted and… Read more »


Check out stats, he’s given fewer penalties against us than other top teams although he has given us a lot less pens than them. To say refs are not inept just corrupt is ridiculous. I believe they are trying their best but quite capable of errors. Those errors however will favour lesser teams in the same way as fans watching.


Your an idealist where there is big money there is corruption if you think our refs are above that then your naive !

Loo Roll Messi

after 18 years of making the same mistakes the PGMOL has not found anyone better? why would that be – maybe they are happy with what he is doing?


Refs are human and as likely to have biases as anyone else ! Its obvious Dean is biased against Arsenal he looks almost gleeful when he has the slightest opportunity to give a pen that’s contentious! He never gives Arsenal the benefit of the doubt in contencious situations! To give a pen you have to be SURE Dean indicated Chambers raised his elbow to almost head height he could not have seen that as it didn’t happen !! At best he needs a trip to specsavers at worst he is an arrogant, cheating, self obsessed corrupt little shit without even… Read more »

Andy Mack

I can’t say that he is bent, but our system of referees is the same one that Italy had when they had their big ‘match fixing’ scandal.
They’ve changed their system, we’ve still got it.
It is definately open to abuse by the betting syndicates.

Loo Roll Messi

Then add up the other pieces of the puzzle, refusal of technology for 20 years, the same referee’s every season, no accountability, the yellow card rule that incidents can’t be revisited, The PGMOL is a limited company etc.

It certainly points at corruption – the fact it is not deemed worthy of consideration or those that do are labelled crazy – should confirm and add weight to the argument.


‘Never looked like winning this’ what do you expect that we blow away our opponents with a 5 goal barrage?! Its the festive period and we are not expected to play tippy tappy football. The fact is we scored a legible goal whoever it might have deflected off, and Mike Dean basically did not have that and gave them the most blatant pen of 2017 in the PL.


I think such a polite question is hard to swallow for a referee because of the truth in it. I remember getting suspended for asking the referee whether he feels he put himself too much into the spotlight. And that as a club captain after we had won a game. He claimed I insulted him and got banned for three games.

Chippys chip

I remember being told to mind my language by some old cunt in the west lower for calling mike dean a cunt! WTF?


Sooner this new system comes in the better. That prick off his own bat has just taken two points from us. To much power for to long. The biggest floor with that prick is his fucking arrogance, with his “oh look at me, i’ve Just decided this fucking game”. So fucking annoyed, they didn’t even claim for it.


Ah here now. You can clearly see Gibbs has his arm in the air …. looking for a corner


mike dean is trending on twitter…in fucking Dallas, Texas…that is how incompetent he is


Trending in Canada too. Mike Fucking Dean trending in a country where 99.9999% percent of the people have no idea who he is, but everyone that does is tweeting about that prick.


All the money in the sport and we have amateurs running the show.

Loo Roll Messi

nope they are professionals. But corrupt professionals.

Original Paul

Looking forward to var and Mike Dean has just sped up the march towards his own retirement. Stupid cunt. Cunt.


VAR won’t do much.
Biased Cunts like Dean will still interpret the rules and take decisions for their fancy teams. And he’s a Sp@rs Cunt!

Andy Mack

It will make a difference eventually, as although we’ll have two or three seasons where the media says that even after being able to review the incident in slow motion, they’re still making bias decisions. Eventually their incompetence will mean the PGMO will have to re-structure and become more open.


I actually want Mike Dean to referee another Arsenal Home match we manage to win comfortably. Would give anything but give him incessant stick for his noble services throughout the years

Chippys chip

As long as you dont use naughty words you should be ok. The cant.


As a referee I wouldn’t want to talk to you either. The guy was gang rushed by pretty much every player to complain and whinge about and he stood there taking it. Bellerin in his face, Cech going after him (No wait he just went and sensibily asked him even though the video shows different) , Xhaka in his face. I thought our captain was supposed to speak to the referee for us. If you aren’t the captain then what right do they have to go after him after the game and give him a piece of your mind because… Read more »

Original Paul

Are you the bloke who thought it was a penalty?


Yup! I think it was.

Original Paul

It wasn’t by all accounts (apart from yours) but fair play to you for your honesty and sticking to your guns. 🙂


Hahaha thank you Paul. I appreciate that. I understand that my perspective isn’t the popular one but it is what it is. I am not a referee (to clear things up) but I still think it was a penalty. We can argue about what he was trying to do, that he was to close to him, that he just kicked the ball at him but to me it looks like he moves his arm into the path of the ball and blocks it. It looks like an intentional movement, even if it might not have been. At least that’s how… Read more »

Gooner Andy

Secret Sp*rs fan by any chance? Between the ball leaving Gibbs’ boot and hitting Chambers’ arm 0.26 seconds had elapsed. Given that Chambers couldn’t possibly know what path the ball would take, the sheer skill involved in not only thinking about moving your arm, but then processing that thought and actually doing it in that space of time is absolutely impossible. Thus your opinion that Chambers moved his arm toward the ball is as stupid as you are. It’s simply not possible for it to have been hand to ball. It was as clear a ball to hand as you… Read more »

Original Paul

I enjoyed the banter unfortunately there are a load of people on here that don’t.


I don’t see why we can’t have different opinions and still get along, without calling names and being insulting. Next week we’ll probably have the same opinion about the game, or not, and we can still be civil and have an open discussion about it. There is a trend now a day that if you don’t instantly agree with someone or the popular narrative that you’re “crazy” or “stupid”. This is probably part of why the human race is currently in the shocking state it currently is. I hope you have an awesome New Year and I look forward to… Read more »


Obviously you don’t understand the rules of the sport – which is why you’re a referee, I guess.

A Different George

If you watch the replay, you will see Kieran Gibbs appealing for–a corner! If you listen to Alan Pardew, he thinks his club deserved a point for the way they played–but he does not claim the penalty was deserved and comes close to admitting it was not. But HamiltonGunner and Mike Dean know better.


Are you Dean in disguise!?!?


Say this comment just before I was literally about to say fuck off Mike get off our blog you cunt!


Going by this, I expect Dean will be dishing out cards all week. Cech probably already has a red.

But, it is the season and all that, so I hope you had a good chrimbo with your son, Mrs Dean.


You reflect modern society
Full of shit!!!

A Different George

I did watch the video, and Cech does not appear to be shouting or cursing or being physically demonstrative. But here is a question, since you are a referee: If an attacker in the penalty area purposely kicks the ball into the arm of a nearby defender, is it a penalty? (I am not claiming Gibbs did this intentionally–but why would that make it different?)


Regardless, we did not deserve a win.

Ponderous build up. Always the extra touch. Poor passing for a bunch of highly paid professionals.

We are always one disaster away from convincingly being able to close out slender one goal leads.

When we leave margins so fine, we are asking for it.

Its not a coincidence (or result of poor refereeing) that we have dropped 8 points against Stoke, West Ham, Liverpool and now the bottom team.


Manchester City are being hailed as the best thing since sliced bread and their manager is apparently a genius. They managed a one nil win against Newcastle and drew with Palace three days after we beat them. Please get some perspective. I’m not saying we played well, but it is a result of rubbish refereeing decisions that we lost this one, and the game at Stoke, and we did deserve to win because we were winning before the cunt awarded the non-existent penalty. It can’t always be pretty.

Feng Sports

Are you seriously comparing our season with Man City’s? They have been smashing most teams they have played this season, and only dropped 4 points from a possible 63. They are being hailed for good reason. As for us, our season was a write off the moment Wenger signed a new contract.


Pretty much spot on. Sad but true.

A Different George

Regardless, we “deserved” to win many other times and did not. We scored a goal and they did not (until Dean acted).

Art Van\'Delay

I doubt Dean’s bent in the sense of accepting bribes, he lacks the honesty for that. He’s a smug little-Englander who takes every opportunity to stick it up Wenger and Arsenal. Why? Mike’d have to explain that, doubt he could though.


Leave out the hyphen and this is the top comment here.

Art Van\'Delay

Mmmmm, too many ‘M’s Michael?


What is the purpose of West Brom?
What id the purpose of Arsenal?
What is the point of Arse-Dean-Brom?

A trinity made for each other,

and an apposite end to a right ‘ol year that’s been chock full of arse.


Expecting more from Lacazette. A couple of moments but overall he doesn’t seem to have much pace and he doesn’t hold the ball up for us.

There was a reason why Deschamp started Giroud ahead of Lacazette for France.

A Different George

Deschamps starts Giroud because he wants to start Griezmann, who combines well with Olivier, but takes the same space as Lacazette. If you watch France for more than one match, this is pretty apparent–it has nothing to do with whether Lacazette or Giroud is a better player in some abstract sense.

Andy Mack

It’s his first real experience of our seasonal log-jam of games.
Even though he’s been protected by usually being one of the 70 min subs, he’ll still be feeling the fatigue, plus he’ll have been kicked more in this half season than in any one of his previous full season in france.
On top of this, West Brom put up a very good defensive show.

John Noshi

Mike fucking Dean


Should have chinned the cunt and made the subsequent card worthwhile.

Teryima Adi

That Dean for you, Cech.

Cool Papa Bellerin

Hanlon’s razor: Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity. Although with Mike Dean one can never be sure.


That performance by ourselves was the biggest crime today

For once I would love to see aw shout and moan at his own players like he does the 4th official. Might actually wake them up from the gash they are serving up


Another dumb comment. They fucking won the game.

Sir Henry Norris\'s Brown Envelope

No they didn’t. It was a draw. Good teams WIN penalties in the last
minute (Ferguson). If you’re crap you concede penaties in the last minute

Original Paul

This kinda crap is why I am not on here much.


As much as Dean is a stinky turd it’s so fucking frustrating watching these kind of poor quality performances. 0-1 up with minutes to go and our game management should be to defend first and not give them any chances. Every one keeping their shape and being hard to beat. We become very vulnerable in tight games and are a mistake or bad call away from conceding. We gotta stop giving and start taking in 2018.

Kiera n

Mike dean strikes again. What a twat. He should fuck off to the championship or something.


Why does the Championship deserve him? He should fuck off to a Sunday church league.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

I’m not a big fan of religion, bit I wouldn’t wish that for any faith


Kos hurt. Sead hurt. Ozil out. Sanchez leaving. Ramsey injured. Giroud injured. Welbeck is ineffective. We play pass and then stand and watch football. With few exceptions, we didn’t make movements off the ball. And Mike dean is a cunt. Probably finish sixth.

The only positive i see is that Gibbs has enough class to not even ask for a pen because he knows it wasn’t even close.. He was trying to argue for a corner.

When that’s the only positive you know it’s going to be a crappy end to the season.


Kieran gibbs didn’t even appeal for the penalty!
First time ever seen a pen given without the player involved asking for it.


Dean don’t care what anyone thinks, no accountability, not interested in explaining his decision to anyone and can simply carry on refereeing the next game. While the technology has been around for years to make these sorry ass decisions obsolete, the old men in charge see no harm in continuing to allow this for a while yet. Makes you wonder what they get out of this. I mean why let your professional refs look like muppets when we can all see every mistake made in seconds. In a league worth billions and is watched world wide, we still all gotta… Read more »

Michael Bolton Wanderers

Everyone’s afraid of change

Andy Mack

The decisions don’t even out over a season.


Happy new year all and Mike Dean is still a farking Dean of a Cunt.

The Limp Bar

And let’s not forget – Dean’s cuntery towards our club started in the Birmingham Eduardo leg break match. Really fucked up game, leading 2-1 in injury time and awards Brum a pen for a perfectly good challenge from Clichy. Essentially cost us the title. And he celebrated when Sp*rs scored. In the land of cunt Mike Dean works in the Ministry Of Cunt in which he is Cunt Minister, what a total fucking cuntpot he is, he should never ref any of our games again. If he went to Hogwarts the sorting hat would put him immediately in Hufflecunt, the… Read more »


Absolutely spot on we’ve all seen the video of that cunt celebrating Tottenham’s goal against us. How can he continue to get arsenal games when he’s so clearly bent


Soooo I’m getting a slight vibe that you’re not keen on Mike Dean?

The Limp Bar

You’re right, I am not a big fan. Love scotch eggs though!

Michael Bolton Wanderers

That’s Mike Dean for you. I have a disgusting feeling he just loves it when he knows the camera is on him, regardless if it’s because of his poor refereeing


Every one and his dog gets interviewed these days after games it’s high time referees were made to give explanations for their decisions in cases like this ! Why should they kick the hornets nest and just walk away ? It would give them a chance to explain themselves it would humanise them ! It would also give them a chance to APOLOGISE for blatantly wrong calls! Decisions like yesterday should also be able to be overturned and the match replayed from the time of the wrong call behind closed doors ! Unless of course it was a much earlier… Read more »

Andy Mack

They don’t want to talk publicly as they believe it will reduce their authority, but they lost that a long time ago…


Wasn’t Dean sent down to the Championship last year around this time for his dodgy calls and sending offs?

Maybe he’s looking to make it an annual thing?


I thought I was alone in discovering that after almost 40 years as a football fan, a Gooner and always trying to take an objective, fair and non-tribal approach to the game that my enthusiasm had waned significantly. Apparently, judging by many of these comments, I’m not. The whole spectacle of Premier League football is uninspiring, lacking in any kind of sportsmanlike integrity, the money is obscene and the standard of refereeing a testament to the game as a whole. I’m sure like me many applauded the sudden arrests and investigations throughout FIFA and suspected that these would roll out… Read more »

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