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Hector Bellerin calls for more flamboyant Arsenal

Hector Bellerin says that Arsenal need to be more flamboyant in their football and improve up front if they want to play themselves out of the little rut they’ve gotten into.

The Gunners have been struggling to score since the 5-0 demolition of Huddersfield last month, and despite dominating possession and territory, have been finding it hard to do the important bit: sticking the ball in the back of the net.

It’s something Arsene Wenger spoke about today, calling for his side to increase the pace of their game to be a more effective attacking force, and speaking to ESPN Brasil, the Spanish full back urged his teammates to do better and rediscover their creative spark.

“It’s hard, because we’re dominating the matches, creating opportunities and holding the ball well,” he said, “but we aren’t effective in front of goal and we lack a bit creativity.

“And those are the things that makes our game be what the people expect and like to see from us, a football that is played in a flamboyant, fast, first touch style.

“We do know that we lack a bit of that, especially in the final third of the pitch.

“Defensively, we’re doing well, conceding few goals, but we really need to improve upfront.

“So, we must keep working hard and play the next match with more incisiveness.”

Arsenal face Newcastle at the Emirates tomorrow, looking to start again at home after defeat to Manchester United, and to get back to winning ways.

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“we lack a bit creativity”



“Defensively, we’re doing well” good one


That’s a trick among defenders to accuse the attackers when things go bad. Hector unfortunately doesn’t remember the first two goals of United and the one of Southampton. Yes, defensively we’re doing very well… for our opponents.


Lol our defence looked really solid against West Ham we only presented them with 3 gilt edged chances that they strangely refused to accept not to mention our generosity towards Southampton and Man Utd only manure took full advantage though !


Maybe putting a cross in when you have plenty of room and time to do so would help?


yeah, and you need to start defending


He needs to learn HOW to defend! His positional play is awful ! Maybe Debuchy could teach him or perhaps ask Lee Dixon to give him a few pointers! Both Dixon and Winterburn are on record as saying that if they failed to stop a cross coming in or failed to beat the first defender when they were crossing was guaranteed to produce a severe bollicking from George Graham as it was basic stuff !!!


So basically cross the ball on offense and stop any attempt on defense or they would get shit from Graham. So basically after every game they got shit from Graham?


Flamboyancy? No. Efficiency? Yes. Then maybe flamboyancy.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

The boy is certainly flamboyant with his hairs.


With all due respect the guy has long hair, doesn’t make him a woman so stop it. Would you afford the same humour in the face of Jean Claude Van Damme? i think not!

Anmol Soin

“Defensively, we’re doing well”

I’ve always thought Hector doesn’t pay attention for the first 20 minutes of every game.


Ivan Parasite

If the forwards are scoring then u dont need to worry about conceding a goal or two, Bellerin. But at this moment u have to help in keeping clean sheet because they are not scoring. Focus on that.


Bellerin needs a game or two out of the team. Debuchy against his old club?….why not!?

Ivan Parasite

Agreed. Should provide some motivation to put in a decent performance. However, doubt Wenger would do so because he is keeping Debuchy for Europa.


Yes Hector that would be good it would be even better if you yourself worked on the areas of your game that are letting you down just now. Firstly your defensive positional sense is poor it needs working on maybe Debuchy could help you with that also your final pass and decision making in the final third let you down learn how to cross and beat the first man , practice your shooting technique you far too often drag your shots wide or lack power by trying for placement rather than putting your laces through it, you have the ability… Read more »

Don Cazorleone

Yeah Héctor! Come on, why arent you creating a whole new tactical approach for yourself regardless of what you and the rest of the team are instructed to do!? I mean, god, you’re 22 years old now! You really should be able to run this team by yourself now. And don’t give me all that shit about being a defender Héctor, you should be able to shoot, and if not, you should be practicing! No, you can practice your defending afterwards… No, wait, practice defending first.. No.. sorry, I meant crossing, go and practice that.. Did I say crossing? I… Read more »


Dude you just don’t get it. He is a professional footballer. He makes way more then us common people that are fans. We have to remind him that he is one of the few lucky ones that makes alot of money for just playing a game. Thats all he should be doing is practicing and training all day and night. He makes to much to not be world class by now. what 22 yo and not world class yet? horrible. As a fan thats what we should demand. Remember we make soo much less then him its only fair.


Awesome thanks for elaborating for your earlier response. Easy to read and coherent. Good job


Bellerin has lost his mojo, he is running away from defenders and not charging towards them.


The back 4 selection of Monreal is likely an issue if Wenger not willing to risk too much given our recent ability to gift goals. Makes sense not to throw Holding in particular into the deep end as he had himself been culprit Monreal is a decent reader of the game with his experience. His drawback is his height. OTOH Wenger looks like he wanted to give Kolasinac a break. He has been struggling to find early season impact in recent games. The selection of AMN to me did not disappoint do I don’t see the fuss there. If anything… Read more »


Do you just copy and paste everything and then keep adding to it?

Mike Dunne

Maybe he has some point we are not finishing well. However the biggest problem is that we don’t defend well enough. Too many school boy mistakes that get punished by the better teams. If we don’t put that right first we will be lucky to qualify for the Europa league


“Dribbled outside my man and delivered the cross,” said Hector never.


There’s no way he meant “defensively, we are doing well”. It’s this damn media, always deliberately misquoting people.

I expect bellerin to come out soon, denying ever even thinking that.

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