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Hector Bellerin on Arsenal’s bittersweet symphony

Arsenal’s 3-3 draw with Liverpool on Friday night has been described as ‘bittersweet’ by Hector Bellerin who feels that although the result was fair, the Gunners could have picked up all three points.

Goals from Alexis Sanchez, Granit Xhaka and Mesut Ozil overturned the opposition’s 2-0 lead, until a 70th minute equaliser from Firmino ensured the game ended in stalemate.

The Spaniard acknowledged that the first half was poor, but still feels there are some positives.

We didn’t start well, they got in front but the boss put us in our place,” he said.

“He told us what we had to do and the team got a great reaction. We scored three quick goals and you could see the belief in the team.

“But we needed to defend better to keep the score. We couldn’t do it so it’s a bit bittersweet, with being in front but then drawing the game.

“But there are positives, like the belief the team had and how we turned it around. We showed we could turn it around but then we made a mistake at a corner and paid for it.

“It’s a draw that could be fair for both teams but, with being in front, it’s a bit bittersweet.”

Little known fact: Arsene Wenger helped Richard Ashcroft with some of the lyrics for the Verve classic:

“No change, I can’t change, I can’t change, I can’t change,
But I’m here in my mold, I am here in my mold.”

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Wenger was also the inspiration for the lyric “like a cat in a bag, waiting to drown” also penned by Ashcroft

Media Hates Arsenal

That picture is Awesome.


Normally not this grim. But i want the old bellerin back. “Cut your hair its been holding you back”, quite frankly would like to drop him for a fee games and start debuchy in his place.


Judging by the regular comments on here lately this might not be popular, but I’m sick of this trend amongst Arsenal fans lately. The team as a whole isn’t functioning at all. The obvious solution is new management, but that’s not happening, so the natural inclination amongst fans is just to say ‘drop him and freshen things up’ whenever a certain player’s performances dip. Can understand it with certain players, but aside from some underwhelming crossing (something he was never brilliant with even at top form), Bellerin’s been absolutely nowhere near the horror show people have been making out in… Read more »


Bellerin, Iwobi and( very soon Amn) are all suffering from poor or lack of coaching. I fear for Iwobi particularly. Arsene’s do it yourself style doesn’t work with modern players anymore.


Normally I’d agree with you, but Bellerin’s been poor pretty much the entirety of 2017. With very few exceptions, he hasn’t looked his old self (he’s seemed noticeably slower, for one) since before his injury in late 2016. And yet he starts every PL match when he’s fit, no questions asked, apparently no pressure for his place. Debuchy is finally fit and in form, so there’s no excuse for this situation except rank favoritism on Wenger’s part. Drop him, if only temporarily (“rest him,” if you prefer).


I like how MD is playing when he’s on the pitch. I like his tech ability and defensive position along with his crossing. AW is in a no-win situation with every selection unless the team wins.

I could see it now, The starting X1 including MD and everyone generally agrees with pregame. Then MD getting burned down the right flank tracking back throughout the game and winning goal scored from his side lol After the game everyone cant’ believe MD was starting over HB. lol

John C

Every time we play shit a player or the manager comes out and talks about how there were positives to be taken from the match. You can only take positives if we’d actually learnt from our mistakes, which we never do.


Watching the interviews after the game, who would you want to play for? One was charismatic passionate and engaging. The other monotone dour and grasping at straws

How is he meant to motivate anybody? Rightly they should be self motivated but modern football is micro managed and he just can’t or won’t do that. We are a shambles front front to back

Quote of the week ‘touch wood we defend well’ – that’s what it has come to


Ofcourse the fact that the uncharismatic coach’s players came out from his half time talk and played is irrelevant…. He is not charismatic.


Really? Liked to me like nothing changed for ten mins we went 2-0 down and then they woke up

Out of interest whilst all he says was going on in the first half why wasn’t he up shouting and instructions and changing things instead of sitting there? It’s almost as though he believes the adversity will make them better in the long run. That thought process destroyed chambers at Swansea where he left him exposed to be rinsed time and time again by Montero without any help from his right winger


That been pretty much his managerial style. They were much better in the second half with connecting passes to one another then in the first half.


There are plenty of managers who believe showing passion is more important than being calm. The vast majority are massively unsuccessful though. I can’t believe people are actually criticising Wenger now because he doesn’t shout and wave his arms about. Isn’t it better to communicate calm with players rather than panic?

Jimbo Jones

It’s not about ranting it’s about a lack of intervention. He’s the manager FFS, it’s his job. It’s so bloody obvious why are so many of us so blind to it.

Arsenal have conceded more goals than Swansea! Our ability to defend is awful, Kos has lost it and we’ve got to take the manager and some of the players off a pedestal!

Godfrey Twatsloch

Calm down everyone! The important thing was that Oxlade-Chamberlain got booed and we managed that. Job done!

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