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I’m confident, yes, but what does that mean? I don’t know.

The title of this post is the answer Arsene Wenger gave to a journalist who asked him if Mesut Ozil will stay at Arsenal.

It’s really quite something, so we thought it deserved its own headline. What does it mean? We don’t know, but we’re confident about something. We don’t quite know what we’re confident about, nor we do understand the context, but nevertheless, yes. And twice on Sundays.

In matters more easily comprehensible, the manager spoke about the German’s sumptuous goal that secured a 1-0 win over Newcastle at the Emirates yesterday, and found words which made a lot more sense.

“It’s superb, he can deliver that,” he said. “It’s important for him that he takes the risk to do what he did.

“Usually he is a guy who, 99 per cent of the time in this position, he controls the ball and gives it to somebody else, so I’m pleased he took the gamble to finish and I’m happy as well that he scored a very important goal.”

The Frenchman also touched on the fact goals are hard to come by at the moment, and insists it’s something that happens regularly.

“If you look historically it happens every year,” he said.

“The finishing is a bit cyclic, sometimes you will score three or four, with every chance, and sometimes like today you will have six or seven chances and score only one.

“It’s part of it, and you need to live with it. I’m know people are not happy with it, but it’s part of the game.”

Well, there you go then. I’m confident the goals will return, but what does that mean? I don’t know.

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Straight out of W1A. “Yes, no, I don’t know, brilliant, yes”.

Mein Bergkampf

“If you look historically it happens every year”

Yes it does, doesn’t it Mr Wenger.


World star poker are wasting their time with Neymar and Ronaldo, they need this man to be their cover boy. He’s the last person I’d want to play poker against!


confident of getting a move away


To Wengers credit this is not a departure from the neutral position he always gives out. It just came out like nonsense. Maybe he can’t give a rats.

Bould\'s Eyeliner

I’d have stopped three years in. The man’s lasted two decades saying the same hamster wheel crap week in, week out.


Say what you want about the man, the best quality in a manager (in any industry) is their ability to adapt to change. He wouldn’t be where he was if he didn’t have that quality, and just look at Mourinho that Cunt, now that west brom and stoke are playing his football he doesn’t know how to adapt.


More Pseuds Corner bollocks from Wenger
Banana bus stop fishbicycle. But what does that mean? I don’t know. The situation is ideal.


I can’t wait until we don’t have to listen to his riddles anymore


why? you don’t like riddles, puzzles, things that stimulate your brain?


Not from a Football manager when you’re looking for a straight and honest answer, but hey, if that’s what you’re happy with…..


Oh is it the first time he’s ever been asked? Or the 999th time?


Yes, I am happy to know this, but what does it mean to know something that is not anything at all


Sooner we sort it the better, like with Jack and others that are running out of contract. It would be a nice Christmas present if they all signed up.

Back to Mesut though I don’t like it when that sneaky twat at old trafford is being linked with him.

Ivan Parasite

Old Twatford? No!


Only positive this season is that morono won’t win the league.
I can live with that and actually drink to it


So I know this is the wrong spot for it but honestly how long until pundits stop with the unadulterated Sp*rs love and realize what a dirty team they are. Watching the Citeh game yesterday it was a miracle Kane & Alli didn’t break Sterling & DeBruyne’s leg and ankle. Yet it’s only a yellow card and no problem b/ c they’re the English darlings.


Bt played down the severity and motd which I watched for the first time this season literally said lent not go into that. I ain’t going to be watching that anytime soon.

They both deserve 3 game bans and that would really fuck them up, Davidson Sanchez getting sent off the other week was their first red in like 2years in the prem or sumin ridiculous like that

A Different George

Just to repeat something I posted elsewhere: the US feed of the City match was much more critical–all the commentators (including Lee Dixon and Graeme Leseaux) thought both Kane and Alli deserved straight reds.


Please Santa, all I want for Xmas is for Alexis and Wenger to go quick, Ozil to sign a new contract and a nice new manager. I’ve been really good all year honest


Özil will stay, alexis should leave


I felt like he was asked what the situation was with Özil and if he’s confident, then kinda treated the question as if it was two separate ones and only answered the latter? As in: “I’m confident, yes, but what does that matter?” Maybe I’m wrong…

Jean Ralphio

What I think he means is he is confident that Ozil will sign da ting, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the contract has or will be signed. The ball is not in his court.


I dunno. Keep Ozil. Sell Alexis? Ozil is an orbit. Alexis is a dense planet. Orbits can move; vary and planets just sit there; obstinate. Jack also look good and think he works well with Ozil. Alexis is still dribbling. GO FORWARD. Does Alexis put his head down too much? Sigh. I mean when on a counter and the ball is flowing Arsenal style and Alexis touches it he prefers to dribble around a bit instead of picking a pass. Is it because he’s out of position? Should be in the 10? I dunno. I think he prefers top because… Read more »

Jingle Balls

That was fun to read. Like being stuck in a cab with an pissed up tramp.

Lingards\' Milly Rock

“I don’t even know what that means (No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative) No, it’s not, it’s gross (Gets the people going)

That. Ish. Cray.


I wonder if there will still be an ozil love in when he signs for man Utd and works his tail off


That implies he is not working hard now. He is, and unlike Alexis has end product.


No Greg I doubt there will be. But again the issue needs to be addressed if two of our star players go to the Manchester clubs. We should have pushed firmly for contract extension Two years ago.

They are not the first players to leave in these circumstances and until we improve the contract negotiations they won’t be the last.

I would have said three star players, but I genuinely believe Jack wants to sign on but has heard sweet fa. Yet another potential botch job on the horizon.

Mesut O\'Neill

There is no chance Sanchez is going City, because he isn’t good enough for their system. Perhaps he might go to Chelsea.

Tas Gunner

why not? i think arsenal fans will rejoice if you take what fans been saying for the last 4 year as proof.”shite’,”nicking a living”,”lazy”,”flop”,”would drive him away to ___” etc..and these are the kinder remarks.


Nicking a living was the faecal outpouring of a talentless lazy journalist. People with no capacity for thought repeat what these talent vacuums say. Anyone who goes to games can see that 5he man is a brilliant player.


Sanchez has carried us for long enough. Now he’s in poor form you throw him under the bus. Ozil currently is playing well so is being lauded

Still both players available and a lot more want Sanchez than ozil


Its the problem with this club. 1 bad performance and your told to leave by the fans. He will come good again, and start banging in the goals. As Arsene said, its cyclic for teams regards to goals, sometimes you have good days and score 4 from 4 chances, other days you score 0 from 23 chances. Players are the same, they have periods of good form and slumps in form.


I’m not sure it’s so strange. He is confident Ozil will stay, but how much that actually means to the truth of him staying he thinks is hard to quantify, which it is: there is no causal link between him being confident and it actually happening. How is this statement so strange? Naturally, Arsene doesn’t speak English without his quirks, as he is not English, but I don’t really think that’s something to ridicule…


We move into 2018 yet we’re still enduring this cryptic bollocks.


Wait a minute. where have all the Ozil critics gone ??


We really need to keep such a great player. If he did that more often he’d be as good as Denis.

The Far Post

Agreed. My cynical side says, He’s playing hard to look good in the January shopping window, however. To his credit, and our benefit, he’s doing a good job. Am just afraid it will not last…


He is confident but has been wrong before. (Chamberlain) simple really


I don’t 5hink he cared about Chamberlain. You don’t come out and say an asset is for sale if you don’t have to as it impacts the price. Business negotiation 101.
This is why he never says Walcott is for sale and yet doesn’t pick him. Deeds not words.

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