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Lacazette targets Europa League triumph

Alexandre Lacazette says that because the league title is well beyond Arsenal’s reach, he’d like to win the Europa League as he seeks to mark his first season in England with a trophy.

The Gunners last European trophy came in 1994, that 1-0 win over Parma in the Cup Winners Cup final, and it’s part of our cabinet that could definitely use some improvement.

The French international has declared himself relatively pleased with how his first campaign has gone so far, but is looking to do more in 2018.

“I would like to win a title, even though, in August, I already won the Community Shield,” he told the official site.

“I would like to win a cup, the championship will be hard, but I’d like to win the Europa League.”

As for how things have gone so far, he continued, “It’s good because I was able to score goals for the team. I feel good in the game.

“I like it in England so that’s not bad. I know I can do better but I don’t want to move too fast. It’s a year of adjustment. I’m happy.”

The club record signing has yet to make an appearance in the Europa League this season due to the manager’s rotation policy, but as the quality of the opposition improves in the knock-out stages that’s bound to change.

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Happy that he is happy. For a first season he’s doing pretty well, he will get better still.

The Loon Ranger

Sensible target. How many points are we off the champions? 21? #ya gunnersya


Chelsea in second are at 45 pts.

We are at 37 pts before playing WBA. Should we beat Brummies, we’d only be 5 off second with 17 games and 51 points to play for.

Sensible is to go for second AND the Europa.

Going for Europa alone is frankly a bit loony.

The Loon Ranger

Just got to admire your optimism. I’d love to see us charge back up the table and the dumb thing about it is we actually could do it. It all depends on which team turns up on the day. COYG and brush Pardew’s potters away

Andy Mack

I don’t think he’s suggesting we don’t try for 2nd in the PL, just that he’d like a trophy.

Dan Hunter

How about that 4th place trophy?


Good man. It’s the one most of the fans really want too.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

I want a 4th FA Cup in 5 years. I’m willing to accept the Europa League as a bonus. That way we’ll qualify for the Champions League whatever happens in the PL.


While I’d love another FA Cup (stamp Wengers authority on the competition even further), I would prioritise the Europa League. Champs League has never been so important to us, because attracting world class talent will be impossible if we fail to get in.


While a cup treble would be nice, Europa should be on top of the list – that may be our best chance of Champions league next season with the way Liverpool is running riot of their opponents this season…

Heavenly Chapecoense

Nope, I want the Carabao for the name of it. This is a unique year before it becomes Gillette, Nestle or whatever.


we are at 37 pts before playing WBA. CHelsea are at 45pts in second.

That’s only 5 points gap should we beat WBA.

AND we have 17 games to go which is potentially 51 points to play for.

The league is more than worth playing for in position.

Playing for Europa only is a massive and ill advised risk.


Nestle goes well with Milk (Cup … was it once the Littlewoods Cup?
Look forward to putting bottom club WBA to the sword 5-0 tmw. Please … and Alexis will not stay but we will have Jack and Mesut and Julian. Happy NY to all fans. See you in Lyon for Europa Petrol Cup final.

Dennis Elbow

And it was called the Coca Cola cup.


He’s probably extra motivated for the Europa League since the final is at Lyon’s stadium – pretty much a home game for him.

Media Hates Arsenal

Arsenal can win the Europa league and i hope they do.


The media does not hate Arsenal – its more the fact that Arsenal and its fans don’t like to be told the truth, especially when the truth is so glaringly obvious to everyone else…
I think it is possible we could win the Europa League but you know that even in Europe’s second string competition there are teams that can easily take advantage of our weaknesses – it is within our capabilities though…

Godfrey Twatsloch

There’ll soon be a bunch of not second string teams entering the competition as well making the whole thing considerably harder.


“I would like to win a title, even though, in August, I already won the Community Shield,”
Alex, that was a friendly for charity.
Not really a title !


Spurs troll? Two comments on this article both quite negative towards the arsenal….
If you aren’t a troll I’m sorry santa bought you coal

A Different George

When Barca and Madrid play in the Spanish Super Cup, everyone treats it as a real trophy and counts it in the annual list; the same is true in most European leagues, and I think that is why Lacazette thinks of it this way. (I’m pretty sure Jose Mourinho thinks it is a real trophy, except when he loses it.)

Chippys chip

You mean like the plot and soon the dressingroom too. Haha the cunt.


The media interview with Jose on Bein TV was hilarious … blamed the referee but not the shite Manure dished up. 50/50 not a penalty. Lukaku carried off. Everton away next. Cunt is sacked in Feb … happy daze


I’d rather see him sacked at the end of April, right after we cunt him 6-0 at Old Toilet to mathematically eliminate Man Ure from next year’s Champions League.


We SHOULD NOT be prioritising the Europa League. We should be going for BOTH top 4 spot AND the Europa league. Going for the Europa alone will be a massive mistake. One freak result and then what? Loser mentality. Besides we still have half a season left. Plenty. IN fact we should not be aiming at fourth. We need to be aiming at 2nd. Set your sights higher and if you hit slightly lower well at least you hit the minimum. You set your sights at fourth and you may just not make it. Go for Europa only…well what’s that… Read more »


As for Lacazette, we need him to start ratcheting up the goals now. We’ve been too wasteful in front of goal. What I’d like to see from Lacazette is movement to the ball particularly when it comes in from Bellerin’s flank. He can’t afford to wait for the ball like he did in France. The PL has to be more proactive. If he pushes toward the ball like what GIroud use to do, he will score more with the openings he creates (and given poor service from right) We need goals. We need to stamp our authority. If we are… Read more »


8 goals apiece from Alexis and Lacazette. 7 from OG even as he has started considerably much less.

Would suggest we will still be looking for goals when Alexis leaves (and possibly Giroud too)

I don’t think we do ourselves a disfavour by targeting players like Mahrez. About 7 goals this season but also healthy amount of assists.

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