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Report: Giroud sidelined until February

According to L’Equipe [translated by Sport Witness], Olivier Giroud will be sidelined until February by the hamstring tear he suffered against West Ham in the Carabao Cup.

The France international pulled up with the problem in the second half of the 1-0 win and was immediately substituted. After the game, Arsene Wenger said the player reported ‘the pain is quite big’.

The boss had hinted that the striker could be out for at least three weeks, but it appears scans have confirmed that the injury is worse than first thought.

Arsenal could play ten games between now and the end of January, including six Premier League matches, the two legs of the Carabao Cup semi-final with Chelsea and potentially the first two rounds of their FA Cup defence.

The news will come as a big blow to Giroud who had been hoping for more game time ahead of the World Cup this summer. The 31-year-old’s agent had even spoken about the possibility of leaving the Emirates in January. It remains to be seen if clubs still come knocking given the circumstances.

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Again, worse than expected. Why do they do than rather than manage expectations?

Declan M



Do you need your expectations managed; they’re just reporting on an injury.


They told us Ramsey, Cazorla were both out for shorter times then the time lengthened. I’m sure there are lots of other examples.

Tell us a realistic timescale and don’t make us think you don’t know what you are doing.

Jimbo Jones

Expectation management 101 😉


Agreed. Well done for getting people to agree.

High gunner

they have also told us about longer times that then the time shortened? and im also sure this happens in all football clubs, in all sports.. Dont forget Wenger said this 10 minutes after the game, come on now guys, think.

A Different George

Right after the match, Wenger said Giroud seemed to have a lot of pain, it looked pretty serious, and he would probably be out at least three weeks. Now, it looks more probable that it will be around five weeks or more. I read the comments and I see that this proves that Wenger cannot be trusted, that he has lied for years, etc. Really? Are you not perhaps letting bias creep into you judgment? Just a thought.

Coq au Vin

The irony of someone named Pedant to post than original comment. Brilliant!




That’s King Eddie for you my friend ?


Feel bad for Giroud. Especially with the World Cup coming up. Going to be a huge loss for us as well. Giroud has this knack of saving us with his last minute goals. This is a huge blow.


May not be a popular opinion but i really think a forward should be a priority for the upcoming transfer window. Alexis will be gone in 6months, Giroud is out, Wellbeck will always be Wellbeck, Theo – similar. We just do not have enough goals in us at the moment and I cant see Ozils, Ramseys and Iwobis to suddenly start getting them on a regular basis. Of course I am not deluded enough to believe we will do it and sign a forward in January, just stating my opinion that we should.


It’s not just that he’s injured. It’s all the saber rattling over the world cup too. As we should have done with Sanchez before the start of the season we’d be wise to do now.

Question is who is out there? And come to think of it, didn’t we loan Perez back to his old club? Would be funny if we recalled him and actually started using him.


If there is a possibility to recall him think we should definitely do it. Despite his weaknesses the guy can score

Faisal Narrage

“The boss had hinted that the striker could be out for at least three weeks, but it appears scans have confirmed that the injury is worse than first thought.”

Wenger really needs to just stop making early predictions. 90% he veers on the glass half full when it come a to injuries when history has always shown us at Arsenal it’s usually worse.

Why Not

People really need to stop clinging on everything he says especially if history shows otherwise. Its common sense.



Exactly, gow dare you use logic to justify your (correct) statement?


Its happening for c.a. 15 years now so i guess he sees a reason for doing so. What it is though i have no clue but thats pretty in lin with every second recruitment, contract, squad selection or tactics related decisions Wenger takes. We will never figure out im afraid.

Andy Mack

If you can stop the hacks asking, then he’ll stop answering them…

Faisal Narrage

It’s not hard to just say “I don’ know. We’ll wait for tests before I can give you any further news.”?


I bet you will have something else to whine about then, cunto.


Most of your comments always seem to be a way to create a narrative about how AW always makes mistakes or does something wrong. Like his comments on the injury saying “at least” and not saying “at the most”. Reading AW comments initially I would assume at least 3 if not more? You are nitpicking to create that narrative of yours. Were you really reading this post and thinking, “OMG, I can’t believe he is out longer then I was lead to believe?” Especially with the fact that I think you said you use to be in the sports medicine… Read more »


Honestly so what? Not like any one of us are going to buy Wenger a new striker.


So we are basically left with just one striker.

Please save me your “but Walcott. But welbeck” talking strikers not footballers in general


It’s time to Eddie the nod

John C

It wouldn’t surprise me if it was his last appearance for the club to be honest


Enough is enough. Bring back Sanogo and TGSTEL!


Silver lining. More of danny tripping himself up and shinning the ball in to touch

Why not

To be fair to him, he normally shins it into the net or into an assist.


Look at the bright side… Lacazette gets to complete 90 mins more often.


Ah Fack.


I can see our title push really suffering with this terrible news…


I wish I could be paid £10 million a year to manage Arsenal.
It would be a doddle…

Why not

I think this is one of the things most people overlook. Arsenal is rotting from the head down. I genuinely think Wenger has managed to keep as afloat regardless for several seasons, but the rot continues and has unfortunately engulfed him. I do really wonder what situation we would be in has he not decided to help the arsenal through thick and thin. He could have jumped ship joined real or bayern and watched us sink with Gazidiz and co a few seasons ago.

10 million well deserved


Joined Real or Bayern? Umm. Yer ok


Joined real or bayern and lasted a season! He’s a control freak and neither of those places would give him any power. he’d be accountable for results

Jimbo Jones

How is it possible to detach Wenger from any of the ‘rot’ and stench of stagnation around the club? The man has held the power ever since Dein left the board. He even interviewed his current boss.

You do realise it is possible to respect and admire Wenger yet still be able to see faults and understand the club needs to move on.

This sort sycophantic defence is just ridiculous.

Jean Ralphio

I hope he gets to go to the world cup. France have a solid chance of winning it this year and it would be great for him and Koscielny to win it


December is the new November. Must be climate change.

Bryan Clayden

Admin are we going to get a story put up of this Eboue news?tragic!


They need to start reporting injuries in football like they do in Hockey in the US where it’s one of two things: An Upper Body Injury or a Lower Body Injury. That’s it, it could be a broken hand or a concussion and it’s called the same thing with no timetable given.

Jimbo Jones

That’s not progress

Teryima Adi

What a shame. Get well soon, Bro.


Hey blogs, best wishes to you and all your readers. Holding and Chambers together are greater than the sun of their parts.
Be brave… okay then and they will be a world class partnership.

Stuck on repeat...

FFS, dash & buggery…not good news at all 🙁

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