Thursday, July 18, 2024

Report: Southampton 1-1 Arsenal (inc. goals)

Arsenal: Cech, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Monreal, Bellerin, Xhaka, Ramsey, Kolasinac, Alexis, Ozil, Lacazette

Subs: Ospina, Maitland-Niles, Wilshere, Iwobi, Coquelin, Welbeck, Giroud


Olivier Giroud came off the bench to rescue a point for Arsenal as they snatched a 1-1 draw with Southampton at Saint Mary’s. The home side had looked good value for the win after a barnstorming first half that saw Charlie Austin score within two minutes, but Arsene Wenger’s men, at their most frustrating in the final third, finally battled back with three minutes remaining.

First half

Shambolic. Chaotic. Pathetic. Arsenal’s defence in the opening stages of last week’s match with Manchester United was all of the above. We lost the game inside 15 minutes and Arsene Wenger spent the week lamenting the mistakes.

You’d have expected an improvement at Saint Mary’s. If anything, this was worse. In the opening ten minutes of the first half against Southampton, the home side might have had three goals. In the end, they settled for just the one, their first chance of the match converted by Charlie Austin.

It genuinely felt like every passage of play for the home side led to a clear-cut chance. And almost all of those opportunities were the consequence of poor passing, non-existent communication and mistimed and missed challenges by Arsenal.

The tone was set inside two minutes as Mertesacker, who’d given the ball away, was left on the floor by Tadic who in no time split what was left of the defence with a reverse pass. Austin racing from deep made no mistake dinking the ball over Cech. (1-0)

Austin might have had a hat-trick inside ten minutes. First Cech spared the blushes of Koscielny and Mertesacker by diving down low to make a save. Then the offside flag came to the rescue as the Saints striker stole in again to hit Redmond’s cross onto the post.

At the other end, Arsenal were overly intricate. Surprise, surprise. There were long spells of possession as we probed in and around the box, but for all the tidy one-twos and overlapping runs, the home side were relatively comfortable.

Our first effort of note fell to Lacazette who cleverly controlled a high ball, spun on a sixpence and squeezed a shot at Forster. The France international’s movement was good (he spent plenty of time trying to call for the ball as well) but his control let him down at the end of a decent counter-attack after a Southampton corner.

Ramsey forced a fine save out of Fraser Forster and Lacazette fired over from a Bellerin cut-back as we looked for an equaliser, but each attack and poor pass, of which there were many, seemed to leave us very exposed at the back.

Xhaka was bailed out by Cech who nearly put the ball in his own net after a Ward-Prowse cross was kept in at the back post. Our veteran keeper, seemingly aware of the lack of pace in front of him, was effectively a sweeper at times often clearing up outside his box. It wasn’t good for the nerves.

Second half

It was much of the same after the break. Arsenal huffed and puffed in the final third looking to score the perfect goal. The industrious Ramsey dragged an effort wide, Kolasinac repeatedly got behind the Saints defence but couldn’t deliver a decisive pass, Sanchez kept giving the ball away. All pretty standard.

In response, the Saints looked to Redmond and Tadic on the break although it was Romeu who came closest to doubling the lead with a rocket that clipped Cech’s bar.

Arsene Wenger hauled off Mertesacker to make room for Welbeck. To be honest, we looked no more solid at the back as Koscielny got himself into a mess and laid a chance on a plate for Redmond. Thankfully, the winger put the ball wide with only Cech to beat.

Wilshere replaced Xhaka and Giroud replaced Lacazette. Not much changed initially until, with three minutes to go, Sanchez clipped in a delightful ball and the French substitute deftly glanced a header past Forster. It was tough to suggest it was deserved. But beggars can’t be choosers. (1-1)

Both sides pressed for a winner in stoppage time, but in the end it was spoils shared. The result takes Arsenal to 29 points and back above Spurs into fifth.

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Can this (and next) season be already over please?


We need a few upgrades. Bellerin, Ramsey, Xhaka, to name three. Koscielny is finished as well me thinks.

Mein Bergkampf

Sanchez still looking for his first completed pass of the season then…


Alexis has well and truly become the latest Wenger scapegoats. Walcott, Ramsey, Welbeck, Mertesacker, they’ve all been there.

But Where was the reaction from Wenger or Bould? Did you see either of them giving special instructions – pass the ball earlier, play one touch? Did he get subbed off?

When are we going to stop scapegoating individuals and accept that our coaching and in-game management isn’t good enough?


Too true.

Crash Fistfight

how about the assist today?


agree, apart from ramsey, he has been one of our main stay


Really you are going to complain about ramsey ? he is second in overall goal contribution he is not the problem.


Goal scoring is not the problem yes but defensively he is part of a bigger problem.

They’ve sniffed out the link in our armour.


The Manager is the biggest upgrade we need.


The fact Arsene looked surprised with the equaliser says it all.


No amount of upgrades is going to help tactical blindness and an allergy to intervention from the sidelines.


He just sits there, doesn’t instruct or motivate, the only time he gets up is to moan to the fourth official.


What’s the point of complaining about the players when they’re playing like any other Wenger team.


Can we get a new manager soon please. If possession gives 3 points we would have been top of the tabl


if YOU want a new manager why didn,t you protest with all the others that want a new manager, if you want change get off your arse and do something about it


How do you know the bloke DIDN’T “get off his arse and protest” ?


Who was the commentator along with Joe Davis?
Name him and I’ll hire a faceless man to set him straight.

Was so moaning about arsenal damn did arsene shag his wife?


Yup i heard his constant shite on Arsenal all the time during the match. Effing pitiful.

Donald\'s Trump

I don’t know which channel you watched t on but I was also constantly bemoaning that load of bollocks.


Francis Benali…ex Southampton player.


Again, Alexis Sanchez gets a 1/10. Take away his lucky assist and he was yet again horrendous today. We end up screaming for him to at least act like he cares and show up for the ball. The rare times he does, he loses it and we wish he never did. I don’t know what anyone sees in this muppet. When you take away the one saving grace that is effort from an inefficient, selfish and sloppy player, this is the result. People are prone to handing out 4/10 and 5/10 ratings for even the worst of performances. That represents… Read more »


Apparently, Sanchez lost the ball 26 times today and I don’t think many of them were attempted passes.


Most of his passes were in final 3rd. Only he could pass sideways, he could have boost his stats.


I think Sanchez tried today. The problem with him is what I have notice since last season. 1) He always look out for Ozil to pass to in the final third or aggressively looking for assist. 2) He love dribbling but when necessary and unnecessary. Last season we had many counter attacks which was killed by his unnecessary dribbles. At this time, contrary to what Santori always say, he is the most predictable player in arsenal. All defenders need to do is mark Ozil out, he will want to dribble to free ozil, other defenders shadow mark him until he… Read more »


Suffice to say we are now truly battling for 4th having squandered again our good work with two naive performances in a row.


Naive seems like such the perfect word for the situation.


Forget parking the bus, that was a whole freight train.

Donald\'s Trump

Whole freight train coming at us? Because that’s what it looked like to me for at least the first quarter.


We may as well as put Walcott elneny coquelin Niles at back 4 since we have no use of an actual back 4.
What the fuck is the use of Steve bould? We have being atrocious at the back!!

It’s time to drop bellerin and bring his parents back from Barcelona .


And Let’s drop Sanchez as well…


And xhaka if we are on it..


Darn it play the Europa team..


Ya Bellerina is utter shit.


I wouldn’t say he is, but I can’t see any improvement either.
Plus.: compared to Sagna, Lauren – well, there would be “some” space for agility, agression and ruthlessness!


See bellerins main attribute is his speed playing against parked buses does him no good as he can’t cross for shit.

does he even practice ?

Crash Fistfight

Bellerin’s performance today was pitiful: lazy, sloppy and soft in equal measure. Kolasinac wasn’t a hell of a lot better (which, has been the case for a few weeks now). I struggle to find a good individual performance in that game, but I think that’s the point: the whole team was terrible. That stems from the manager. How many games do we have to roll the ball side to side for 60 minutes before realising that passing the ball a bit quicker might be useful? How many games are we going to start slowly and even then, not just play… Read more »


Cech was very good. Bellerin not so. Can’t dribble, can’t cross. can’t defend. A Maitland Niles pse. And Jack Wilshere for Xhaka who would be good option off the bench. Still, we’re above Spuds. And Burnley.
Bring on West Ham fresh from cunting Chelski. Alexis is on drugs and nobody will want to buy him after that shite. Ozil vanished. Giroud’s header was sublime tho.


How on earth is Xhaka still starting games ahead of Wilshire. He slows up play, offers little going forward and hasn’t protected the defence well enough this season. Provided the in form Ramsey has not injured his hamstrings again, I’d rather see him start along with Jack despite their supposed similarities. We have done in before against Man United and Liverpool at home few seasons ago. And we must take a chance to do it again this season if we are to finish in the top 4.


Great idea, let’s put the one guy that is eve less mobile than Xhaka to watch over the acres of space in front of our defence.

Dial Square Charity XI



Pretty poo effort indeed and in my view indicative of why the back 3 formation needs to be scrapped for good. Arsenal simply do not have the right personnel to play this system over the long haul as they cannot play out of the back without coughing up the ball and leaking goals. In addition, the midfield is not active enough to open space to receive the ball and win it back or cover for mental lapses (their own or others on the team). Inexplicably, Wenger does not have sufficient cover in the back since he sold Gabriel and does… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

Well, he’ll probably have to play them together now that Ramsey has picked up his quarterly hamstring strain.


50 pounds to the first person who tells me what exactly Steve Bould does


Nothing. I’ll take bank transfer or paypal.


Great. Thanks. I await your bank details 😀


‘Yes, Boss!’


And Wenger?


fuck all, now give me the £50 quid


Well, I like the way he chews his gum consistently for 90 minutes week in week out. Not everybody can do that but nothing can top the sight of Vic Akers rocking in his shorts on the sidelines when it’s 67. Then there is Arsene’s zip and Gary o’driscoll nervously smiling throughout the game. In 5 years time these will be my best memories of
what is truly a banter era sprinkled with some FA cups and hopefully the Europa league.


Should be Tony Adams there instead, oh but wait !!!! He’ll have an opinion won’t be ?


Have you ever watched a team coached by Adams?
I will fill you in, they are utter wank and let in a fuck load of goals, he really is a bad manager and coach, despite being one of the best CB’s of his generation.


My point being.. Adams won’t just sit there chewing gum and saying nothing. I think bouldy is just repressed as Wenger’s no 2.


We all know Wenger’s philosophy. Attack first and don’t bother about defending 🙁


A fair result in the end. A slow start and poor defending cost us. Another trademark header from Giroud to save our bacon!



A pathetic performance which deserved nothing. Had Southampton taken their chances they would have won comfortably.

Well done, Giroud: always manages to nick a goal.


Well played Southampton. We got lucky.

93rd minute, Ozil was the only one tracking back when Southampton were countering. He was the only one who had legs today when it came to back tracking which is shocking after the whole team had the week off.


Since Tottenham he has been a true warrior. If only he did that on a regular basis.




He’s only doing it to get a move either in January or a nice big fat free transfer sign on fee for the summer.


Complete crap yet again. Woeful away from home. Lucky to pick up the point to be honest. So slow, so many mistakes. It’s not going to change until Wenger goes


No more messing about it’s time to start Wilshere and Giroud…. as we had a shocker till they came on……..

Sort it out wenger,


Ya right? Wenger can’t even sort out his jacket zipper.


Lacazette deserves to keep his place. But time for Wilshere to swap Ramsey out. I won’t be surprised if Wilshere Xhaka dominate!


A classic “Top 4 team” performance…
Not more, not less…

Don Cazorleone

Not even


Top 6

Sheffield Gooner

Less, I’d say.


I am bound upon a wheel of fire, that mine own tears do scald like molten lead


Oh yes we’re the great pretenders
Pretending that we’re doing well
My need is such I pretend too much
We’re hopeless but no one can tell


not great


No other PL team gifts teams leads like we do. Why AW didn’t make Oli and Jack subs earlier is beyond me. We created nothing for 25 minutes in 2nd half. Welbeck is shit and SAF knew it. So tired of Wenger.


Except Chelsea and City. The latter though it seems will always get the win. Chelsea showed yesterday what happens if you don’t have a different striking option on your bench. Heading is an art form that has waned in the last decades. OG clearly has honed the craft. It really isn’t at all easy to put as little on it as he did to guide it in the corner. Deft.


Wenger apologist. We’ve been doing it for a decade, versus 1/3 of a season like Chelsea. City?? You can’t be serious with that. They are top of the table undefeated and they rarely go behind first, bar their last two matches. Fucking outrageous. COME JOIN US IN THE REAL WORLD.

Tas Gunner

bullshit! he runs a lot,thats enough for us.

Santi’s Flip Flop

Because Arsenè has always operated under a different set of rules. A set of rules where making unforced substitutions before the 62nd minutes is illegal and punishable by death.


Not to hate on welbeck or anything, but there shouldnt be any question regarding whether he is good enough for Arsenal or not. He isnt. Even the game against Bate he looked out of his depth.

To think we sold a technical good player like vela, and have a player like welbeck who more or less can do nothing else than run and annoy opposition.


I like Welbeck’s work ethic and back tracking. That is needed against teams who press against us. But Southampton were never going to do that. Walcott can be erratic, but at least he scored midweek, and looked like he could score more.

Tas Gunner

Well somehow our initial reaction to welbeck changed despite not having any sustained spell of good form.we signed him in the summer in which we were shown the carrot of reus all summer long.hell we supposedly even made a bid for him on the deadline day..but by the end of the night we ended up with welbeck..he wasn’t good enough then,not good enough now,wont be good enough cant teach finishing and first touch,and without them you cant be a striker,if we value running back and backtracking work ethic so much,deploy him in DM,you’ll get basically the same performance anyway.

Tanzanian Gooner

Order any drink you want mate, bill’s on me. Absolutely spot on.


Welbeck doesn’t look fit.. as simple as that, he is never going to be unplayable but has a place in the squad definitely. Even SAF knew that!


Bloody hell Giroud is good at that. But otherwise, fuck everyone starting with the board, then Wenger, then most of our players today. I submit that the more coaching Bellerin and Kolasinac get from Arsene Wenger, the worse they have become. Someone needs to tell Arsene that his anger would be more constructively channeled towards Team preparation (especially DEFENSIVS COACHING) for the 7 days leading up to the game as opposed to in the 93rd Minute because professional gamesmanship is underway. I’m honestly starting to think Tony Pulis would get more out of these players…they wouldn’t lead any goals and… Read more »


Crisis? We are in crises with them. What Changes without them? Ozil definitely will be missed. But have these two guys change a game we are losing to winning? Like RVP does? What exactly are we going to miss other than Sanchez work rate which sometime are even liability or Ozil’s Silkiness?

Don Cazorleone

Ozil’s silkiness is among the best in the world.
He’s not a game changer, no. But play him in the correct role with a better calibre of players around him and you’ll soon feel the fibre of his fabric.

To my mind it’s much more important to keep him than Sanchez (though I’d quite like to keep both and upgrade elsewhere).


I agree with you 100% on Ozil.

dr Strange

You’r only as good as you’r defence.


Bench Sanchez, start both Giroud and Lacazette


Yeah okay, I don’t think I enjoy this season’s PL anymore. The constant grind for top 4 is just boring and predictable. All my eggs are in EL now.


We aren’t very good at this football thingy, are we?


We waste all the time with stupid sideway / back passes.

dr Strange

I really don’t care about being ahead or finishing above Spurs. We are a really pathetic if that’s our main target.


Might be time for the back 4 to permanently come back. We are making so many unforced errors and the back 3 seems to blunt our attack a little


Well, at least this time we only gave away one embarrassing, shambolic goal in the first 15 minutes.

We’re learning! Making progress!


Crash Fistfight

More by luck than judgement!


Whenever Southampton were defending they looked organised and disciplined, we on the other hand looked a fucking shambles and could easily have been 3 down by the time we eventually scored. I am glad of the point, but yet again another poor start and yet again can’t seem to put our chances away despite dominating possession. I like Hector, but I am not sure what he offers going forward anymore as his crossing is atrocious. I also think we should’ve sold Sanchez in the summer. He has been well below par this season.


I think reports of Bellerin’s demise are rather exaggerated but it’s clear he doesn’t want to be here, he agitated for a move to Barca last summer, I think unfortunately he’ll get his wish next.


Feel for lacazette, no service all game because we have a hugely overated Ramsey and Xhaka, we bring on the one player in Jack to unlock the defence with 20 odd mins to go then take off the poor sod and bring on Giroud. Giroud done well as he always does but why the fuck not bring on Jack at half time and give him a laca at least 20 odd mins to see if could work. Horrible performance yet again from Ramsey and Xhaka but still Jack cant force his way into the team, more of the same boring… Read more »

Eye of the Öwl

What is interesting about what you are saying is, there is no mention of the world class player who can unlock defenses and pass a ball through the eye of a needle. I saw Lacazette ready to make runs behind at every opportunity and yet nobody including Ozil would pass the ball. XHAKA plays so deep usually why is he getting all of the stick when we have a #10 whose job it is.


Give Ozil what he wants and build a team around him. If we don’t do that we risk becoming completely irrelevant in the league in a couple of years(we already are).
Ideally we should finish 4th and win the Europa league but I guess we’ll finish 5th and leave it until the last minute so that we can win the Europa league final and go through cuz it’s the Arsenal way innit. COYG


I’m not sure where the talk of us winning the UEL is coming from. It won’t be as easy as some people here think will be, specially with teams like Milan, Napoli, Dortmund, Atletico. Don’t take me wrong, if we win it, awesome, but i’m not holding my breath.


You are right Dave but a man can hope. There was a time when we bottled it in the Carling cup final and we had zero winners in the team. I’ll take this squad over that one any day. At least this one got us FA cups and Charity shields. Maybe Europa should be their real target.


If we take the Europa League seriously maybe we have chances yes, but It won’t be as easy as some folks seems to believe. But then again, seems we’re taking seriously the League and we continue to be awful so x.x


Statistically speaking we have won a trophy when we splashed the cash (by Arsenal standards).
Arshavin- 4th place trophy
Ozil- 1st FA cup
Sanchez- 2nd FA cup
Mustafi, Xhaka, Lucas- 3rd FA cup
So, i am hoping Laca+January signing will do the job this year.
I am not going to blame Wenger. I believe the man just like us knows the team is too shit for the league. I respect him for turning up to the training ground everyday and still trying when he is 67. The only philosophy in the game is Net Spend. Baldiola is not a genius.

Crash Fistfight

Spurs and Liverpool’s squads are worse than ours and Chelsea’s isn’t that much better, yet they will probably all finish above us. Yes, players help, but we’d need a better squad than Man City’s to win the league with Arsene Wenger in charge.


That was horse shit. On a separate note, does anyone know who that Arsenal-hating commentating cock was on NBC? He made a bad experience even worse.


Yeah he was absolutely awful.


Our strategy was obviously to bore them to death with passes in front of them. I don’t think we trained well on that.

I don’t know what is wrong with the team, i just want something to change.


Start with the manager who makes less than 10mil.


Look it has to be time for a formation and personnel change now. 4-4-1-1. Stick Giroud up front with Lacazette behind him. Drop Xhaka because he has flattered to deceive all season. Give Jack a chance, if he doesn’t perform change it again, but we need to mix it up in the league. I’d be tempted to put Monreal back on the left now and again, as Kolasinac looks tired. Alexis despite his numbers needs to start releasing the ball quicker, better teams punish his turnovers and it will continue to coat us over the season. Come on Arsenal, we’re… Read more »


One of the major issues is our whole attack for several years now has been to rely on individual moments of brilliance and this year the main source of that the past several years (Sanchez) is having a really poor year


Alexis is phoning it in until he gets his move in January, he’s saving himself for that.

Crash Fistfight

I think your point on Alexis is an important one that gets missed. The argument most people make against him is that he’s selfish or not bothered this season. The truth is that his decision making is bad and/or too slow: he holds on to the ball because he doesn’t see a pass early enough. People are reading too much into the situation and seeing things they want to see.


Giroud to the rescue again. That’s 4 points he’s earned us this season. What an important player HFB is for us. We cannot let him leave at any cost.

Southhamton players are disgusting savages

Here is my take :

We should have had 2 penalties.

Alexis Sanchez should be sold immediately.

Jack Wilshere should be starting.

We should buy 2 central backs.

Debuchy or Nelson should start instead of Bellerin.

And Southampton players are disgusting savages.


One of the less deserved share of points I can remember. That’s fine. What’s not fine is how bad we play, never even shooting at goal….. Not to mention our defending. How many more years are we going to take this?


We could have won that if Wenger had brought on Oli earlier or started him in the match. We clearly needed a big handsome target man and what does the manager do, he eventually brings on Welbeck who’s been seriously poor lately and can’t hit a barn door anyway. Oli needs to start.


This. I was screaming at the TV when we came out for the second half with the same formation & no subs. Why we kept on Mertesacker for the second half I don’t know, Wenger doesn’t do tactics.


Bellerin was shocking today, has he lost a yard of pace already and what’s happened to the tank…. our WBs offered nothing. And the shit slow side ways and backwards passing…. it’s like watching Liverpool from 10 yrs ago…… Do we actually have a game plan…… as most of our players look clueless. We have to start Jack from now on… the guy bleeds Arsenal’s red… and plays forward passes….. Can we just bench Sanchez as he offers nothing in the final third apart from giving the ball away…. let’s give a youngster a shot out wide as then they… Read more »

Indian Gooner

That was so boring and tiring to watch. Sick of all that intricate play. We are not fucking Barca or Bayern. Just put the ball inside the box when we are chasing the game. Sanchez needs to be shown the way in January. End of it. Can’t bear to watch him play in an Arsenal shirt anymore. Bench and play Giroud. Atleast Giroud would come up goals like that and save our ugly looking Arses. Gutted that Ramsey is now injured. I was hearing him talk up about how he has improved his fitness and all that in the last… Read more »


bellerin was awul if that was debuchy we eould have crucify him. Per is retirednlong time ago. Xhaka was so bad he looked even slower that he is. Wenger rating 0. Alexis was awful bar the assisnt i lodt counts how many times he lost the ball he was alaways driblling and trinig to shot playing for himself instead of a simple pass. after the goal when we head good sitaution he drobboled again and lost the ball we could of scored the winner with a simple play and a cross. wilshere has to start. revesre back to 4 at… Read more »


We are so, so shit. Flattered to deceive against Sp*rs but can we perform like that consistently? No. No we fucking can’t. Oh I know, let’s put a target man on and then contrive to spend the test of the match not passing to him or putting any crosses in! Sorry, I’m hungover.


2nd half: Alexis has the ball against three defenders. Drives inwards, has three different passing alternatives. Tries to outrun defenders, loses the ball and they counter. That had me shouting at the screen.


Me too mate! I was like: “WHY ARE YOU RUNNING INTO PEOPLE!”


Ummmm. This is never gonna end. Trapped in. Wengerian nightmare.


Sad that Ramsey is gonna be out and will miss his energy. On the bright side, Wilshere will get his chance now.


So Hector Bellerin does what exactly?
Answers on a pin head.

A Kick in the Debuchy

Well, fuck.

What’s going on with Bellerin? I seem to remember him being off it a bit last game as well.

Also, let’s spare a thought for Ramsey’s hamstring. Just earlier the commentators had been remarking on his injury free run.

Tas Gunner

On a sidenote,think its about time that we start being concerned about our Full backs..

Post January Blip

Too slow out of the blocks today and way too sloppy yet again. It really baffles me how we get ourselves into this position time after time, and it’s becoming a bit of a hallmark for this lot. I’ll take the point today but it’s really infuriating to watch an experienced team playing like complete amateurs at times. That run of play with Koscielny towards the end of the game is something you shouldn’t expect to see at this level, but we’re not surprised to see when we watch Arsenal. We should be disappointed nor to take all 3 points… Read more »


ffs, no defence, no attack, we have got to get a defence coach in, and get rid of kos per and bellerin, bring in holding, chambers, and a right back and see how they do, also get rid of alex and ozil, stick jack in the team, buy a few more quality players and get rid of wenger, and we might, just might have a decent team to compete for the title, by the way was ozil playing today !!!


If you weren’t so fixated on hating Mesut you would have seen he was everywhere trying to make things happen and defending as well. Did you actually watch the match? Also Jack can’t play twice in three days or he’ll end up fucked like Ramsey is. All our home grown players seem to be made of glass.


To put it simply, we’re quite sh*t. We need so many things changed, we need new players, we need to find a new system, a new manager if we can find someone good that wants to come to a sinking ship and try luck here. Only ones who get my respects today are Ozil and Oli…and not saying they were awesome, but at least Mesut was still trying, and Oli always reliable…Sanchez,I love the guy, but for me he can fuck off. Build the team around Laca and Ozil.


I agree but Ozil is probably off in the summer and who can blame him?


If the German national team coach leaves after the World cup & it’s a big and we employ him. Ozil may stay if that’s what folks want. Its down to Wenger that we didn’t sell Sanchez & Ozil in the summer. Surely that’s cost him some of Kronke’s faith.


I thought he just signed a contract extension through the euros 2020


How often have the team been plagued by old failings; Second to 50-50 contest, back pass, side ways pass and enjoying plenty of possession with no end product.
I think the team is not maximizing Giroud’s strength. Quality balls to the box not accurately delivered.
Wenger should start playing Wilshere more in closed games like this one.

Dial square

You know what a fucking mess we’re in, when people are suggesting Wallcott should start…


Can you imagine how f$cked we would be this season without Giroud?


Well same can be said about Spurs. The real question should be “can you imagine how good we would be this season if we played to our potential?”


Whats our potential? Before the season most thought we wouldn’t even finish in the top 4 possibly top6. lol I think after 20-30 games you can pretty much see what the team is.

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