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Report: West Ham 0-0 Arsenal

Starting XI: Cech, Bellerin, Koscielny, Monreal, Maitland-Niles, Iwobi, Xhaka, Wilshere, Alexis, Ozil, Giroud

Subs: Ospina, Chambers, Kolasinac, Coquelin, Elneny, Welbeck, Lacazette

Arsenal and West Ham United played out a 0-0 draw at the London Stadium as Arsene Wenger’s players underperformed on the road yet again.

A third game without a win, following the weekend’s draw with Southampton and a defeat at home to Manchester United, leaves the Gunners in seventh place in the Premier League, one point behind Burnley, Liverpool and Sp*rs.

First half

The good news, Arsenal didn’t concede an early goal at the London Stadium. The bad news, we did huff and puff in possession as we have so many times this season on the road.

Ainsley Maitland-Niles, making his first ever start in the Premier League, proved a useful outlet at left-back in the opening stages. A couple of crosses into the box had the Hammers on the back foot. It was to be a common theme throughout the half.

Sanchez, seemingly told to play a bit further forward, had the Gunners first effort on goal, a low shot straight at Adrian, on eight minutes. Little did we know, it was to be our only shot on target of the opening 45 minutes.

For the most part, Arsenal looked comfortable. Wilshere and Iwobi showed a few nice touches and Ozil had plenty of the ball, but when West Ham finally came forward with intent, the nerves started jangling.

Indeed, the Hammers thought they had the lead on 14 minutes when Arnautovic headed home Obiang’s cross from the left. The Gunners, caught on the break, had failed to pick up the Austrian in the six-yard box but he’d strayed slightly offside. A major let off.

Our clearest sight of goal came on 22 minutes and it was delightful build up play that fashioned the chance for Alexis Sanchez. The ball moved from Ozil to Wilshere, on to Giroud, back to Wilshere before the Chilean had a first time effort deflected over. From the resulting corner, Maitland-Niles, from 20-yards out, shot wide.

The Gunners continued to pen the home side into their half and Iwobi might have broken the deadlock were it not for the width of the post. After Lanzini gave the ball away, Ozil slipped in Sanchez who in turn found the Nigerian midfielder. He took a touch and unleashed a low left foot shot on the angle but it cannoned off the outside of the woodwork.

Giroud, found again by Maitland-Niles, tried a spectacular overhead kick that resulted in the ball cannoning off Aaron Cresswell at close quarters. The home side earned a free-kick for dangerous play even though the West Ham man stopped the shot with his hands. Penalty? Not for Jon Moss.

Arsenal’s frustration grew to a crescendo in the final moments of the half as Xhaka thwacked a couple of efforts well wide from distance.

Second half

In the pouring rain, it was the Hammers who had the first chance of the second half. Noble’s chest slipped Arnautovic behind Monreal but under pressure from Koscielny he shinned his effort over Cech’s bar.

Arsenal resumed their dominance and, aided by the soaked pitch, played with a noticeably higher tempo.

Xhaka tried a more measured effort, again from the edge of the box, that Adrian had to field. Giroud and Maitland-Niles combined; the Frenchman’s header fell wide courtesy of a nick off a West Ham defender. Ozil wriggled into the box and poked just past the post.

A Giroud knock-down (guess what, from a Maitland-Niles cross) dropped to Wilshere, but the midfielder couldn’t keep his shot down from six yards out.

Another striker was thrown on as we looked to pick the lock, Iwobi made way for Danny Welbeck with 20 minutes remaining. West Ham just couldn’t keep the ball, but in sitting deep they formed a wall of maroon every time they were out of possession.

A Sanchez free-kick forced Adrian to dive to his left and palm the ball away. Still, Arsenal pressed. Still, they struggled to manufacture a clear-cut chance. Lacazette took Sanchez’s place. It was not the little man’s night. Again.

In the dying moments, Arsenal might have snatched a defeat from a game they should have won. Koscielny, who up to this point had played quite well, played an utterly disastrous pass across the penalty area and then all hell broke loose. In the panic, the ball fell to Javier Hernandez, on as a substitute, and his curled effort beat Cech, clipped the bar and bounced onto the line and wide. The passage of play really seemed to sum up our season.

A final chance to steal the points in stoppage time, a free-kick from 30-yards out, was clattered into the wall by Ozil. The whistle went. That’s 18 points dropped on the road and the fourth time we’ve failed to find the net away from home. It’s really not good enough.

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Let’s sum up, shall we? We’re not very good. Also, I’d like Wilshere to stop trying to recreate that Norwich goal every. single. play. Next, I would like to reveal that the defensive shambles that allowed Chicharito’s shot near the end made me laugh heartily! In conclusion, when Welbeck starts a move, you know how it will end: on his arse.


Some people have the tendancy to always go back into past relationships. No matter how many times the other person f*cks up, no matter how many times they decide they’re done for good, no matter what they do to move on, they always go back to it. We have had Giroud for 5 years. Over this 5 year period, we have come to the conclusion that Giroud is a very good striker who does certain things well but Arsenal do not play in a manner that allows him or the side to excel. We have also learned that he is… Read more »


How many top sides play with a static no 9? Even Lukaku has more mobility than Giroud, he can drop into midfield if he needs to. Everton and Man Utd proved that a mobile front three makes us incredibly dangerous and thats how we need to play. Giroud is a plan b, wihch is why he works so well as a sub, but dear god we do not need him leading the line anymore. Even when he was at his best he had quick wingers, i.e. Walcott, making runs beyond him, creating overlaps and width. We had none of those… Read more »


Against Southampton fans are frustrated that OG wasn’t starting lol Now after today its the opposite of why was he starting. lol


Wilshere did absolutely nothing wrong. Infact he had an amazing game, won lots of balls and managed to keep possession in tight areas. Imo he was motm. The problem today were that our wingers were total garbage. They did nothing all game. Wenger should have known that Westham tend to play with two fullbacks on each side.


Our “wingers” were not total garbage.
We did not have “wingers”.
Neither Sanchez (especially when on the left) nor Iwobi are “wingers”. Every player who is told to play wide does not automatically become a winger. The players told to play wide did not do a good job though, thats true.


i agree more or less. I think Iwobi isn’t a winger. Its frustrating to see him start when he is awful at finishing. We can’t waste having a player out there who doesn’t create enough, is wasteful in front of goal and doesn’t track back consistently.


So because Wilshere has good combination and one-touch play he is always trying to recreate the Norwich goal? That’s just how he plays, and actually, it improves us as a side as it increases the pace of our passing (which is one of our biggest issues in build-up play). It’s kind of the opposite of what Ramsey does in possession, where he takes too many touches instead of releasing it early. Jack was one of our best players tonight – yes, he faded as the game went on but was our most positive player until circa 70 minutes. If you… Read more »


Yeah, that’s true, I needn’t have picked on Wilshere. He was good. Always available, always making things happen. A bright spot on an otherwise insipid team performance. Sometimes in the first half, I just got frustrated with the over-elaboration, that’s all.


I just think if Wenger continue to insist on playing welbeck every game won’t make him a better play because welbeck has nothing to offer

Don Cazorleone

I’m so sick of this team


Very soon the WENGER OUT banner will be on display. People blame the fans forgetting that this team always comes with new deficiencies always. So we can’t win anybody away and why didn’t Wenger put lacazette on earlier.

Mein Bergkampf

Nah. I’m so apathetic I can’t even be bothered to complain anymore. It only gets thrown in my face when we score a few goals at home against average opposition.

Godfrey Twatsloch

The problem is it’s not just about him. If it was then there’d be less to reason to worry about the future. Our problems are complex beyond a one fix solution like changing the manager and that is what is so worrying.


Totally disagree, we’ve already appointed a new DOF & Head Scout. The biggest obstacle is Wenger, he’s the reason we are not competing. Get rid of him and we start moving forward.


Tactics and in game mgt would help. The willingness to made a sub before the 67th min

Mein Bergkampf

And what exactly are you basing that emphatic opinion on? Because Bruce Rioch has similar issues? How can anyone say this club, packed with some good, some great and some world class players, is not performing because of anything other than bad, ill thought out, ineffectual management?

Kwame Ampadu Down

It’s not just about him but it is certainly partly about him. I think the problems with the club set up allows people to let Arsene off the hook for his mistakes. There are obviously significant changes needed at the club but the manager is certainly one of them.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Point out to me where I said Wenger wasn’t part of the problem.

Mein Bergkampf

I just think the longer we keep making excuses for him, the longer this goes on. We blamed injuries for a long time, the financial constraints of moving stadiums and now it’s the board that’s preventing Wenger doing his job. How long are we going to hide from the fact he is no longer an effective manager or a positive force at this club?

Godfrey Twatsloch

Point out to me where I made excuses for him!

Mein Bergkampf

Arguing that the change of the manager won’t change the failings of our club is partly excusing Wenger’s performance as manager as it suggests he is merely a product of a broken system.

Godfrey Twatsloch

I argued that our problems go deeper than just him. And that’s it!

And Kwame, you smug cunt, go suck a fat Spuddy one.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Classy Twatsloch., real classy.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Well as my initial point was too complex for you to grasp I adjusted the previous one to better suit your level of comprehension.

Kwame Ampadu Down

You made a comment. I responded perfectly reasonably. You then tried to be a smartarse so I just threw your own comment back at you & you lost it. That’s a decent attempt at revisionism from you now to try to justify your ignorance I’ll give you that.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Kwame, I wasn’t even addressing you. I asked His Eternal Moaning Bergkampness where I had claimed that Wenger isn’t a problem.

And as your “response” missed the point I made it wasn’t reasonable. You’re just a superior arse with an overinflated opinion of your own opinion which is why I tend to avoid engaging with you.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Point out where you said he was

Godfrey Twatsloch

Try reading it again, slowly. Take your time. Let me know if the penny drops but never mind if it doesn’t. I won’t be angry with you for an ability you don’t have.

Kwame Ampadu Down

I’m confused. You said I was the smug one and then you know…you post that….priceless.

Anyway, good morning to you. I hope your rage has subsided and you’re able to enjoy your day.


Think about this rationally. Firstly, none of the top 6 are as bad at routine things as Arsenal. This team makes more average mistakes than them and is routinely found lacking in areas that one would consider basic coaching: defending crosses, clearing the ball from deep, managing opposition counter-attacks. Even offensively the team doesn’t seem to have a blueprint for basic situations. Watch the Man utd game and see how when they broke forward it was fluent, players knowing where they had to run. This comes from working these routines on the training ground. Arsenal dont do that. Guardiola’s pretty… Read more »


Wenger is only interested in playing welbeck nothing more.

David C

I know what you mean! I’d like the 4 hours back in my life that I lost watching our last 2 games. Just so boring! Leicester were more entertaining today than us…

Do we have any other tactic than rainbow passing all day while allowing all of the other team’s defenders to get behind the ball? Play some Big Sam/Pulis football while we have Giroud up top. Do ANYTHING different than trying to walk the ball into the net every week.


I love the edit button.


Leicester beating Southampton at st Mary’s 4-1


But damn how good was JACK WILSHERE..and to think of southgate choosing jack cork above him..Lol england arsenal fans you aint winning anything serious with southgate just like us with Wenger…


He wasn’t that good…he was goodish.


Imbecilic comment of the day…


Why the anger man? Get some love in your life.
Like anyone, I’m entitled to my opinion.


He was good, and the best on park. A 6.5 for me. But let’s be honest he wasn’t ‘that’ good


yes, and we only scrapped a 1-1 draw, that just shows how bad we are


There’s an edit button?


So there is!

Mein Bergkampf

Ok, that didn’t work. Who’s for 2-5-1-2 next game? Seems as arbitrary as any other tactical decision at the moment. The only player in this squad we should be worrying about signing a new contract is JW10. Only player showing any pride right now…

Runcorn Gooner

It’s all too complicated


According to Danny mills: “Formations don’t win you matches, players do. You’ve got to have the right players. And then of course you’ve got to get them all in the right positions.”
So there you have it. 3-4-3, 4-2-3-1, 2-5-1-2, the formation we use is irrelevant.


Danny Mills is a pile of bald gism. Congrats to him on contradicting himself in the space of 1 sentence.


Jack was by far the best player in the pitch. Everything didn’t come off but his vision and control at times were a joy


Lets just play with 10 forwards


Did anyone see new Star Wars? Any thoughts?


It’s excellent… Much better than those 3 shambles they brought out in between


3 shambles?


I like the sound those laser guns make. Like pew pew pew! That’s nice.

Big Mad Andy

If you hang each end of a slinky from your ears and twang it you get that exact noise.


Oedipus in Space.


We should be fining players wages for performances like today. Woeful doesn’t even begin to describe it.

SB Still



I turned off at half time


Especially that welbeck and Sanchez of a guy. Is it just me cos I don’t get why welbeck plays for arsenal


Dull. Nothing more, nothing less.


Yet another crock of shit. Same mistakes as usual, the backline was horrendous with Koscielny in particular making several suicidal passes across the goal. Going forward it was as bad. At what point can this go on without a change. We’re 17 games in in December and we sit 7th, behind Burnley and averaging less than 2 points a game. Wenger has long been out of ideas but this now is sterile. He needs to be sacked.


Well err, Well err. I remember you people last season and I ( the entitled one) have not forgotten ( not rumour, but from the old fools mouth) I could have gone to Man U, PSG, Madrid, Barca. But am so loyal I stay here and you dare to challenge my authority! It is my club remember!!! I am writing myself a new contract now with a massive wage increase, you ungrateful peoples.!!!!


we play shit football and have no identity, thanks a bunch


Well that was shit. Really really shit.


Did anyone see new Star Wars? Any thoughts?

Mein Bergkampf

Away win for the rebel alliance. Even they can snatch a victory on someone else’s turf…


Boring same old shite

Tommy Gunner

That, was absolute pants. All over the pitch, from start to finish

Sheffield Gooner

Iwobi = Oxlade-Chamberlain

Wenger = Predictable

Kos = shit

Sheffield Gooner

No, sorry, you’re right. If someone had said at the start of the season we’d be just behind Burnley in December we’d have taken it. Fair play.


Ox much better. tracks back and can do more with the ball then just dribble. He looks like ronaldo trying to shoot compared to Iwobi right now.


Its the hope that kills you supporting this lot, I genuinely thought we had turned a corner watching the fight against Utd despite the loss but the truth is we look like a mid table team truly sad watching that tonight.


Alexis doesn’t seem to care anymore


Fucking useless. How can we have so much possession and not score! Sanchez poor yet again. Thought Maitland-Niles was good so that’s a plus, but we need a good kick up the arse.

Godfrey Twatsloch

We are behind Spuds again. Well done for that shower of shit!

alex iwobi

power shift?

Kwame Ampadu Down

Funny how the eternal optimists always slate those they perceive as negative for over reacting to 1 or 2 results yet how many were on here (santori where are you) after 1 or 2 results ridiculing the thoughts of a North London power shift….

Godfrey Twatsloch

Try not to take this too personal, Kwame, but I really have no idea what you are blathering about.


Wilshere was fantastic, so was xhaka. Welback is really a terrible footballer. When your best attribute as a striker is hard work then you really are no good. Good point because we could had lost the game at the death. Unto the next one, coyg.


Good god danny was fucking terrible. It seemed the instruction to him was to go on and trip over the ball

Sorry silly me there will have been no instruction just go and try something

Fireman Sam

Yeah sadly Wellbeck is a fast runner who means well and all, but he has no coordination and can’t really play football. Just one of those players who was never really going to be any good. Nice lad though.


I don’t believe that’s true because it seems to me that according to Wenger welbeck is his best player at the moment cos of not say why play him ahead of laca.


Arsenal, if you’re going to be predictable, be predictable like Man City who rip apart teams week in week out. This mediocre predictable you keep playing sucks.




Great Job. We got 1 point. If we continue like this then no one can displace us from top 10


Utter wank


Ok someone please fucking explain to me the fucking point of getting it wide into a good position to a man with space to cross and then not putting the fucking CROSS IN. Instead, go back to Xhaka. Go back to ozil. Repeat. Back to Xhaka. Back to ozil. Back to Wilshere. Repeat.

Fucking bollocks, fucking brain dead


you play giroud and you play iwobi as inside winger who had the ball on the wing plenty of times i lost a count and what he dooes plays back to midfiled becaue he cant cross the ball same as bellerind. The only player that cross the ball was niles a miedfilder playong as a LB and half of his crosses was really dangereous. we almost scored from one of them when giroud head the ball to wilshere.


Definitely not a top 4 team based on performance.


For me…
– Lacazette should be starting
– Wilshere has retained his place
– Alexis hasn’t!
– Maitland-Niles did well
– Bellerin needs something
– Giroud and Welbeck just aren’t cutting it. There’s things they do well, but they’re just not dynamic enough.
Iwobi, Wilshere and Lacazette are definitely starters based on tonight’s performance.


you lost me on Iwobi lol No way he’s a definite starter. He’s barely rotation for me. This guy up to this point in his career is good at one thing that is dribbling the ball in the middle of the pitch. Can’t defend, Can’t score, Can’t pass

Iwobi would be perfect as a DM if he put in consistent defensive effort.


I think it’s Iwobi, Welbeck or Sanchez. Of the three, I’d pick Iwobi.


19 points off top spot and below Burnley. Some progress that is, catalyst for more of the same. Wish I didn’t give a shit.

Carlos Fella

Closer to the bottom than the top…


Mediocre. Just not good enough


The tiddlywinks is more appealing than Arsenal currently


Wenger has lost it. Has no idea how to motivate his team and has absolutely lost the ability to rate talent.


I strongly agree with you on this. Because it’s only a blind individual that cannot see that there is no single talent with welbeck all he does is to run the ball down his arse


… barren… unproductive… fruitless…. squalid…. toilsome…
pfff…. got so bored that i took time to learn a few new english word tonight :-(((
This comedy could have last a couple of hours more, we would not even have score…….
So so tired of this. And please don’t tell me it’s because we missed Ramsey or Cazorla or whoever…. We have 0 excuse but mediocrity!


I would just like to know what our plan going forward is. Because we surely have a plan… right? Right?


Yeah we sure do and that’s, bring on welbeck whenever he is fit. Bring on welbeck whenever we need a go. Start giroud because he scored a goal. Yeah put laca on the bench


Cech is shit too. Usually makes about one howler per game. Still can’t believe we sold woj for 10 fuckin bucks..


Well Arsene old chap, time to pack it in. We were more toothless than a newly formed embryo!
To think the away fans were getting drenched in the rain for that? Poor sods

Spanish Gooner

We (rightly) criticise Allerdyce, Mourinho etc for being boring. We have played some of the most boring football I have ever seen in our last two games.

Kwame Ampadu Down

If only it was just the last two games…


Seriously this days I just feel sad to be called and arsenal fan


Abysmal, just abysmal, that was worse then Southampton. More slow pointless sideways passing, no plan, no coaching the team on how to break down West Ham. We are so boring to watch and follow now. Arsene Wenger has killed the fun & enjoyment of following this club. If we have any ambition he should be thanked for all that he has done and let go tonight. Bring a new Manager in who can use the rest of the season to reorganise & inspire us. Let Ozil & Sanchez go in January, start the rebuilding now, I cannot bare another game… Read more »


Bro you aren’t alone on this. Is 3am and I can’t sleep and still wondering how did we get here. This doesn’t look like my beloved arsenal.


Win some, draw some, lose some. Go on a run and grab 5th spot!

Heard this record before and we all know the lyrics 🙁


Does Wenger have us practice disastrous passes in our own penalty area, or does it just come naturally to us?


A point at West Ham is a valuable one, just like a point at St. Mary’s… oh what’s this now, Leicester just hammered Southampton at the same ground 1-4… now how did that happen I wonder.


Maybe Southampton thought “we did OK against Arsenal and City so we’d just underrate Leicester”
That’s a thought eh
It doesn’t only happen at Arsenal

Dan D

That was as boring and predictable as it gets. The passing was slow, the tactics obvious and poor against a team who were always going to stick 10 men behind the ball. We didn’t use the width of the pitch. Why oh why don’t we mix it up and sling it in the box from time to time, especially with Giroud up top. And why not try something different? Why can’t we try 4-4-2 playing Giroud and Lacazette as a partnership? The usual shit wasn’t working so much it up. But then 4-4-2 is old Skool and not in vogue… Read more »

Dan D

*so mix it up


I swear arsenal makes me cry. I don’t just know where to start. I think am starting to go into depression

Kwame Ampadu Down

9 points from 9 away games. 9 goals, 5 of them in one game. 18 points off the leaders on away form, 9th in table. 3rd in the league on home form, 1 point off the leaders……but it’s all the fans fault for creating a shit atmosphere at the Emirates some would still have you believe…..

Anyone who still goes on about how we’ll miss the beautiful football when Arsene goes is frankly an idiot. We are really boring to watch more often than not.


yeah every game it seems its slow build up play letting our opponents who are well aware of our weakness get back in to their 5-4-1

nimble foot

Call me deluded but it’s pretty much the same build up play City has. Difference is they have players with a bag of tricks unafraid to just try something (they don’t lose the ball as needlessly and as endlessly as Sanchez, or Xhaka. For goodness sakes we pulled United defenders apart on countless occasions, same can’t be said for City. They just kept passing and passing. I’m just trying to say we should all get some perspective. I don’t like where we are at on the table, don’t like how far off we are from top spot either but we… Read more »



I’ll say I agree that 2-7 are all clubs with flaws. As Arsenal fans we notice ours more then what the others have. It just sucks drawing with Southampton and West Ham. I know its stupid to think this way but in my deluded way I say the title race isn’t over until it is. We lost 4 points against clubs we should have won while Man City keeps on winning.


I’m no longer sad that Arsenal are bad. I’m sad that I just don’t care that much anymore.


The same old bullshit.. over and over and over again.


Good job the arses didn’t work there would have been a meltdown


I woke up @ 1.30 am to watch this shit.


This was only highlight from the game


That’s it. I’m done with Xhaka. One trick pony. He offers nothing to the team going forward. It’s like watching Giroud play CM. Time to start Joe Willock. At least he’ll try and he’s got the skill set to drive the team forward.
Sp*ds and fucking Burnley are above us.


I don’t know about Willock at this point.

Its time to drop Xhaka. I see what he can offer going forward but to cover for his defensive liability he needs to leave an impact on the game in a positive way. Make opposition clubs fear what he brings going forward or he isn’t worth having out there for 90min


We need our Wingers to vary it up more, its fine coming central but every now again push to the wings stretch the game some more rather than allowing the opposition to be so compact.


What wingers??


I think it was Einstein who defined madness as doing the same thing over and over again and yet expect a different result each time. Well , thats Arsenal in a nutshell. We play slow, ineffecient fotball with passes in the middle again and again in the thick of Hammers players.
I begin to think that the bulk of our players has some serious issues when it come to Football intelligence. I’ m truly fed up of their mediocre performance week after week. It will not change before we get a top class modern manager

Captain Bollocks

“Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet”.

Winston Churchill 1997


That was Abraham Lincoln


AMN very good…first touch always opens up a forward pass and every cross was dangerous ….Jack very good…Iwobi very good….Ozil good and kept trying to make it happen
Welbeck…poor and off the pace, Hector…poor, so many chance to cross and never put in a dangerous one…Alexis mediocre…and for God’s sake of you play Lacazette then play him as the C.F.


It seems no in this team has any passion left to play. If you don’t feel proud and passionate to play for Arsenal then please leave. I don’t care who all are ready to go. Even with all these players our performance is pathetic. May be some young players can play for the pride and turn up. We have been sh*t for so many years but this is the worst performance and attitude I have seen.

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