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Wenger says Wilshere deal down to financials

The will-he, won’t-he over Arsene Wenger offering Jack Wilshere a new deal has been ongoing for some months now.

At first the manager wanted the midfielder to prove he was physically worthy of a new contract as he made his way back from a broken leg, and in recent weeks he’s regained a place in the starting XI for the Premier League.

The Frenchman then said he’d sit down with Wilshere to discuss the situation, and at his press conference today there appeared to be confirmation that he would be offering new terms, suggesting that if the money was right then the England international would stay.

“I will sit down with him, yes,” he said. “I believe that, if we can meet a point of agreement financially, he will want to stay.”

Of course it remains to be seen what kind of a package is on offer. Will it be that of an important first team player, or will there be a pay as you play element which takes into account his history with injuries?

Wilshere himself says his desire is to stay with the club he’s been his whole career.

“I definitely want to be, there, I’m enjoying my football and I want to help Arsenal get to where it should be,” he said earlier this month.

“We just have to sort things out, and I’m sure that will happen in the next couple of weeks and that’ll be sorted.”

Let’s hope it works out.

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James Kimberley

I really want to be excited for this new deal, as I love Jack and think he brings a new dimension to our team.
However, relying too much on injury prone players (for example RVP, Cazorla) has been the ruin of our club in recent years.
Is Jack going to be our saviour? No.
Would the money be better served on a contract for a new player? Im afraid i think so.

Faisal Narrage

So bizarre. You make a case for relying on injury-prone players, then go on to mention 2 of some of our very best and few WC players we’ve had in the past 7 years or so.

Personally, I think we’ve relied too much on low-quality players, which put too much dependency on the injury-prone WC players.

Reality check

I hope he extends and stays injury free for the rest of his career. I hope he is made captain and reaches his potential like once ypromised, a davastating cm adept at holding and turning it on at will.. sometime breezing past players or sometime playing those one touch one-twos to create Goal of the season.. I Hope.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

We are going to have a lot of “contract money” when Sanchez and ozil leaves. Sign him up FFS

andris priim

If Walcott is on £150 000 then jack should be able to ask for £1000 000 per week…

SB Still

I hope some of it comes from Walcott’s!

Jimbo Jones

You’re nuts

Winterburn Wanderers

I think a renewal on 90K would not be ungenerous all things considered, and an improvement on that would depend on how he gets on.


Isn’t that what he makes now?

Alex Partridge

Pay per play deals are much more sensible these days arent they…essentially you get a salary plus apperance fees. I guess you’d be annoyed if you were fit but not in the XI though.

Hope he stays – he may not be the player he could have been but he is different to what we have, carries the ball a bit like Rosicky and he cares about the club. Even if he left next season at least then we’d be able to get an ok fee for him. Get it done I say.


Footballers have short careers. If a player is of the quality(not talking about fitness) to be in the squad for arsenal and play even a handful of premier league games every year he’s good enough to make a living elsewhere. If he is fit or if we’re ready to take a risk on it, then reasonable wages should be offered, as I’m sure they are being offered. I can’t imagine Arsenal trying to offer Jack pay-as-you-play terms.


Should be a non-issue. If the club can afford a 2 million wage increase for Wenger, then this should be a no-brainer.


that is only 38 grand a week more which is pretty standard in football tbf


You’ve wasted a load of money on a dud so let’s waste more is not sound financial management.

Bould\'s Eyeliner

It hasn’t been determined yet whether Jack is a ‘dud’. In an objective business sense, he is just reaching his prime, so it’s a premature conclusion at best,

Andy Mack

Although some of the media may suggest he got a £2m pay rise, they’re guessing.
He’s certainly well paid but every manager and player in the PL is well paid.


Absolutely bang on ds sadly this club is not about the players and all about the manager.
Walcott on 120 k a week and i bet we lose jack because we try to mug him off by offering a rubbish contract…and I mean by football standard before someone jumps on that


Unless that english quota nonsense is gone? he is extremely valuable considering the amount you have to pay to replace him with another englishman, only reason i can comprehend walcotts salary.

Andy Mack

We’re over numbers (Need 8 of the 25 registered squad to be over 21s and home grown), so that doesn’t apply in this case.


Face it, if Arsenal were an excellent team he’d be an irrelevance. I’d give him a one-year deal to prove his fitness and that he’s good enough to perform week in week out before thinking about a proper contract extension.


How about a package where he gets paid his worth but if he is injured for more than 2 months his wages go down by more than 50% during that period. It’s only fair taking into account his injury record. I love Wilshere but the club comes first.


Few people complained when diaby was taking the money or rosicky.. strange world. Now it’s jack let’s fuck him off with a pay as you play contract..madness. He’s the most creative player we have when ozil leaves and with Santi out or possibly even finished.

spanish gooner

everybody complained about Diaby, even though he donated his wages to charity for much of the time he was injured

Kwame Ampadu Down

Did he? I never knew that. Where did you hear that ?


he is already on 90K

How much more do you risk on top of that?

Man Manny

I have a feeling his injury woes are behind him. Jack also spoke in a recent interview about being more intelligent and selective in his tackles and taking players on – that speaks of maturity. Diaby was given how many years to prove his fitness? Wilshere is barely 25: his best years are ahead of him. He brings something different to our midfield, and that’s apart from the home-grown passion. My verdict: treat him as an important player and give him a new contract that depicts that. That’s not too much to ask from a club that hung on to… Read more »

Andy Mack

Although he could probably earn more elsewhere, he’s already financially set up for life.


Eboue thought he was set for life too.

Kwame Ampadu Down

The amount of players we need to buy next summer is already terrifying without losing another player who would need to be replaced.


It’s only terrifying to us fans. The club doesn’t give a rat’s tits about it. The total amount to be spent will have been determined and what it doesn’t buy will be taken care of with “internal solutions”.

As the season ends, you will start seeing articles on the exceptional qualities of our europa league team.


It’s not Theo’s fault that he’s on the wages he’s currently on, be they £110k or whatever, it’s the way the club has handled contract renewals over the last few years!
We need a far more robust policy on wages and contracts as it seems all a bit of a mish-mash to me.
I believe we have a new guy in charge of negotiating contracts, Huss something or other.


Sure, Theo isn’t a money-grabbing laze, I agree, but there’s an issue at this club (and football in general) where players expect any contract extension to automatically involve a wage increase regardless of performance. It’s really annoying.


i would give him a contract that has option to renegotiate every season. This is to insure we don’t blow 100k a week on him now and he gets injured for 2394 days tomorrow.


Baffled people still have an issue with Walcott’s wages when he was our second highest goal scorer last season. Actually he should probably be starting now, considering the collective forms of Sanchez, Iwobi and Welbeck.

As for Wilshere I don’t know why we’re trying to play silly beggars when we’re fully at risk of losing him on a free. If we want him we should make a decent offer and that should be the end of it.


Contracts are obviously not under Wengers final say. So he has given Wilshere as much time and opportunity possible, whilst minimising his chances of breaking down due to injury, so that those vultures running the club can’t mess up another contract

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