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West Brom 1-1 Arsenal – player ratings

Mike Dean cheated Arsenal out of three points against West Brom by awarding the kind of penalty he knew would make him the centre of attention – which is his favourite thing. Far more than doing a good job.

However, the Gunners were below par against the Premier League’s worst team, and that’s what we can control, not egomaniacal shitbox referees, as annoyingly rubbish as they are.

Here’s how the players rated today in the 1-1 draw.

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Dean sucks and we can all hope he drinks too much tonight and maybe vomits a little.

But blogs is right. Why bring on per when we cou’llkd go to a back 4 and bring on an attacker.

Also, what is the purpose of welbeck and how do we draw against the worst team in the league.


Per = keep formation, save Kos for Chelsea.


Yes, but who did we need to keep the formation?



The Loon Ranger

I for one hope Mike Dean’s next shit is a hedgehog

Dan Hunter

The first time I have ever literally LOLLLed in 4 years of following this blog!


I would have said porcupine but hedgehog will do.


I was just thinking how much I’d like it to be a cactus, but a hedgehog will do fine.

Reality check

My nipples are more usefull than That guy wellbz and mind you, i am a man.. Iwobi will have to find end product in his game or a comfortable chair on the bench.. I feel 442 will suit laca and Giroud can do that perfectly


I would rather sell him and keep Walcott. He tends to find the net – which is basically what a striker is supposed to do – with more frequency than dat guy.


To be fair for this match and many others he doesn’t play striker.

Teryima Adi

And how come Palace almost beat City that we beat? Sometimes football makes no sense, Bro.

A Different George

I would have given a bonus 10/10 to Cech for his after-match interview.


This! Cech is class. One of a million arguments for introducing technology. I blame the FA and all other football organizations for sitting on their piles of gold and doing f all.


Agreed. A concise retort to a media question where a level headed player answered tuthfully and honestly void of cliched response. He spoke the truth, honestly and hopefully will put a (further) spotlight on the piss poor refereeing tarnishing the PL.

naiboi gunner

so…would it be over the top to ask for an Enquiry into how mike dean refs our games? Is it even possible?

Also, happy new year from Nairobi, Kenya! 2017 was terrible but with a new scouting team and a new “not a director of football” role I hope we have an amazing 2018 and that all gunners can finally enjoy watching us play again (I don’t mostly because I can not figure out our style of play, forgive me if I assume the rest of y’all do not because of this.)

Fireman Sam

Happy New Year to you mate, to all Gooners in Kenya and round the world! Yes hopefully we can improve our talent acquisition next year.


I don’t think it’s just our games. Dean’s names tends to bring out loud sighs from any supporter when mentioned.

He was recently busted down to the Championship for being cack. Not that the second division teams deserve him more than we do. Or third, fourth, fifth or six for that matter. Can the FA not just retire the cunt?


What exactly is Iwobi supposed to be?
He is not a winger, doesn’t get into the box, not a natural finisher and is not much of a creator.
It seems the only reason he comes in for Ozil is because the alternatives are Welbeck and Walcott.
Even with that, would it not make sense to have played Welbeck in the Sanchez position of support striker from the left and Sanchez as the main playmaker in the Ozil role on the right?


Although Iwobi came up with two decent shots at least.

Faisal Narrage

Iwobi is a CM playing as a forward. I dunno why, but he’s no forward.

David C

he shoots weaker than Xhaka passes.


He has literally never played in the CM role under normal circumstances. And never as part of a two in the middle as far as I can remember. And he doesnt play there for his national team either.
How is he a CM?
He seems to an AM, but not one who is very good. At the very least not right now.


Where does he play for the national team?

Of course he has. Not saying he’s any good at it. I agree its perplexing what position he should play with his tech abilities in either formation we use.

To be fair to him he is good playing the quick passes, comfortable in tight spaces and good at dribbling. Like you said at this point he can’t finish, isn’t good at creating chances and is worse then Theo at tracking back.

Stuck on repeat...

It would make far too much sense…which is presumably why we didn’t do it. Team selection & set up is baffling at times this season :/

Teryima Adi

Iwobi at present is a liability to this team. I have no idea what he brings to the team.


Alex Iwobi looks like he’s tottering about in stilettos. Please can he be taken out of the team and sent out on loan or coached a bit or something. I really like him and think he will come right in the end, but at the moment he’s really poor, and my mind keeps thinking how many years Arsene played Ramsey when he was seriously crap, so that he could get his form back, and if this is what will happen with Iwobi and how many years it will take. Maitland-Niles seems the real deal and I hope Callum Chambers isn’t… Read more »


Iwobi is fine. Get off his back. He needs a little coaching and development. He won’t get any of that from AW. Pls can the next 18 months pass quickly and then we can move on to next phase.

Teryima Adi

Iwobi is very poor on present form. If you are playing in place of Ozil, the least you could do is learn how to thread those passes to your teammates to make an impact in the game.


I think what you mean is Iwobi “could” be a fine player.
Sure the coaching problem is genuine but until that changes no one can definitively say if that is the only problem.
Players with far far more natural talent than him have failed to become good players even with good coaching.


Football. Is. Fixed.
Happy new year.


So those titles Wenger won shouldn’t have counted? Cool.


Grow up man. If you are a man


The same referee. Every time. Stop me if I’m going too fast. Moron.


If this was horse racing there would be an inquiry. And that is the most bent sport on the planet.


Most bent? Dog racing, I think, or Olympic ice skating, Tour de France or the last American presidential campaign (or the one in 1972 when Nixon broke into his opponent’s campaign headquarters). Any competition with (doped) Russian athletes? Nah, any Arsenal match with Mike Dean refereeing.


I’m beginning to believe that

dr Strange

Dean should step on Lego every fucking morning. Hurts as hell and really fucks up the rest of the day.

Fireman Sam

Dean just felt like being a bit John Terry I guess. Don’t worry, things will even out, you know, karma and all that. He’ll be reborn as a slug or maybe a bacterium that feeds on diarrhoea.

The Limp Bar

But he is already those things


Agreed. Had a huge fuckin fight with the missus right after. Fuck off 2017 and Mike Fuckin Dean.


Thought this was one of Sanchez’s better full games (rather than his usual 5 or 10 mins every couple of games) in a while, constantly wanted to get involved and seemed to be praising the efforts of those around him a lot more than usual and definitely a lot less moaning! Maybe a bit of a friendly break-up or something!!


I hope he steps on his f***ing whistle every morning – either that, or he sticks it up his arse…

Gunnersaurus Tex

I hope Dean has the daily inconvenience of his iPhone chargers not working unless the wire is held in just the right position. It’s so annoying!


Happy New Year Arseblog! I rate you 10/10 over the whole year for keeping us well informed with accurate and factual reporting that is just so rare in this era of click baits and sensational half baked shitty journalism aided by the advent of social media. Shout out to the stats guru 7am kickoff and the professional Sp*rs hater Tim Stillman for making my life so easy in 2017! Here’s to a greater and merrier 2018! NB: Mourinho is still the greatest cunt that ever lived (after John Terry). Also F×ck off Mike Dean you twat! Happy New Year y’all… Read more »

Chippys chip

And the plug is in a bath of scolding hot water and the other end of the cable has another plug which has been inserted into socket which is switched on!!! The total utter cunt.

Another Paul

Well fuck that game and Mike Dean in particular but still a Happy New Year to you all from Germany!
Let’s hope 2018 will be better than the shit show those last few weeks turned out to be


The article tags are absolutely and completely accurate. Miserable match to watch today for sure.

Lord Bendnter

So so frustrating when I see Lacazette running around making space for potential through balls and passes, and no one is able to play with him. We were not like that, our midfield used to be brilliant at quick one touch passes to the front. Without Ozil, it ached to see Lacazette making good runs and no one was on the same page as him.


While I realize new signings aren’t always the answer it really seems like we need a Draxler type signing this January to have any real shot at cL places. We aren’t far off but the team just looks so suspect defensively and has the worst time scoring in most games

Glen Helders left foot

Get a grip, it doesn’t matter who we sign with Wenger still in charge there will be no improvement just the slow painfully boring retreat into mid table shitness….. Nothing will change until Wenger fucks off


He (wenger) will be talking up the ‘6TH place trophy’ we are going for soon and what a great achievement it will be.! And fans waste there time slagging off refs etc


Happy 2018 to All Gooners wherever you are from the small island country of Singapore. Watched the game in 2018 actually coz it was just past midnite when it started here.


OMG, upturned plugs are the devil’s work! Seriously, what has happened to Bellerin. The fastest player in the league and he NEVER tries to beat his opposite number, uninspiring and no confidence. Iwobi needs a loan imo as he just isn’t what we need right now. No end product, bad decision making. Sanchez isn’t going to score.if.he keeps coming into the deep playmaker role. Should signal to AW something we are obviously missing. He needs to be near the box. Lacazette is getting THE worst service atm, our system means He s always back to goal…and he relies mostly on… Read more »


Regardless of whether Alexis stays or goes, we need another creative force that can engage from the right side and assist Bellerin.

Get Mahrez.

If Alexis goes, get Draxler as well.

We lack sufficient technical quality.

We keep playing the ball too slow forward because we lack options making runs.

Nor can Lacazette seem to hold the ball for us…there is a reason why Deschamp started Giroud instead.

Currently we have insufficient high technicality players to anywhere push upwards of 4th spot.

Wenger does himself no favours.


I think Alexis is getting in form, playing a lot better.
Wilshere same thing, playing much better.
I wish I could say the same about P. Cech.
I thought for sure Arsenal had the three points until we were vandalized by the referee.


Brilliant last Line Arseblog! Happy new year Gooners.
Fuck Mike Dein, he’s a nobhead, let’s go beat Chelsea now!


Happy new year to Mr.Blogs and all of you gooners-from Kampala, Uganda.


Bonus rating on point again! Happy New year Gunners!

Bob Hoskins

Mike Dean has Sussudio set as his alarm every morning.


Bonus rating for cech calling Mike Dean a cunt on camera


A regular reader from Cyprus. Happy new year to all gooners and to my favorite Arsenal blog!

Not Joe King

This season is not a total disaster, Stoke could still be relegated! I’d take that as a successful season even if we miss top four.


I recently watched a film called the nativity with the kids. Had a character called Gordon Shakespeare played by Herrick from being human. That’s exactly who mike dean reminds me. Theatrical, narcissistic wanker! Perfect as a kids film baddie, shite as a premier league ref. Simple.


Xhaka is the main reason we are rubbish. Worst signing we ever made. He changed from a brutish midfielder who wasn’t really good at much else into a mild midfielder who isn’t good at anything. A waste of space.


How on earth Iwobi is a starting player? He doesn’t defend, he doesn’t create, he doesn’t run. He does nothing. Absolutely nothing.


2 points to consider:
– Chambers handball was pretty not fair, but when you see some players like Vidal or J. Terry blocking the ball with their heads/faces, you misses that kind of characters at AFC.
– Alexis goal was preparered, not lucky, as he tried to penetrate the fragile WB wall, as you can see Mertesaker running through it, confusing the opponent.

Teryima Adi

The players had too much to eat this holiday season. They were running like pregnant women on the pitch.


Happy new year to you and yours blogs and to all gooners everywhere! As for Mike Dean I wish for him to be visited by a biblical plague of anal burrowing spikey cockroaches !!! Thought Wilshere and Chambers were our best performers Sanchez tried hard but to no avail and Laccazette needs some actual service ! The constant slowing down of our attacks was sooo bloody annoying yet when we actually RAN at the packed defences they looked uneasy to say the least! The best way to hurt a packed defence is to run at them and carry the ball… Read more »


Did anyone see Alex I-lazy make a single effective tackle the entire 94 mins?

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