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Giroud transfer merry-go-round continues with Dortmund move not ruled out

After stories emerged yesterday linking Olivier Giroud with West Ham, there were further reports last night that Arsenal were in negotiations with Chelsea over a deal for the French international.

A fee of around £15m was mentioned, and in the current climate that seems particularly low for a player who has been a reliable, consistent goalscorer in the Premier League.

Chelsea’s interest in any striker over 5’9 has been made very public in recent weeks, and in that sense Giroud would fit the bill for them. However, as one of the rivals for a top four spot, you might question the wisdom of doing any business with them that might make them stronger.

It was believed that Giroud’s desire to stay in London was key to their pursuit of him, but last night more detail emerged over the Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang situation, and according to kicker – who broke the latest developments on Sunday night – there’s still a possibility of the 31 year old going there as part of that deal.

He’s a player they’ve been interested in for some time, with Giroud turning down a move there during the summer, while Chelsea’s main interest is reportedly Sp*rs striker Fernando Llorente.

Whatever happens, it feels like there’s a big transfer merry-go-round happening, and the next few days could prove to be very interesting.

The window closes at 11pm tomorrow night, so buckle up, it feels like there’s going to be a few twists and turns along the way.

Check out this week’s Arsecast with Ian Wright

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Mesut O\'Neill

£15m? Double that and we might consider negotiations.


£15 mil is a steal! But I’d take cut price to sell him abroad in comparison to slightly more to another team in London….


Ivan, is that you?


I would rather giroud move to Dortmund, and we tell Chelsea to fuck the fuck off.


People come, people go

Mayor McCheese

As Hillary Flammond once said to Nick Rivers, ‘things change, people change, hairstyles change, interest rates fluctuate’.


@Mayor: huge green thumb for reminding me of this classic top secret movie….. best ZAZ ever!! ??


One thing I really don’t understand.. why are other teams not in for Aubameyang?? At the price being quoted, I’m really surprised other teams aren’t interested. It’s not even as if his wage demands are too high. The reports are saying Arsenal have offered around 180k a week. That’s easily doable for many clubs in Europe. The only thing I can think of is his attitude problems, and the way he’s been behaving at Dortmund recently. But this is one of the best strikers in Europe, in his prime, wants out and is available at a relatively cheap price. I’m… Read more »

Girouds Lovely Locks

I think you’d find that £180k a week is not as doable around Europe as you might think.


Fair point, maybe not doable for ‘many’ clubs like I’d said.. but £180k a week is not an outlandish amount that would deter the major clubs in Europe, surely. Why are the top clubs not even remotely interested?


All of them have invested heavily in other players. Aubameyang IMO is somewhere between being the ultimate marquee signing -Superstar signing. He is not a superstar and he is no ordinary player either which makes him ideal for us right now. We are first in the queue at the price quoted and we also have a real need+he is a starter here. The only club who can gazump us is Madrid because he always wanted to play there but apparently Perez doesn’t want him there because he thinks Aubameyang is ugly and he won’t sell shirts. Well Florentino Perez can… Read more »

Viva la prof

15m for Giroud, apparently handsome means fuck all


Flo Perez can fuck off. Mourinho can fuck off. Pep with his “City can’t afford to spend more than 80 million on one player” can fuck off. Mino raiola can fuck off. Let them all fuck off to an island called i have so much money I don’t know what the fuck to do with it but I’ll still whine-land.

7 is a magic number

It should surely be called fuckoff island, no?


That works as well.


Perez should be the first in the queue for Giroud then!


In summary: the clubs that want him can’t afford, the ones who can won’t offer as much guarantee of regular starting role, Chelsea are looking for a target man, not many others are looking for strikers this window.

And we’ve got Mkhi and Sven.

Man Manny

I doubt if Auba has a worse attitude than Alexis; I think Dortmund have just managed the situation badly. I have followed him from St. Etienne in France, and he has not had issues before.

Jimbo Jones

Stalker alert!


Other teams were not for him cause they have 1st choise strikers already.
Other teams ARE not for him cause the deal is done since 2 weeks.



I Didn\'t See It

Just keep your voice down now, will you.

Mrs Maitland-Niles

Probably because all the clubs that can afford him aren’t looking for strikers and, if they are, not of his type. Look at the amount of money Chelsea spent on Morata and now they’re trying to buy Giroud and Llorente because he’s been underwhelming.


Auba in, Olivier out, shake it all about.


I know Chelsea have the upper hand in this but £15m is too cheap ?, i think Giroud’s worth is no less than £25m, i hope we can get the best out of it


15m is too cheap, and in no way does Chelsea have the upper hands. He’s contracted to us, and we have the final say. Unless if you take into account our board are full of twats, then that’s probably a fair point.

Easy tiger

The problem is, if we dont sell giroud we wount get aubemiang because Dortmund dont get that Chelsea player. That is why they have the upper hand.


We need to grow bigger balls. One way of doing so would be a little something called taking care of your contracts well in advance. Not sure if our board members have heard of that concept though.


I think you need to worry a bit less about your ball size and work on growing your intellect. More reading, less GILF porn would be a good start.


I worry about our club being walked over by other clubs/ agents when it comes to deals. The fact that you use GILF porn as your argument speaks volumes (rather a lack of) your intellect.


Fuck Chelsea, i love giroud but his wife dont want to leave london? Come one this is not a vecation choosing place, force giroud to go to dortmund if dortmund dont want to pay for a permanenet dela the force him to go for a loan move am sure his wofe can take to live in a luxury hotel for 6 months then in the summer we can sold him. Be ruthless i dont beleive to much in this shit that we depend on giroud going to chelsea as am sure aubameyang is done with dortmund and the transfer is… Read more »


I love Giroud. Best striker we have had since Van Persie. But he is 31 years old and will not be their first choice at this rate. 15m is low but his age and place in the squad plays a key role in the price negotiations.

Glen Helders left foot

Why don’t we just loan him out to West Ham ,palace or Watford. He gets games for the world cup,we don’t sell to any cuntish rivals and we can re assess what we want to do in the summer and probably get a bigger fee


A read somwhere that we can make a swap deal for david luiz i will be fine with that i think luiz is better than evans and he is also 30, giroud come the new season will be 32.

Or they can pay 20 up front plus 5 in add ons.
or they can fuck off.

Lawson charles

Yeah but most definitely not to Chelsea

Hairy Bottle

Whether he leaves or stay, I’ll still love this one hell of a handsome bloke


He should never be sold


Football is a business. And clearly Giroud himself needs to leave to have a shot at starting for France at the WC.


As much as I like Auba to sign asap, 15m for Giroud? Why are we even selling players dirt cheap to other clubs?


Did you even read the article… all explained there


I say we offer Dortmund 40M plus Welbeck, Campbell, and Perez. Cut Chelsea out of the deal completely and clear our books.

Jimbo Jones

ha! that’s a good shout… but seriously why doesn’t Welbeck give it a go, what’s he got to lose? He’s a striker I’d take £15m for or a loan for that matter. Also his scoring record for England against the continentals is none too shabby


We should send Welbeck to Liverpool. HFB should stay.


If they can’t find a striker, just give Dortmund Lacazette on loan until the summer, and for goodness sake, let Giroud be.

Man Manny

Would you really do this if you were in charge? Arsenal would be relegated in your first season as manager!


Some crazy points of view on here, yours being the craziest.

Jimbo Jones

Too far mate. You’re letting the HFB love in get to you 😉


Is this a joke? A player with Giroud’s ability who is a proven premier league goal scorer being sold to a domestic rival for only 15 million pounds? Only at Arsenal would that be a plausible story. I’m getting pretty tired of this, there is something completely broken in the way this club is being run.


Giroud should stay. I get the feeling we are just messing around with Chelsea to see if they put in some crazy Ox type bid. Giroud should stay unless we are talking 35-45 million. A loan deal elsewhere other than Dortmund doesn’t make sense either. It’s better for Giroud to stay put and focus on keeping himself fit for the WC. He will get games with us and he will always be our ‘go to’ man when the chips are down. It’s France’s loss if they don’t take Giroud to the WC. Out of the 3 Giroud, Koscielny and Lacazette… Read more »


Would hate to sell the HFB but if we have to…sell to West Ham or Dortmund, doesn’t matter which, but not Chelsea. There’s just no reason.


Loan Giroud to Dortmund.
Sell Welbeck in the summer.
Bring Giroud back.


Logical, but not gonna happen. Welbeck is the new Walcott, he’ll be here to stay for a long time.


That,s like the perfect suggestion…


we selling no Welbeck.. just loan Giroud to whoever just to Auba and fucking get Giroud back in the summer.. isnt it the best way up mates?

Jimbo Jones

The big problem with loaning Giroud is his missus might put the skids on it with his record of playing away… boom, boom


Never mind reality- sign P.E.A. keep H.F.B.

Man Manny

When the dust of all these merry-go-round settles, Auba will be a gunner, Giroud will be in Dortmund and Chelsea can go to hell for all I care.


P.s: Why doesn’t Arseblog quote Ornstein?
When he made a similar post a few hours ago.


Us? Active on deadline day for big name players?


So basically, Auba may not become an Arsenal player because Giroud’s wife doesn’t want to leave London… This is the most Arsenal thing ever (possibly).

Hope there’s a way we can get Auba and HFB stays!

Lonely Lonliness

If I was Giroud, I would be super pissed off.


Presumably we are going to have to find a way to play Auba and Laca (our 2 record signings) in the same starting line up? One of them will be shifted to the wing. If that”s right, Giroud shouldn’t get much less game time after Auba arrives. He will still be our only decent sriking option from the bench, and we will need him for cup games and the odd PL start so we can rest Auba/Laca. Plus Auba is cup tied for the Europa, which we need to go all out to try ro win. I’m not happy with… Read more »


I could deal with Giroud going to Dortmund, even West Ham. But fuck no, not Chelsea, no sir, no no no. Rather take our chances without Aubameyang, much as I’d like him to join the Arsenal.

Jimbo Jones

Off topic slightly… but does Webeck to West Ham just make sense to everyone else? (I know it doesn’t help get Auba over the line but just saying….)


Nah it’ll never fly as Welbz is younger and homegrown, no way will he be sold in this window.


If things had been managed correctly from the start – a consistent approach to improvement and developing a title challenging squad, adapting tactics and generally being proactive rather than reacting to problems then contracts would have been renewed and we would be far higher up the table.
And this would not be a subject for discussion.
And now the same is about to be repeated with Ozil,
Very bad management.
I wonder if any of our competitors would let such an expensive signing potentially leave for free….


thankfully this merry-go-round stops in 36 hours.
would be very pleased if we dont look like mugs at the end of it.

if we cant get PEA can we get in a good defender and a holding central midfield player. hopefully we will not be sitting on piles of cash with a weakened squad.

Kentish Gooner

Same old Arsenal shitstorm as usual. We could have paid the £60m for Auba weeks ago and could have kept Giroud. But we’ve fannied about like we love doing and now Chelsea want a slice of the pie. I give up.


Fuck getting rid of Giroud, especially to Chelski, call Perez back and give him to Dortmund.


This recurring decimal is really annoying.. How can we continue strengthening our rivals without thinking twice.. We sold the ox to Liverpool, Sanchez to utd and we are currently considering Giroud to Chelsea all this in the space of six months.. The club management is really shite..


1.Auba deal is done! Thats why Arsenal are looking to offers for Giroud. As Wenger said, we will see offers for him only if we sign another striker.
2. Skybet removed all bets for Auba.
3. Calm down its just the media getting it much more interesting for the deadline day.


I think Giroud’s injury time out should at least have shown Wenger that Welbeck and Walcott cannot fill the hole or offer the plan B necessary. Theo’s gone and I’d rather sell Welbz to Chelski for tuppence than Giroud for £30m.

Problem is Wenger’s favouritism towards certain players and persistence with his ideas being right. Elneny may step up now but Xhaka? Too late to get that DM player now.

Listen to Wrighty on Arsecast to understand the problem with coaching at Arsenal. Brilliant interview.

Bai Blagoi

15m?? We sold Theo for more than that! Hell, we sold Ox for 40m!


Hahahaha still laughing about the Ox deal. What were they smoking there?

Lucas Sam

We should have asked for 40m+1£

Easy tiger

This is not going to ene well.


so with all these new negotiaters we are still crap at doing transfers , if you want a player you have to pay what the other team wants , no ifs or buts , so you either want him or not , we have been messing about for the last two or three weeks and now we are down to the last forty eight hours , if they want giroud then give them giroud , I can see us ending up with no one

Row 1

1) who’s gonna be our no.2 striker if girlie goes? I thought the whole point was for Lacazette and Aubamayang to play together? So we need a back up striker

2) what am I gonna do on Fifa? With Walcott and Sanchez gone, my entire pace-based strategy has been ruined! I’m in division 4 FFS!


why dont we offer him as a loan option just so we can have him back .. thats what chelsea is doing with Mitchy Batsuya


I really don’t see why he wouldn’t want to go to Dortmund on loan for the rest of the season. He’d start every game there, get in the WC squad, and then come back with us next season.


Point of information: the transfer window in Germany shuts at 5pm (UK time) tomorrow so there’s a bit less time for BVB to get Cuba’s replacement in.


Let’s get this straight. Would Chelsea sell a striker of Giroud’s calibre to us if the situation was reversed?? I think not. We shoot ourselves in the foot if we sell them the missing link that solves their present malaise. I would feel no different if it were Tottenham asking.


Looks like Peter Crouch is going to be Gooner then.

Glasgow Gooner

Not much point in having a cash rich business if you continually under value it’s assets.


is it a merry-go-round, or is it musical chairs? I feel like “the managerial merry-go-round” is an apt metaphor, especially for the eternal shitspiral that is the Moyes-Allardyce-Pardew-Pulis rotation, but in this case with the players, and a deadline, and someone likely to feel shafted when that time comes, it seems like musical chairs is metaphorically more a propos.


(yes, I know saying ‘shitspiral’ further confuses the metaphor usage here, but to be honest i just came up with it and was pretty pleased so I decided to use it anyway)

Yankee Gooner

It’s more like a Trust Fall with your Drunk, Negligent Uncle.


I like the shitspiral. You forgot Hughes though


Giroud 15m and Llorente 25?! Why on earth should we sell cheap.


Is it possible that Chelsea once more (this time without Mourinho at the helm) are playing Arsenal? Last time it was pretending to loan/sell Demba Ba to Arsenal, only to pull the plug in the last minute. This time if they pretend to be interested in Giroud they avoid him going to Dortmund, and then no Auba to Arsenal. Could they be that cunning…?

Mrs Maitland-Niles

Can’t help but feel the club are being too nice here. No need to sell to Chelsea. Giroud will strengthen them and we should put the club first. Morata is pony and conte doesn’t rate batshuayi. I’m sure Giroud would pick dortmund if the option is start there vs be on the bench here. He’s got the World Cup to consider.

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