Friday, June 21, 2024

Raiola: United won’t sign Sanchez unless Mkhitaryan agrees to join Arsenal

The agent of Henrikh Mkhitaryan says that Alexis Sanchez will not join Man Utd unless his client agrees a move to Arsenal as part of a swap deal.

Mino Raiola, known for getting his players amazing deals, looks to be putting pressure on United to give the 28 year old a pay off which would make up for the shortfall in wages he’d have to take if he joined the Gunners.

On £200,000 a week at Old Trafford, it’s unlikely Arsenal will pay those kind of wages, so if United really want Sanchez, they’ll have to ‘encourage’ the Armenian international to leave.

“Manchester United is not going to sign Sanchez unless Mkhi agrees to join Arsenal,” Raiola told The Times (£).

“Sanchez is part of the Mkhi deal, not the other way around.”

There are suggestions Mkhitaryan fancies a move back to former club Borussia Dortmund, which could have an impact on the Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang pursuit.

The Bundesliga side are open to the players departure but are yet to receive an official offer from Arsenal who are currently pondering offering Olivier Giroud as part of the deal.

What a tangled transfer web!

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I’m feeling excited and alittle moist at the prospect of MKHITARYAN joining us…

I can’t be the only one.


You’re probably the only one that’s moist.


Seems pretty unanimous


I am genuinely surprised that people are actually okay with swapping Sanchez for Mkhitaryan. In my opinion, we are getting absolutely fleeced here. Alexis Sanchez has scored 60 goals in 3 seasons, and yeah, I get that he hasn’t been as productive this season, obviously due to the contract issues, but he has still scored more goals and set up more this season then Hazard has for Chelsea. Why the fuck are we pandering to Mourinho’s shite, and agreeing to swap him for Mkhitaryan? A player that has scored 5 goals since arrving in the Premier League a year and… Read more »


You realize this isn’t a straight up swap deal right?


No it is a straight up swap deal. There’s no cash coming our way. Just Mkhitaryan for Sanchez.


Manchester United are 11 points ahead. Just one fewer than they are behind Manchester City.

Alexis has been good this season, of course, but hasn’t offered that much by his standards. At the moment he can still can be used to rebuild the team. Mkhitaryan, meanwhile, is a talented player and perhaps he’ll combine with Aubameyang.

I think changes have been made in the way Arsenal approach transfers and the show isn’t continuing as before. When last did we see so much activity in one season?


I really recall that Demba Ba thing and it was very annoying that cunt called Morinho didnt do us that courtesy and now he wants unsettled Alexis which is fine by me for a Miky and some small cash.

Gooner McGoonFace

Yeah…you ARE the only one. F Mkhi. Says he doesn’t want to come. If that’s the case, end of story. No negotiations. No nothing. I absolutely do not want a player who doesn’t want to be here. We have that in Sanchez already.


Hillarious that you believe everything you find on the internet. You have a difficult life ahead of you.


When he was at Dortmund he was insane…. so if he does come then I will be happy, as Sanchez has lost a yard of pace and is a one trick pony, cuts inside at every opportunity to have a shot… defenders are wise to that now…..


murinho ruin him playing him as a winger back he lost all his confidence and i think he wants to join this agent talk is trying to get money for utd and if we sign auba with miki that is a deadly partership forged and we will hit the ground running immidieatly plus from this dire position of losing alexie if we end up with auba and miki that is market won for us 2 players for alexis class players and if we get the malcom boy that would be brilliant transfer for us one of the best for us… Read more »


Punctuation won’t hurt you pal, give it a try some time.


that has cracked me up. Use a full stop once in a while bruv – hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


I suspect this is making sure the agent and mikh see some money, as it stands they don’t have a lot of bargaining power the way it’s going down.


They have the most power in this whole rediculas saga as far as I can see.
Man u desperately want rid and want sanchez we want money or player or both or risk getting fuck all and mikh holds the key to all of it. Him and his agent are the power brokers. But don’t be surprised if we mess this up at the 12th hour and Sanchez goes for f all in a few months.


If Ozil stays where do you think he’s going to play at Arsenal? The same position on the Wing or bench. I almost forgot why AW hardly deals with Raiola players. I understand he’s doing whats best for his player and himself but he’s a prick. His client isn’t playing and has no future at ManU and he’s trying to make it look like it’s his client that is in charge of this whole deal. If I’m Arsenal I just tell ManU we only want the fee, we don’t want this headache. Then invest in Drax or Malcom or CB… Read more »


You forgot his other trick of cutting inside to dink the ball hopefully into the box


The famous Sanchez turn over when he blatantly just give the ball away to the opposing team


I seem to remember last year’s Puksas award involved that old trick of cutting inside to dink the ball hopefully into the box – I didn’t see you bashing him then.


…. this reminds me of Michel Platini (when a journalist asked him if JP Papin was scoring more spectacular goal that he ever did…) saying about JP Papin that “if he is doing an accrobatic volley or an overhead kick, it’s because he’s not well positioned compared to the ball or that somebody else misplaced a pass….”

Absolute on point and hypocrisy from one of the best french player of all time 😉
And one of my best memory from a player itw !!

A Different George

As a player leaves, we run him down; I am reconciled to his leaving but I have not seen any sign that Alexis is slower than before. Certainly he likes to cut inside, where he either shoots or delivers a pass–a hard one or a dink or a grass cutter, as appropriate, to create chances. And, yes, too often he loses it. But, overall, he is as good a player as any in England (De Bruyne and Hazard are the other contenders and–as much as I hate to say it–maybe Kane). That is why the three strongest and richest teams… Read more »


Well said.

This is why I always push back on anyone who disses Gooners as a group. Our bad form is temporary, but our class is permanent.


Thats why he scored 30 and assisted 15 in all competitions last season right? I swear some fans have such a short memory. Fuck him for wanting to leave to a rival but the player is absolutely world class, in the prime of his career, and hungrier than ever. Such a shame that it’s come to this but it’s no one’s fault but arsenal and specifically Mr. Wenger.

Mayor McCheese

Welcome, Henry McIntyre!


His agent says the deal has to be right for him, which probably means the agent wants more money out of it


I’m pretty excited. If he can recapture anything like his best form he could be very important.
I don’t care if he’s apprehensive about coming. That’s understandable. Players can’t make decisions for their careers like a fan deciding which team to like.

Mein Bergkampf

C’mon, it’s time to give this club the enema it needs. Yes Giroud is a good bloke who scores goals but Aub is one of the worlds most revered strikers. And if Mkhi can be persuaded this would be a massive coup. He’s a devastatingly good player, he ran that Dortmund team, and it doesn’t make him a reject that Jose cannot get anything out of him (see Salah, De Bruyne, Lukaku) Remember when we are searching for new managerial talent in the next few months (fingers, toes and cerebral hemispheres crossed) we’ll look like a much more exciting prospect… Read more »


Raiola is the most repulsive lump of lard going. I’d be surprised if this goes through.

Can we stop the whole ‘we can’t sell because it’s this manager’ or ‘this agent is a cunt’ or ‘we’ve sold them our best players before’. We’ll turn into Sp*rs fans if we keep up this bitterness. If Jose wants to pay a pretty large sum of money for a free agent that’s cool. If Raiola wants his percentage, that’s up to Sanchez and United to work out. If we are getting a great player and a bit of cash for a player who has stopped performing for us and is now free to sign for anyone for nothing, let’s… Read more »


There are plenty of good players that aren’t part of Raiola crew. yes I Mhki ran the show at Dortmund for a couple of seasons. He hasn’t looked good at all here in the Prem Those Mou “rejects” had to go to other leagues or lower table clubs to find their game again. I’m starting to get repulsed by Raiola. A player that needs a new scenery and not getting the shit done. You say its all the agent trying to get the best for his player and himself but this is the shit that makes deals go down to… Read more »


Our new Barca guy must have dealt with him many times before.


I didn’t knew his agent was raiola.Hope we get martial instead of him unless his agent is also the cunt.


ALL agents are cunts. You just deal with their loathsomeness and wash your hands afterward.


There are agents that are professional and there are agents that are cunts and Raiola is cunt.


James Olley just said that basically we had first of all asked about Martial, not Mkhitaryn. According to Olleys tweet, United categorically told us no regarding Martial, but offered us Mkhitaryn instead – to which we have since been perusing. Which really bothers me a lot. Putting aside the comparisons between whats the better deal; Martial or Mkhitaryn. If we want Martial, then that’s who we should be getting. We are negotiating with the same manager that wouldn’t let us have Demba Ba when we signed Ozil. So why should we be pandering to his offer? We hold all the… Read more »

Da Boss

I think you have got a bit emotional there mate. You really think we would entertain bringing Mkhi on board if we didn’t want him just because Man Utd said that’s what they want to do? You need your bumps feeling.


@Da Boss.

I am never one to turn down an offer to have my bumps felt. So feel away.

And you’re damn right I got emotional. I am bored to tears of our incompetency in the transfer market. Constantly we are getting fleeced by our rivals.

We are literally swapping a player that averages 17.5 league goals a season in the form of Sanchez, for Mkhitaryn who has scored 5 goals in two seasons.

And the latest is saying that there is now no cash. Its a straight swap, which is just beyond mental.


Yeah of course. Mhki value is almost rock bottom if it isn’t already. Isn’t this a typical AW buy? Value or potential. Get the players you want on your list not another clubs alternative choice. Just tell them give us the fee we don’t want Mhki. We’ll go get the players we actually want


Sensible approach, so wont happen. Its the Arsenal way to ignore sensible.

Jack Action

We don’t hold any cards, sorry to disagree.

Without City competing for Sanchez, United are free to drop their offer. They’re offering a straight swap for a player Mourinho doesn’t rate. We can either take it or watch Sanchez walk this summer for nothing.

What a club. Horrible. Sanchez and Ozil should have been dealt away in July.


What are you talking about? Of course we do. Alexis Sanchez is our player. He is our player until the end of the season. If we were concerned about the financial implications of Alexis leaving the club, then we should’ve let him go to City or PSG in the summer when they were offering £60M for him. But the club clearly stated, that we weren’t worrying about the financial side of this saga. We were making a point of keeping our player, who is pound for pound the best player in the Premier League. At this point the financial implications… Read more »


@IamaGoober This is what happens when people stop thinking before writing. “Keeping Alexis Sanchez until the end of the season. A guy who is (I think) currently our top goal scorer. Who has a prolific record of scoring goals for us. Yet at the same time trying to bring in Aubameyang and Malcolm” That can’t happen. If Sanchez is not sold then there will likely be no Aubameyang and no Malcolm. Didn’t you realize it in the summer? The team only decided to pursue Lemar after getting a good offer for Sanchez. They don’t have the money or the salary… Read more »


@Araj mate.

I think you need to be slightly more informed regarding our clubs finances, and football finance in general before you starting talking absolute nonsense. At Arsenal, the money is there. We just choose not to use it.

That was literally my point.

I think the opening line of your comment ‘This is what happens when people stop thinking before writing.’

You’ve ironically highlighted your own stupidity.

Drogheda gunner

You dont have a clue mate


@Drogheda Gunner

Who doesn’t have a clue? Me or @Araj


We do hold the cards on this. It’s not a strong hand but its strong enough. Sanchez wants out bad. He needs a deal to be done. He’ll basically go anywhere as long as the fee is matched. If ManU don’t want to pay then you go down the list or keep him and let him walk in the Summer. In theory we were going to keep him anyways. At this point if we can’t get 30M for him keep him and go for top 4 and I know its hard to imagine that with how bad we are playing.… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

“We hold all the cards”

Erm….no we don’t.
Quite frankly if United weren’t so desperate to one up City, they could just wait for 6 months, get him for free and stilk keep Martial and Mikhy.


@Faisal Narrage Of course we do, the only way Alexis Sanchez is going to become a United player is down to whether we sell him to them this month. If he stays at Arsenal until the end of the season, as you said, he is going to end up at City on a free. And when you consider Alexis is our player, we don’t have to do business if we don’t want to. That yes in fact we have all of the leverage. Not United. if they want our best player, it should be on our terms, not theirs. Or… Read more »


Wenger tried to buy henrik previously, when Sanchez nearly went to juventus the other summers. Henrik brother twitted he was looking at houses for him in North London. It was a shame wenger did not still sign him Henrik after Sanchez stayed. Then Utd bought him buy paying huge wages. Henrik happy to join us. It is worth remembering he started this season fire in August sept was one of highest points scoring midfielder in fantasy league ( as a gauge ) then Jose binned him to the bench after the nil nil park the bus game at Liverpool. Wenger… Read more »



Er…. what?

This season Henrik Mkhitaryn has scored 1 Premier League goal this season from 15 starts.

I am not quite sure what fantasy football league you were playing.

Drogheda gunner

You dont have a clue.


Dang is that right? Fantasy football. lol August is 3 matches. Thats it until the break. Is that a good enough sample size for you?

V is for Vic Akers

Let’s reserve judgement on this one. Circumstances aside he has been nothing short of shite this season.
This team badly needs a dribbler and risk taker – I am most excited about Malcom.

Mein Bergkampf

You try being a creative midfielder in a pretty tepid Jose team when you can’t seem to get regular football and train with the youth academy sporadically. The way Jose has treated Mkhi has been nothing short of utter disrespect and if we can pinch a player of Mkhi’s calibre from under his dirty little nose, it could be us who has the last laugh. I’ll enjoy watching Jose’s ego clash with Pogba’s, Sanchez’s and Zlatan’s as they all clamber to be the star man and undoubtably implode.


What I don’t understand is how high-risk, give-the-ball-away-a-lot, not-great-at-tracking-back Alexis Sanchez is ever going to thrive under Jose Mourinho, whose impact on the careers of wide midfielders the calibre of Mohammed Salah and Eden Hazard has hardly been fantastic. It doesn’t seem a great fit.

Mind you, I sincerely hope that it isn’t.


Great question. Been wondering the same.
Merdinho is mr conservative, do it my way, stick to the shape — and if you don’t you will on the bench indefinitely.
Alexis is not that player. At all. Part of why Barca (those fookers) sold him; not enough discipline.

He’s gonna ruin his career at Manyoo under that shite Merdinho.

A Different George

Mourinho knows that, unless he wins the league this year (no chance) or next, he will probably be out. He can get one more year if he makes a realistic challenge next season AND Man United play attractive attacking football consistently. Alexis with Pogba behind him (see Alexis/Vidal for Chile in the Copa America) fits the bill. I hope it does not happen.


SMH he gives away the ball alot only because he’s trying to create for this club. It’s not his fault there are only 1 other player that can play at his level here. 3-4 more that are close. The rest we have seen this season with the different lineups are midtable players.

Yes he tracks back. In fact he tracks back to much but unfortunately thats just his nature.


Mkhi was in a major ascendancy before coming to the PL. He had the most assists in the Bundesliga for the 2015/16 season. He was probably player of the season that year too. He could easily slip into the right of a front three for Arsenal (a bit like Ramsey used to) and combine with Ozil, Bellerin overlapping, and the rest of the midfield. With Lacazette and/or Aubameyang upfront (they had a remarkable partnership at Dortmund in his last season) making runs he can spot, we’d be looking pretty potent indeed. If we can make it work, we’d have much… Read more »


F mikhitarian and that fat cunt agent of his, and especially fuck Mourinho. Giroud + cash for aubamayang, Sanchez to city or abroad, and get Malcom in. Keep Ozil and do everything possible to get him to extend.

Wilshere extending should be a given, shambolic that such a talented player that is arsenal through and through is being treated this way when you know he wants to stay and fight for this club.


I don’t think we should let Giroud go.

Also Arsenal better move fast because at this rate we’ll be playing Welbeck and Iwobi on the wings again come Saturday :\


Agreed, Giroud loves it at Arsenal even on the bench as a sub. His wages will be half of Miki’s. And he makes a great impact sub, especially in those second leg european ties when we need to get a goal, go direct and play two up front. Don’t think you will get that with Miki or Auba. Not saying they aren’t great signings, just might be a little similar to Lacazette and Ozil. At this rate we would end up playing 4-2-2-2. And with two playmakers in the starting 11, how would we manage a consistent pressing game against… Read more »


There is no either Giroud or Mkhitarian question. They are part of separate deals so I don’t see the comparison. Also, as of right now the team has almost no good crossers. Bellerin is probably the best left. There aren’t even any real wingers in the squad. The squad is not built to get the best out of Giroud.


If we are getting Auba and not using Laca as makeweight then when would OG get minutes?

Drogheda gunner

I agree about ambamyung is he not very similar too lacazette?


I would say Laca from what I’ve seen of him this season he is more technical player.

I’ve watched Dortmund play on and off throughout the years and when I see Auba play he is more explosive but not as technical. His athleticism is amazing. In the past he’s tracked back well as Laca does. I can’t say much about this season as I’ve watched less since Klopp/Tuchel era ended so I don’t know what his discipline issues are if they are all off the pitch or on?


I don’t know. I’ve followed him since his Montpellier days and I’d be very sad to see him leave but Dortmund would be a great opportunity for him and it’s hard to see how all three could be given enough playing time.

If it were up to me I’d try to convince him to stay but I can understand why it might be better for him to leave.


This is arsenal.We give every chance to mediocre players to thrive…

Offtopic : Nelson’s contract expires in 2019 and nothing is being done abt that ! We surely dont want to lose him?

Kentish Gooner

I know you can’t believe what you read in the papers, but looks like a few top teams have sniffed young Reiss’ contract situation too…#shambles


I believe he has been offered and is refusing to sign. Head turned, I think.


If we get Auba, Malcom and Mkhi for the loss of Sanchez, Walcott and Giroud and around $50m… I’d dare say that’s not too shabby business.

Gooner McGoonFace

Your optimism is cute. Have you met the Arsenal though?


If we get those 3 players, which I doubt they want to join us at this moment, it won’t change anything. We’ve spent how many?? 150mn pounds in the last 3 years? Look at us now, 8 points adrift from top 4 (and don’t even mention our gap with league leader). Buying new players won’t solve our problem if the team is still under AW.

A Different George

150 million pounds in the past three years (50 million a year); the numbers don’t mean what they used to. –what did Man United pay for Pogba, Matic, Mik, Bailly? What did Man City pay for three fullbacks (Walker, Mendy, Danilo)?


It won’t turn us into title challengers but it will help stop / reverse the slide. Just because we have a manager who cannot organise or motivate, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try with player recruitment. Whatever happens, Wenger will not be managing us in the 2019/20 season. And when he leaves it’s imperative we have a decent squad to A) attract a good manager, and B) give them a chance to recover the club to where we should be as soon as possible. If we have spend another couple of seasons flailing around under a new manager due to a… Read more »


The Ornacle tweets it is “unlikely” we get all 3. Sounds right to me. Too bad we need all 3 plus 2-3 more.


I think we’re seeing new decisiveness since the arrival of Raul Sanllehi and Sven Mislintat but some problems of the past still have to be dealt with.


no point signing a player that doesn’t want to come here. Sign Mahrez FFS


That’s true. Why bother if he doesn’t want to play for us. Sanchez could be sold anywhere as we see there is a lot of interest. We can sell him to another club and use the money to buy a player that wants to play for us. Simple as that!


Alexis is on great wages where he is and can receive a huge signing on bonus and a wage rise when he leaves at the end of the season. Manchester City have pulled out, for the moment and United are complicating it at this stage as they want Mkhitaryan off the wage bill so I think Alexis may well stay.


Almost any player will look for the best offer and there’ll be very few players desperate to play for Arsenal rather than anyone else at the moment. No harm in that; it’s their job. It doesn’t mean he won’t play well once he’s here.


rather have a player that wants to be here and is proven in the EPL


His EPL-form is a worry. But I’m not sure many EPL-proven players would choose Arsenal at the moment if they had an offer from a club of similar stature. I’m not saying the club is a disaster like some are but it is sixth of the six big teams. The dip in form has come at just the wrong time. No-one from those teams is likely to join us unless they’ve been having problems, so if you’re looking for players with EPL experience it’s probably going to be those like Mkhitaryan, promising players from smaller clubs who don’t have reasonable… Read more »


Once upon a time a team occasionally in 4th-6th position from West London, and a team from Manchester that flirted with relegation danger offered players more money they could ever dream of, or realistically expect to receive. The sad truth is, if you offer enough money to players, they’ll come for sure. Oh, and money for their agents of course.


We don’t need a player that looks like Ross Gellar. The Premier League has too many Ross Gellar lookalikes anyway, what with Ulloa, Firmino and of course who could forget Edu.


Mahres, mr 100M pound man?
Oh yeah, that’ll happen. Another 1-trick pony for 100 M…great idea there, sport.


can we get miki without Raiola please

Andy Mack

I believe Raiola is one of the agents that AFC has had issues with for a few years.
I doubt we’ll get Mkhitaryan because of that.


Then no Sanchez to United this window, apparently.

Andy Mack

Old Red Nose had problems with him as well.
“There are one or two football agents I simply do not like and Mino Raiola is one of them,” he has said. “I distrusted him from the moment I met him.”

Andy Mack

I also understand that Pep doesn’t like dealing with him either…
No Raiola players on the books at $iteh.


Auba and Mkhitaryan were absolutely incredible when they played together. I am not going overboard here because I know I am an Arsenal.. but I am saying it would be great if it were to happen.


Auba has discipline problems and Mkhitaryan has never come close to soemthing good in the PL…

Santi Claws

Sometimes I just sit back and marvel at how hateable the business of football is

Andy Mack

Most businesses are pretty ‘Hateable’…


Whatever happens?
If anything?
You can guarantee it won’t be well thought out or part of any type of plan.
And we’ll probably be a worse on the pitch than what we are now, and that’s a pretty big achievement in itself.

Bon Jello

Is it possible that we’re looking at selling Debuchy to St. Etienne to lower the Aubameyang fee? Assuming Dortmund will owe a fraction of the transfer sum to St. Etienne as part of a sell-on clause. It’s possible we could be offering Dortmund slightly less is hopes the french club will be willing to take a smaller sell-on fee from the germans in return for a free/cheap as chips Debuchy?
Would be the kind of complicated deal we love.


Some Arsenal fans are still against Özil because he is supposed to be a reject from Real. What would they say about Mkhitaryan who hasn’t been up to his transfert and his salary since he’s arrived from Dortmund? Well, it’s good to have an influencial agent.


I really don’t like us having to deal with both Raiola AND Maureen. The two biggest cunts in football.


I love Mkhitaryan as a player but i don’t like dealing with Raiola. Railoa is the agent for Zlatan, Pogba and Lukaku. He got 40 million from United in fees for the Pogba deal. Maureen could possibly get inside access into the Arsenal dressing room if Mkhitaryan comes in. The arrogance is evident when he says “The deal for Mkhi includes Sanchez” Right now i’d be happy to swap players with Chelsea. I’d take players like Cesc+Willian, Willian+Luiz and sign Auba+Malcom. Let’s hope Chelsea make a play. Maybe United might give us Martial in that case. I think Sanchez holds… Read more »


You’re forgetting John Terry. now you got your triumvirate of cunts !


John Terry deserves to be forgotten.


And at the other end…
Does it smells like we’re getting noone (or maybe one) this winter?

Gooner McGoonFace

I predict no one. And I’m getting the feeling Alexis may not get to leave after all until the summer, for free. “We couldn’t sign a replacement. We tried but the deal fell through” etc.

David M

Indecision again will probably mean that we will not get our target if we have one.


There are certainly merits to signing two players who previously have worked together well into multiple champions league finals with Dortmund.

But do we have enough cash for a proper defensive midfielder or ball playing centre back to make any formation involving those two work?


Also Mkhitaryan maybe a favourite of Sven, but does Sven even care if it pushes Ozil out the door? Wenger certainly would. It’s his job on the line. Not Sven’s. This is certainly a test for Gazidis diplomacy if the reports of the Miki bid by Sven is true. Would also show a significant light on who actually handles transfers in the club and Wenger is more diminished as a result. We maybe doing the longest manager handover in history, which could prove to be correct. But also as damaging as not resolving a manager contract when key player contracts… Read more »


I admire your optimism about Gazidis, but he is a spineless, whinging little prick. He will do whatever makes him look good, club be damned. Appointing him to anything beyond bootman was a HUGE mistake IMO. He’s a big part of the problem. As is Silent Stan. And of course, AW’s dated, predictable football.


Does it make sense to have three players who are all 28 years old, and with the club famously reluctant to continue contract negotiations past 30 years old, will we find another Ozil/Alexis out of contract situation again, but this time three players instead of two.

Some careful planning is required!



Raul doesn’t start until next month.


There is currently a defensive midfielder out of contact at a top 6 team in the premier league who just stopped runaway leaders man city from winning.
Just saying.


Not excited by any of these potential transfers. It all feels reactionary where it should be systemic.

“Oh boy, we’ve just splashed the cash on our record signing, but we have no idea how to utilize him, let’s just buy another striker and hope it works out this time!”


This stinks….we’d just be another stepping stone club until something better comes along.


This, as they say, is getting interesting.


Can’t wait for when the transfer speculation switches to Arsene getting TF out!! Auba, Mkhi won’t mean jackshit to performance as long as that bumbling old fart remains..


This transfer window highlights how agents are killing the game. I know it’s your living, but the only difference between 200k and 300k a week, is an astounding 100k a week ?

Mrs Maitland-Niles

I’m starting to think this deal isn’t going to go through and, to be honest, Mkhitaryan seems exactly the sort of player we don’t need right now…


Typical Arsenal really with Giroud. Why does he have to be included in any deal. We’re trying to build a squad rather than always replacing players. We always react and are never proactive. FML

Another Sam

imagine how ‘motivated’ Giroud feels being regarded as a makeweight by his club.
Of course it’s a big IF if any of the reports are true.
if we do sign anyone, I’d settle for a proper DM seeing as though Wenger shipped out our only one to Valencia, where it looks like he’ll end up in the CL.
And a keeper in the summer.
Sanchez must be trying to find out if City are interested next summer, or if there’s no prospect of going there. That’s where he wants to go.

Andy Mack

We are close to the maximum 17 registered non-homegrown players over the age of 23 (plus 8 home grown players over 23), so although I agree we should hold HFB and we may just about have the space, it would depend how many other players we hope to buy in that category.

Le Cannonier

“Sanchez is part of the Mkhi deal, not the other way around.” – It seems that Arsenal made the first contact and I believe it is a good one until Alexis was asked for in return. Wouldn’t mind losing Theo and Alexis for Auba and Miki. Let’s be honest, Wenger won’t play Malcolm immediately even if he joins us in this window. I know that this is Arsenal we’re talking about and this may just be wishful thinking… Ahhh, when Wenger finally does leave, he’ll have left us with the best of facilities and history. The only thing he won’t… Read more »


What a tangled mess. Can’t help wondering if this is the year we’ll finally do a Leicester (no, not like that) and fail to get the paperwork submitted in time on deadline day. We’ve cut it pretty fine a couple of Januarys, and it’d be typical of the state Arsenal are in behind the scenes at the moment.


If it wasn’t so tragic, the situation we find ourselves to be in at the moment would be hilarious. Words like “deckchairs” and “Titanic” spring to mind. We have a manager who has completely lost the plot, we’ve just been humbled by the might of Bournemouth and Nottingham Forest Reserves, and all hope of the all-important 4th-place finish is rapidly disappearing. And we’re still talking about transfers? The current situation tells you everything anybody needs to know about the shambolic senior management of Arsenal Football Club right now. Before a single penny of the club’s money is spent, one very… Read more »


That is more than visible for a couple of seasons already, man! Nothing new…
But having in mind what’s going on in and around the club I guess all of us are reacting instinctively when a transfer story comes in. Maybe we all want to see a better end for this season and some transfers may add to that.
But, Wenger is done already….

Damo Dinkum

Forgive me if I’m reading incorrectly between the lines here… but I get the impression you don’t really like Wenger very much?

Belfast Gooner

I want Wenger out but how do you know it’s his mismanagement? When he goes, decisions like this will not be made any quicker, or for the better while Kronke, Gazides et al or at the helm.
The club is rotten from the top down.


We all know that Arsenal’s problems are going deeper but we can’t be too blind to see Wenger’s becoming more incompetent and I have no time to argue about that.

Belfast Gooner

Agreed no argument from me.


Wish HFB could stay with us… He was willing to stay and fight for this place and now this grr!

Angery gooner

The prospect of Man U paying waaay too much money in all of this is something of a consolation…


Should this really be good news? Leave out the fact that he didn’t play well under Mourinho the turd, here is what Klopp said about not wanting to sign him 18 months ago.

“We didn’t look for players we had already worked with. If you do that, you know their good, their bad and you wonder whether you will do it again.”

Klopp is a great manager regardless what you think.


At this rate Chelsea will be the only option for us to sell to, which would be a mistake. I guess we’re keeping a player who doesn’t want to be here.


I don’t understand why we haven’t signed Mahrez.

Andy Mack

Haven’t the Leicester management said he’s not for sale until the summer?


Oh, then I will enlighten you.
He’s an over-priced, 1 trick pony that used to be flavor of the month but now isn’t.
He’s Theo Walcott 2.0 with a touch of the Ox added for flavor. And for 100M pounds sterling.


Probably because he & his agent don’t want to join a club in deep regression.


Go go Gadget Agent Power!


We have such a financial power and try to exploit any bargains from our rivals. Wake up Arsene. Build your legacy.


Cheapskate Arsenal at it again!


What the fuck kind of club exchanges their best player for another club’s reject who clearly doesn’t want to join them….. AFC have the weakest mentality in the league. No backbone no balls, bunch of wussies.


Give us Martial instead!


Remember the good old days when new signings used to fill you with excitement and hope we could win the title?

Now i feel nothing really

Grays Gooner

Reading the John Cross article about how Alexis has isolated himself from the squad I think, if that is true, we have to get rid asap. Auba as a replacement and/or Mkhi would be better than no one but somehow doubt we will get both and Malcom. Just Malcom is more likely. Also, after AW’s comments about AMN moving to midfield role (hence why he let le Coq go) we could end up with a quite different line up but can AW get the best out of them – at this stage it looks unlikely. Hate how he is dragging… Read more »


Could Wenger have anticipated this in the summer, of course he could, but his ego & all his other deficiencies got in the way. Even Kronke must now realize what a old loser he has running the club down, but sadly he doesn’t seem to care.


Skysports has posted Walcott set for Everton Medical, good news and i wish Walcott all the best. I only hope Mahrez will replace him. Fat hope though.


And why do we need to sell tu ManU again?

Merlin\'s Panini

This is getting interesting. If we refuse to let Sanchez go and, with Walcott leaving, sign Aubameyang or Malcom, that would leave us with a very tasty front three of Lacazette, Sanchez and Aubameyang/Malcom, with Ozil in the middle behind them, if we reverted to a back four for the rest of the season. That would also balance the midfield. The only issue could then be the defence though. If we swapped Sanchez for Mkhitarian(sic?) and offloaded Welbeck who has seemingly lost whatever mojo he had and bought both Aubameyang and Malcom, I would be down with that too. But… Read more »


I’m sure we’ll be gunning for top 4, Carling cup and a UEFA trophy. I know we wouldn’t not be able to field both PEA and Armenian’s god of football because of UEFA’s restrictions, my take get PEA on the list, Malcolm would do well to add firepower to complement our other forwards.
We’re good to go. Just to borrow someone’s line on this thread, ” I’m already dreaming before sleeping”.


If Chelsea are interested in Sanchez now, I’d love to get Willian, David Luiz or even Cesc as part of that deal.


Cesc?! Hmm, I guess our midfield can carry his unwillingness to tackle and track back… Let’s have him in the middle with Xhaka. Sorted.

Big Xhak

Bin Xhaka

Jack Action

Why is it always such a drama?

This club needs an enema. Bringing in two 29 year olds in Mhki and Auba is just putting a yellow & black Dortmund-circa-2014 butt plug in the Arse.

Andy Mack

It’s always ‘such a drama’ because the media make one…


Plot twist: Arsenal instead offer Debuchy for Mkhitaryan + Bonuses if he wins the Ballon d’Or.


When Wenger said that will hold on to Sanchez..when fans say do not strengthen rivals..Really looking forward to life after Wenger..what a long 2 years…please thumb down me.


If we end up with Mkhi and Aubameyang to replace Sanchez and Walcott. We have improved. Big if though


Surely Sanchez out, Walcott out, contract to Ozil, sign Auba, sign Mkhitarian, keep Giroud is the answer – plus a midfielder


I think ‘Ozil’ will only stay if a new manager & coaches are appointed. Watch him have a brilliant World Cup & top clubs will be keen to sign him for FREE


apparently AFC pursuit of Mkhi hinges on whether he is paid off by #MUFC due to his contract running for another two years.


Alexis hold all the cards . He wants to reunite with Pep , not play under Maureen. And the club hasn’t got the balls to sell him against his will. He can wait till June and go to City with a big paycheck. Wenger won’t be able to handle him and benched him the rest of the season. So we are fucked and this is really poor management.


Sanchez agent is telling him do a deal now or if you have a career ending injury between now and June, you and we (the agent )lose tens of millions of pounds.

Andy Mack

No club can sell a player against his will.
It’s not possible (since slavery was abolished).

Rectum Spectrum

Sanchez leaves and we end up with Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan and Malcom??*

Can’t wait for Ozil to go now….

*obviously we’ll probably end up with Evans, Zaha and an obscure 31 year old Japanese player who was available on a free