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Report: Arsenal and Dortmund reach agreement over Aubameyang

According to reports from kicker in Germany, Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund have more or less agreed a deal for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

They say that a fee of €63m is the point at which both sides are comfortable, but with some smaller details still to be ironed out.

Good news if true, however, there’s always another side to things, and they say that Olivier Giroud – who was offered as part of the deal – does not want to leave London, and could be on his way out of the club.

They go on to speculate that he could join Chelsea, as their search for a striker continues. With a World Cup in the summer, and with Alexandre Lacazette and Aubameyang ahead of him, it’d be no surprise if the 31 year old was keen to move on, but seeing him go there would be unpleasant even if Aubameyang did arrive.

We’ll obviously have to wait and see what happens, but it looks as if this saga may finally be drawing to a conclusion.

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No Giroud to Chelsea under any circumstance!


Maybe for a loan?




They’ll know what that means at Stamford Bridge

Damo Dinkum

The only Giroud “loan” to Chelsea story I can stomach is if we send Giroud on a special assignment to loan a library book to Chelsea, which details the extended history of their club. After delivering the loaned book and leaving their players and fans stunned at the realisation that Chelsea FC actually existed prior to 2003, he can then return to Arsenal and score another 100 goals.


It’s unimaginable seeing Giroud in their colours but all the same if he sent Mourinho into meltdown by helping Conte finish above United it’d make me laugh.


How about staying and helping US Arsenal rather than Chelsea finish above Mourinho? Isn’t that better?

Asrar Ahmed

That’s funny!

Jimbo Jones

I like this ? Auba now sounds like it’s going to happen I was getting very doubtful over the weekend. Let’s get this over the line! It makes no sense to let HFB go anywhere. He’s a reliable, quality goalscorer. We’ve actually not got that many genuine forwards with Walcott and Sanchez now gone. It’s what Lacazette, giroud, Auba, welbeck, Nketiah, and akpom? Without Giroud we won’t actually have a proven EPL goalscorer. Auba might need time to adjust after all. I’m not ignoring Mkhi, Rambo etc theyre more attacking midfielder to my mind. Much better to get welbeck and… Read more »


Spot on!


A book? Wouldn’t a post card suffice?

Andy Mack

You’d need much more paper just to list all their relegation battles.

I Didn\'t See It

Am assuming the solitary down vote was a mistake. Most awesome post ever!!!

The Limp Bar

That is a circumstance!


We just about got something out of the Sanchez situation. Let’s not spoil a respectable outcome by selling to another close rival specially not those blue twats. We seem to be heading in the right direction. We should keep the HFB if at all possible.


I’m only speculating, but maybe this is something the club would only consider if it was done with a view to making a further signing? Ornstein did say we were looking at more than just Aubameyang iirc.


I believe Evans is actually coming.

Reality check

Morata will be the first choice so Chelsea doesn’t really make sense. I think kicker gave it away with that, even PEA story sounds a bit doubtful now..


Chelsea makes sense because Giroud doesn’t want to leave London and they’ve been shopping around for a target man (Carroll, Crouch…Ashley Barnes?!) this window. But that same logic could be used to gin up a story of Chelsea interest in the first place.

Reality check

I can’t see how staying in london will take him to the world cup. It will require more game time and Morata being the first choice won’t help with that. He needs to find a club lacking a top striker and most top clubs clubs have one or twonof them atm.

Igbo Amadi-Obi

The missus, man. Never ignore the missus.


At best I’d be content with a Giroud loan to west ham. Or Fulham.

Drogheda gunner

Morata top striker ?poor mans andy carroll


Didn’t they buy Dzeko already?


Doesn’t make sense for us to sell him though. Plan B is just what we’ve missed whilst he’s been injured.

I guarantee if Giroud played for BM or PSG or anywhere else really there’d be fans on here suggesting that we should buy him as a proven scorer.

If he’s happy with being a regular sub, keep him – he’s a better bet than Welbz (who people on here were suggesting was our missing saviour when he was out injured!)


Morata hasn’t been setting the world alight. Giroud may well fancy himself to get in the side ahead of him.
But selling 2 of our best goal scorers to 2 of our nearest rivals in one transfer window surely couldn’t be considered…. Right?


How can Moratahaha be a first choice anywhere!


Given the circumstances don’t think we could blame him for going there

Obviously don’t want to see it …


I am not against it .. O.G has been a loyal servant and I suspected he didn’t want to leave for Germany , other on a loan I think if Chelsea cash up he should be allowed to move and stay in London. He is a good player but one we don’t use .. It’s just reward , we will still have two players with us better suited to our game and more lethal than their Chelsea equivalents and money for more reinforcements.


I have a feeling the Chelsea link is being drummed up by Chelsea themselves if the twitter posts are anything to go by. All i have seen on twitter posts without a Chelsea name in the title (so possibly less biased!) is that Giroud wont be part of the deal as he wants to stay in London. Thats a bit different to he wants to go to Chelski imo !!!


There us absolutely no reason to let Giroud go anywhere. Keep him with us. He’ll make the french squad in any event.

Igbo Amadi-Obi

Keeping him after we bought Auba means he falls further down the pecking order.


For me Giroud to Chelsea will be bigger disappointment than Sanchez to Manure.

Giroud has quietly borne his limited minutes and obviously has some connect to The Arsenal. He does not deserve that band of rancid scum.
But, for jumping ship and generally acting like a twat on and off pitch, Sanchez totally deserves THAT twat-o-war©.


Except for that time during the summer when Giroud said he was considering a move to Marseille because “I won’t settle for such limited playing time.” Or that time he went on a months-long scoring drought while we were trying to chase down Leicester’s title charge, and turned into a sulk who refused to celebrate when he started scoring again (which I suppose is better than over-celebrating instead of quickly restarting the game after he scored that 90th minute equaliser against Southampton). Or that time he cheated on his wife with a model he brought back to the team hotel… Read more »

Drogheda gunner

What you talking about what he does in his private life is his own business.he acts with class not like sanchez


If Wenger is not willing to play Giroud then sell him, if Chelsea offers the most cash, so be it. Life goes on.

also, if it suits Giroud to stay in London, I don’t hold the move against him, he’s been a great servant of the club.


This is true … Chelsea let us have Petr Cech to be fair

Andy Mack

It was more a case of Abramovich telling Cech he could move and then not going back on his word when we turned out to be the team he wanted to move to.


Erm that’s what “Chelsea let us have Petr Cech” means

Drogheda gunner

They came off better on that deal


No. Chelsea need a big old fashioned centre forward. We have a quality one in Oli.
The last thing we should do is strengthen a direct rival for a top 4 place. It makes no sense football-wise or even financially given the value of champions league places.


What if David Luiz comes the other way? Emotionally I don’t like it, but it makes sense.

The Limp Bar

David Luiz is the last thing we need.. an emotional, talented yet indisciplined centre back who needs a real leader to play alongside.. not the answer for us I think! Good in the right side, but we are not the right side for him right now, so therefore he isn’t right for us. Just my tuppence worth.

Dan Hunter

Kante or Bakayoko for Giroud I would be happy with

David C

what about Fabregas for Giroud? Would solve some midfield problems 🙂

Dan Hunter

I would love to see him again in an Arsenal shirt but it would again be a case of fixing the paintwork while the engine is not working

Drogheda gunner

Bakayoko is crap.bambi on ice.kante ill take that.


NO to Giroud going anywhere except on the pitch for ARSENAL!

Richard Pitts

Well… what if he was planted there as a mole, to slowly poison and destabilise the entire Chelsea squad? That… that might be worth it.


Can we have Antonio Conte in return?

They never apologise when they\'re proven wrong

Yes. As assistant to Wenger

David C

keep Giroud, sell Welbeck if we need to free up a spot…


that will be a good deal for arsenal and giroud


Westham or Palace are the only acceptable London teams and even then, it should be a loan move. This will help us assess the Auba and Laca strike force. Ideally having three quality strikers with their diverse strength would be good for competition and should be what we need to progress next season. So selling Giroud shouldn’t be an option, especially not to the Russians.

Asrar Ahmed

Except if we get one of their CBs or DMs… then I would be a happy man


“Throw in an extra tenner and a can of beans as a deal closer.” – Arsenal transfer team thinktank.

Reality check

May be 63m and 1 euro will do it.


“Not so fast, Sven. We can’t just go straight in with our best offer. This is a negotiation. I propose an extra fiver, half a tin of beans, and a piece of string. Very generous terms. Zorc won’t believe his luck.” “Good point, Ivan. We don’t want to pay over the odds. In fact, Dortmund would probably be quite content with four or five 20p coins, a tablespoon of beans, and half a piece of string.” “Should we include the leftover beans in Mr. Aubameyang’s contract as a performance bonus, Ivan?” “I don’t know, Huss… Mr. Kroenke will be very… Read more »


Noooo, not Giroud!!!


About time!

Thierry Bergkamp

Have you not learned anything yet?


I just can’t get on board with giving Chelsea Giroud.
I’d rather given them Lacazette, not sure what Lacazette offers that really differs from Giroud? He’s lacking pace, doesn’t have great movement and doesn’t have the physical attributes of Giroud
Decent player but no more than that.




Giroud is great but to discredit Laca is nonsense. His movement is better than most at arsenal and the work he does off the ball for the team is to his credit. Looking forward to the midfield giving him some service and the goals he will score for us.


Giroud is better than laca can we not sell laca


They bring totally different qualities to the team. I think the club is stronger having both in the squad as options. Wouldnt want to lose either.


Lacazette is the future. Giroud is not. But I would like to hold onto him til the summer. At least.

The Limp Bar

Lacazette has more pace than Giroud for sure, and his movement is fantastic, best part of his game I think. But actually I agree with you.. I really like Lacazette, but with Aubameyang arriving Giroud still offers something different. I think Giroud will go down as one of our most underrated players: decent finisher without being super-clinical, but unbelievable in the air, great hold up player (best since Smudger), can work one touch on the edge of the box, and always, always gives 100%, and also a guy who is genuinely grateful to be at our club. And he’s incredibly… Read more »


Have you seen him play?

Dan Hunter

You obviously DON’T watch his movement off the ball – he is making constant runs into space only for NOBODY to find him and instead pass it sideways. He needs service!


Haha, now that’s Rich…


An optics signing if ever there was one. Wish we could bring in a DM and winger instead of a big name striker.


Preferably them as well

Punny man

One can only dream


Exactly! We’re fixing the front wheels while problem lies with the steering unit! Giroud was marked out as the problem by our fans and said Laca would solve it with his pace and movement – until he had drought himself. Now, Auba is the answer – some in fact, said Welbz is the answer when he was injured. I like Auba, but I’m worried he could be end up being another Sanchez with his mercurial temper and he is bound to be unhappy when he doesn’t receive service. Think of Laca, our club’s big signing for all of 6-8months, what… Read more »


What happened to the good old days when fans used give players a chance to settle in the toughest, fastest league in the world? Nowadays, everyone wants everything instantly, and when it doesn’t happen, they call for someones head….


I reckon service from Mesut, Jack & mikhi would be ok though.


Great news if he joins, would be a shame to not have the chance to give Giroud the send off he deserves at the Emirates.

La la la la la Giroud


It would be the stupidest decision Wenger ever makes. Why do we need to sell him as Aubameyang isn’t a like for like replacement. Giroud is needed more than Aubameyang as we often face teams who park the bus and Giroud’s strength and aerial ability has saved us many times over the years. Him being absent the last month or so has contributed to the defeats and draws we have been getting. We lost Walcott and Sanchez and Aubameyang and Mikhi are their replacements. Is Chelsea behind the Giroud exit stories I wonder, because they are sniffing around and would… Read more »


It seems more like Giroud is pushing for a move to guarantee his World Cup place as this will be his last one. We could force him to stay but I doubt Wenger is pushing Giroud out. We should not allow him to go to another pl team if we let him leave


Giroud is guaranteed to go to WC if he is fit. Who else can play target man for France??? This WC argument is bullshit. How can France leave out a guy who pretty much started all their qualifying games.


Agree, would be stunned if France left him out even if he didn’t play for the rest of the season


And extremely pretty as well


Deschamps has publically said Giroud is in danger of missing out. Remember Theo missed out under capello despite seeming nailed on.


He says that to keep the pressure ON yet he is the same guy who starts Giroud in pretty much all games. Giroud also brings his A game when playing for France. France will have no chance in the WC without Giroud. Maybe Giroud won’t start for France but they’ll be stupid to not take Giroud to the WC. You can’t trust players like M’bappe how much ever talented they are. Giroud has got games in him. He has consistently played at the top level for years now. IMO only Laca is in danger of missing out but even Laca… Read more »


Ok – you have your opinion on that (and there are lots of examples of players who have played in qualifying campaigns who have been left out of the world cup – the US left out their captain once). however if Giroud has any doubt then he is likely to move. it’s just a question of whether we let him go and where we let him go (we should not allow him to go to Chelsea no matter what).


France has Mbappé, Griezmann, Lacazette and Martial who can play striker.
Most are also wingers / attacking – midfielders but in these positions France also has Dembelé, Coman, Lemar, Fekir, Thauvin and Sissoko.

And it is considering Ribéry and Benzema are not even options.

Giroud’s place is not guaranteed at all !


When Cech/Lloris kicks the ball high up in the air hoping that someone will bring it under control there is only one man they can rely on-
Giroud,no other player can do that,and hed pass it on.A good pro,loves arsenal and bloody handsome.Stay Giroud don’t gooo


Giroud is hungry and will be a lot less tired than all of the strikers you mention. It makes sense to include him in the squad. His knack for goals off the bench will also be a plus at the World Cup.


Imagine that we’re chasing a win against a mid table side (say West Brom) and we bring on Giroud from the subs bench in the 70th minute. Put yourself for a second in the head of Johnny Evans and you see Aubameyang, Giroud, Lacazette all tearing down on you and in a slight distance you see Ozil, Mkhi and Wilshere exchanging passes and about to thread a ball thru.

Johnny: Oh my f***ing god .

Goonerette\'s syndrome

This image reminds me of when we used to throw on Bergkamp, Henry, Wiltord and Kanu all on the pitch at the same time. Lovely!


Yes it was great but then we had a defence behind them that we could rely on!


Don’t leave HFB especially not to chelshit


We often complain about the lack of ambition but whatever you think of Wenger as a coach, this is an impressive move.

Stuck on repeat...

Except the Giroud bit…that’s just plain stupidity if remotely true. We’re known to have injury issues, yet seem to be placing everything on Laca as our sole striker for each & every game (…oh wait…there’s always Danny). We’re going to have to push in the PL, & we’re still in Europa – which is about to get more difficult. No Theo to help us out as an option there either. If we get rid of Giroud, then that will make it 3 of our top scorers leaving in a single transfer window…& that’s just the dumbest move ever regardless of… Read more »


Fully agree with @Stuck on repeat. Giroud leaving without a replacement will be the dumbest thing ever. It’s not easy to get a Giroud out there anymore. All these years of developing Giroud only to let him go when he is at his prime. Why can’t he just take the bench? 4-2-3-1 Laca Auba Ozil Mkhi Xhaka WIlshere Monreal Kos Mustafi Bellerin Cech Subs: Ramsey, Giroud, Welbz, Iwobi, El Neny, Kola, Ospina Reserves: Chambers, Holding, Maitland Niles and a bunch of youth team players. I haven’t counted Debuchy and BFG. We cannot afford to let anyone go. Infact we should… Read more »


As always with transfers, until I read it on Arseblog it hasn’t happened!


Yes, maybe City ( with Sane & Angel) injured will come in & guzzump us. And of course Whinger will moan about ‘Well err we cannot compete’


City can fuck right off

Thierry Bergkamp

Sane injured? Why have I not heard about this?
One of my favourite players at the moment.


“As always with transfers, until I read it on Arseblog it hasn’t happened!”

It’s auba the line only if it’s on, mate.


Arseblog? Don’t you mean


Why not give a direct rival and bunch of degenerate arseholes a proven Premier League goalscorer? Idiocy.

Thierry Bergkamp

That’s unheard of!!!

Donald\'s Trump

String em along and then when sending contracts through, write Danny Welbeck instead of Giroud. Fucking hilarious.


No giroud to Chelsea would be way to hard to swallow after Sanchez going to United that would be a massive kick in the teeth ?


Got down votes in the previous thread for saying this was a done deal. It was done and dusted before the Bournemouth game. The only worry is Giroud. I pray that he stays. I want him to be in the squad that will win a league title in the future.


I just can’t buy the WC argument for Giroud. Giroud is assured of a spot in WC simply because he offers a different option for the French manager. Only Laca needs to fight hard to get in because France have too many players with the same profile as Laca but luckily for Laca he is the man at Arsenal.

If Giroud is sold it’ll be purely to balance the books. If Giroud is sold i demand another attacking signing after Aubameyang.


You demand? Who are you?
What are you going to do if otherwise? Buy over the club?


Better … Giroud, send on a long season loan to AFC Bournemouth wheather Giroud would feature in world cup & Lacazette + Aubumeyang excellent performance for Gunners?


Praise be!! On the Lords Day…thou shall giveth Giroud and receive Aubameyang.
Truly this is the will of the Lord.
Walcott AND Giroud out of AFC and moving forward with Auba, Lacazette, Miki and Welbeck is the new AFC.
Get in!

Mesut & Tie

Feckin Methodists

Thierry Bergkamp

Thought you were being serious until I saw Welbeck.

Donald\'s Trump

Shinny McShinnerson


Not every striker will bag you 20 goals a season. Wiltord didn’t alongside Henry. Kevin Campbell didn’t alongside wrighty. You need a hardworking foil to your main striker, someone willing to do the donkey work and also grab the odd shinner. He’s out of form at the moment, but you can’t write off what he offers us.

Donald\'s Trump

I can and have. He’s terrible.

Big Dave

Now for a defender before the window closes…..?yeah right!

Donald\'s Trump

Meh, buying a defender won’t improve our defending. We could have Cannavoro and Nesta in there and still be leaky as fuck.


Yes but please not Evans – terrible at anfield and gives too many free kicks away. Not our class.

Crash Fistfight

Better to spend £75m on Van Dijk – he has improved Liverpool’s defence no end.


The Giroud to Chelsea link makes sense if the rumors the HFB’s wife did not want to leave London are true. Though its a stupid move for him and for the club, as much as I like him and think he is a great player, he will still be on the bench behind Morata and not get the game time he wants, and we really don’t want to be strengthening a rival, we been through that once already this window

Very happy to see Auba join us though!


Maybe everyone on these message boards can chill the fuck out now. Some super negative people.


It’s what we do


Thank fuck, if true


What even shows that Giroud would get all the playing time he wants and wont play second fiddle to Morata. Chelsea just need a back up and unfortunately thats what he is at Arsenal. So why go to Chelsea then.


Come on Olivier, be a good fella and head over to Dortmund, will ya? Do us a favour please, cant afford to help Chelsea.

Stuck on repeat...

Think it’s daft beyond all measure to be getting rid of Giroud. We really know how make a complete mess of things #shambles

Times Ahead

Calm down – let’s see what really happens with Giroud

Lord Bendnter

He should go to palace rather than Chelsea if he wants to leave but stay in London. Benteke sucks


He should stay at Arsenal. It’s not on but it is reported in German media – Must be true!


Ornstein says it now it must be true


I hope everything works out this way , but Arsenal are fun of giving we fans all this , to ease angry fans , and at the end we won’t sign any player


HFB needs to stay as a plan b. I would rather see a centre back come in and Holding go out on loan


If true you know we’ll sell for a wank price


I’ll believe it when I


Really sad our HFB is leaving if true…


im actually crying wtf is this real


This is already a way more exciting rebuild than I feared one month ago! Pulling off Mkhi for essentially nothing and signing up Auba… WHAT?!!?! Is this real? Next re-up Ozil and Jack! #COYG


The Oracle has spoken and confirmed the move. Oooo Happy Days. Also sky sports followed him with confirmation.

Not a chance olly g going to Chelsea.


They’re not going to fucking sell Giroud to fucking Chelsea, get real. To a direct rival for 4th Place Cup?

We’ve done crazier shit though.


Please don’t sell Giroud to Chelsea! If he wants to stay in London and we got to sell, then sell him to West Ham or Palace even if they offer half the fee those blue f****s are offering


A good deal when its done. Right now, its still a bit iffy.
I look forward to how the Wenger bashers will blame him for this signing though.


If this goes through our attack cost nearly £200m … not too shabby


and have scored how many goals for the club?
This isn’t Football Manager.


Sanchez and Walcott have left, Mhikitaryan and maybe Aubameyang in. Giroud’s position hasn’t really changed that much, he’s not playing much more because of injury than redundancy

Rob Fuller

No, No, No Fucking No! Giroud doesn’t want to leave, he’s made that clear and we cannot sell to a rival again! Nothing wrong with having three strikers vying to start…we’re in 3 competitions, plenty of room for all three.

Eastside Gooner

Please let this be true..not the Giroud part though


Straight swap for Kante.

Dis Chicago

Giroud should go to Lyon or Monaco


Surely there are plenty of teams that could use Giroud outside the prem!


Giroud out aubameyang in. We will get goals from aubameyang. More than giroud will ever bring


Damn it, Giroud please don’t go to Chelski!


Is it at any way possible to play two attackers up front? Would give us a chance to form a Auba & Laca duo with Giroud as a third choice with regular game time.


I think Chelsea needs a Welbeck more than a Giroud type of striker. Can someone write a story about that? Please blogs?


Can we sign someone called Smith or anyname I can sodding pronounce? No to Giroud leaving for Chelsea super sub he should stay


I’d be sad to see Giroud go, he’s been good and offers something different. I can understand why he doesn’t want to be a ‘super’ sub with the World Cup coming up. If we can stay in Europe I would think he’d get game time there and the odd prem start.


Anyone could give me 1000 reasons why it makes sense that Giroud goes to Chelsea. But I feel he is really connected to Arsenal and May be not all fans like him but he gives 100% for Arsenal. Scoring and defending. I will be sad really sad and hurt that he leaves for Chelsea will make you feel like there is no more pride to be a fan of particular football club anymore which turned out to be only business.


As much as Auba is a high profile buy, unless we are willing to pay 2 upfront, i just can’t see the rationale behind it.

don’t get me wrong, i would be absolutely thrilled if we get him. It’s just i wouldn’t want to see any one of him or laca wasted on the wings.

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