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Reports: Mesut Ozil agrees new Arsenal deal

According to reports from Germany, Mesut Ozil has agreed a new deal with Arsenal, and an announcement could come as early as today.

It’s thought the new four year contract is worth around £300,000, making him the club’s top earner.

Signed from Real Madrid in 2013 for a then club record fee of £42.5m, the German’s decision to extend his contract comes as a real boost after the departure of Alexis Sanchez to Man Utd.

Arsenal will hope he can start pulling the strings with fellow creative midfielder Henrikh Myhitaryan, and new striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who is set to be unveiled as the club’s record signing today.

More on this as we get it, and obviously until things are official you remain a little cautious, but everything we’re hearing on this is positive, so fingers crossed.

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No, Frickin, WAYY!!! =DD


No way, José. Should be the club motto.

Fuck that guy, he’s a worse human being as our club is at defending.

Twisted cuntloks

Fantastic news if correct but as I’ve said before I won’t believe it until it’s official. Here’s what I’m thinking though… If Ozil does sign, I have to ask, why? Why is a player of that quality signing for us in our current mess when he can play in the champs league immediately, challenge for major honours in his chosen league at another huge club and earn just the same. Also, after him having a good world cup and being in the shop window in front of the biggest footballing audience in the world? Why would he sign up for… Read more »


Yeah, why would he stay?


Because Arsenal is one of the greatest clubs in the World and players don’t see the situation as we do. They respect each others abilities and focus on getting the job done rather than living in fear of disaster.

Also who else really wants him at our level of prestige/financial powers?


Most sensible response in this yet. Kudos. ?

Twisted cuntloks

Yes we are financially one of the greatest clubs in the world but players tend to have ambition.


Sole prefer to be the main man at a place than be another player somewhere else


Perhaps he’s been given assurances about what we’re going to do


I wish I could be given assurances about what we’re going to do.

Twisted cuntloks

That’s basically what I’m hoping…


I’m not sure anyone gives rat’s arse what you think twisted egomaniac. “We’ve got got Ozil (WHO?) Mesut Ozil (WHO?) I just don’t think you understand.


Why so volatile… its Okay to have a different opinion, think of it maybe he made a point to ponder, allow all to have an opinion without insulting them for it!

Twisted cuntloks

Lol Jozzer


Actually why will he be staying.. cuz for me as a fan i love Afc. but those cunts in the name of board members are pissing me off. so as a player i will go elsewhere.

Dial square

WTF is wrong with you???


It’s always darkest before the dawn. Onwards and upwards.


But not with Wenger in charge


I remember when I used to dislike comments like this anti Wenger one, but it’s time to accept that he can no longer do the job that we need to be done. We’ve not had a complete looking midfield in years. No excuse for that.

Surprised and happy if Ozil stays though.


Reaching the conclusion that the manager has had his time has nothing to do with the “manager out” brigade. They are all about moaning and never being happy regardless of how the team is doing. Every club has them.


I used to be a Wenger fan, I still am. I love him as an individual and as a club legend but it’s just reached a point where we have stagnated, in fact regressing as that’s partly due to Wenger and the Arsenal Management.

granit(e) hard!

I agree with you 100% but will add that regardless of whatever happens, stubbornly, Arsene will not walk away from his contract, and will not be sacked… fans just have to accept this reality, get behind the team and hope he can at least steady the ship, as he has been doing for many years, till 2019 when we get a new manager that can hopefully take us to different heights.


To me – and I say this as someone who is fervently anti the “Wenger out” brigade – it’s deteriorated to the point where it feels like he’s rocking the ship and every season it gets closer to listing. He really needs to step down.


Please let this be true.

Hopefully another manager has agreed a deal with us too but secretly.


Amen to that.


This is fucken massive


I never thought that Ozil will go this crazy


Best news since we signed Ozil!


I just don’t think you understand.

The Squillaci Code

Well that was unexpected.


I’m putting this in the “I’ll believe it when it’s confirmed by Öz himself on Insta AND on” box. Classic that this news comes out now before Aubemayang has signed up, he’ll probably be all “waaaiiit a second, you said at 180k pw I would be the highest earner, now Özil is on 300k pw? Give me that or I’m heading back home yo”.

Rectum Spectrum

i’m only going to believe it in 3 seasons when i’m watching a match and think to myself ‘oh yeah….Ozil did sign that extension after all’


Ja Gunners ja!


Devil’s advocate here, but as joyous as this news would be it kind of sort of could be interpreted as a confirmation that Özil is not a top player because who the fuck would sign on again in light of this season’s shenanigans if they actually planned to Win Stuff.


Party pooper…

Jimbo Jones

Great news for the arsenal. Can’t for the life of me understand why Ozil would want to stay at this shit show right now though. He’s going to waste his peak years because it’s going to take a while for us to get back to the top

Let’s see if it’s confirmed.

Mr. Head

The proof that özil is a top player is in his playing. He will be a valuable player for any new manager coming in. Good news is good news, even if Wenger is in charge.


Yeah I had the same thought. Very talented but also very inconsistent.
I suspect he’s staying because he’s getting a very nice deal stitched up and because he would struggle to start consistently for other ‘big’ clubs. He’s in a comfort zone, which seems to be our way now

Cliff Bastin

HOLY SHIT. After watching his amazing assist I kept thinking why would he ever sign for this mess of a team.

Lack of Perspective

Maybe he convinced himself by being culpable for the first goal.

Cliff Bastin

He was fouled and Xhaka was more horrendous.

Donald\'s Trump

Well it’s good news but duck me Ozil is a numpty.

Unless no one else wants him

Cliff Bastin

Signing in this predicament makes him a legend I reckon.




He’s not signing for peanuts… he will be getting a shitload of $$$$. It’s not some charitable act for fuck’s sake


Worth every penny!


I don’t mind Ozil to be the Arsenal main man now that Alexis is gone. Wenger needs to give him freedom & build the team for him.


Every game I watch whether we’re good or shit I see balls come flying in angles I never imagined and almost every time it’s Ozil. He is just awesome and I’m so glad he’s staying.




Can he play at the back? That’s where we are short.

Come on you Punners

Optimistic that we won’t Mesut up from here. Good to see we’re willing to pay what the player deserves!


What a ride


This is when saying ”like a new signing” is justified. Fucking get in!!!


This must be the transfer deadline day with most emotional rollercoaster in recent memory.

– We are signing Aubameyang
– Giroud leaving us for Chels*a 🙁
– Ozil might be signing new contract..Or not…
– We are taken apart by f*cking Swansea, and the fact that I stayed up till 3am to watch that shit


Look on the bright side. While the window slams shut at midnight in the UK, you still enjoy the deadline day well into Thursday where you are.


the fact that the transfer window will still be open on 1st Feb morning when I wake up makes me sick. Which part of it is enjoyable.






Don’t do it Mesut. You’re wasting your talent in a Wenger ‘team’. Get out as soon as you can.

kenneth kieran

He isn’t wasting his time.Go and ask Liverpool players they will tell u Ozil have won more trophies than Liver have won in 15 years


Go away u spud


Really? Because we’re a great fucking side at the moment aren’t we.

Sean Juba

If this is true it’s great news – Ozil is class. However until the deal is done then I remain sceptical. As there is always the potential for AFC to fuck things up. If all falls into place we should be able to score 3plus goals per game which is necessary given how fucking shit our defence is.


Having the need to resign Giroud to Chelsea is a potential sign of a fuck up

Robins Boost

Oh wow finally some positive news after yesterday’s crappy performance. Did Mesut just sign his new contract today? If so, could he pass the pen to assist auba in signing his?
If we do indeed have auba and laca up front with mesut and micky pulling the crestive strings behind them, and we’re so damn determined to play 2 attacking full backs, for goodness sake we need to play 3 sitting midfielders (2 at the base + 1 in CM) to support the 2 CBs. That would give a balanced 5- player defend, 5- player attack system.


A glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. The only thing that will appease the sale of Giroud to Chelsea would be to get Luiz in a swap. Ozil mkhitarian aubamayeng and Luiz wouldn’t be a bad January. Just add Jack to sign a long extension!

Easy tiger

Great news. Now sack Wenger.




Think the value of the contract is missing a couple of zeros!

Alan Runner

All the sh*t he had to take from Arsenal fans and he’s there to save arsenal yet again. All. Sanchez had to do was wait. Anyway, who would havw thought, Sanchez leaving has unironically strengthened the squad, and probably improved the, errr, cohesion.


Looked great last night


LANS literally


I am not entirely thrilled by this. But if a settled Ozil means an added edge to his game, then this is the scoop of the transfer window.


This will make me Soooo happy


This is the best news!


This has made my fucking day… if true.


Yep, best news! Brilliant player, Mesut. Now make the team work successfully with the addition of DM, CB and keeper (summer stuff I guess).


Well this makes me feel much better after last night. Awaiting crushing disappointment in 5…..4…….3………2………..


Ozil want to help arsenal achieve something next season. Things are changing and Ozil is seeing the new arsenal now. Soon we would be back to winning ways


I like the optimism. Could do with a bit of that, after seeing last night’s shitshow.
Is it possible Ozil’s deal is being floated around to negate the bad press since Swansea?


What are you smoking?


This is exactly what I need. I really hope it’s true!


This is bigger news than Aubameyang

David Hillier\'s luggage

Would be the most important deadline day signing since, well, the deadline day he signed.


Bloody marvellous, biggest signing of the window, the cream on the cake. A confirmation of a new deal for Jack would be the cherry on top.


This just made a lot of men cry tears of massive joy. Me? It’s the onions.




This is fantastic news.


Please please please let this be true.


There’s no way this is not for monetary reasons. Which is ok by me, seeing as it’s a job.



granit(e) hard!

Sorry to be a party pooper but i refuse to celebrate until I hear it confirmed officially…..otherwise, the let down on top of all the arsenal shenanigans going on right now would be too much to bear!

Make Arsenal Great Again

It’s been reported that Alex Song is training with the team. My question is, would you prefer to Alex Somg or Xhaka as DM?

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