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Wenger downplays Aubameyang stories, but Arsenal remain in Germany negotiating

Arsene Wenger says that Arsenal are not close to signing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Borussia Dortmund despite the fact that the club have a delegation in Germany to try and secure a deal for the striker.

Ivan Gazidis, Sven Mislintat and contract bloke Huss Fahmy are in Dortmund to negotiate with the Bundesliga club, but at his press conference this morning the Arsenal manager insisted that the signing was not as imminent as headlines would have you believe.

It may well be a case that Wenger is keen to completely downplay the story after the reaction from Dortmund last week to some fairly innocuous comments, and the fact that the two clubs are talking suggests things are closer than he suggests.

Asked if he was confident it would get done, he said, “Confident or not confident, I don’t know.

“At the moment we are not close to any deal, is it Aubameyang or anybody else.”

The possible inclusion of Olivier Giroud in the deal was also played down by Wenger, who said, “The negotiations are not as far as that.

“You never know how close you are. At the moment this is one of the possible movements, buy we have other things in mind as well.

“We have plenty of opportunities in different positions, you know, so the final decision is not made.”

It very much sounds like the manager playing his cards close to his chest and perhaps sending a little message to Dortmund that if things don’t get done they might look elsewhere.

However, the smart money is on the 28 year old becoming an Arsenal player sooner rather than later, so let’s hope we get it done.

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Get it done, people!!

Indian Gooner

You think they are going to get it done? No way.
Typical of us. Just a PR stunt to keep our mouths shut.
I am not going to be happy one bit if it is just Mkhi that we are going to sign. Definitely not.


Well I certainly hope so. I’d like to see Aubameyang and Mick O’Tarean strut their stuff with Mesut, Jack, Laca. Might be a silver lining to the Sanchez ballsup after all.

Indian Gooner

Mate to be honest even I would love for it to happen but being Gooners we should all by now know what is to happen.. I believe!

Twisted cuntloks

courtesy of talksport…

But despite the prospect of adding Dortmund star Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to his squad, Wenger believes he needs Welbeck to stay as another attacking option.

Arsenal’s French boss insisted: “I want Danny Welbeck to stay here.”

That’s Welbeck gone in the summer then. The amount of times I have heard wenger say this since 1996 shows history is on my side….

Donald\'s Trump

O’Banyon and Mick O’Tarean. It’s gonna beach right craic derr


Both eligible to play for the Republic of Ireland under the trifecta rule that both currently play for countries who sit outside the important Top 89 nations in FIFA rankings (89 being the number ever since Thomas’ winner at Anfield – Gabon:93; Armenia:90), both are from nations with tricolored flags, and both have demonstrated that their names can be bastardized into Irish heritage sounding names as laid down in official rules by Conradh na Gaeilge and adopted by the FAI.

The Limp Bar

Aww diddums, you won’t be happy, what will you do? 🙁

Look, we have a new team of people to do this stuff, we hvae 3 people over there right now – you think that’s a PR stunt? Give the new guys a chance, no need for such negativity!


I don’t care if Indian Gooner is mad or not. I still have to work.

Big deal.

John C

I think it could be a PR stunt, last summer’s “pursuit” for Mbappe was. That picture of Wenger and Gazidis walking near the promenade in Nice was 100% a PR stunt.


Why are people thumbing the PR stunt talk down? Have you not been paying attention over the past five years. This regime continues to lie about signing players, and we show no ambition to win the league. Every window we end up profitable from player sales. Demand more from AFC.


Unless you parrot the article while remaining neutral on Wenger, you’ll get the thumbs down. Robert pires’ comments got 70% thumbs down when I reworded them.

Goonerest Gooner

Care to explain how we got Dortmund to play along with this “PR Stunt”?


I could catch a plane to Dortmund right now, and that wouldn’t require any previous agreement with their football club. Maybe they’re away doing a three day teamboulding course 🙂

Jokes aside, I’m honestly staggered at how quickly people forget the countless transfer/contract negotiations of the past, and just go “of course we’re getting him”. Are you new in town? :/


I think there is a sea change on this though. The fact that Wenger has had control wrested from him bit by bit, that delegation is now being handed down more, that Huss feels a stiffer proposition than Dick, that with Sven we have the inside man, that there seems to be an air that Wengers’ valuations are not deal breakers anymore. Wenger would run miles from your standard Ferrari wielding playa glory boy like Aubamayeng, it’s interesting times alright but if this deal doesn’t happen it’s not on Wenger as I really believe he’s far far away from the… Read more »


Stiffer than dick. Giggity


Dortmund came out and said there has been no approach or bid for Auba. Now AW is back peddling on his interest. Does any of this sound familiar? Have you not seen this show before?


Er, actually after that they confirmed there was a formal initial bid, in case you missed it, and they stated Ivan had reached out to set up a talk.

Whether or not we’ll get him is one thing. Denying we’re even interested? That’s silly.

Keep in mind, Wenger’s idea of a deal ‘being close’ for new arrivals is practically that they’re within an hour of official announcement.

Andy Mack

Dortmund must be in on the PR stunt if they allow our guys into their club car park (pictures of them admiring[?] Aubas chrome Porsche).

Rectum Spectrum

a deadline day £90m bid for lemar is a PR stunt. Having 3 top executives in Dortmund is not.

Andy Mack

Does that mean the deadline day bid for Sanchez by $iteh (which initiated the Lemar bid ‘stunt’) was also a stunt?


Hear hear!


Anyone have an idea about how we’re going to fit everyone in?


AW and Ivan in Nice ring a bell?

Donald\'s Trump

Obama Yung on the left, Laca up top, mkhytaraisnsnsnns on the right and Ozil in behind.

We’ll score a lot and concede even more.


Just buy everyone! We can sort out the details later.

Drogheda gunner

Well they still havent replaced walcott and ox.thats 60 mil to spend.i know it might not be popular but id get rid of welbeck i just dont know where he fits if we get ambamyang.use that money and get evans.then if ozil signs and we get a midfield destroyer in the summer id be well happy.


The “60 million to spend” is already in Stan’s bank account.

Drogheda gunner

Your probaly right


we will piss around trying to get him for nothing , then Liverpool will come along and give them 60 million and say thanks


No! No! No! Get this deal over the line pleeaase!

SB Still

I think the Mkhi swap is a risk worth taking with a potential to strengthen our squad, viewed in the correct context.

Mkhi is Walcott replacement and PEA is Sanchez replacement in the squad. It’s not, like for like replacement for the latter pair. However, I’m hugely excited about Ozil one of the best creators and PEA one of the prolific strikers. Also, Mkhi and Lacazett can double that potency and make our attack play Wengerball again.


Also maybe a touch of, not saying anything that can be twisted and put in front of Dortmund to piss them off.


True dat


It’s just never easy with us – other fans really are missing out on the whole protracted transfer experience – so much fun!!


” Santi Cazorla ? I don’t know him ” , I believe Aubameyang will be an Arsenal player before First Feb.

Damo Dinkum

I am confident, yes. But what does that mean? I don’t know.


You can be sure something will happen, or not


Anyone else intrigued as to why no other Premier League team has tried to get him?

Just curious.

Das neck

He knows we like dogs. He might have dogs


Relax all the other premier league teams are twats, that’s why


Amazed Chelsea haven’t shown an interest with some of the shite they have supposedly been interested in.
Maybe he’s shown no interest in playing for a bunch of chavs with very few fans.


He’s no Ashley Barnes


Chelsea need to try and boost their ‘home-grown’ quota’s because they hate giving anyone how has come through their academy a chance so they have to sign mediocre English players like Drinkwater and Barkley


Damn. I never even thought about this. If I recall correctly all the strikers they’re looking at would be homegrown. Good spot. I thought they were just being cheap.

Oops- Dzeko’s not. Still might be something to it though.

Donald\'s Trump

I think Content has publicly said he wants a striker who can be a plan C for when the opponent has parked the bus. Hence Carroll or Crouch, these types rarely exist outside the UK.


Chelsea have been looking for a target man type to replace costa, since they haven’t adequately done that yet.
Shocked they haven’t made a bid for giroud, really.


We’re really missing the laser sharp incisions of dick law (and order) in this transfer window

Da Boss

he’s still following Joel Campbell around


There’s a remote tribe in the Amazon that is as yet untouched by the wider world, but a passing aeroplane spotted a young lad kicking a ball of twigs, moss and leaves about. I can’t comment on whether the two instances are related, but my sources tell me that Dick was last seen in a small paddle canoe making his way up one of the Amazon’s tributary rivers with a flair gun, a packed lunch prepared by Sir Chips Keswick, and a copy of Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby. His Facebook page simply says ‘gone fishing’. Watch this space.


Had anything, dick?

Abdul - Hafiz

We need Aubameyang to boost the attacking option of our team and hopefully a deal would be strike to bring him to the emirates Stadium.

Lonely Lonliness

Whole Arsenal Transfer Saga reminds me of South Park Episode ‘Sarcastball’ . Yay on Mkhi, Yay * 2 on Auba, Yay but no Yay but Yay but Ozil’s House is remodeled .. So overall Yay I suppose ….


As blogs said, I think Sanchez going could help our overall team fluidity, he was the one player who never really played many first time passes, and as he liked a lot of touches sometimes allowed teams to get back into position. Mikh Ozil Wilshere Xhaka are all in my opinion great passers of the ball, and with runners like Laca and Aubameyang we might see some more free-flowing passing football more regularly. Whether that yields better results more consistently who knows. God knows how Wenger is planning to fit them all in, surely we can’t drop Lacazette but then… Read more »


I really hope so! Xhaka confuses me so much, he can simultaneously be the best/worst passer in a game. If he had the focus of Arteta…ouf! Looking forward to seeing that one touch football flowing again…


I really hope we get Aubameyang and keep Giroud. Even if it’s until the end of the season. I know HFB will be marginalised but he gives us something different if we need to change the game up.




Ditto. If they want someone in trade, give them Welbeck. Giroud is needed for an alternative style of play, his supersub magic and well, he scores. Intentionally. Welbeck’s limited goals look like accidents. All the time.


Hahaha.. liked that comment. Every time Welbeck gets the ball, I am half expecting him to trip over it.

Man Manny

If Auba comes in, it will be a significant upgrade on our attack. The goal + column will surely soar accordingly. If we do great business in the summer and Ozil signs, Arsenal will surely be in with a shout of the epl. For this season, the door of top four, which looked shut last week, has been sprung open by Swansea. Liverpool look vulnerable – the gengenpress taking it’s toll on a relatively small squad. With UCL and FA cup exertions still on the horizon, the smart money is on them pulling apart. I hope we find the consistency… Read more »

David Hillier\'s luggage

Is there a reason new boy Sanllehi from Barca isn’t part of the delegation in Germany? Surely it should be him over Gazidis doing the wheeling & dealing?

David Hillier\'s luggage

Ah! Thanks blogs!

Sheffield Gooner

Oh, how unlucky. Bad time of year for gardening.

David Hillier\'s luggage

Perennials still need care


Delay no more, he is whom ozil and mihki need.


With that kind of money, I think we are better off getting a creative winger like draxler. I know both Aubameyang and lacazette can play on the wings but neither of them are going to be happy to do that.

Spanish Gooner

Yo Pierre, you wanna come out here?


We better not miss out. This is absolutely huge if we notice. We could well prove to be title contenders come next season *IF* *IF* *IF* we sign a top CM and a top CB in the summer window. I genuinely hope we don’t miss out.

glory hunter

Maybe he’s downplaying it cos he actually doesn’t know whats going on.


Love yang and mika in the same side with jack and Ozil and lacazette mouth watering combination our biggest signing would be if Ozil STAYED hopefully them 2 coming in may rock the boat our way here’s hoping


Just fucking pay the money and sign the contract. I’m so tired of this arguing over a few quid. We need the players, not the money.

Has he even played as a wing back before?

John C

If he was 5 years younger i’d be all for it but at his age he’s not the future of the club. He’s a player who relies on his pace and as we’ve seen over the years he’s at the age where he’s going to start losing it. We can’t say getting rid of Walcott was in part good business as he’s soon to lose his pace then go a pay 3 times the amount we received for him on a player who’s going to face the same issues. What’s happened to Lemar, he’s the right age, an attacking player… Read more »


“Confident or not confident, I don’t know.”

Another golden Wenger line!

Teryima Adi

Get the Auba deal ASAP.


You have to wonder what they sit there and talk about in the negotiations if our group goes over there in person especially if Wenger says “We haven’t gotten to that yet” when asked about Giroud’s inclusion.


Spot on, Wenger letting dortmund know that they have the weaker hand, as we have enough strikers, they dont have much time to replace and their staff saying they want rid.


I got a feeling this deal hinges on HFB. If Giroud goes there on loan, PEA is ours.

cultured determination

bellerin/ kos/ mustafi/ monrael
jack/ ram
micky/ ozil
laca/ aub

ah. the good ol’ days of 4-4-2.
still missing the DM


If they don’t get this guy, they should get Mahrez. He’s naturally left footed even if he plays on the right for Leicester and cuts in. We keep Giroud to the summer and worry about striker replacement then. Mhykitarian can still have a role more centrally particularly further back next to Granit or Elneny as an experienced head in a 4-2-3-1 Frankly, we don’t need another striker now. Playing Aubameyang (or Lacazette) out of position negate their strengths. I see this as a convenient opportunistic buy that may not necessarily make us stronger, particularly if we lose Giroud for the… Read more »


Then play them both in a dual striker role. Problem solved.

I can’t wait till Feb1 then Mahrez suggestions will be cut down until June 1.


Mah boi Huss Fam


I would down grade your expectations too.

Statistics and goal scoring tally sometimes do not match expectations.

Falcao if we remember.

Also Perez came with a good track record from Spain to us.

Lacazette hasn’t been Prolific as yet (albeit early days)


Same Falcao scoring amazing goals for Monaco.
Perez, never fully utilized here. Every time he played there was either scored or looked close to scoring. His shooting is amazing!
Lacazatte hasn’t got much of a delivery yet. With the kind of play opposition play against us, there is very little wiggle room for him. But on the counter! That counter against Chelsea yesterday where he crossed it to Iwobi to finish. Thats the danger man we bought. Besides in tight spots he holds the ball very well in opposition penalty area.


Is it 11:59pm on January 31st? No? Then not close to being completed! 🙂


Rizzle Kicks?


At the time of writing, two bids have now been rejected. So much for our new transfer negotiating team. FFS stop wasting Dortmund’s time and just cough up what they’re asking for the player and get it over the line, you tight fisted cunts.

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