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Wenger expects Sanchez Mkhitaryan swap to be decided inside 48 hours

Arsene Wenger says he expects Alexis Sanchez to join Man Utd within 48 hours, but has refused to confirm the departure until everything is completed.

The Arsenal manager met the press after the Gunners 4-1 win over Crystal Palace at the Emirates today, and despite the emphatic win there was focus on the future of the Chilean

Speaking about his absence from the squad today, Wenger did confirm that Sanchez had travelled to Manchester earlier today, saying, “I didn’t take him because there is a question of him moving to United. You cannot drive north and as well play football.

“I expect it to happen, but I can’t announce it. In the next 48 hours it will be decided. Until it’s over the line you can’y say it will happen.”

He hinted clearly that the deal was dependent on Henrikh Mkhitaryan coming the other way, as he continued, “It happens only one way, if the other way happens as well.

“That’s why it takes longer as well because it is coordinated.”

From the other side, Jose Mourinho sounded confident that things would get done from a United point of view, saying, “It’s so close, so close, so close.

“I’m positive, I know my people is doing everything, absolutely everything they can.

“The owners with the green light, Mr Woodward working hard, everybody is giving everything they can, and I think they will be successful.”

Let’s remember that Mourinho is a prick though. I mean, I know you all know, but it’s never a bad thing to get a reminder.

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great news, now just waiting for ozil to go


you see one game , you see them all


If you score one penalty, do you score them all?


‘you can’y say it will happen’

bit of scottish there from mr wenger?


What a complete John Terry.


I’m sure there’s at least one more Ozil hater in the crowd. Please, thumb this poor John Terry up.

Tas Gunner

And then?

Arshavin\'s shadow

Good lord. What are you smoking man?


What a douche


John Terry’s a cunt


Yes, Maureen really is a massive twathandle.


Is this just a list of people who are cunts?

Diego Costa
Eden Hazard

Strangely all connected with chelsea …


You cannot drive north and as well play football.

Arsene Wenger. 2018


We provide only bin bags when we send you north.
Arsenal 2018.


Alexis leaving makes sense from his point of view. Arsenal weren’t performing good and he wanted a better team although I don’t get why he wouldn’t join Manchester City instead. United are good, sure, but they aren’t THAT good. Only bonus is he might get to play in the UCL at least. But if it was all about ambition it would have been Man city so might not be the case. Whatever may be the case, Sanchez leaving doesn’t hurt me as much. It just never felt like he had a connection with the club. Ozil’s departure on the other… Read more »


I know 450k worth of reasons why Alexis is headed to united.


Besides us not having any hope of title contention lets be honest.


United are hardly in contention either.

City are miles ahead of United. Sanchez signing for them will not suddenly change that.

Chelsea, United, Spurs, Liverpool all need to invest to get close as do we.

It remains to be seen what impact Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang will have, though we will be in a much worse place without Ozil and Wilshere so it’s just as important that they sign on.

I got nothing to say

From a player’s point of view, you would b absolutely crazy not to take that offer… chance to be richer by at least 100m or more (if you include goal bonuses and sponsorship deals)… he isnt gonna be the world footballer of the year as long as Messi or Neymar is around. So take the next best thing. But hurts me all the same… those goals, the dribbles and that work rate… ah!… not sure if we will see that anytime soon with any of our players…hope we got the best years out of him! And Martial will keep him… Read more »


Don’t think either have endeared themselves to the club to be honest. Great players, sure thing. Don’t think many of us would miss either if a suitable replacement is brought in though.

Will be devastated when Monreal has to leave – what a signing he’s turned out to be. Was equally gutted when we lost Arteta, Bergkamp, Ljungberg, Pires, and Mad Jens. Players that had and continue to have a real affinity with the club.

Petits Handbag

I agree with most of this, but what affinity does Artefacts have? The assistant manager of a “rival” club. (We’re still sort of rivals)


Who is this artefacts you speak of?

Bould\'s Eyeliner

If you seriously can’t remember how Arteta steadied the Titanic Arsenal was from 2011-12, then all I have to say is you have a lot of youtube videos with perfect hair to watch.

Per. Fect. Hair. Affinity.


Alexis can go wherever he wants as far as I’m concerned, but Mesut is my favourite player of all time and I would be gutted if he leaves. I’m quietly hopeful he will stay, he knows he is loved and needed here. Keep singing his song Gooners, and I’m sure he’ll sign, he does have an affinity with the club.


But Alexis will be strengthening United. United have us by the gonads with City pulling out. We are essentially forced to take Mhykitarian by the agent. You can put up a brave face but Wenger is guising the fact that it is a band aid. All he can do is work out the best way to use Mhykitarian to maximum benefit for us. The problem is we are bringing in a player low on confidence who is coming into a team low on confidence too. Hopefully the win over Palace will bring a bit more belief but its been so… Read more »


I think alexis will cause lots of arguments at yanited and i don’t think he will particularly strengthen them or city. He’s very talented but very predictable and does his on thing which will wind up mou for sure. I also wasn’t happy with taking a player that didn’t want to come, but it is what it is, and he will be looked after and welcomed and the manager and team will respect him so hopefully he settles in quickly. We were in for him before, and it’s got to be better than a sulky alexis playing at 50%.


I also don’t like the idea of taking a player that reportedly didn’t want to come especially a player who can’t even make the bench at his club? WTF Wenger should have just told ManU keep that bitch and just give us the fee. I also can’t believe there is no cash coming our way I also think you don’t give Alexis enough credit. It must be frustrating for him to play with players other then Ozil or Laca that can’t consistently play at his level or close to it. Clubs lack of ambition and coherent strategy on and off… Read more »


We aren’t forced to take Mhki. Obviously since AW is in charge of transfers he wants Mhki. The agent is trying to get the most for himself out of the deal

I just can’t believe its a straight swap with no cash involved.


I agree; no cash feels like we’re getting ripped off. It’s a buyer’s market so Wenger must really want a player who does not start at United.

I guess but I feel we’re not biting United’s hand off enough.


BBC are reporting the paperwork is done, and all that remains is a physical at the Emirates for Mkhitatyan ( I think a straight swap is a good deal for us. We don’t lose Alexis for nothing (or a mere pittance), we get a player Wenger was thinking about a year or two ago when instead we signed Alexis, with similar potential, on a new contract, and I don’t imagine we’ll be paying him more than were offering Alexis. I’m looking forward to seeing how it works out. Oh, and I don’t think Alexis will add much to United; it’s… Read more »


Not sure about Arteta Jim. Nice bloke ‘n all that but to put him alongside Dennis, Freddie, Dreamy and Jens as players that have an affinity with the club??

Kwame Ampadu Down

Wezza, agreed. The exaggeration of Arteta’s contribution to Arsenal by posters on here is the biggest mystery to me of the last decade.
To hear people describe him as one of Arsene’s greatest signings & one of our great captains is extraordinary.


I can understand that. I wasn’t intending to insinuate he is at the playing level or even had the same impact as those other names. He clearly had as great relations with club and fans, the man cancelled his own contract because he didn’t feel he could deliver. I remember seeing how emotional he was when he announced it and when he played his last minutes for us.

For me, that’s a man that had an affinity with club and fans.


Mou stalling for time whilst he tries his next evil deed


Do folk think it at all plausible that Mickytarian has said he’ll not sign until the Auboomerang deal is completed?


Convinced it’s a conspiracy that involves those two and Ozil as well. Notice Auba interacting with Ozil’s recent twitter post.

Agent Ozil will get it done


hmm Mickytakyan and Auboomerang

Andy Mack

I think it’s more likely that Mick O’Ryans agent is wringing every last cent out of Utd and us.

Dr Zebra

Even just reading Mourinho’s stupid quotes in the article made me sick, that bastard vampire.
Sorry, that’s all I had to say, but it just bothered me so much. I know us gooners would understand


Why do you bother listening to him? He is a wind up merchant and good at it.

Indian Gooner

Without a doubt Mr.Blogs. It goes without saying that Jose Mourinho is probably the biggest and the most lousiest prick in the world.
Wonder you have got to be another Chilean prick to be so eager to join his most boring team.


More upset about selling to Mourinho than Sanchez joining that stupid club who are apparently “a million times better than arsenal” even though they have not finished above us in the past couple of seasons and are not that far off from us now points wise given this is arguably their best season in recent times and it is very clearly our worst.


I really hate how their fans(and to some extent ours) have bought into this nonsense of them not being our competition because we don’t have champions league football…the same champions league football people made fun of us for aiming for back in the day. City is clearly on a whole other level to us…that would have been undoubtedly a step-up. This move to united is a step. One which very many teams in the top 6 could easily address by having a solid transfer period come summer. IF he had gone to city, every other team would really be have… Read more »


Yes you’re blinded buddy. We haven’t been good enough for ages (to challenge for the pl that is)


But neither has united. So,respectfully,what is your point? Are they the biggest club in England? Yes. Are they the best club in England? Not of late. Will they reclaim their glory days now with the signing of Alexis? Possibly. Do they strike fear into the hearts of other teams in Europe? I highly doubt it. I have not seen united play this season and think, “these guys look like champions in waiting.” Maybe Sanchez will change that. All this to say tho, they are not miles ahead of us football wise. We have had a terrible season and I can… Read more »


They might not be but they will keep spending money until they can be of course not Man city levels but close to it. Not that I’m saying I want Arsenal to spend beyond their means. I just think we have spending power but don’t use it wisely.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Arsene rotated pretty much a whole 11 every Europa game so unsure why you think Thursday night has made any negative difference to our league position ?


Looking forward to the fights and temper tantrums when alexis loses the ball or mounino subs him, it should be entertaining to watch. Wonder which seat mou has allocated to alexis on the double decker bendy bus! They’ll probably be on their best behaviour for about a month before it starts kicking off.

Jean Ralphio

I know Iwobi played well today, but Mkhitaryan could really add to some creativity. Fingers crossed.

Mrs Maitland-Niles

After how we played today without his presence on the pitch I’m decidedly more excited about this.


Yeah, right, it’s gonna happen, and Auba’s joining us. Anyone got a pig with wings?

Daan van Lith

still dont believe auba will sign. hope i am wrong though


it is sounding fairly likely

still won’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen

Artetas Bush

This transfer is as thrilling to me as when we got benayoun


Still think we are going to be short of one creative/technical player in wide position particularly if we should elect to switch to a back 4. Mhykitarian you feel can cover supporting attacker role with the back 3 as those positions are somewhat in field but Iwobi and nelson are still comparatively young and we will benefit from one more creative player who can exploit wide spaces should fullbacks not be as committed high up. The other thing with Mhykitarian is if Wenger feels he can also provide something in deep midfield with his experience (an Arteta role) In which… Read more »


Who is that creative wide player? I can’t really think of anyone that fits that bill.

Mhki is an attacking player. Thats all he’s played and thats all he knows. He’s not coming here to be re-positioned into a DM role.

Old Boy Gunner

And neither player wants to play for Wenger’s Arsenal!


Mourinho may be be a prick but Mike Dean is a cunt…are they related by any chance?


They can go screw each other for all I care

Woolwich Shepherd

I’m not shedding any tears on the Alexis departure. He showed his true colors. There doesn’t appear to be some latent desire to be “reunited with Pep” it was simply all about money. I guess that’s football now. As a footnote, these agents disgust me. They are absolute vampires.


Alexis is off to join a team he must believe he can improve…. You can’t improve City, really. He wont shine as bright at City as he will Utd. To be fair he tried to help us, but well, we all know the problems with Arsenal. And a fat pay packet. errr SOLD


Except it was City that pulled the plug on the deal not Alexis. If City truly wanted him, and it was about reuniting with Pep, he’d be there already. Fact is, his wage demands put City off and the only offer that seemed reasonable to Sanchez was the crazy wages offered to him by United. This isn’t about Sanchez improving United. This is completely about money and him wanting out of Arsenal ASAP. Else he’d bide his time and walk out on a free after giving his all until the end of his contract and join City for a reasonable… Read more »


I am on the train home after watching the Arsenal beat Palace. I read the Arseblog News update on Alexis to United and Myki to Arsenal. We are getting the short end of the wedge here folks. Alexis fucking Sanchez is an excellent player. Top top level. This is not a good deal, irrespective of the propaganda we are fed by the Arsenal.

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