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What Wenger said to Mike Dean emerges in referee’s report

Mike Dean’s report into the incident which saw Arsene Wenger banned for three games for his behaviour has been released, and he details the confrontation with the Arsenal in the referee’s room after the 1-1 draw with West Brom.

The official awarded the home side a late penalty for a handball which he later admitted was not a handball, sparking a furious reaction from the Arsenal manager who blamed the decision for costing his side two points. Which it did. Which isn’t to excuse Arsenal’s performance on the day or anything but still.

Anyway, Dean has provided his side of events, which go a little bit like this:

“As we’ve entered the dressing room after the game Mr Wenger stood behind us in the doorway and told the West Brom steward to ‘let him in’.

“He was very aggressive leaning towards me, pointing aggressively at me saying “you’re not honest” on numerous occasions.

“I replied ‘so you’re calling me a cheat’. He replied ‘I maintain what I say, you’re not honest’.

“He then said ‘You’ve done this to us many times before, you’re supposed to be professional, you’re a disgrace’. He was then ushered out of the room by the West Brom safety officer.”

We realise opinion on the manager is very much divided these days, yet surely if there’s one thing Arsenal fans can unite on in that regard it’s that Mike Dean is an arrogant, self-righteous, pompous gleet-hound who was once suspended for involvement in a betting site and thus being called dishonest is hardly likely to damage his reputation.

Wenger has now served the last game of his ban, and will take his place in the dugout for Saturday’s clash with Crystal Palace. Dean, meanwhile, got no punishment for what was an outrageously bad decision.

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Sheffield Gooner

If this keeps Dean away from Arsenal fixtures in the future, then that’s fine by me.

Andy Mack

We thought that after Dean fucked up by sending Gabriel and Cazorla off in a game, when he should have sent Costa off, but we had him at our fixtures within a year.


Dean had money on that game.


It won’t. Consider the fact that pgmol has a requirement of referees to inform and ask for permission if they want to get a second job and Mikey got involved with earning money from something that is a clear conflict of interest and they didn’t do shit about it.
It explains the one sided officiating that he dishes out. I bet he made a lot of money off the results in games that he
Pgmol and FA don’t give a damn about their reputation if they allow a thief like Dean to represent them.


Are you saying he’s a cheat or just dishonest?

Too Drunk To Be Offside

If Wenger had socked Dean on that nose, I would have said give him a new contract. Dean is a c*nt.

David C

I’m sure Dean will be the ref in our next game. It would be a fairly typical move by the FA…


As much as I agree with Wenger on this, I would like to point out that opinion on the manager is not really divided from the fans point of view. 90% of the fans are now tired of him and very much see a change in the manager is the way forward.

Paranoid android

And the other 10% therefore representing the other division of opinion


A comment of sublime quality.


What a wonderful use of statistics right there. And so precise!


60% of the time he’s right most of the time.




Think you’re being kind! Was definitely more than 90% of those of us at Bournemouth 😉


44 to 206 votes on your comment. Looks like 80% still have respect for a man who at his worst called a dishonest man.. dishonest. Oh the horror.

He may be past his time as a manager but he is class. This report just reinforces his class.

Steve Vallins

He must have enjoyed the rant he gave Dean knowing the trouble he was bound to get into

Chippys chip

Oh really big trouble yeah. Still gets paid and sits a little further back. What he needs is a complete football ban. For fecks sake.

Chippys chip

Obviously, by the thumbs, there will be no whitewash at the wengerhouse. Hahaha. Blind or blinkered. The excuses come thick and fast in wengerland. Just feck of wengersaurus.


I think you’re confusing two separate issues which is where the thumbs down come from. Wenger being passed it as a manager doesn’t mean that what he said to Mike Dean wasn’t spot on.

Chippys chip

Oh thanks for pointing that out twat but i think my point is a little more urgent.


I’ve read all your comments now and there’s nothing urgent about you at all. You’re just a sad little troll.

Chippys chip

Ok but its ok for others to say 90% want wenger out. I will continue to say what i want as even the moderators have given up trying to moderate the truth. Sorry if anything i say offends or upsets you but its just an opinion and they are only words. Wengerout kroenkeout

Chippys chip

And this is after percentages of divisions in the fanbase had been discussed by others! So what!

Go on Sven

You keep breaking the rules, I am not sure what they are but Im sure youre breaking them


In case you didn’t notice, the assumption of popular opinion made by mr 90% were only slightly more agreed with than your own.

Chippys chip

Just saying that i wasnt to far off topic mpls. Ok

Around the Bendtner

Are you on drugs?

Chippys chip

Are you the old bill?


But he didn’t knock the cunt out though, did he?


Gleet-Hound…that’s brilliant. That’s gonna get some use in the coming weeks

Ted E.

Haha, I love that man!

edit: Wenger, not Dean.

Mayor McCheese

Yeah, I don’t think there was any confusion, tbh.


Wenger gets slapped for telling the truth.
Dean gets painted as the victim.
More FA and media bollocks.


Opinions on neither Mike Dean nor Wenger are divided anymore


It just shows us under what stress Wenger really is . And Dean’s ‘cheat’ reaction is pure provocation aimed at Wenger ( and at the same time his self admittance to actually being a cheat ).


Great point. Normally, when somebody is guilty of their actions, they will easily be offended and try to defend themselves. Dean completely ignored Cech, I think he ignored Wenger at the final whistle, and he was anticipating a backlash. He knows why, he knows he is dodgy as fu**, and he knows he gave a soft penalty against Arsenal, yet again. The big issue though: the PGMOL and the FA. Why are they employing referees with such little credibility? How can we expect fair officiating from referees who have been caught out betting and even celebrating goals on the pitch!?… Read more »


I’m sorry (not really) to say, but Mike Dean is a piece of shit. How he managed to animate and take human form is beyond my comprehension. Nevertheless, let it never be forgotten that he is in fact excrement in human form.

Trex d\' Gunner

Best statement of the year. I can’t stop laughing

A young Eddy McGoldrick

Mike Dean. What a prick.


A prime knob. A right cunt.
Good on Arsene for giving it to him

Dan Hunter

As a prime nob and right cunt, he can actually go and fuck himself


Can’t disagree with anything Arsene said here. Dean is so bad that when you realise he’s the ref you just wait for the bad penalty against us. Either a crook or biased.



Turstin the Fleming

Did the West Brom official say, “Wenger Out!” LOL


Thats pretty funny


Haha, I laughed way more than I should have.


best comment in this site ever


Oaahahahahahaha! *dies laughing*


If “You’re not honest” in the dressing room is worth £40k, what price Rooney’s talk to refs on the pitch any day of the week?

Trex d\' Gunner

Nice one, Rooney talks absolute garbage to refs and no one cries blue murder (Shrek Murder).


I seem to remember Weeny Deany giving AFC a fairly soft free kick v spurts recently whence we scoreth.


Just trying to give a bit of perspective.


Perspective is good and it says Mike Dean is still a cunt.


Yeah but you get those both ways. Plus you still have to score on a active play. While sending off of players and how penalties are called affect how players play during the game.

If i know Dean is the ref as a AFC player I know I have a bullseys on my back.

Andy Mack

So you think a free kick is similar to a penalty…
Or are you just pointing out that he sometimes makes mistakes against the opposition. Odd that those mistakes are always minor compared to the penalties and red cards he gives against us.

Merlin\'s Panini

Now Dean has been put even more in the spotlight than he usually puts himself it will be interesting to see the reaction to the next “mistake” he makes against us.

Blah blah blah

If Wenger fought to make these guys pros you can see his frustration,but he must also know how corrupt the system is as well being so much in the know,which is probably why he seems like such a conspiracy theorist when he rants,no one could convince me into thinking that the ref decision making system is a legitimate one,its fully corrupted,proof?, forget explainable so called celebrations while reffing S*urs, I remember the late great Bobby Robson managing a Newcastle game wherein he felt he was robbed of a late clear penalty,at full time he was livid and screaming at the… Read more »


Sir Bobby an equally respected human.

It’s taken ages and still no improvement. Time to get Pierluigi Collina to retrospectively adjudicate all Dean’s matches against us, whilst VAR confirms all his BS. Hopefully someone will remember the zip ties, hammer and nails


Nice one Arsene. Should’ve butted hm and taken his legacy beyond legendary.


Literally the best thing Arsene has done all season.

Chippys chip

And will do, for the remainder of this season and next season too, because he honours his contracts you know. Boo hoo sob sob wenger and kroenke out out out.

Chippys chip

Blind, blinkered and brainwashed.


thats just boring chip

Chippys chip

Oh its a little more important than a few words spoken between two men on the touchline me thinks


It’s boring. And that should be “a few words spoken between one man and one cunt…”


Are you Josh Kroenke?

Do you realise you should also have stated it was Stan Kroenke you wanted out.

You might want to consider editing your comment.

Pony Tulips

Why is this cunt still not banned? spamming piece of shit. We get it AW out. you don’t have to hijack every thread to spew shit outta your mouth!

Chippys chip

I’ll say what i want when i want thanks .

Chippys chip

Try amsterdam, the tulips there are way better than the pony here.


I wish Wenger would show that aggression on the touchline. Seems the players need a kick up the arse. Mike Dean needs a kick in the face.

Yankee Gooner

With Dean, how can you tell the difference?



Hammer on nail. Butt on face.


Wenger really needs to work on using more succinct, four letter words.


He’s pg, which is part of his professional charm. Like the Will Smith of the managers–unassailable public position on conduct, not very liked for content.


Wenger is right about Mike Dean. He is a bullshit referee, full of partial and questionable attitude. He’s never good enough to refer most Arsenal matches but unfortunately, he’s always… #bullshitref#


The room where the FA was writing up the report…..

FA: okay Mike tell us how arsene hurt you?
Dean: *sniffling* cries * he hurt me and said mean things. He wouldn’t let me pass. I felt bad. *Sobs*
FA: there there. Give us a hug. Feel better?
Dean: *sucking his thumb while sniffles* yeah.
FA: think you can ref arsenal match next week?


I wish next time, Wenger should kick his ass as he did to Mourinho on the touch line against Chelsea. Useless ref. He’s so disgusting…


He’s a fucking sp*rs fan. There’s a video of him trying to direct their passing and one of him celebrating one of their goals.


I reckon that celebration was for one of his bets coming in.


Dean should be thrown out of the game. In his own words… Mr Wenger stood behind us in the doorway and told the West Brom steward to ‘let him in’. The quote mark attribute these as wengers actual words. Soooooooo why was dean trying to get into the room that Wenger was occupying… ? To provoke him of course. Then dean says “I replied ‘so you’re calling me a cheat’. No question mark. Given his use of present tenses in the past. “We’ve” we can draw from his mis use of language that this is perhaps a direct command from… Read more »

Chippys chip

Just loving the “only fools and horses” chant too much to give a feck what wenger says right now. Deans a cunt we’ve known it for years. Feck off wenger and kroenke.

Chippys chip

Blind, blinkered and brainwashed buffoons. Wengerkroenkeout.

Chippys chip

Whats not to love ? Triffic lyrics to a blindin tune. You plonkers.


Is Chippy the most boring man on the planet?

Chippys chip

Do i give a feck what yous think?

A Different George

How many times are you going to say basically the same thing on this thread? I am tired of voting you down; please just stop.

Chippys chip

Or you or ya thumbs


Is that it? “Abusive”?!?


I’m surprised he was so calm and collected… I would have called the insufferable cunt far worse.

Chippys chip

Wenger or dean??



Chippys chip

Errr naah

Abdul - Hafiz

Mr. Wenger was right for saying that. Sometimes I wonder why the football association still allow him to served the banned after the referee admitted to his wrong doing. The FA need to act professional in their doing.

Mrs Maitland-Niles

Mike dean looks like earthworm Jim


Mike Dean is a cunt


Anyone who thumbs you down is biggest contrary cunt in the history of mankind!


Looking at our win-ratio when Dean is the ref, I’d have said the same anytime if I were in his position.

Now that the FA has heard that, I’m sure Mike Dean will be our ref for the next game. And the next one. And the next one. And…

Wilshere’s left foot

This reminds why I still like Wenger – despite our current predicament.
I sincerely hope that when he leaves us one day, he can do so in dignified fashion. We owe him at least that


Well said mate. His time maybe up but lets hope its dignified when it actually happens


Not only is Mike Dean a cunt, he is a cheating cunt!

Tasmanian Jesus

Arsene chose much friendlier words than I would have.


Sounds about right. Wenger is correct.:D

Andy Mack

So he got a ban for telling the truth aggressively…


FA: Well actually Mike, between you and us only, he’s not wrong, is he?
MD: But he said it so aggressively!!!

*Bottom lip starts going*


Calling that cunt out is the most effective piece of management Arsene has shown in a long while!


And our referee for Saturday against Palace is…………

(Seriously wouldn’t put it past the fuckwits at the FA)


The next time Dean is at the Emirates someone has GOT to hack the video board and post the “Mike Dean v Arsenal” stats.


Heh. If only Wenger had again gone with……………. “you’re an insult/disgrace to your federation”.


You have to give Wenger credit for his amount of restraint. I’m certain any number of other managers would have been shouting obscenities or trying to gouge Dean’s beady little eyes out with fingers. The proper way that Dean can apologize is to allow Wenger to play his bald head like a bongo in a lap around the Emirates on a golf cart (yes, that’s a Simpsons reference for Blogs). IF Dean had any respect for his position and his profession, he would resign. However, we know that Mike Dean is an attention whore first, a performer second, and an… Read more »


Wait, so Wenger got banned from the dugout for something which was just an opinion, non abusive and not violent.


When powers that be look after their own, you know that they need a good shakeup. 0800-ThePunisher?


~~Double trouble, please ignore~~


What the hell is going, a victim of fraud calls the party fraud and gets himself punished!!

Only in the glorious land of FA this happens…!!


If this is the worst he can say to M*k* D**n, then that crooked POS got off very lightly.

Romford Pele

Man penalised for calling disgraceful man a disgrace


Wow, Arsene gets fined and banned for the best thing that he did this season!

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